LostMiner: Block Building & Craft Game

Author: Caffetteria dev.

5,000,000+ install


LostMiner: Block Building & Craft Game – Sandbox survival game with mining, crafting and block building.

Detailed info

File size: 17M
Update time: August 15, 2021
Current version: v1.4.5a
Require Android: 4.1 and up
Developer: Caffetteria dev.
Price: Free
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Customer review

Rater Sus

This Game Is So Fun And Please Make The Map Generation Bigger And Why Is My Pets Dissappearing? It might be a bug but please fix it. Thankyou :D

robert marshall

I mean it is just like mincraft although I think it need more blocks like obsidian and the crafting table because it confuses the Sh** out of me

Jagger Knut

I like the game and the new update, its a multiplayer game, has a characters to choose and textures and a foods to eat like sandwich I hope the developers will add like a nether and end portal like minecraft but its perfect on its own

Jossie Calonge

Pleasss add some enchant for the lostminer,and make a marketplace(can buy a diamond)Buy using money(make some servers that can join online please)

Yuvasree Valarmathi


Heedless Anime

The game is great with glitch free , u can watch ads to get item It wont be boring until u reach a time where u have nothing to do... U can add more things like, different dimensions.. New boses new weapons other than swords.. Things like sky islands etc.. It would be marvelous

Afrida Hakim

This app so cool i play with my brothers

Roberto Pawirodikromo

Plz put infinite generative world


Honestly the game is ok! Especially to the fact you can play with your Friends/Family. It's honestly like a crossover minecraft and terraria! Controls might be confusing at first, But it's honestly easy to handle when you get used to it. But anyways.. Let's get to the ads, Some people said it was Minimal, But I rather get one every 15 minutes. Which is rather fine?? But- it interrupts my Enjoyment towards the game. So I'm rather annoyed about it. Overall it's ok. Would rate a 5 but u get 3.

Phyohein Phyo

Gread so good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ramdev Bhagat

This game is best but if you add more weapon and armor for crafting and more bosses for fight and hard archivement and hopper and automatic machine and electricity and infinite world and biome

Lea Sayco

Coll game

Alvarez Bolado

I oike this super duper idk if i die from mobs cause i have some multiplayer In this game they help me to kill mobs and i am super like this game so so much!

Bhong09 Labasbas

I love this game this is better than mine craft


Please make the map more bigger, make more Texture Pack, and also make the graphic smooth 👍

Isaiyah Jones

sonics arms arnt blue

Corbin Adams

I is addictive and very fun!

random uploads and games

It's a really good game and all but, Put a cooldown for teleporters because when I spammed teleporters it took up too much space and my chests got deleted and I lost all my stuff, reduce the time to break trees bare handed, and add a tutorial for stuff. Other than those three suggestions, the game is perfect

sushila khatik

It is game is nice

Alec Kristophe Onglao

ADD NEW WEAPON LIKE A SPEAR YOU CAN THROW THE SPEAR AND MAKE IT CRAFTABLE AND YOU CAN ADD LIKE TWILIGHT SPEARS ETC., ADD A NEW DOG IS I WANT AND FOR THIS ACHIEVEMENT AND WHEN YOU TAME THEM YOU CAN MAKE THEM FIGHT SO YOU DON'T FIGHT ALONE AND EXPLORE THE OCEAN like you after you finish all the achievements a villager tells you there's a raft/boat and once you arrived you can now explore the ocean now but you have to bring all your valuables I want to say more but I can only say 500 words

Abdur Razzaq Sk

Amazing 🤩

Salma Mondal

This game is good but mobs are too powerful. Sir please make more pixels in the game and make more fetchers

The Cat

5 star, because it's just a classic game, that has the typical type of a 2d game(like terraria) and Minecraft, the achievement is basically the tutorial itself, once ypu get higher type of armor, the game will be pretty easy if u ask me, instead of upgrading your house, or wandering around, just go mine straight down, loot in chest, and higher grade of ore is the key to survive, and food, the title of this game is basically the hint itself.

Alejandro Rybacki

The game is a ripoff but better! Yet I would like it if there were new biomes like the beach, the rainforest and the snow and mountain, maybe they are in the game or so though, also please add music and a setting for it and I want every theme song different and music different then every other song.

John zws?

The art style and sprites have a good charm to it! Though, i have many suggestions for improvement. First of all, please improve the proggression system. The achievements just feel like tedious tasks, and when you fight the bosses, it just feels like a boss rush. And the game has so many items that needs to be found in chests, and i feel like they could easily have a crafting recipe. If you work on these, then we might finally have a truly dedicated mobile game.

Baldev Singh

Op game

rithik Rithik

Make a new recipe for a bag ok😁😁😁😁😁😁😀😀😀😀

Simple Sandbox 2 Simple Sandbox 2

I like it But have fix some bugs and add more Options for Decorative Equipment for house

ABoalfazl Azizzadeh

Very good game only not join in game hotspot join game crash

Surja Surja


Nupur Kazi

Good Game

Mamun Talukder


Covin Nigel

This is the fun game and good game I play with my friends 5star for you lost miner

Charlie Carr


Mike's animation's

The best game on the planet I really recommend anyone download it and play it it's like minecraft but better I love how also there are teleport machines it's so cool keep up the good work

Tilu Tharu

The game is awesome but you can make this game more good by adding more biomes and make th inventory bigger and controls features update and physics of texture and looks . The weapons are not good the durability is so low wooden axe just die in 4 shots so,please increase the durability of all weapons and armor and also extend the world infinite because we will get a lot more to explore

Muhammad Tahir

Please lost miner 2 please game is

chadlee alonzo

I well give 5 star because it's so wonderful but plss place a hotspot online because we want join together.. thx..😍😍😍😘

Mcplay Trialcard


Lakki bro 47

This game is op but add new things mobs and extra please add . This game is 2d then also this is best i like it i will give 5 stars to this game very very nice game ☺️☺️☺️

Sk abdul Kabir

Very very nice game like Minecraft

Mike Fitz

It is bad I do not like the game You suck I am deleting it


you deserve it :)

Mecha Flame12

This Game is good but maybe you can make a new type of craftables like something similar to golden apples be I have alot of apples and I don't know what to do with them. Also more potions maybe enchanting, more craftables armor and a new type of ore that has armor and it's has more durability then diamonds. With the armor you can add some tools with it. But this is my opinion so you don't have to do it. Please do it...

Asbin Chhetri



Nice 👍🏼 keep updating


Add Other dimension like nether in minecraft for more adventure

ryuguji ken

The best game I've play

Ink Gun

Wow what a game. I love it. The graphics are great. The skin's look good. And the mob's aren't that strong. But not too weak ether. it's the perfect game for me. Good job.

Denzel Gregory B. Concepcion

Hello Developers . Your Game I'snt A Minecraft Clone Its Prettey A Stand Alone Game! . It Has Chairs , Cabinet , And More! , Multiplayer Is Great And This Game Is One Of The Best Game I've Played ! , But One Problem Is It Need To Be On My Tablet . Please Make The Game Suitable For Android 4.0.3 Please.... Im Begging You .. 😢 . If You Make It . So Many Low-End Device Will Play Your Game ! . So Please Comment In This Review Please....

Cute Cell

Day 1: Zombies and dragons and skeletons and slimes and demons


Best gamer ever 😘😘


Pls add servers because it helps youtuber so pls add servers pls add

allry afattz


Power Tailee

Its nice graphic

Sean Maximiano Marquez

good game


I really like this game but I'm waiting for an update every day that there will be fish in the water :)

JhonJaycob Miguel

This game is so cool I manage to defeat 3 zombie boss and I manage to do mine 64 diamonds so I rate this 5 but in reality I will rate it 10 - 10

Moe Moe

Veary goodddddddddddddddddd👍👍👍👍

Dark sonic soul

Can you add different words maps like similar to the character's words.

yousef dragon

I love this game sooo much 😁

Late Night

Great game! The gameplay is fun and interesting. Achieving the achievements thrills me. I hope to see more updates in the future.

Mhanny Shane M. Daria

10/10 its very good like im addicted to!

Carl Gamer123

You should add command chat and command block

seanpaul gamer

The game are so nice.

Champa Begum

De school cheer and XL XL ok no hop hop HP HP HP HP

Minh Hiếu Hoàng Đỗ

như đầu tomi seomi

Nicko Silva

This game is worst than my step mom

Jean Pierre Li Kim Mui


Dimitris Gkikas

It's a wonderful experience!

Maria Hind

This game is so cool

LauchyBob Ducky

This is terraria but with Minecraft textures

Marowan Callo

join me in my server

Raj Anita


Ankita Boro

Awesome game but the problem is monsters are stronger than us why but I like this game 👍

Minh Nguyen

too good

Rio Ng

It's really fun! Cuz there's new mobs and it's like minecraft well almost actually it may look like trash but it's not it's epic

Blake Japtha

It the best bet found a bug in the game.



Василь Кулібаба


Noob Gamer

I like this game this game has adventure fighting I like this game it's op

Gonzales Khriezander

This game is nice I play it more than 1 year and its very beautiful game I like it,but caffeteria dev can you pls add keep inventory so I will die I can't lost my items I hope you will read this

Luzviminda Portacio

Its so cool

Devin Williams

Fun and peaceful,These games are the reason why I enjoy the end of the day

Usman Altaf

Pleas increas map size And Do mob spawn

Dawgaa Dawg


James Whiu

It's a great game just needs a lot of things like there needs to be more structures like a wizered tower there needs to be redstone mechanics and boats and big River and also you should be able to pay servants to help you build or become warriors and one more thing there needs to be enchantments like one block stone pillar with ruin writing that glows any colour depends on which enchantment there is

PARICHAY Bookstore

Great game but pls make these game's graphics more beautiful

Rudy White


Ramidi Suresh

Nice game you should definitely try this game


Hii Lostminer!! I am MrRishu lostminer is one of the best survival game but i have a little problem i started the lost miner smp (Hungama SMP ) but we can't play it without host . please add multiplayer server to it.


Its good WOW

Noah Lasquety

This is a great game but can you add a portal like in minecraft

Princess Calderon

Cool 😎👍 🎉🥳

Kristoff miguel Guillermo

Best game ever

Sushma Tirkey

The game is really good but can u add blood moon?



Marlon Galvez

no good

Debajit Hindustan Gamer


Ss Rd

😎😃😄☺️V 5th Ok1000000