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Lulu’s Fashion World – Dress Up Games – Anime Fashion Dress Up & Make Up – Be top stylist & collect premium clothes!

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File size: 149M
Update time: June 3, 2021
Current version: 1.2.0
Require Android: 5.0 and up
Price: Free
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Customer review

Samsung Samsung

A very nice game but i'm sorry for complaining about this cause there was a problem and yes it's just what i want want like really not as a problem, well here it is. It has a big waist and for me i'd didn't even like it and before i download this i review all the reviews and no one was complaining about mine and yes i see this was very nice i'll just look up for the other dress up games you've made maybe it has no big waist... BUT STILL VERY AMAZING APP!..

Christine Jenkins

Very good app! Barely any ads and smooth game play. I just have one suggestion, could you please add an save and studio feature to free design? And normal game play? Even if you don't it's still a wonderful app. I absolutely recommend!

Isabella Wooden

It's really a fun game, I will do this ONLY if I'm in the mood.

Sarah Mendoza


Renante Descartin

Lulu s Fashion i gosto gosto mo pag pili na ano gosto mo meron ng Dress and regalo sa emong Doll 👍


لو كان في عشرة نجوم لوضعتهم كلهم🍪🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Hasti Khezri

Love it🦄

Prisha Mungaroo

Best gamer ever

Annabella Sharpless

So... This game was fun, but after a while, it wasn't fun. I would get 0 out of 3 stars even though I did EXACTLY what they said.

Shy Baby

Love It a little bit

Sabina Bukuru

This is a pretty cute game I like to style

me me

I don't understand this game, I match all the outfit's with the right theme and I barely get two stars, it's stupid

Nuttavich Asavachat

It's definitely a good game, just that ,there's a pickle in the game you need a specific level of stars to play a new level which is really hard since you need coins to buy boxes but playing the same level gives you 1-3 coins and the lowest box costs 100coins

Esther Payne

This game is amazing

Jessie Ashford

It is really fun and cite game to play especially if u r interested in fashion games

Juan Carlos Aguirre

It super fun

Allison Mertz

By far better dress up game than alot that I've tried. It's not overwhelming with ads. The arts is adorable! Actual good taste in fashion. So far I am very impressed.

Ryan Namoc

It's just ok


i love how it let us all change

Jaikara Brielle Pacheco

The fact that I've been looking for this for almost a year now- And I finally found it

Mandy Clayton

this game is awesome I really love it but when I open a box there is some stuff that are the same so I just sell them but there was these glasses that I couldn't sell and I got 3 pairs of them and I'm just stuck with them. Please fix this

Norma Villafranca

ilove it its so fun and nice to play this apk

A Google user

That's a great game a teacher how to like dressed and make a teach you like you young kid you got to teach how to be dressed by The Game and stuff and swillie gray and all and I love it so get yourself out there and stop playing this game cuz it's something it's really good not that bad a little bit not that much but yeah that's right. Has not five so go check it out

Val J

Fun but hard to get the categories right. It would be best if there is a filter system. So if we filter for Formal, only clothes with Formal tag is showing. Right now it is heavily dependant on the colour of the tag, which is not colourblind-friendly at all. Most of the time I couldn't differentiate between Fancy and Casual because the tag colours are too similar. Need to take note that some people have blue light filter on in their phones, so everything on the screen is very orange to us.

Jennifer Thompson

Well it's very cool love the dresses but I can't get any free time so yeah please add that

David Lee


Sura Alrikabi

Love it



Fatima Ayesha

Why is this app is so cool i can even by boxes ang there's so many dresses etc.

Bea Cathy

I love this game so much!

kara canning

This game is really fun and it just teaches you about fashion

Trish DeTinne

Good game but update because it won't stop crashing me fix it please thank you 😁 also it's hard to get a 3 star so great game but update date some things ok

Lilmazi_thebeast9 Ramsey lll

I Love this game

Pearl Rose

Out of all anime dress up games i downloaded. This is my 2nd fav.

resha firmansyah


Muhammad Rizwan

Good game

Tserimu Bapu

Kind of a jerk little bit

Shinejargal Ganbaatar

Not bad game!It's fun!

Mary Canich

I lol love this game it is so fun to play 10000/10 wild recommend to play

Summer Kelley

This game is so fun

Nandinzaya Nandia

╱╱┏╮╱╱╱╱╱╱╱╱╱╱ ╱╱┃┃╱╱┳╱┓┳╭┛┳┓ ▉━╯┗━╮┃╱┃┣┻╮┣╱ ▉┈┈┈┈┃┻┛┛┻╱┗┗┛ ▉╮┈┈┈┃▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔ ╱╰━━━╯

Honey Sloth

I love this app an how there isn't much adds. After a few minutes you get too do stuff yourself. It's really fun (◍•ᴗ•◍)

Stephanie T

Didn't want load dispointed.

Gholam Rasooli


Bisma Biya



This game its so cool

Nur Adriana Azam

Game best but game is online

jelly fruit 101

I like the game it's very fun and cool but it lets you spend your money on the things you already have. Ok like say if I'm opening the box it tells me pick a card it will literally give me only the items I already have.

Rajeswary Madhu

Not boring that much only. good game must download 🤩🥳

Da Blue

Lulu is so much fun.

Joe Kelly

the animation is sooooooo good I love the animation because is like real and cute

Alexa Hill

It is so so much fun so far 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

Annelie Miranda

Wow its a very good game I love it😍

Samuel Herrera

I really like this game. It has lots of clothing and accessories. I wish there was a rebirth that would be good after finishing the game. The designs are also so cute. I like the thing with the points and if you play for 7 days straight you get this majestic box. This is probably the best dress up game I've played.

Ed de Bucy

I LOVE ❤️ j

mamun rashid

First i loved that game but when i again installed that app that only say network problem that's not why i hate the app the problem is there are so many ads that's why I'm giving one star

6-4 А.Анударь

Its a really fun game at first ... i cant bored of this game woohoo!!

Ozwaldo Garcia

It is very good and I think most of the clothes is very cute


This is the best game in the world really try it hurry

Nurhafizah Azhar


Aralis Herrera

This game is good but it's annoying how I I bought a box for about 7000 coins and got an uncommon and the rest was majestic. I don't think there should a common or uncommon in such and expensive box after all the rest of the games still isn't bad. Oh yeah and some other good things are everyday you get 5 free gems and I think about 17 minutes? You get 100 coins. I do wish there was a rebirth tho.

Trinity Gilkes


special unicorn

I love this game just keep completing it amd uninstalling so i can restart as i wait for the arena section to start. I hate uninstalling the game and restarting but i cant do anything once ive finished 🥺

Lavell Washington

It is so fun

Stacia Kelsey

I cant download it i tried to download it and it do i waited 2 hours to!!!!!!

Melissa Salinas

Love it

pretty freyda

It so nice

Nika Nikoo


Truth Gorham


Mavis Hogat

Fun and builds your creativity

Raymundo Martin

This game is great 👍😎

Maimunah Abdullah

Dress up

maisarah azizol

Very nice

Maggie Mich

It's more better if you can play it offline like how I played it in the past. I hope you change it into offline again, and if the reason of this game to go online because of the upcoming Arena. If possible maybe you can just put computer/bots player in the Arena as our challenger so that we can still played it offline.

Odilia Esther

So cute😊😊😊

Aaliyah Nunez

its a really good game and the outfites are cute

asmr gacha

It's great you get to dress up your character and there's challenges but every time I put the tiger shirt on her she gets naked

Dream World

Nice game! It has a nice concept and awesome designs! All the clothes look amazing 👏

making fidgets

So fun to play!

Mike Kennedy

Good to me 😂 and it's good to play for kids so that way it's a play dress up

Football KING

Idk if i should doload this app. Suggestions?? God is good. (^^)

Brooklyn Bozarth


Alicia Foo Wen Jing

That was fun!but sometime something is I need to restart..but I think only me got that thing.anyone have?

Bibbocaitcole Bianan

Soo cute!!!

Bin Zeid Souad

I love this game this game is so nice thank you for this game 😍😀😀😊

Eliza Ch

Love it.

Sophie Bigmac

Really fun love the game it took me a while to understand something but overall 10/10


Good, but I am trying to get a fresh start by resetting the data. I am on a guest mode. (Edit: Thank you for explaining, but I think it would be a useful feature!)

Cheryl Wheeler


Naglaa Yasser

nice game 👍🏻💗

Abeeha Aamir

Easy peasy


It's just fun to play when you're bored or anything


I just dont like it when games me the option to win things i already have

Kovacs Patricia

This game is amazing but when you finish all of the places it's kinda boring and you can't do anything. Can you please maybe make a new place?or more?

Henesii Gallardo


Shan Lay

😅 on a New York and ok I can get it done 👍

New Model


Intan Nadia Shashafina


Sarangoo Ganbold

Yes Gow6t

Sherell J Buchanan

Not working properly needs to be fixed.