Love Design-Home Makeover

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Love Design-Home Makeover
From rundown apartments to gorgeous mansions, let you experience the most authentic home makeover and design home improvement to create the home of your dreams! A variety of decoration styles, rich and diverse levels and powerful blasting props to eliminate, design and transform your dream home!
Life is always full of surprises and challenges. Clara has always loved home design makeover, so started fulfilling her dream of becoming a remodeler after college. She meets her best friend, a kind landlord, and several boys she will never forget. How did she live the life of a royal king through her own efforts? Come to Love Design now to design your love home!

Game Features:
* House decoration: super free design home, cool home makeover, a variety of styles as you like!
* Fun match-3: massive levels and various powerful props experience blast elimination, more fun and refreshing!
* Exquisite plot: all plots revolve around you, super substituted for the perfect experience!
* Charming characters: Lively and fun game characters that show you the full story!
* Diverse houses: Isn’t it fun to decorate a set? Love home design makeovers? More scenes, more types of houses are waiting for you to decorate
* Multiplayer competition: interesting and exciting elimination games, the strongest elimination king is waiting for you to compete!
* Exciting Events: Endless treasures with massive rewards, unique and cool Royal Passes, and many more interesting events are waiting for you to experience!
It’s time to show your design talents, master every detail, and decorate your home to your dreams!

Detailed info

File size: Everyone
Update time: May 18, 2022
Current version: N/A
Require Android: N/A
Developer: NO.7 games
Price: Free
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Customer review

Kimberly Stokes


Martina Holloway

Too Cute!

visiting partner

What's the problem in level 949 solve the problem otherwise I'm going to unstall thir is on task in level 949 if they don't want game up so why did they make this game???

Mah_ Rhie19

I like this game, the only problem is that you have to use the internet just to play the game.. Can't you just keep going and don't need the data anymore.

Raonda Lamb

It seems like a really good game 😁

Marius Scheepers

Love this game

Sue Swabey

Really enjoy this game so far.

Deborah Freeman

My game won't open the apartment

Elizabeth Davidson

Fun and easy levels

Debbie Baker

I like this game. Just a tad slow moving from game to prize and to the game. It hasn't allowed me to log onto fb. I'm happy that the games are different than other games of matching.


Fantastic and beautiful and magical and magnificent and spectacular and gorgeous and vivacious and cool and awesome and lovely and magnifique and amazing

Cristle Miller


Cynthia Lemmo

Great homemaker game

Tracey Machen

Game keeps flickering at the beginning just after loading

Sania Nabeel

Excellent game

Ayana pal

Very nice app

Prabha Baniya

is a very nice 👍 Is a very good

Jenelyn Evero

Loving it

Carol Crane

Great play



Shreya Chawak

Really good game

Lisa Hogan

Excellent Game!!

Kathy gautreau


Tina Barney


betty mccaulley

I just started playing the game today. I'm enjoying it so far

Annie Mazimba

Very nice and reasonable game nice colours and everything am enjoying the game

Tammee Robertson


Elayne Fulcher

By level 200 you must play about 8 levels to buy 1 item. The levels are not hard, but I didn't download it for the match 3 part.

rebecca mcgaw


Jennifer Davis

If you like match 3 then this is the game to play.

Kathy Stephan

Game stuck!!!!!!come on!!!!!!

Sylvia Walker

This game is still very awesome

Heather Smith

Good .game

Ronda Stroud

I'm enjoying the game.

Jenna Lee

Fun game!

Tasha Lumnah

Best game ever. I love that I don't have to make a long outlook for the entire room I love that I have a opinion on the way it looks like with that I also think it would be more like a 89% chance to make it a 100% I am being honest I think if there is a way to give more money to build the room or design the house that I would like to be able to give more money and time to get out the entire game

mina rkb


Kim Bell

Very fun

Stacie Norris

I enjoy playing this game

Juju Skyhigh

Unable to install

Chika Aziz

Game and grafic are good... Loved it...😊👍👌

linda snowden

Love 💕 he game. Trying to get the welcome package but it just seems it keeps asking for some kind of invitation number so I guess I have to play three rooms before I can get it is this true can you help me out

Amelia Murati

Amazing love ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤😘❤❤😘❤😘❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

Patricia Wheaton

Enjoy designing.

Carol Pycroft

Love it

Valerie Riley

Fun game....very addicting.....

Elissa Lee

It's awesome so far.

Angela Lacks

Just my first time playing but seems to be fun and relax

Arianna Mandal

good game

andrew francis jinks

Game is so calming

Ogboka Favour


Starbaby 344

Love this game..great rewards..very fun

margaret price

Fun game, gives you good ideas for when you're decorating, 😄

Katrina Nelson

Above average

Aisahahrosli Aishahrosli

Good game

Tina Cuhen

Love this game! Just started playing and there hasn't been no issues.

rebecca wright

Good enjoyable game

Becky Gough

It's fun so far

diane anderson

Fun so far

Mary Brown

why cant i play this game it stop playing

Karabo Carol

I enjoy this game alot💪

Susan Wetton

Keeps glitching when trying to play a level so having to restart game but good fame overall.

Rachel Piccinetti

Love it

Guinevere “Guiny” Blodgett

I'm enjoying it so far. The match game is easy enough to be fun & so far the difficulty of every level progression has been reasonable. (Some games jump from 0-60 from 1 level to the next.) Of course, I'm only on level 30 - so hopefully that stands true going forward. I'm a little concerned that the price for items is jumping up pretty quickly which means you have to complete more puzzles to complete a room. The decorating is my favorite part.

Robin Sebeck

Just started. Already loving it. 🥰

Wendy Lynn

Very addictive, super fun and and nice pretty decorations

Ann Marie Matos

Love it has better options


Fun and exciting

Monika Massey

Grate game

Lyvonn Reed

Love this game but have been waiting 2 months for more rooms to decorate

Sheila VanHoosier Rudicel

So far so good, I love design games and I have never played this game; so I'm giving a 5 star rating.

Rere Sulli

Fun and easy

Susan Hessler

iit's a very nice game and it's easy to play and I really enjoy playing it and it has a cost me a thing I just started I've been playing it for one day and I like it I hope it stays that way there's no way ads that get in your way unless you click on to get more coins but you don't even have to do that hardly


Fun. Not difficult at least not yet.

Gauri Sardesai


Estela Herrera

Kool game sorta kool it has its rip offs like all games out there weird but kinda ok game it's still just ok

Robin Dankmyer

Great game

Liana Hawley

I'm only on level 15 but so far it seems to be a good game not a lot of ads not really a pay to play a game but you can if you want to advance quicker I'm gonna keep playing until I get to level 100 because that's how many levels I give games before I decide

Alyssa Bowers


Bea Ishman

I like this game, had a few problems at First, but it's working fine now. I like designing rooms and I like having to pick my own designs. The game glitches when I play the match game. Can you please fix this problem, thanks..

Rose Smith (Marie)

Great game 👍👍

charmaine koorts

I become addictive to this game

Kellie Furney

I like the design but it glitches a little bit that needs to be fixed

Skylar Wilson

Love it

Kim Camba


Angela Price-hunt

Brilliant and so much fun I do not want to put it down

Curtis Myles

This is 1 of the most fun game to play you all will enjoy the experience.

Mimi Shivers

Love the game

Irene Torres


Babilye Shamirah

Hi am shami i do lve this game bt it z freezing

Shrouk Ashraf


Marilyn Dela Gubaton


lora sedell

Fun !

Carole Hartley

I love this game.

Christina jane Junior


roberto rodriguez


Diane Hisch

Very exciting and fun

Tawanna Newson

Great Game


It's easy to understand despite confusing statements that the game provides. It uses less memory and so far is enjoyable.

Sandra B

I reinstalled this game a month ago, at level 531! It's the longest I have stayed with any of these so called DESIGN games, you know the ones that are suppose be about decorating, but instead are about using 90% time to get one pc of furnture. BUT THIS GAME w/ CHOCOLATES IS HORRIBLE,EVERYTIME YOU DELETE 1 pc 2-3 more pop up & number goes higher, what idiot thought this one up. About ready to uninstall. The next so called room is for CATS, what lousy creativity is this.