Magic Arena: Battle Royale

Author: Tap Anywhere

50,000+ install


Magic Arena: Battle Royale – Pick your best spells to win in this fast-paced multiplayer battle royale arena!

Detailed info

File size: 105M
Update time: September 5, 2021
Current version: 0.5.17
Require Android: 5.0 and up
Developer: Tap Anywhere
Price: Free
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Customer review

Derek Sheridan

Fun, but lacking something when you get to the end of the League Track... Could use a few more abilities, a few new characters, a few new game modes, maybe a tournament style game mode? One of the best things about it is it's not Pay-To-Win, nothing powerful is locked behind a paywall (I mean, you CAN pay for stuff, but that doesn't mean you're going to blow people away, F2P players with good tactics can still do very well). Yeah, it's fun, just needs a big update soon with something exciting!


Good but need more improvement. Like squad mode


i neet to update this game to play with friends please 👍🔥💓

Sasha Oblak

Good game. Controls could be improved

Samson Yiu

Always have connection issue, need more servers outside of Europe. character will stop moving once in awhile heavily impact competitive gameplay. But overall a fun game

twinkle garg

It is good game and have fun in this game

Chikut Baba

My game very porobebm

Phoenix Warfel

This game use to be really cool but they took away alot of the things that made it good, not really worth it anymore

Yinkhant Aung

This game is a very fascinating and enjoyable game I've ever play ( because I'm pro in this field😁). But there are lag issues: I can't play smoothly( kinda sad but I still handle it to get #1🤒). Please fix it.

Brandon Jenkins

Exquisite 👌🤘🤙

sudheesh sunil

Loading issues

Moha Moha

Super game more updates super game

Shaswat Mohapatra

Need more content.

luka lazarevic

Only one map, i think there is on real player here just bots, there is no events or side quests and much things missing. Only good thing the game work without any problems

Yasith Sandeepa


vikas yadav.

Osam game and statrgy

Sayan Kabir

great concept and really fun gameplay with all those elemental spells.

smaktv tv

Garvage game dont download this app this is a big trash game

Sankuntala Devi

Good 👍 👍

Dimitar Tomov

The game is nice. The problem is that there is no support. In the discord ppl are showing bugs how controls stop working during game and there is connection problem and got no response. And this is more than half year. No one is trying to do anything. No response from the discord and the problems start to show up more and more times during game. At the start it was 1-2 times for 5-6 games now after getting some levels it's opposite 5-6 times controllers and connection during 1-2 games.

Music Rythms

good game


Gameplay isn't that deep but it's decent fun. Some lobbies are 70% bots it feels like though. 2 stars because there are SO FEW HEALS during the game. If you get damaged you have to either kill someone or just luckily find a creature to kill to get a healing item, which is rare. And the heal item does like 40% of your health at most. So if you get hurt it's a death sentence unless you find a bot or a creature. You can imagine how this makes 3rd parties 10x worse. Add more heals

حسن الخفاجي


Caleb Richardson

It's pretty slow and boring. Hopefully future updates will add some variety and fun.

Zayan sufyan

the map was black in tutorial there was nothing to do

الرجل المقنع

رائعة بس لو نحطو لغة عربية

Birbal Makhal

I love magical games❤۝⛧This game is perfect for me 😍✾

Tran Long

Game is fun, but to much bot, thats make game so boring

timothy brackett

all black for some reason

Guillaume Charland

You can just start playing with 1k health and play vs people with 4k health, unfair.

Amit Dutta

Good game, good Graphics as well but it need to some improvements as like 👉 More cool magician to be add.. 👉 More game mode to be add.. 👉 In game the club or clan to be add. 👉 More Optimised & ping issue should be fixed. Plz plz add that all Exclusive Features.. Thank you

Pagare Pagare


Khilfi Nasran


Hà Nguyễn Trung Đức 9a2

My 30 minutes of waiting in exchange for a black screen, the game sucks

Donny King

Very not download it is laggs then u cant do any thing as u get killed.i hate it i hate it i hate it

Pdemon Beast

Developers please consern my points. 1.make team battle royal with 5 teams or more in a match 2.add some character with 2 or more same type attacks like 2 fire 1 electric or all 3 with Ice like this. 3.add long map with 35-50 players. 4. Add team death match 5. ADD A GUN BATTLE ROYAL TOO. IF IT IS POSSIBLE. 6. GIVE ADD FRIEND OPTION BTW AMAZING CONCEPT.GAME IS PREETY AMAZING. JUST DO SOME UPGRADE ASAP. PLEASE READ IT AND MAKE GAME BETTER


Good game play 😊

Devank Gupta

This game is awesome I love this game so much but I have completed my trophies and now there is no new rewards, attacks,characters so it's becoming borring everyday.


Worst game. Always showing no intenet

Joel Skipper

Cool game...

Shyamal Sajjal


Aditya Kumar Singh


Alex Paul

Really bad

Porismita Gogoi

Best game

Richard Lam

I loved it a lot better than other games I played.

Dung Le Ba


Maunjela Bibi

Nice game

Andi Alimi


Brenden Gall

Honestly it's an awesome game. There is a good amount of spells and heroes to make for all kinds of game play. The only reason I'm giving it 4 instead of 5 is because there are bots in some of the games and the store prices are a bit high. Can't wait for more content though as I've almost gotten everything. Very replayable although a new game mode or map would be nice.

Adham Darr

Super good

Mashed Potatoes

Super pay to play. Worst part of the game is you can literally run across the whole map and never pick up a single mana container. It's such a badly made game. Don't waste your time.


Pretty good game I would say. It has nice features more to be added but knowing this game has just been released there's more to come

Barkat Ansari


sebastian lopez



It's very fun


walking slow as fk


Very good.

Jsjsj Jdiie

Good game


4 months and the only update you could bring is a "matchmaking improvement"? Are you serious? What matchmaking are you talking about, you only play with bots 95% of matches...

June Cris Maghanoy

I stop playing 3months ago. I keep checking every update but still no progress Devs are too lazy to add Chat system, Clan system where you can receive/give gift from clanmates. Goo game but it just literally boring

poemes RAR



So much better then Zooba!!!

Jacky Koon

single player only... low class game

Behnam Taghavi

نصب نکنید با فیلتر شکن هم وازد یازی نشد ارور میده به نت

Ꭰ ƦᎪGO vikram

Pls play with friends option

Donald Sauer

I downloaded this game about 8 hours ago and I have rather much enjoy it for the entire time I've played it I have had very little if any disagreeable experiences well going through emotions of learning the game and the controls I also rather enjoyed the ability to progress and level my characters not too fast but within a fairly reasonable time frame say so in all honesty I will have to say in this review that I have a very very much enjoyed playing

Fake Name


Tri Le


Harley Quinn

This game is incredibly basic. Good for someone just getting into the battle royale style game, but incredibly limiting as a starting player. As someone who has played many battle royale type games, as well as many MOBAS, this game is simply...boring. Seems very pay to win as well. The graphics are underwhelming, as is the play style. All in all, just...find a better game.

Menna Arafa

Nice game but not enough modes or customization

Akash Kritik

Nice game

Deon Ross

Great game I can't stop playing


Pretty fun and entertaining. Though I would of thought I was playing actual people. Some definitely seem like players but others are definite bots. Some kind of interface like guilds or pvp would really bring out more to the game. Just more in general 😅. Definitely fun though, I spend quite some time playing

Katlego Fredy


Calsh Of clans

Nice game

Abraham Polakunnil

Fun & fast

arvin sn

not bad but game need more updates

Kimberly Clayton

I didn't get a chance to choose my name

Frederick Gunner

The feel and progression speed of the battle's are very smooth and varied in leveling, but also get hectic enough to keep any casual or vetted gamer in focus zone and in game.


Has potential, but waiting for people to join is silly when you can tell that 90% of the enemy are Bots anyway.


It's fun

Mr Lugo

This game is a great way to get that wizard battle out of my system. Awesome magic battles, keep improving.


game 😆is cool but can't play 😭

Saeed Gelle

Nice game but you need to fix connection problem it just stuck in the middle of the fight and it's all about fight come on dev team!!! 5 Stars after fixing the issue

Marco Valente

Hi there, I can't enter into this game because it said that I'm having conection problems, but my WiFi is high.


havent played yet im sure its gonna be a banger tho


Game is best but make this best TPS View like free fire and pubg mobile , this game will grow like fire 🔥 , because nowadays people like third person shooter games

Yukesh Waran.G

Please, keep update for clan , playing with friends options and multiplayer

altaf banani

Please update add my friend

Hein Thuya Htet San

Nice game but plz fix the connection problem.

Srikant Chaubey

Make some more improvement

Chameli Singh


Pio Lo

It ganda talaga


I would really appreciate if you add the team deathmatch game mode in it too


Pretty good

Abhishek Pradhan

Game is nice, graphics cute, characters awesome. But needs more game modes and daily quests and probably with more maps, dungeons or even a clan. Like most games, this game also has hackers, like this idiot "COVID 19" and coward "Srs". Saying this, as I am "HahahahaHAAA!!". I know I killed soo many just for fun. But I'm no hacker. Good game, could get better. Much better.😂

Aarib rayyan



Good no ads

Jaspreet Kaur

This game is litterly copy of zooba

Amisha Kadam

This game is very good