Author: Prunebombsoft

10,000+ install
Role Playing


LOM with ITAM – Lime Odyssey M is an Idle RPG serviced on Binance Smart Chain(BSC)

Detailed info

File size: 645M
Update time: October 21, 2021
Current version: 0.5.8
Require Android: 5.0 and up
Developer: Prunebombsoft
Price: Free
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Customer review

Trung sơn Nguyễn

bluestack, nox, ldplayer don't run app new version

My Onmyoji

Rate of dropping B/A/S/SS items seems ZERO. Been playing for 4 - 5 days but only dropped ONE B tier item! Time of restoring keys too long. Furthermore, this game is so buggy, sometimes the character uses the skills but the creeps doesn't take damage even though they're standing right beside the character! After the update, mercenary moves so dumb, always stay hiding behind the character when stuck. Now, network error all the time

Charles Chandra

No sign in bonus, missions/quest, even lack of events..

Donaldo Satioquia

Great Game ,

Ruben Santacera

Good game

Amazing Tv

Legit P2E GAME!

denis delapus

Need more to fix some issues

Joseph Mel Sucgang

Nice game

Larry Jumaday

Nice game! This is free to play and play to earn game..I earn NFT and farm it to gain more LOM token👌👌👌👌

Kael Magpali

Great game am satisfy with my profit every month through NFT staking & PVP rewards

le duy


Albert Lagumbayan

Alot of bugs!

Mhike Castro

Good job itam

Akiyo Amatsuka

A let down... Improve better soon.. for now it is 1 star

rheii beltran

Suggest x2 fastfoward speed game and poor lacking loot nft 6months always nft c.b.a item

Cyrus Galban

Sobrang ganda and mag kakaron kapa ng pera

Michael Joe Gerona

I didnt get the whole package 2. Presale was useless.

Joseph Piando

Will update my ratings once bugs fixes.

Jexy Grexy

Alrdy update by still not working

Star Violet

slow update new features, p2w heavy

Anna-mel Vidallo

i love this game


I earned Crypto valued in this game of ITAM. 🚀🚀🚀🚀

Neneng Amsyah


Shane West

too much bug, disconnect everytime at random time

Saudiboy43 channel official

Good gameplay

Random Vids

what to do about this network error,its been 2 weeks already,cant open the app

Russel Lins

cannot play..always says "network disconnected"... please fix

derricktosh tv

good game


Among the best mobile RPG games i've played to date... Oh and I earn real money by playing it. Hats off to the devs because it doesn't get better than this.

jamester go

The game really does provides us with NFT's but I guess the experience is still lacking. We can't buy mercenaries or upgrade the skills I hope those features will be enabled soon.

Think B4 U ACT

Great game good rewards. Even im at work i play LOM. Easy to play because its idle RPG game.

John LeEo

Hidden Gem Crypto Game 💎

ronel delrosario

Invalid Character 'R' error/bug that prevent us to log in our account still up within the recent update. Will change if they fixed it.


dead game

ariel reyes

The drop rate of dimemsion stone should increased.

Christian Soriano

1% for class B item 99% for class c item hahaha. Need adjustment

Marvin Calagahan

good game

navi dendl

This game is so fun to play. i can earn without spending money. if you want free money, go squish all of it in this game, thats if youre lucky enough to get S or SS.

Vit DG

Very low drop rate. Very slow in progress and updates.

Sharon Satioquia

Sana bigyan nyoko ss kahit isa lang

Rias6x Gaming

Sa mga na iyak na mahirap mag palevel na need talagaag invest 2022 na wag na kayo umasa sa Libre tapos kikita hahaha mga ulol kung gusto mo kumita ng malaki dapat mag invest ka pero kung freetoplay kalang wag kana umasa na uulol kaba?

Joshua Deguzman

how to recover account

Jay Ar Nuñez

Bruh the drop rate is to low

Alvin Roman Cruz

Very nice game

Noppadol Wongtrangan

P2E idle rpg with good potential, but each major update takes to long that it might get boring sometime grinding weeks after weeks on the same map with nothing else to do

Raymart Prado

The game is not balance. I'm already level 63 but still I never got S or SS NFT

Juni Winarto

2 stars!!

noel lazarte

I give 5 stars if I have ss and s loot in game

Felix Feliciano

I cant access my account. I can play new account but not my account.

cyril somosa

good game

estong asakura

From. . 02usd to . 2usd! 1000% pump

Splash Dano

Can't play. Abnormal behavior.

Virgel Cuarteros Cortel


Joe Pratt

Great game but can not get past stage 2 level 1. B items do not drop, been 2 months and not a one. Cost to much to upgrade ur weak starting gear. Beat stage 1 levels were easy enough but after tht ur screwed. Pay to earn not play to earn. Oh well another game getting greedy

Jay Pee Nuñez

Easy to play and earn ☺️

Mark Martinez

Always inappropriate game no sense of progress


Kinda suck even the dev going to announce a date but then going to move because they are not still ready. And the drop rate are super low even if you invest in the game.

arvinz hinaniban

Hard to earn. The games kinda bore me. Sorry.


I can't go to lvl3 haha sht

Đại Nghĩa Trần

Làm sao để kết nối ví với game này ạ

chung nguyen

Good job

Abdul Aziz Marifudin

this is not nft game, you will not get an asset in your wallet and not ERC721

Bryers Bee

C'mon! Every update the drop rate for good items are being moved to higher stages/levels, so thats why its so overkill to newbies force to invest to win. If this aint NFT or doesn't have play to earn mechanism this is literally so typical pay to win game! so lame... if you insist to start this game as F2P? no chance for you pal, youre forced to pay or invest some A set to start.

Eli jhaz

This good Idle nft game that can earn crypto


To hell with your drop rates LMAO

Jeff Billy Montoya

Drop rate sucks

Lourdy Satioquiacanelas

umay sa latter c hndi manlang mka nft

Kevin Garces

Good Game very usefull to earn money thanks ITAM to give me NFT Item and S class Set

Mr Onmyoji

Good game, you can earn while playing. Need more updates.

Noreul Mana

Best nft game for nongamers

Trinh Cao


B - Bernardino, Warren Clark

This game is abnormal because it always popping out something like service is terminated due to abnormal behavior?,


So far so good. Please keep going. Your team us doing a great job providing us quality service and good game. Thank you

marco saballo

lots of potentials

Eros Milano

Dropt rate sucks. Can you at least increase the drop rate but still incorporate the play-to-earn mechanism? The game is not balance. Why so stingy for items when it's not even an NFT? So much to take to level up items, mercenary and skills, and percentage to increase level is very low. This is SOOO FRUSTRATING!!! I had faith in you that's why I invested. But now, I don't think to play this game anymore.

Mom Moon

Good game. :D Wait for more content. Your team did great For who just blame with 1 star is just Free play want game drop more items for them without investment. This will kill the game economy. They are just FUDer want make quick money and doesn't care about gameplay. ITAM is the number one on game NFT market right now!

Wilfred Catubig

Low drop rate even the B class of not NFT 🤔🤔

A Lenard

This NFT game is already launched and now @phase1 and many noobs judge it tooo early coz they want eazzzyy money, @10M Mcap this is verryyy cheap, a lot of nft games not yet launched with 100-300M Mcap🤣🤣, Cmon this is no brainer🚀🚀

regin amiel romero

cool, though it takes a lot for grinding.. yet i kinda lovin it now... makes.me play even while at work...

Genrev Avelino

Needs improvement...hoping that they increase drop rate of good items

ryan yaran

waiting for mercenary 😍

Nestor Cabañog

Useless game you cannot earn here, try to search for other nft p2e. I lost money in this game.

Born V Vichapun

- Elite difficulty since the beginning (cannot adjust) - No instruction on how to connect to wallet at all - AI (player side) is very bad, such a burden - And may more The only good thing is....it play automatically

yeoj abris

Waste of money and time...

Xander Aniscol

It doesn't allow me to get into the game anymore. I've reinstalled it muliple times and still geting the same error. Dead game

Dane Joshua Morgado

Best game

Jigz Hiso

Its boring the further you go. The new update wasn't that good. No more excitement. Haven't played after the update. Its boring

gelo austria

It's free to play so don't expect too much just enjoy the game...wish I can get nft it's sustainable game tho unlike other games mydefipwet only want invest n invest but no money back 😂😂😂

Christian man of God

The best pay to play game you will experience and best C items you've ever had

christelmae igot

Nice game

Vhon Saylon

The ss and s items do not sell fast and the drop rate is super low now. How can anyone invest on a chance only game. Dear player, if you want to invest, there are more nft games out there that is more worthy than this.

antin saputil

Great game. Love it

stem fabulous

laro na kayo goodshit to

James Wareen Torres



Good game

Tarin Awt

Not sure how to unlock the other mercs...

Limwel Yapan

update sucks. class C drop only? you need to increase rate to make us advance in stage to make it more fun. but i guess 1M players is to 1= S/SS ratio drop rate not good.. how can we advance in stage if you give us this low rate. even nft items. remove all class B&C NFT. fix the bug for wallet login. thanks.

tjiong robbi

Drop rate is hell now, not worth to play anymore , i got better chance to get *5 in fgo than rank S equipment here


This is worst nft game that ever made. Scam

Mangke De Lupe

Waste of time.