Magic Cross Stitch: Color Pixel Art

Author: ZiMAD

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Magic Cross Stitch: Color Pixel Art – NEW adult coloring book! Start Coloring & Cross Stitching right now!

Detailed info

File size: 92M
Update time: August 16, 2021
Current version: 2.15.3
Require Android: 8.0 and up
Developer: ZiMAD
Price: Free
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Customer review

Janet Smith

This game is very enjoyable and relaxing x

Grace Cheong

I love it

Ryan Cimatu

Its fun for kids

Renetta Blackstock

I love cross stitching

Sara Zimmerman

It is so fun

Deneise Thomas

Relaxing Game

Shirley Rideout

I am glad that it was this

A Google user

So cool

Callie Neal

I wish I could save the picture each time I get one done.

Andia Mahdavi jafari


Rosemary Keeley

It's amazing and fun

Cindi. K Lenzi

Task are fine....but rest are confusing what do next......... don't like mixing pictures with old when do New.....this what is confusing just do task and stop

Dishani Cooray

I really appreciate the help on this game 🎮

Heather H.

Still love this app!

Maryam Paziresh

سلام وقت بخیر الان هم به این بازی را خیلی خوب است

Mhai Anteja

It's a great game

Wendy Puckett

Love this game!

Susan Henry

Fun game

Solymar Martinez

The game is so good I love it I play the game so much and I love art but it is really good 👌 ✨️ ♥️

Aya Itani

It's fun and it's not bad it's ixpransis

Athi rah

Siti nur

Sayna Mohammadnezhad


Phyllis F Turley

To many ads.

Tamiko Tucker

Very relaxing

Sean Hreha

Good game

Debi Yale


Samantha Hye

It's amazing I love it 😀 !!!!!!!

Dian Wilson


Lynn Bond

Fun and easy

Susan Jackson

I give up. I loved the app but now I can't get more than a third of the way through then the screen goes black and kicks me out. I can't even access the menu to stop music or report the problems. I've uninstalled it, that didn't help. Try to use ads as helps, most of the time they won't load then I'm kicked out. No fun anymore.

Amanda Allison

Love the game, many options to choose from and it's relaxing to play

Ashley Legg

I love this game 😍

Dennis Beagles

Best game ever

Sandra Twells

Love doing the Cross stitch.

Samm Waite

Like the game but really fed up with it crashing after every advert so I'm having to close the game and start again

Emily Moraa

Soo fun

Sara M


Minalyn Gutierrez

It very fun and so cute


Geile spiel

Norma riffle

I love your pictures

Moses Flores


Courtney Thall

This is my favorite cross stitch app.

Carol Marcotte

I love this cross stitch I'm always playing this

Luna Maryam demonteverde


Katie Hessel

Why are you playing sexual content ads on a child's game? There were ads for a game called Chapters: Interactive stories with women kissing and touching each other. Highly inappropriate. Please remove.

Mahnaz Mesbahi


Nikki Wilson

love this,helps clam my nerves.

Boomers Mom

Great pictures, easy to use, fun and there are minimal ads. I love playing this game!

Megvjin Megvjin

Lod Love

Terry Stewart

It is SO cwlming to do these pictures

A Google user

This app is sooooo satisfying. It's a MUST download!

row one

دو ستاره هم زیادیه

Lolita Evangelista

I like coloring and having fun and this is the game for that

I M Cooke

Love magic cross stitch it is a nice way to spend some free time

Elisa Alizadeh

واقعا علی بود ولی مثل رنگ کردن یه بازی بود عکسش قلبه اونم‌مثل همینه فقط این مثلا دخت و دوز اون رنگ کردن‌ ولی شبیه همن خیلی

Charlotte O'Keeffe


Alice Ruiz

It is so much fun and so beautiful 😍

Mike Mawyer

Need to fix the videos for the daily missions. Click to watch video and says NO VIDEO AVAILABLE

maryharris thatcher

Fun Fun Fun..... Just simply color some Amazing Pictures... Thank You to Everyone involved ☮️💖☯️

Peggy Adams

This game is awesome

Cindy Lenzi

Like coloring pattern. And color is so amazing. And. So. Beautiful. Thankyou. Just love it.

Sonya Eckelberry

It is a very time-consuming game I could be on this game for hours. Sometimes I start in the morning and next thing i know it's lunch time.

June Munoz

Love it

Alazne Marcial

Best game ever!!!!!!!!!!!


Addicted! Play for hours each day! ***Months later and I'm still playing for multiple hours every single day! This is so much better than any of the other "Cross Stitch apps"!!!

Alviera Thomas


Darcy Crooks

It's a whole lot easier than doing it for real I always missed a whole line and my sister would have to help me to correct it. Now I can do it all by myself yeah. Have a blessed and wonderful day, weekend, and week also Happy Cross-stitching❌🖼️💓💞❣️DCCF;-)

Mary Whalen

This is a fun game to play

Big Bad Rei

Loved this app until the new update made it consume between 300 and 400 mb of memory, making the game incredibly slow and unfun. Support has been no help, it's been 3 weeks without any answer, and I can't even uninstall and reinstall or I'll lose all my progress.


I just love it, it's an amazing app, good job!, but I would've rated it a 5 if there wasn't ads right when I'm finished with my painting.

Kamal varma Sowamber

So cool!!!!!!!!!!!

Clodualdo M. Parayao

Its so cool I like it

Sonia Glines

You used to have several day events to get more booster bombs and such. I only have 64 of the last color bombs. How are we supposed to get more if we use several each day to do what is asked 🤔


Really fun especially with the play pass. My one gripe is not having an option to show only uncompleted pictures in "my artworks" otherwise it's really fun. It does load offline but it takes over 30-40 seconds which is a bummer as well if you're opening it on the train, though it does eventually load. Edited, before I said since the subscription is a one off £5 it seems worth it since it takes out ads and provides access to all the pics... It's £7.49 a week which is a LOT compared to play pass

Lisa Ricci

Was great until I updated yesterday now today it keeps closing while I'm coloring. Please fix!

Neil Turville


Mandana Nazari

Soooo much good 👍 👌 👏 🙌

Annemarie Whiteman


dead zombie

To Roblox Roblox

Jaime Rayos

Super calming

Elizabeth Digilio

This is definitely an awesome game. What I like best is the fact that; unlike other cross stitch games, you don't get penalized for mistakes. ENJOY ☺️

janet t coyne

It's ok

jennie davies

Love it. Great little time waster. You can pop in and play for 5 mins and still be on it hours later. Good fun.

Madisyn Prins

This is the worst game ever. There is so many ads

Katie Dickman

I love this game and is fun to play

holly mitchell

I purchased with points all the collections and somehow it's now re-set and I'm being asked to pay again with points. Not cool. Update: developer fixed issues, now I'm back to tapping my phone happily!

Karmen Libby

Very addictive

Brooklynn Becker

Love this app it's very fun

Bridgitte woodson


Kris Parkinson

Fun and relaxing game. Thanks for fixing the glitch I was having.

Lisa Myers

Very well done art fill in the numbers but with an addition of cross stitch and I thoroughly enjoyed playing it. You'll find yourself quasi hypnotized very quickly as the images as well as because they are bright and cheerful. Highly recommend this game!

Robabeh Mohammadi


Sheila anne Marie Andrews

Great game

Zayat Dulmaa


Sahar Khademi

واقن عالی

Muhammad Tariq

I love this game👑🤑

Vicky H

Great app very relaxing

Susan Stone

Love the game so nothing different every day



Alacia Stacey

I absolutely love this app. There are so many pictures to pick from and not a bunch of ads. The only problem i have is that it freezes up from time to time