Mafia Inc. – Idle Tycoon Game

Author: OneSoft Global PTE. LTD.

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Mafia Inc. – Idle Tycoon Game – Do you dare to build your own Mafia Empire and take over Cities?

Detailed info

File size: 97M
Update time: September 9, 2021
Current version: 0.27
Require Android: 5.0 and up
Developer: OneSoft Global PTE. LTD.
Price: Free
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Customer review

Petros Chawinga



Amazing! Keep it up game runs amazingly well unlike the other game people made

Ersan Soemarwanto

nice game

Wut Da Jack

I watched the AD but didnt get reward

Kevin Trant

Thought it was decent then I came back to the game after sleeping and max idle got me 2 minutes of in-game idle time. After doing "instant fight" my max offline rewards are equal to 1 minute in game energy. How does 8 hours equal 1 minute? This is not an idle game so change the game.

Jordan Moore

It's a fun game and very addicting I have spent countless hours on this and I'm still loving it

Vandad Soltani

نصب کنید عالی بود

Paul Mcintyre

Just took ages to do stuff so for me the game is a no and one star is to much but I gave it a few months

Quang Thắng Phạm

good game

Ezra Tamplin

They copied it off of idle mafia completely

Vaughan Watkins

Nothing challenging about this at all, just becomes really boring, so uninstalled.

Chris Zander

it's easy to use

Steven Cairns

very addictive hours of fun, plenty fighting and development. haven't came across any glitches or faults yet! Great game

Zare Carter


Armin Faghihi


jennifer lynn

Love the game but it needs an update. I finished all 14 levels


Ads don't works! You watch Ads for Rewards it doesn't even give you the Rewards, Junk

Madden Mitchell

Awesome but hard to get the queen

Davd Joseph

very addictive and fun

Yair ben

Good game but please at rank 14 there is no new city please fix this

Miguelito Tumbagahon

Very nice game, cant wait for official released. Hoping for a lot of updates.

Ali Moradifard

im Rank 14 and it doesn't go to the next stage and after 20 days that i don't run this game when i'm play that i saw my Gem is gone

real life gaming


Devin Bailey

dang this is an awesome game I really love it

Tiffany Caton

Your game stopped working I can't get in and play the game

Jobalbaran daniel

I love this game beucues its offline game I cant stop playing

Oleg Solomonik

Since last night can't start the game

سامان رستمی


Fateme Shahbazi


morad ahadi

عالی عالی بود پنج ستاره کم

Rita Goala


Ayhan Boushi

بهترین بازی دنیاست خاهشن نصب کنید

addriena fields


Josette Juntunen

Great game

Ashek Dal

the first objective says i need $100 to buy the first property but im at $0 how can i play a game that i dont even give me what i need to even start playing

Eilya Azimi

عالی عالی عالی عالی عالی

Nilofar Babak

سر گرم کننده و بازی خیلی خوبیه دوسش داشتم نصب کنید حتما

Wan Kelate Channel

Copy paste idle mafia

Péter Őze

however u watch Ads lots of times don't provide the bonus.

Deshawnta Jones

great game

Junior Dengay

Good idle game if only not for when you watch an Ads but your not getting the reward after watching a lot of Ads. Waste of time watching Ads, better removes the ads completely then.

reza kh

I can not pass a fight, it is written end, but i have three missions to fight? Why


really cool

Andy Pinne


Ali Javidi


Uma Gurunath Anaokar

It is a good game but in street 7 I have only one last mission so I thought I will do the next day but whole day it was not starting

Ishika Jain

This game is very nice game download kara app is

Robert Wagers

It stopped working won't load

amin mokhtari

از یک جایی به بعد دگ بازی خیلی اروم میشه اصلا فایده بازی کردن نداره

Reza Jef

عالی است خوبه


It's okay

green spring

Wth. I wasn't in the game and when i came back , all of my diamonds and energies removed and be 0 .


Game is fun but it's flaws are, having to watch constant ads. Option to pay to remove? You could do that. Having to rewatch an ad because for some odd reason it doesn't register? You could fix that. More options to get more cards? Auto fight Conquer the World, areas that you already completed fully. Maybe. There's potential to this game. I like it because I don't have to fight constantly with other people unlike in Mafia City, big spenders and all that. But, feels like a dead game...

milad mohammdi


Zack Games

Pls fix the ad because it's log pls fix it

p an


Tamer Fathy

Despite "One soft global PTE" gang are entering the manger office and stealing diamonds and power cuts . But they thought about the game deeply. I love the black market and cards exchange , and the game presents and loopholes. Such games make the names of companies, but in the future i like "OSGP" to adobt a cause. I don't like using Brothel at all as it's a model alive to exploit people misuse.

Shervin Izadyar

it's best of the world

Patrick Ravix

love it

Jinky Paypon

This is a cool game like and sub


It is so good but the mission is hard sometimes i have to pay diamond to buy energy for capo

sahar karami


Kalyn Wandin

Good to play everyday

John Boyle

Good game. I play everyday but two or three times now the game has deleted all my diamonds, money and energy 😒. I hope they can fix that. I hate that the most!

John Korte

awesome game so far the concept of it is really cool and the capo fight are cool.

Earl Parks

Great Game , but it doesn't Give enough enough Capo Cards. And my diamonds and energies disappear out of nowhere , I just had 160 diamonds and they just disappeared along with 225B energies !


너무 좋아!!! ❣️

Bonnie Frost

Its a 4 coz the grand mafia os cooler but this game is 9/10

babak ghasemi


Demitris Hall

addictive and fun to play not many games like this catch my attention

babak kosari


Orila Devi

Its a mafia

Samim Qureshi

hsyensini2nh@#t2@teepee tap ls shuffle of cell h xx TV cm human CC cm fb fb gu UBC CC cunning ghhhhhh BBC cm victims fardin

behzad nazifi


Mahdi Oro


Austin Smith

Fun game when you nothing to do


op game 😍😍😍😍😍😍

Aniket Mishra

It's a good game

hashem mirzaei



Can you please fix your ad options in all areas of the game! Everytime you need to watch a ad for something whether it's for 10min of free cash or to open a free crate etc etc you need to refresh. Very very annoying when needing to refresh 100 times day just to watch a ad! If there was ANY option to email you with this issue ingame I would but you give us NO OPTION to do that. Very frustrating ,😠

Varun Upadhyaya

Best game

Rasool Ahangar


Behnam Ebrahimi


Krisna Dwi Yunanto

good game

Marchell Wilson

cool 😎

Soundirarajan S

This is aswon

Wahey WA

Good to pass time.

Mohammad Alizadeh Razzazi

این بازی خیلی بی‌هدف است. یک حلقهٔ افزایشی بی‌انتها!

Hamideh Karimi



fun game

tuber friend

Best game I started almost two months ago and alerdy almost finished the hol game. But wish there more places to n To make money 💲💰 haha Lol 😉😝 I have almost L illion

matthias degroote

Really like the game!!!!!

Smackmy Ketchup

cool game

Firdos Khan

Very hard game

Abir Hasan


Vansh Gupta

this is very excellent game

drivingplayer 1

Get stuck quickly awaiting boxes

Sahib deep singh Aulakh

Rank 9 is difficult the pass fight

Daniel Kerr

A great game has a lot of potential to add more things to do and more capo

Sticky Magnum

Stuck in the tutorial. Instruction are unclear there are no tutorial on how to start. "Take stealing" does not help what a shame I really liked the artstyle but this is a disaster. I couldnt even bought the first bulding because I start with 0 dollar and need to buy it with 50 dollar. Please include tutorial in the next update