M.U.D. Rally Racing

Author: CVi Games

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M.U.D. Rally Racing – Get in your rally car, start your engine and race!

Detailed info

File size: Varies with device
Update time: October 31, 2020
Current version: 2.1.0
Require Android: 4.1 and up
Developer: CVi Games
Price: Free
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Customer review

Sahista Inamdar

Update the game

vincent gaminh

Pls add more maps and cars bcuz its boring

Gentle Bacon

Please fix the map in the game, every time i gutter run, bumping the terrain, hitting the guardrail it keeps spinning me out for no reason like the game doesnt have physics anymore and easy to be raged on. In my point of view this game deserves a 3 for what it is called rally and various cars

Chamith Hirushan

Good evining

Praveen P


Abongile Sibiya


Kusingura James

I enjoyed it very well

Jacinta Kiria

I love this game so much but with every good thing comes an inconvenience. 1. It takes up so much space. 2. Glitches from time to time. 3. Drifting is common and hard to get out of it. Otherwise,👍👍👍🔥😉

Md Takbir


Patrick Alam


matei ungureanu

Even the co pilot's "nice tips" already make the game 5 stars!!!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣 Other than that the game is very good in phyisics and graphics but the menu looks a little cheap for a game this good, the steering wheel is kinda glitchy and the deformation can be a bit extreme. I wouldve put 4 stars cause of the steering wheel and deformation but the co pilot is too funny so it deserves 5 stars!!!

Amo Migo

car race 2

Sumit Ahir Sumit Ahir


Lindiwe Msimango

Great game in fact. Good graphics and nice controls. I also love the fact that there is a co-driver giving us the nature of the next corners . But i like this one. Would definitely recommend😎👏👌

Aswin Achuc12

Download issue this game. Poor

Abhishek Parekar

Worst game ever ,bad graphics, pathetic controls, waste of time.

Ibra Musta

The game is great and has good graphic ushitasha mwana wambwa

Mellisa Naidoo

Very very very very very very good


This is a sorry attempt, ads before I play, the car has the turning circle of 3 submarines, drifting is impossible, how can somebody test this and send it to market, waste of yours and my time

hasnaim muhammed

It's a good game

Im cool And Handsome


Thatayame Meshack Gaborone

I will find out myself

Kollimipalli Shankar

Super game

Jan GG

I love the game but there is a big problem. When i try to start stage 2 of the second map on single races it starts flickering between the loading screen and the car being half on the ground half up in the air please can you fix this problem i've tried everything like delete and download the game again. Cant wait to here back.

P Gresmalar Paramasivam

Good game

Micole Azore

its realy good.my car is working good.no bugs!!😀

billy rivera

It's AWESOME!!! The paint shop is a MAJOR plus. Cars are DAF. However I ran into an issue. I purchased the Lancia Delta car and it's an SSpec class car and when I enter the SSpec class to race, it said I need an SSpec car to race. I just purchased an SSpec car. The Delta. It for some reason does not know I have the car. Help!!!!

Amahle Daki

I like it

giridhar Purushotham

It has bad words and it is bad for kids

John vincent Basco


Joseph Menne

The controls. Just horrible. And after every race is ad spam. Besides that, decent.

Danger King

Cuss alot

Stephen Soleim

Very addictive I play all day

kalvis jurgensons

It is the best rally game on mobile i have played i like it but the co driver calls instructions to late hope you fix it but otherwise i like it recomend it.

SpeedTracker 95

This racing game contains swearing, even though it is censored. The co-driver says things like 'Push the effing brakes' or 'I won't effing give you a driver's license.' I am not playing this game. Ever.

Amit Jangir

Please new track and level update wrc game

anywhere machaka

Just Cul

Fee Free

It is cool but the control is very hard 😎. 😎😎.

jothish joy

Best game

Freestyle Instinct

Hey cvi games, this game has been a wonderful experience, especially for car enthusiasts like me. But there is a slight problem, the setup part is not really convincing and another thing that annoyed me most is the tinted black windows outside of the car. Please change the windows make our drivers visible again 🙏👑

Natalliya Moses

Iko pow maze

Muzeba Kiwovele

Good game

Aljun Solaiman

i like the racing

sudipta hajong


Hasindu Navanjana

Night stages are not clear.

Nature 1080


Nezuko Chan:D

Nice Game

Ibrar Arif

Really fun

Rahul Morya


Arav Sushruth

a nice game

Sipho Llale


Владимир Куваев

Может это у меня слабый телефон, трудно ехать - лаги. А так всё очень здорово реализовано!

BOSNIEN- endurotours fan

Game is best but I bate Co driver saying bad words and harrasing me

Mark Strancar

Great game to much bugs, cant se when driving downhill tire goes trough fence have to restart physics are trash...


Pros: Decent graphics. Cons: Bad physics ans bad co driver with missing straight commands on the pacenotes (ex. 100, 150 etc.)

Absolom KAY Mr lucky super boy

gud game

Kevin aoun

Cant play stage 2 finland


Best game i recommend to downlaod 10/10

Tadoshi Rynt

Very good game the graphics are nice and the control are also good👍

Naseeb Sandhu


Muhamed Briga

Fuj je

Yan Calagon

Best rally game on android... only the speedmeter and tachometer is to small and too high to see... and how about making a ghost car of previous fastest record for each track?...

Vishnu Nithin


David Essex

Love the game

Prince Sharma


Kean Johan Tamparong

Damn this game is cool It's more even cooler how you can costomize your Co-Driver and it's cool how they swear if you messed up, Great Game mate, Great game.

Jason Windvogel

I will 😊

Chris Nagel


pioneer sounds

I love the graphics and the random bumps it makes the car to fly

Sikandar Khanzada


Bezaleel Menın

I love everything about this game

Sandra Williems

Nice game

2k punch

The expert behind needs to re visite this game

Jalapathi Raja

Good 👍

Vaishak P k


hirananda hidangmayum

Kid's game

Paul Mathe

I love it

Selim Mia


Rowais Khokhar

Hi dog

Charlie Earley Moran

Co-driver calls instructions late and wrong causing car to go out of bounds and the button option will only turn the car when tapped not held. The suspension physics are ok but could be better but the graphics are awful. I have a new phone but the game wont run well unless the quality is reduced. Fix the issues and it will be 5 stars from me.

ma rul


Winnie Meeme

Its a good game, I like it but there are some things that make it not so good. 1. It's transsmition can play up. 2.the controls are button only.3. it's easy to loose control and so you take longer. but otherwise I'm impressed.🥳☺️👌🤣😁la perfecto!🤓🥂👍

Andin Purnamasari

Soooooo laggy, wierd and annoying

Aphendule Phera

I love this game it every thing. ❤️ 🌍

allan rotich (Chief)

Some glitch when i use wifi when playing this game

Mwangi Mundia

Best rally game....👍👍👍👍👍👍👍 warning!!!!!!!this game is addictive

Christian Anime boy

Bruh , the people who made this is so Dom, stupid and drank They add 🤬 words I almost got in trouble to my parents I hate this game 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬 I rated it 1 star because it's bulsh*t

Karl Peronilla

Great sound effects but has some issues. The car suspension physics are not great especially compared to carx rally suspension physics the car suspension barely compresses if at all even when accelerating and jumping. The cars are very expensive and there are not many game modes

Pavan Postman

NYC Game but open world hona chahiye add

IO Gaming

I love this game because doesn't need data and yeah I can play everywhere I want


overall great game fun physics, decent graphics👍, but the thing that i think needs to be fixed is the random bump on the road that cause the car flying, the position of the interior camera and the follow camera thats blocking the sight of the road, the small drop gap on the side of the road that is slippery enought to make me loose control, the instructor sometimes give the wrong directions and sometimes he's late to give the directions causing me too crash, and i think a minimap would help 🙏

Erick Rajabu

Good game

Ritha Muundjua

this game is the baet game in the would this is from kk boy

Lydia Mjulekana

I love this game and it is doing well it photography are good

Kage Ambler

Not compatable with ps4 controller

Tasha Atwood

There's cussing people 😡

Wexton Qariz


Diki Hermansah

Good game car

Celani Chirara

This game needs multiplayer with open world traveling from each country to another with friends,strangers and others Otherwise it's a good game keep it up . The graphics are good . The game needs more maps . Im expecting you guys to bring a huge update with all this features. And to all the people reading this review this game is worth your time,storage and wifi .

Suman Das

Great game