Machinika Museum

Author: Plug in Digital

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Come discover beautiful mysterious machines of extra-terrestrial origins and use your logic and sense of observation to fix them; and uncover a galaxy-spanning story.

Machinika Museum is a puzzle game for people who like to have their brain teased and love a nice story to go along. Do you like The Room? Myst? The Witness? Machinarium? Escape games? Do you like finding out what is behind a locked door? So do we!

Key features:

• Mind bending Puzzles: use your sharp logic skills and your sense of observation
• Mysterious atmosphere and story: there is so much you don’t know about yet…
• Wonderful visuals, cryptic alien machines have never looked better
• Intuitive and enjoyable touch controls. Why make it complicated?
• Available in English, French, Spanish, German and Italian

What are these machines? Who sent them? And why won’t anyone give you answers? You will have to find for yourself. In this far future, finding machines from alien civilizations is not unusual, especially in a museum dedicated to them. But this time it looks like something deeper is hidden from you…

Detailed info

File size: 0 MB
Update time: May 12, 2022
Current version: N/A
Require Android: N/A
Developer: Plug in Digital
Price: Free
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Customer review


Super fun, the only issue that I have is there are no hints. I have had to watch walkthroughs on 2 chapters because there was something that I just could not figure out and a hint would have been nice.

Z Ulu

From the short bit I got to play, seemed like I would enjoy the full game but for those who don't have the extra cash to blow, don't get to Play more than 1 puzzle. Tool bad.

Nichelle MT

Free with Play Pass but wouldn't be upset if I'd paid–developers need to eat. It's similar to the Room series. MAJOR BUG on chapter 6. I didn't use my camera to turn the 3 dials on the device–crystals went in but the next dial glitched & passed me w/sliders in the wrong position, handle stayed stuck & device never opened. After a frustrating hour, I checked a walkthrough–BUT I only had to redo the chapter (w/o that bug it's easily a 4-5 star game) I hope these developers make more!

Gerhard Cronje


Brian Powers

When is the next part coming out??

David Byrd

Great puzzle game, well worth the money


Not worg it for 6$

Gherman Eugen

nice graphics and puzzles

adam hartson

I love puzzles and physics and machines!And an aliens?!I'm giving this a 5⭐ review.

Shannon Conley

It was fun at 1st but when You got to a game I couldn't scroll Out

Sheena Spence

Very well thought out and developed game.

M kitsie


Alex Mele

very intriguing and fun

Sherry C

Quick but well done. Puzzles can he challenging but not frustrating to the point of giving up. You nay have to step back, take a few and look at it with fresh eyes, but it is not frustrating enough to make you throw your phone across the room.

Ash B

Excellent. A different genre from the usual escape games.


Fun puzzle but controls are rubbish. Everytime I need to zoom back out it turns into a 5 min struggle. Can you just put a back button on the screen?

Rachel Cassidy-Cree

Good game, great graphics, pretty solid puzzles

Taylor Haynes

Anyone who has enjoyed The Room games should play this. So much fun and so creative.

Alex R.

This game brought me joy. Can't wait for the next one.

Gerald Davis

Horribly annoying interface. Supposed to swipe something and it zooms out or just doesn't work requiring repeat attempts with most everything. Was too annoyed with the interface to get far, but what little I did wasn't nearly as intuitive as other similar games I've played.

Ahmad Rizal

I give it a 1 star because it only let me play one chapter I'm not rich to buy all the chapters

Aaron Roy

This is a great game worth every penny and more. Honestly I would pay double maybe triple for this amazing game. If I had to say one bad thing its that in chapter 3 the letter you get has a typo. it says of the of the. Thats the only bad thing. everything else is great. The sound effects are top notch the storytelling is amazing as well. The graphics are amazing, and the puzzles slowly grt harder and harder making you really think. Just all around a good game.

builder boy

This game was great fun to play. I can see why after the first chapter you would need to play for it. It gets you to pay around with each machine because you don't know what it is, the guys who sent it to you don't know what it is. It's different and immersive and I loved the final puzzle and where the game leads. Can't wait for your next release!

Zack Yona

A good sci-fi take on The Room. My only complaint is that the final level doesn't incorporate the two new machines, but it seems clear that's in the works. Excited for the sequel!

Lisa Hastay

Great Game. I am a big fan of this type of game. Beautifully done.

Jessica Policicchio

It won't really let you play very far without buying it. But the quality is great. It just seems like there was more attention to object details than the steps you have to complete. Unless you plan on buying it, it's not worth downloading.

Susan Strade

I'm loving the puzzles!


This is one of the best games I've ever played! It's interesting, wonderful visuals, not extremely difficult but not too easy either.... All around amazing! Can't wait for a number 2!

Jack Smith

best game i have found

Jeff Nichols

fun puzzles!

Taylor Hale

Had lots of fun playing the game and can't wait to see what they add next. Definitely remend if you like puzzles and escape rooms. Please make more puzzles.


Was way fun! I really hope the 2nd one isn't as expensive though. Possibly even free with original?


Says it's free bit after two chapters it asks you to buy the rest of the game, and on the main menu it asks you to buy the game. Just screams false advertising to me to list this game as free but lock a majority of the content behind a pay wall

David White

Outstanding game. So much fun to play.

Steve Pomeroy

Good graphics on a par with the room. Puzzles a bit easy, but not so simple that it doesn't challenge you sometimes. Not as long as I'd hoped.

Nancy Head

great graphics and storyline. too short

Dewald Du toit

This is the most captivating, beautifully designed, well thought out game that's been on the playstore in a long time. I can not wait for nr 2 and I will happily pay triple the price. I ish there was more

moayyad mohammad


Simon Monks

Very expensive for the depth of play and standard of puzzles. Either repetitive and simplistic or obscure, and no in-game prompts. The Room series or House of da Vinci offer much more depth, variety and length of play. Very disappointing - played and deleted.

ms14796 Brown

I can't get past the 1st chapter. Can't use the scissors to open the box

Jim Bailey

Looks like a great game but can't even read the first letter on the box as the writing is so small. Need a magnifying glass to read it. Pinch and zoom did not even help.

حنايا رمضان

very good game


Really good game. Really immersive. Just finished all the chapters. This type of puzzles I do enjoy. Similar type of game like this is all of the "The Room" games by Fireproof Games. Really recommended both those games and this one. *chef's kiss*.

Tiffany Manning

I do not love it cause you could of been a nice person but no you could have let me play more and yes i wish that i could give you a 0% rating

Kyle K

You can play for about 10 minutes then have to buy the rest of the game...stupid.

John Zuazola

One of the best games I have ever played in the years of my life.

Jennifer Rose Escobar

Boo. Don't call it a free game if it's not.

Aline Alexander

This game was delectable. I usually dislike pay to play, however this games beauty and sophistication is more than worth of the cost. The puzzle designing is thought provoking yet not too difficult. The spots I did need outside help on was simply me misunderstanding a simple concept. This game is wonderful and I look forward to this companies future projects.

Ryan E

Should you buy this game? Well. As a lover of escape room type games and games in general, for a phone game, this was really well done. The level designs are fun and mostly unique (some repetitive puzzles), somewhat challenging but nothing that would keep you perplexed for more than a few minutes (couple didn't make that much sense and didn't understand how I beat it), there is continuity and it's all connected but not much story. For the quality and time I'd say it's worth the $8.

James Chambers

It's a great game but I seem stuck. Not accepting the keyfob on the top left eye ball. Solved the puzzle part for that eyeball. Had no problem with the other 3. Nothing on the screen seem to recognize the key. Never mind. Restarting the chapter seem to fix it.

Steve Voidloss

Press buy button in game, nothing happens. So um.............

Chris Robb

this is a great game. it is so creative

Jennifer McClain

Played for 10 minutes then was required to pay 5.99 to go any further...I dislike the sneak attempts. Otherwise the game seemed pretty was a bit too expensive considering you don't know how long you have before you need to spend more money.

Lewis Fredette

amazing game, worth the money, as per usual, I rarely ever rate anything 5 stars, because it's never perfect!

golden freddy

I loved the puzzles and i want the game to continue!

Jeremiah Johnson

it's great I've really enjoyed the story and puzzles, controls could be more responsive. for point and click there's a lot of delay and sometimes it doesn't even register. all in all tho it's fun.

Erica Pooran

Great game

John Bronner

I would give it five but it isn't free like I thought

Nicole Smith

Love the start of the game. However, hate you don't get that much for free it should really be stated as a paid game and try for free like others. Very fun game that keeps your mind on its toes.

Timothy Monson

I am literally loving the ways to solves the puzzles & it fun to see how to figure a certain part of a trinket 5/5 stars in my book!!

LAJUANA Braunecker

Need more games like this one. Ease make more


Very good game love the story do hope that in the future there could be more.

Mentouhi Lawrence

Could not get past cell phone battery. Where is it suppose to go and how do you put it there? There are no hints. Uninstalling.

Andy Nicholas

Good game but controls are slightly clunky on touchscreen.

Kirsty Gill

Creative and challenging

tim grindvold

Great game fun puzzles and great story cant wait for part 2

Caleb Abrahams

This month so boring because he had a pair

Jaiden Acker

Great game, but it would have been nice to know that the other six chapters cost $5.49 before downloading.

marisa g

worth every cent

Michael Marino

the try at this game was really fustrating couldn't open the first box

Kelvin Scott

If you like The Room series, this is a solid addition to the genre with a sci-fi bent.

richard niemann

Wow what kind of scam is this after maybe a year I felt like a replay I downloaded the game and I cannot pass into level 2 please refund me my money back a disgruntled customer

Jentiger Moratai

very good. These guys really know how to make 3D games.

jbnh brony

really keeps you on your toes makes you have to think about everything look at every detail it's fun

Ahmed Jaber

Puzzles are aggressively okay. Most are inoffensive, some are tedious, a few are annoying, and none stand out at either extreme. Controls can be finicky at times, and the visuals do a poor job of indicating interactive parts of the puzzle box. Numerous bugs will force you to reload, but autosaves are mercifully frequent. If you've run out of The Room games and want more, this game more or less scratches that itch. Just don't expect the level of quality and polish you might be used to.

Kimberly Petrucco

To be honest, the first chapter was so short, I really wasnt sure I wanted to buy it yet. I LOVED all The Room games and bought them but I am going to uninstall for now. It was fun for the 10 minutes I got to play.

Reynald Desorcy

addictive, extremely enjoyable and great storyline. I highly recommend, especially for people who love mystery and puzzles. One of the best mobile games I've ever played (in my opinion).

Nick K

I don't need to receive notifications from mobile games... ever.

Miriam Velasquez

The best game I love it ...

Drew Bryant

Awesome game, but there's a pay wall.


Great puzzle solver, but very pricey for the amount of content so far. Game is still being developed.

Jason Acton

I've only played the free portion however the small amount I got to play was very beautiful and fun. Unfortunately it runs incredibly slow on my device. If you have a newer, faster device then me, then definitely play this game.

Paul Kellinger

One chapter free

Logan Hopper

Fun but this game is the worst game I've ever played


Pretty good would recommend


Great game, but I have paid for the full version and have yet to be able to access it at all.

mark peden

Just a short demo.

carlos aragon lorenzo

Es una demo, publicidad engañosa... Buena pinta el juego, pero mala forma de venderlo.

james crawford

Excellent game

T Kalen

After the update to add chapters 7 and 8 ... I completed both chapters but my progress was not saved. Went back and did ch.7 only then could not get back to main menu to check if it saved. Continued to beginning of ch.8 and then exited to main menu .. ch7 still showing green light with previous progress not saved.


Update May 12, 2022: When the new chapters came out (free if paid previously), I decded to replay from the beginning. The new chapters are fun; they add more enjoyment than story. Original April 22, 2021: you pay one price to continue after Chapter 1, $5.99. I have finished playing it, and I am very pleased. The game becomes a little more challenging; think of Chapter 1 as a tutorial and introduction. I hope there will be more, similar games from this developer, including a sequel to this one.

Carrie White

Love games like this. I've played all the room games and DaVinci games and this reminds me of them. Keep them coming!

Stephen Mitts

Great game but short. What for number two to come out before buying it. If they bundle them together it may be worth more then the short time it took to finish this part of the story.

Yzas West

Hey Dev there a way to turn off the dialog boxes? I know which item I'm selecting in my inventory, I don't need reminding of it everytime I touch or use it...the dialog boxes are a bit annoying and slows game play. Thanks for reading...if you did.

Bhushan Ambilwade

it's Sucks

Alan Thompson

Loved this game, so I bought it, and then finished the rest of the chapters. Had me hooked right from the start. Stunning work and storyline by the developers. Highly recommend this game. It was amazing. Please make / add more chapters.

Sean Campbell

A fun puzzle game where you fix ancient alien artifacts. Have not completed yet but is fun so far. Can't wait to get the update coming out today.

Wanda Woods

Must revisit. Too hard.

Kerrie Holland

Really fun puzzle game

Paul S

This is a trial that gives a few minutes play after a 500MB download. T&Cs refuse the right to a refund. This is such a deceitful method of trying to get paid for a 7 chapter game. There's no way I'll purchase anything from this lot, ever🤬