Lost Lands 4


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The legendary Susan the Warmaide is back in the Lost Lands! A ghost ship, an evil overlord, an island full of mysteries, and more await on her journey into the unknown.

“Lost Lands: The Wanderer” is a fantasy-world adventure game with lots of hidden-objects, mini-games and puzzles to solve.

For years now, the sailors and pirates of the Lost Lands have been talking about a ghostly ship sailing in the heart of a storm. This vision disappears as soon as it comes to life, yet people keep talking about it. About a huge octopus traveling with the ship. About its owner, the captain. About the earl’s rage and his curse. And the sorceress they believe is responsible…
Meanwhile, somewhere else in space and time, Susan finds a strange pirate chest with the compass of the worlds inside, and a note begging for help. It’s time for her to return to the Lost Lands again.

Dive deep into the magical land of fantasy!

Meet new and exciting races inhabiting the Lost Lands and solve their riddles and mini-games.
Your task is to stop the destruction of this world and help two loving heart be together again!

– Explore over 50 stunning locations
– Complete over 40 different mini-games
– Challenge yourself with interactive hidden object scenes
– Assemble collections, gather morphing objects, and gain achievements
– The game is optimized for tablets and phones!

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Update time: Mar 31, 2022
Current version: N/A
Require Android: N/A
Developer: FIVE-BN GAMES
Price: Free
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Customer review

Dennis Spinks


Vikas Bhargav



I really enjoyed the previous three Lost Land's games but this one is so vague. It's taking a lot more hints to get through the beginning tasks which dulls the enjoyment. It isn't clear how to move forward with the tools aquired in some spots which becomes frustrating and requires hints.

Deborah Stewart

Great, having fun. Very brain challenging. Just the way I like it...not over the top and impossible to solve..

Mohsen Mesgarankarimi


P Jones

Good game

Luna Pachuau

I love it its nostalgic Every game of Lost land is like a new episodes i feel like I'm really in there good brain excercise

butter bean

Well made game

Kim Seagrott

Love it. Hard but fun.

Lara N

Great free game, thank you!

Bikram Chaudhary

Amazing game

Metta Kincade

I'm so addicted!!

Efat Ara


sheryl Wallin

Love these games that make you search for things and make your brain work

Amy Dickerson

Too much jumping around. Makes it impossible to not spend cash on hints

Gail Maffett

Nice game

Leigh Olsen

Great game! Going to download #5 right now!!

Deeb malik Deeb

So difficult puzzle

Tracy Borders

Lots of fun

gale phillips


kalim shah

Every game of are awesome plzz add more game we are waiting for new game

Sara Simzari

So good👍

KAS December

Great puzzles and fun game play

Jannatul islam Sarah


Nici Applewhaite


Joolz Day

Great game love the puzzles and just great how you can get the hints if lost awesome 👌 👏

Aditya Sawant

Have played first 3 part before. Now onto this one. Fun to play. The only issue I see is you need to fix the screen on some puzzles. On my device the top half of the puzzles go halfway off screen.

Joey Benitez

Another fantastic adventure in the Lost Lands!

Wesley Spencer

I'm liking the graffics. I'm playing from first to last. Number is kinda easy so far. See if I get though in 3 days like all the rest. Good puzzle game give it a try

Md. Anawarul Islam


Daniela Constanza Rizzi

The best games ever

الی قلعه گیر


Johnatha Rawlins

Very fun game. I enjoy every game from Lost Lands collection

Berleen Rosario

I enjoyed this game

Keith Bentley

As with them all- too much back and forth which becomes frustrating!!#?!&

Andrew LaBrecque


William Webster

Very addictive

Jasmine te whaiti

Fun and interesting

Dianna Masters

It is really beautiful like the others in this series but one puzzle after the other and they are hard! Hints get really spendy!

Cynthia Nohel

Why can't you guys make these games without the witchcraft in them

Vítězslav Varcaba

Great game.

sherilynn trumbley

Well done

Anne E Villanen


Red Aries

Good game but sometimes I don't understand what the thing i got is for.

Gen Arroz

Fun games

gail martens

Great game, I just wish the map showed where things still needed to be done. A lot of places and unfinished tasks to remember.

Maryam Galal Eldin Sabry

I love the lost lands series but the story of this part was a bit odd to me .. I mean Suzan and Maaron had defeated demons and horsemen in the seasons before and this one should have been at least as challenging as those .. and some puzzles had no meaning tbh

محمد عقيل

Why is there no Arabic translation in the game?

Angel Spa


David Booke

Love it!

Dr. Anju Aravind

I hate it , when you try to tap near the saw because of the hint , it just goes to the saw not anything else

Kerrie Handebo


mody doom

Nice game

roger cote

I am loving this game. Did 1 2 and 3. Now on 4, and can't wait to get to 5, but I don't want it to end. Lol

phaw sent

yes. this is good game.

Crystal Norman

Well I've finished bóth stories and bonus, TRULY APPRECIATE Spent about 4_ 2,99on hints but I enjoyed each challenge

Aundrea Blair

Love 💕

Laiba Tahir

Love these lost land games ❤️❤️❤️

Rose mythiast

Great game

Martin Vod


Boris Mihaljevic

Great game, great series. Recommended.

Ada De La Paz

Some of the puzzles are more difficult than others. Just challenging enough to be interesting.


Love this game but gave 4 stars as you don't give a daily bounas for hints

Bjorn Dinse


Enise Anas

Awesome game

Terry Squire Stone

Played it years ago and it's just as good the second time around!

Lenette Nel

The best series of stories. Absolutely amazing

Janet Noll

Keeps you entertained.

Breesh Sheppard

I enjoyed playing because it was very challenging.

shi mul

best game ever

Reha Hameed

I like

krish patel

Awesome game for mystery lovers

Julie K

Love these kinds of games.


Super cool

Bandi Babu


M Angle

Love this type of game

da da

These games are pure genius. Awesome graphics and awesome puzzles. A must have for nerds.

Randy Kopecki

Challenging and fun.

dipu baraily

Really very nice game.

adrienne dubose

I love the lost land series. Some of the best I've ever played

Jim Jeanne Tenorio


L Greene

Top notch

emangamal hussien

Take to much to recieve the hint

Carl Crutchfield

Great graphics, too much back and forth between areas and some of the puzzles have no rhime or reason for the movements to solve them, so your left with repetitive tapping in hopes of solving or you go and find a walkthrough that will tell you what to do. Neither of these solutions make for a satisfying game experience.

Nguyen Daingoc

Puzzles are more connected than lost land 3. Keep up your good work 👏👏👏 Bonus game is excellent too

Juan Carlos Ortega

It's such a master piece. Thank you so much!

Rinny Pepper

Really good game, enjoy figuring the puzzles.

Sabah Khuwaja

Very nice I personally love it 😍

Rose Blake

Loved it

Anita Anderson

Finally,,,,a good challenging game!!!!

Chase Wells

Exceptional escape game, as with the rest of this series.


i was playing lost land 1,2 and 3. This game is unbelievable. it's help for mind using

Kathi Gill

Not for me.

Arunedra Kumar

Wow nice game

jacob chavez

I luv

Jay Medine

Fun past time..

Lisa Barham

This game is awesome but it does take a while to load

Mo Ayan


Elizabeth Smith

Really enjoy the game. Lovely graphics and nice story. Had to skip two puzzles.

J Peterson

Smooth like exlax