Magic Friends: Rainbow Hands


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Magic Friends Rainbow Hands – Looking for magic and cool rainbow friendly games? 👾 🪄 Do you like basic monster fighting games? 👹 Magic Friends: Rainbow Friends is a monster game where you have to use the super power of your rainbow heroes to defeat the bad guys who want to capture you. Take part in a fun adventure with rainbow friends outside the terrifying theme park in the new monster game.
🎢 The rainbow friends run away from home to find a chance to become human again. But the people around do not believe them. Bad guys hunt monsters. Fight against enemies using not only simple techniques but also overwhelming strength in your magical hands. Enrich the magic rainbow to gain new powerful elements. Mix up new superpowers to improve your skills just like in the popular elemental games. Which rainbow friend do you play?
🎮 This elemental game has a two-handed game. Tap once to grab an enemy and tap again to throw it. Use elemental power to kill villains with one touch. Combine different techniques to kill more enemies and reach the rainbow.
🌈 Choose your rainbow monster
Complete the levels to get a new item as a reward. Choose a rainbow friend to fight against enemies. Is it the blue monster? Or maybe that orange? Go to the mixing room to create a new rainbow monster. For example, combining lightning and water to create a Blue Green Lightning Storm Monster.
👹 Defeat the wrong monsters
The enemies in this monster game are so hard. Bad guys can become rainbow friends and get you. Don’t believe them! Defeat everyone in your path in an elemental game.
👐 Connect Magic Hands
Upgrade your rainbow friends. Combine the powers of stretching and magic hands to heal your monster. Be prepared for the enemy to become stronger with each level. Raise both rainbow friendly game and elemental game.
Download Magic Friends: Rainbow Friends to defeat enemies who want to have your back. Use the super power of your magical hands to defeat bad guys in an elemental game.

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File size: 167 MB
Update time: 2023-02-17T09:50:45.000Z
Current version: 1.0.3
Require Android: 5.1
Price: $Free
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