Machinika Museum

Author: Plug in Digital

100K+ install


Come discover beautiful mysterious machines of extra-terrestrial origins and use your logic and sense of observation to fix them; and uncover a galaxy-spanning story.

Machinika Museum is a puzzle game for people who like to have their brain teased and love a nice story to go along. Do you like The Room? Myst? The Witness? Machinarium? Escape games? Do you like finding out what is behind a locked door? So do we!

Key features:

• Mind bending Puzzles: use your sharp logic skills and your sense of observation
• Mysterious atmosphere and story: there is so much you don’t know about yet…
• Wonderful visuals, cryptic alien machines have never looked better
• Intuitive and enjoyable touch controls. Why make it complicated?
• Available in English, French, Spanish, German and Italian

What are these machines? Who sent them? And why won’t anyone give you answers? You will have to find for yourself. In this far future, finding machines from alien civilizations is not unusual, especially in a museum dedicated to them. But this time it looks like something deeper is hidden from you…

Detailed info

File size: 0 MB
Update time: May 12, 2022
Current version: N/A
Require Android: N/A
Developer: Plug in Digital
Price: Free
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Customer review

Chaz Martin

Love it Play it

Michael Burnette (Perspective)

Really cool game, if you like solving puzzles like the older computer game "Mist" then you'll like this.

James Sellers


Amy Garrett

Awesome puzzle game

Gray England

It's definitely an interesting concept. I didn't pay for it, just played the 1st episode. The 3D design work on this game is really nice, I can tell quite a bit of effort went into producing it.

Shannah Garza


Patrick Haden

This is not a free game! The description does not tell you this, but to play past the first two chapters, you must buy the game. I was expecting a free (with ads) puzzle game, since no price is displayed and nowhere is this described as a demo. If the description had stated that this is a demo version, I might have paid for the rest. But since the developer obviously does not believe in honesty, I will be avoiding all PID Games.

Spencer G

Awesome game, but the controls are a bit wonky at times. Zoom doesn't always work correctly, and it keeps randomly pausing. Otherwise this game is one of the best puzzlers I've played since The Room!

Fabian Gamble

can't wait for part two. loving the adventure so far

Deborah Nock

I enjoyed that! A bit glitchy in places on my tablet, but the game itself was very enjoyable, well thought out but not too difficult. A great way to pass the time.

Johnny Rawton

It was a lot of fun for as long as it lasted. I found it short but entertaining. The puzzles felt on the easy side. Very engaging game, I was excited to try the next puzzle, and the next, etc... I didn't find really any issues with input, fairly responsive. There was one point when setting the coordinates. When I tapped it I was zoomed in and pointed away from it. Other than the issue the holo-planets, would have liked longer, and it being kinda easy. It is a fun game. I really liked it.

Richard Mankelow

Wonderful graphics, simple storyline, challenging puzzles. Really hoping there's a sequel

Vicki Contreras

Very short intro to buy game

sartiel d

Really cool and interesting!

Michael Scott

Good puzzle game. I really like the concept! My wife hated the controls. Found on Steam too. Not always easy on a phone. But really nice graphics.

Kevin Slater

enjoying it but its a bit frustrating sometimes.

Deborah Nock

A great game, interesting puzzles and looks good!

Nathan Cannon

Great concept and engaging graphics.

danny Thorpe

brilliant concept with a tonne of potential. keep updates coming please.

Donnell Boykin

Does this speak bad of the game? It won't let me buy the game. Not sure what to think about that.

Vince Moore

Thoroughly enjoyed it. Excitedly waiting for chapter 2.

Claudia Rodgers (Squishiemouse)

Love the machines and the sounds they make . It was a little bit short but I like that you added more machines and hope you add more or make a second game. Can't wait to see where the ship goes. Please make more!

Derek Sims

The game itself is pretty good. A little buggy a couple of times but nothing that broke the game. But it isn't worth paying that much for it. I completed all 9 levels and would say that as it is it isn't worth more than like $2. I enjoyed the game but at the end I feel ripped off. It needed to be about twice that long or with a little more variety to feel like it was worth it.

Josh Hill

I loved these puzzles. My only constructive criticism is that the interface was just a touch clunky.

Christopher Moore

This is one of the best games I've ever played. The puzzles are unique and challenging for even an experienced puzzler. The graphics are stunning and the story has me hooked! The only complaint I could have is that I want more chapters! Haha. Some folks have complained that there's a pay wall pretty early but I'm actually glad it's listed as free, I may not have bought it upfront but after playing a little, I would have paid way more to continue!

fallen angel

It's a interesting game but you should put in your description that you have to pay to play the full game.i thought the in game purchases meant like special decisions or something along those lines

Kierans Ghost

fun, and a great story

Gary Scott

Zoom, double tap pan and drag things if you like, put a big dummy sign across the whole lot, don't know why. Convoluted scissors, fun.

Vince Scala

Just wish you didn't have to purchase the game to continue past the 1st chapter 😕

Josh Crofts

Only got to play 10 mins of it, the first 2 chapters and then its says to pay £4 to play the rest didn't even get to experience as much as i would have liked to even want to pay.

Brian Traxler

Fun mystery puzzle game!!Awesome STORY!!!!!!!!


The game have a good story for now But the design is not that good + the fonts olso Have alot of troubles with zoom out from objects, and it dose not worth $6 , I will gave it 1.99$ if you fix it and redesigned it better. And I don't like when I go to the desk it shows Me " we don't need to do something here right now" something like that, I don't like that , I like to be free and if I can't do anything it appear so, but don't pop out some random messages for that That's it , good luck 👍

Jacqueline Albrecht

challenges are fun!! try it!!

B. Maura Townsend

Really nice classic point and click puzzle game. Frame story is a bare sketch, but there's enough there to lend some implied meaning, purpose and mystery to the puzzles. Graphics are beautifully rendered, and the puzzles are challenging but not unintuitive.

Johnny Eternal

I cant difure out how to drop the scissors on the box. So im stuck in the beginning

jimmy coatse

Good graphics and game play. Was great fun but price seems quite high.

Chrystie Fox

The controls are awful. Worst version of this type of game ever!

Cathy Rollhaus

Why does it cost money but I still like the game it is awesome how I support this 5 out of 5 stars

Jason Maxwell

This is a demo, not a game. To play the game you need to make a purchase after finishing the brief demo. They are not upfront about this fact. When developers hide the cost like this, I will uninstall every time because of the deceptive bait and switch tactics. Just be honest and maybe you'll earn my honest bucks. Stars are because it looks like a well made game and the mechanics worked well on the demo. Shame I'll never see the rest of it.

Genny Grim

Played the demo, paid for the rest, and... nothing. I'm caught in a loop of "please pay to download the rest of the game!"


It was a 5 minute demo with no indications of it being such. After the first puzzle you have to pay for the game, even though it advertises as free.

Kael Knight

Disappointing 2 ok puzzles but does not tell you this is a demo. You barely get to finish the second puzzle before it tells you to do more you need to buy the full game. I don't mind buying a good puzzle game but don't hide it so I will not buy this. Now I'll even be wary of any games from this developer. There is zero reason not to say this is a demo and you have to pay for the full game. I would have when people try to hide and sneak it no matter how much I might like your game I won't buy.

Jon Morrell

It's ok. It's not The Room, nor did I expect...I redacted my previous review. This game is huge. I hadn't given it enough of a chance when I made my last review. But this game deserves 6 out of the 5 stars available. Had a minor hiccup, but the excellent support rectified that problem. Worth every penny and more!

Mike Fraser

I've played it several times now, it's well thought out and challenging. I'm happy I bought it.

Chip H

Awesome graphic artistry and animation. Puzzles in the pay chapters are always challenging and often difficult. I've only completed the first four chapters, but so far this is a game you should own if puzzle games are your thing. Kudos to the developers, whom I hope are working on more chapters.

Md. Rubaiyat Hossain

One of the best puzzle games ever

Brian Diehl

it is very well created, scenic and it is challenging!


Very good game love the story do hope that in the future there could be more.

Joey Havens

Great game lots of fun


Excellent puzzle game! Most were intuitive and I liked the little story snippets. Beautiful, consistent aesthetics and no ads breaking the flow. However, it uses hidden pricing :(. I had previously played the free part of this game so I bought it once I had enough Google credits. Improvements to make: be straightforward with it not being a free game because it feels like a foot in the door seller - scummy. Also I want more. Looking forward to the sequel!

Mary M

unique story for escape room style puzzles

Nikki Dela Montanye

interesting and immersive. The puzzles have yet to get old


The room, but slightly worse still miles better than the rest of the trash on play store I'd recommend it

Andrew Yoder

Deceptive trial, have to pay to play after 2 'levels'

Sean Campbell

A fun puzzle game where you fix ancient alien artifacts. Have not completed yet but is fun so far. Can't wait to get the update coming out today.

Jennifer Barton

If you like room and davinci games you will like this, bit short for the price but a great game, no hints but not too hard to figure out. Whens 2 out? The story has me intrigued

Ryan R

Great game, not free but worth the price. Similar to "The Room" game series, but not as frustrating. Playthrough took me about 3 hours.


I love this game. If you are looking for a good puzzle game I highly suggested this. The only problem with the game is that there are only 9 levels. There might be more but I don't know. Still if the devs aren't already on it then they need to add more levels.

Andrew Mackay

Clunky controls and quite hand holding. Also the game is not free, you hit a solid pay wall hald way through a tutorial level

Áine MacDermot

Bought it but it's stuck at chapter 2 and won't continue. Feel like I just burned money for nothing now. Pfft.

Michael Palmer

Not working with my stylus pen.

Christine Clarke

Purchased the game at chapter 2 but can't move to next chapter. Refund please

David Bowman

David Bowman - addictive. confusing at times. clues hard to find at times but overall very fun to play.

Jerel Mercurio

One of the best games I've ever played on Google. When is the sequel coming out? Id buy that and a bundle pack on Nintendo Switch. Take my money. Can hardly wait for the new and or last update. *I really hope they update the scanner printer. As it is totally unfeisable to copy certain of the alien tech. Like the combination ball in the scroll, etc. Fix things like that and it will be perfect. On the last update, the writing on the circuit breaker box gets all fuzzy and unreadable.

Rory Fox

When I beat it it made me pay again not cool😡

Tracyann Jefferies

love this game. Well worth buying.

Lybra EZ

cool puzzles, reminds me of the scp foundation


challenging and no hints, lots of fun

richard knight

Really great game could not stop playing. When number 2 coming out

patricia townsley

I love the concept but the demo part could be longer i still like it regardless

Chris West

This the most amazing, resident, adventurous puzzle I've ever played.

robert campbell


Peter Code

Worth the money, the level of detail and thought put in by the developer is noticeable. Hope it can continue, I find it quite relaxing to play

Max Pedemonte

Great game, I just played it too fast and am now ready for a follow up

Randy Mann


Alex Whittaker

fun story to delve into and just challenging enough.

Nicholas Ohotin


c cudd

Cant even drop the scissors in first few steps just spins and spins

Martin Kettleborough

very very good

Christopher Carter

I really like the game alot, and I'm excited for part 2! However.. I give it 4 stars because of the price. It was $5.49 for me and that's a bit expensive especially if we have to pay for part 2 as well. I think it was worth it but the price was very high for the amount of play time. Overall, a good game! Just expensive for how much there is.

Johnathan Perez

It's honestly pretty good, I would recommend playing it if you really lik3 puzzles.

Araldia Primbee

Fabulous game, in concept and execution. Occasionally zooming out gets stuck, but this can be fixed by either opening something in the inventory bar and closing, or going to main menu and resuming. Thoroughly enjoyed every (sometimes frustrating) moment.

Shin Shin

!ion. Routerlcagelthroatlcrow.

Memi Avila

it is amazing

builder boy

This game was great fun to play. I can see why after the first chapter you would need to pay for it. It gets you to play around with each machine because you don't know what it is, the guys who sent it to you don't know what it is. It's different and immersive and I loved the final puzzle and where the game leads. Can't wait for your next release!

David Campbell

Is really good the problem solving and the story you piece together

Colten Chambers

has a few issues like no leads on certain puzzles, but overall I'm enjoying the game and interested in the story's narrative, such as it is.

Joanna Leslie

love itand I hope be it will make more game like this one

c w

very cool game. Not too hard and not too easy. Love the ASMR sound effects while playing. Very enjoyable game

Toby Hayes

Just to do the whole game you have to pay The full game

Catherine Mckenna

I want a sequel, PLEASE 🙏

Jaydeep Bhuva

Wow superb game i am waiting to more parts😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

Michael Wood

Fun game with good graphics and challenging puzzles

It Is What It Is

I was really excited to dig into this game. It has the same format as The Room, where you are manipulating puzzle boxes to unlock them. I would've loved this game, but am annoyed when the price is hidden. You get past chapter 1 and suddenly BAM you've got to pay almost $6 to continue. $6 is on the higher end of app pricing and should be listed on the game page, in a clear manner. Can't stand when devs put it in the fine print, as if optional. 5 mins in you hit the paywall and uninstalled instead

Emily Loewe

very original and challenging

David Reyes

It's good but they sure let us finish chapter 2 a bit it's a good game but I still think it was pointless for them not to show us what was in the box even though we could look it up on YouTube I still want to see it for myself


I haven't been absorbed like this in a long time. Love the setting and execution.

Heedful Elm

I bought the game before the update and loved it but after the update it's telling me to buy it again and when I try to it won't let me


Very refreshing and interactive, we need more games like these in mobile. Love it so far 💕

JD 80

Interesting. Love de graphics, really enjoy playing