Lucy’s Ville: Fabulous Merge


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Let’s start mansion makeover now! Are you ready for a challenging merge game and exciting adventure?

Gardens? Mansion? Amazing puzzles and quests? All this and much more you will find in Lucy’s Ville: Fabulous Merge, an exciting merge game with an addictive storyline and plot full of tricks and twists.

Lucy’s Ville: Fabulous Merge – Old man Stan got sick and tired, and his formerly great mansion has gone to rack and ruin. As soon as Lucy, Stan’s beloved daughter, heard about her father’s trouble, she immediately set off to hell to rescue her home mansion and restore it to its former glory. Help Lucy make her design dreams a reality.

Let the infernal merge adventure begin! Merge items to solve challenging puzzles and complete addictive levels. Start your mansion makeover and follow the story full of twists and turns. Merging games never was so exciting. Collect and merge as many things as you can to earn rewards and stars. Explore the large mansion’s landscapes and decorate areas with different in-game assets, making the merge ville garden shine again.

Solve Stan’s mansion mysteries, renovate and design different locations and develop your own decoration project. If you get tired of infernal adventure, then catch your breath – relax and enjoy fantastic merging puzzles games.


MERGE. Combine things into useful tools – merge items and decorate mansion in your unique way!

DISCOVER. Enjoy different plot secrets. Lucy’s Ville is not only a merging and mansion game. Follow the story to discover hidden areas and reveal mansion secrets.

DECORATE. Expand the mansion lands. Explore different hidden locations, find unique landscapes to renovate and decorate. Get ready to redesign, renovate and rebuild whatever you want.

ENJOY & RELAX. Get yourself a cup of tea and accomplish your design ideas, complete the makeover of the whole mansion and its landscapes and get tons of bonuses and awards. Decoration never was so addicting!

Lucy awaits you! The merge mansion and its landscapes are ready for makeover and decoration! Let’s start!

Lucy’s Ville: Fabulous Merge will be frequently updated: new chapters, levels and events will come regularly. Stay tuned!

We can begin merging adventures now!

Let’s go and dive into unique gameplay and enjoy the merge game process and decoration while playing!

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Update time: Sep 1, 2022
Current version: N/A
Require Android: N/A
Price: Free
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Customer review

Kimberly Sterling

I just installed this game to try it out and every time I try to load it it kicks me off.

Maggie kernoul

A fun game to play. you do run out of energy but I just wait until it builds back up.

Sofia Estrêla Santos

I have only played for a few days but so far great game! However there's an annoying bug when u run out of energy, the games forces u to go "with Lucy" to the inventory problem is neither I have energy to claim in that screen nor it is possible to get out of there and I have to restart the game.

Matt N Sara Smith

Fun game but too many glitches, game freezes and restarts and resets to last save point so yoh cant advance

Candice Beyer

I really like this game. It is a nice little time spender and makes me want to always pop back in and see what I can do next. Unfortunately, recently it has been freezing, losing items off my board and not playable. The support service had a fix but then it bugged out again. Now after a week, their support service has not responded to my request. I am wondering if I should delete the app because it is unplayable. Just really sad because I had really enjoyed the game and even payed to play.

Jacqueline Alexander

Can't reset

Darlene Anderson

I'm very disappointed!!!! There's No choice when picking furniture, etc. unless you spend coins, or those stupid ghosts!!!! When I first started, I had the choice of THREE FREE choices!!!! Change it back!!!

Ashley Shipp

love the game but there's some flaws like I spend money on the crystals and say I buy three packs I'm only going to get one out of three I still have not received any any of them back or a refund or nothing and I have sent email after email after email

Riss B

Game keeps freezing, seems fun but I have to keep restarting the app. I've just downloaded it but if it constantly freezes like this it's gonna be unplayable

Gwen del Carmen (Gwen Loves Paper)

This game is so adorable. Although, there are still times when it lags, but its understandable since its in early release. will continue playing and looking forward to the improvements and updates.


The game has an issue connecting with the internet. Despite having internet the game keeps telling me to connect to the internet to access shop. There is no issue with the internet on my side, everything else is running smoothly except for this app.

Andre Bronkhorst


Sonya Barreto

Lovely merge game with "ah hell of a story". Respect to who did it. Love it.

Paula Ostridge

I'm enjoying the story

elaine hannah

fun game

Truichia Bazile

I love this game, but I am experiencing a few problems. What is a Wrapper, the game keeps asking me to get one and where do I find a flower bush?


The graphics are very cute, there are no ads, and in the beginning it's very easy to progress. However, the energy is really slow to refill, most items required are high-level from slow generators which means you have to wait for hours until you can play again. Most of the time, when I tap on the shop to buy energy with coins or gems, it says "no internet connection" when there's absolutely no issue with my internet connection in other games or apps.

Mia Melodia

Energy goes away so fast, special orders come when energy is about to end / when the main thing is about to get a Cd.. it asks for stuff which is haaard to get in the blink of an eye

Annissa Harmon

Can't change the columns it's says one of the helpers is ill nothing to do to heal him and it freezes every time I run out of energy was 2 stars now 1 still waiting on the update to fix the columns now its something else will be deleting soon if not fixed

Adeola Sanni

really nice

Victoria Richardson

Would be an amazing game if it stopped freezing and not saving my progress. I have easily lost out on 500 coins and doubt anything can be done 😔

E Vivian

Graphic 5 stars Gameplay 4 stars BUT KEEPS CRASHING


As I uncover the news by the beach near the first part of the story, the game kept crashing every time. I was using an LG G7...

Erika Barrett

The last update messed it all up. It keeps stealing all my secondary merges. You just couldn't leave well enough alone.

David Ruggeri

I am stuck at the hang the paintings task. I keep collecting the required items and the game never updates. Also the coins I am spending on advertising are not saving. Also I just added like 300 energy and when I restarted the energy is not there. It is getting VERY frustrating.

Owl Olivia


Cassie Holloway

Game gets cluttered up very quickly...took the fun right out if the game! 😑

Patricia J Jones

The sounds, music and graphics are great. Fun to play. Easy to learn and play.

Julie Mallaghan

Game had a lot of potential but has been unplayable for weeks and the don't seem to be dealing with it

Alex T

Fun, but has several bugs that make it annoying. No way to trash object generators and no way to exit out of a suggestion to get more energy except to force quit the app

Dawn-Mark Crutchley

So far so good.

Em Clay

Love it!

Rachel L

29th August 2022 Lastest update of including design changes has corrupted the app. The hand you press and hold to swap the design doesn't work, it just loops trying to load but doesn't go anywhere. The one time it did go to the next step, it wanted me to change to a option that I don't have access to because of my level. I can't exit out of anything or choose not to have the intro.. I just want to play the game, please fix this asap.

Moira Rowntree

it's great fun.

Maria Stoyanov

Entertaining but too much action you cannot skip - walking, working, even the talking you can skip is annoying. Plus the new-item boxes come up very slowly and some items in the orders are ridiculously hard to obtain through a looooot of merging

Benjamin Denton

awesome game

Luna Raine

very cool thank you

Courtney Wells

I knew I loved this game the instant I started playing it and I love the graphics and the story line is great but..... I'm only able to play bout two minutes before it crashes and I have to reopen it and continuously repeat the process. will give a higher rating once issue is resolved

Katarzyna Waszak

The graphics, feel and mechanics of the game I have little to no complaints, but the economy is all sorts of whacked out. A task to spend 55 gems? Do 15 orders? These things are just no possible without paying or playing 24/7. The bulbs to make clay shards take ridiculously long as well taking up board space. Energy is not restored upon levelling up or merging source items - still need to wait for a refresh. You are shooting yourselves in your collective foot.



Taylor “Jadorias”

I used to really like this game but it updated today and is now glitching. It randomly took like 300 coins from me and I can't buy energy (when I click the option, nothing happens) It's extremely frustrating. I tried to email the company because as of right now, the game is virtually impossible to play. It says I have negative 2000000000 coins. I cannot play. No emails back, nothing.

Gaming GuyG

Okay merge game, very limited on game play space, intriguing story, easy to learn and play.

Heather Skipper

This is really cute. I love it. I wish I could see the early concept sketches. The art is very comforting.

Jessica Bertoniere

I was looking forward to playing this game, looked cute and fun, but every time I try to load it it just freezes and shuts down my phone.

Sharon Krajewski

Cute game except I'm stuck on a full board with no way to do anything. The game wants me to click the present and won't let me clear anything from the board first.

Haley Spray

I love it.

amber richardson

Was a 5. Updated to a 3. The game updated and now when you go to decorate something, it only allows you to pick one option & then you have to earn to pick a different one. BEFORE the update, you had 3 options to pick & if you wanted to change it, then you had to pay with coins. Also, the board is too small.

Kristy Buller

Love this game.

Victorian Robinson

I want to know w hat happen to the original Lucy game?. Where her dad left her a mansion and had to desing it in the search of her Daddy. I don't remember putting things together I like both it the original one I like better.

Frances Stockbrugger

need helpboard is full and finger is active so i cannot delete items to make more room. help! have not deleted game, how do mi get unstuck?

Tiffany wright

fun game

Rosemary Bleau

I love the game

Tomáš Ptáčník

There is no point in playing on because my imps are stuck on a non-existent treasure. So I don't have any left to perform other tasks. It would be much appreciated if you could fix this bug.

Supanan Phantratanamongkol

Nice concept and graphic, but it's not generous with available spaces. Lots of the grids are covered in high-level items under the cobwebs, making it difficult to find enough space to merge items. Also, the game is really stingy with currencies; you don't get any coins when you sell unneeded items unless they're at high enough level, and you have to buy inventory slots with gems. Uninstalled

Marta Louro

Got to level 9 and I'm stuck. Got item on my list to do and I don't even know where they come from. Ex: flower bouquet- where does it come from and why so many to do?? Waste of time!!!! Review of developers reply I just told you why I am unhappy, I can't do a bouquet of flowers without a source. I can't be more straight forward than that.

April Preston

I was enjoying this game then all the sudden after I I unlock the ghost to unlock decorations my account level was reset back to 1 and all the ghost decorations were turned back to what I had them set to before so something differently wrong with game so just going to uninstall

Donghae 28

kinda of adventure game and merge,great rainy day game

Kristin Colyar

I like this game! The graphics are really sharp. Lots of stuff to discover. Main problem is that once you get to a certain level, it's hard to discover new pathways of objects. Also, it would be nice if orders expired every 24hrs. All my outstanding orders involve vases, which I can only make with rare ingredients from ONE producer. So now I have nothing else to do but wait for that producer to refresh. It kinda kills my joy w/the game. 😐 Maybe rework this? I'd love to give this game 5 stars.

A Google user

Good game

Lissa Thibs

I really like this game. The style is gothic and weird and cute. The decorations are fun and we'll animated. The chararacters are funny and adorable. The gameplay is easy to catch on but I can't even get out of the first room. It takes DAYS to complete a single task. The bookshelf task had me uninstalling. If that happened after playing for a long time, it may have been different but it's to hard to progress... Unfortunate because I love every other aspect.

Marissa Packer

Won't let me play it keeps crashing

Wayne Thomson

Nice and relaxing

Brenetta Pirtle

I like the game so far

Doris Reid

Game keeps freezing, starts over and shut down.

Kari Aloupis

Too many glitches. I really enjoyed playing this game but it keeps freezing & turning off, so I'm unistalling it.

Sharron Brook

fun and easy to play

Michelle Mineau

Icons too small. Would have been an interesting game if I did not have to strain to guess atvthe items required! So unstalling

Melody Herzman

Your game is glitching so much and it got me stop for glitching. So please fix.

DiAnna Andrews

it's fun but not much free play after a day or 2.

Lisa Mcculloch

Was great until I found the third chest and now 2 imps are stuck hammering the air and I can't complete a task to move on.

Sheila Conner

I was enjoying the game until I can no longer complete any tasks because my imps are stuck opening a chest that's not there. There is no need to keep playing because without the imps I can no longer complete the quest to get new quests. The game has a fun, exciting story line but also has many bugs.


The app keeps lagging and isn't working in some areas of the screen

Christina Cole

Great game.

Brandi Kearney

Game won't load all the way. I've uninstalled and redownloaded the game several times and it keeps crashing before it finishes loading. I've deleted other apps to make sure I have enough room on my tablet too. I was really looking forward to playing this game too.

T. Shea

Was a 5 star, daily played came. Then it has glitched with a bug. The 3 chest were found, but still show as a task and the wooden table upgraded itself and is not tappable now. If you touch it, you freeze the board from doing anything. Sorry to let this game go.

Valerie Norris

it's cool game!

Michelle Love

its slow moving

Debbie Lidiard

so far I am enjoying this game but it's still early

Angelica Yeaples-VanCise

so far ok

Mellie Kat

Cute so far, different but same.

Heather Sherman

I love games ❤️❤️❤️

Wade Howie

it's fun

Cecilia primera

ti and cool

Marcella Hatcher

love it

Glenn O'Dell

so far this is a fun game and an enjoyable storyline.

Roselle Egan


Anita Richardson

fhis game is alwesome

Nelly Hernandez


Chrome Masquerade

Stopped responding FOUR times before I had a chance to play for an hour's worth.

Donna Clevenger

I really have no way to break this since it will not download for me. I've tried numerous times and I hit the install and it takes me right back to the same page. Not sure what's going on seems like it would be a fun game but unless something gets corrected I guess I'll never know.


Absolutely love the concept, graphics, and touch controls are great. My only complaint is not refilling on energy upon leveling up, but that's more of a personal preference. I've spent money on the game but it is by no means necessary to progress. Keep up the good work!

Tamara Mayo MBA CEO

The graphics are good I really like the colors and usage. 🍥😊👍 The game play is user friendly and instructions a easy to understand. I am also enjoying the story line.😊👍🏼

James Ludlow

Awesome game, so far.

Jennifer Winter

Great game I'm really loving it

Lynn Day

ads are predatory

daniel abisaab


Lynn Marie Newton

Keeps closing after it loads.

Timothy Sell


Ronnie Harris


Kelley Freeman

just started playing, but I like it so far