Live Factory: 3D Platformer

Author: WiB

10K+ install


Run, jump, fix, explore, have fun and enjoy the game!


Explore an underground factory hidden from eyes, filled with dangers, secrets and spatial puzzles. Use your wits and reaction to reveal all the secrets!

Excellent 3D graphics and music will immerse you in the atmosphere at their best. Responsive controls will help you to run away from trouble and make accurate jumps to the intended goal.

• Interesting gameplay
• Unusual visual style and beautiful 3D graphics
• New game mechanics and situations during your passing through
• Offline. No network required – great for travelers
• Ability to save progress to the cloud
• 100% achievements is a challenge and will definitely take some time to beat.

• Support of Gamepad or Joystick
• Keyboard support
• Ability to customize controls by your wish

• Ability to change graphics quality to increase performance and raise FPS.

The first chapter is available for free! Test it up before buying.

Game with a soul

Detailed info

File size: 0 MB
Update time: Jul 21, 2022
Current version: N/A
Require Android: N/A
Developer: WiB
Price: Free
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Customer review

Tamás Holczberger

One of the best platformers for last rime.

Debanik Bhatta

Excellent game

Himanshu Sojitra

The graphics are very complex so hard to understand what is surrounding area. Navigation keys are not good, it doesn't give me time to correct myself and enemy comes and hit me . In level 4(perhaps), I obtained 4 keys and inserted but door is not opened .how to exit it?

supreeth r Shet

The bot is slow, the controls are not helping. You need to update to make the bot fast enough.

Ciera Messer

It's so tough with no insight on zome stuff like I'd but good jus like show a zoom out of map before each game h e hints

Jessica Hynoski

It took some time but was able to navigate through the whole game. Not easy, but that's part of what made it enjoyable. I hope new levels get added or a Livefactory 2!

Ahmad Mousa

The game is cool I'll give you that, but it demands speed and agility while the controls aren't helping at all, also whenever I die I lose all progress, it's quite frustrating, fun game but definitely not for me

Techno Last option

Faltu game

Katriana Call

The game itself is fun, I just have 1 complaint. I'm a perfectionist and it drives me nuts (pun intended 😉) when I can't find that last remaining bolt or hidden item. I've searched the entire level but can't figure it out. It'd be nice having some sort of "hint" option that gives just enough to push you in the right direction but doesn't give the secret away. Other than that, it's a fun little game and a cute art style.

Alisha Leslie

I bought the full version and still have problems. Plus I can't get pass c1,2 and3

mohamed ahmed

good game

Maliah and Braylon Taylor

I literally can't make it through A1 because Those blocks that fall always fall ON ME Because I can't jump fast enough

Casey McCabe


Amr Shalaby

In the free part this is a good game In a paid part its so hard game. it will get you a heart attack So bad so hard This game not fun I didn't enjoy with it

Woo Waa Fii Schaa

Dumb controls.

Richard Buckley

Very nice game, if you like a challenge this is for you



Shawn Gillespie

Controls are a trainwreck. Direction buttons feel like they have a slight lag. Problematic when you have move quickly. And you really have to be in the perfect place and tap the action button multiple times to get it to do anything.


I can't even finish Level A04, It is So Hard!! I already found the 1st Secret Item, But how can i Defeat the Polisher or Break the Big Scap Folding?!?!

Tiffany 562411

Improve! I wasn't even given one chance because the game itself had me so I couldn't move temporarily until it's to late for me to make it. I'm uninstalling for now

David F

Unresponsive controls

Midnight Vixen

I really like it, The puzzles are fun, especially the challenging ones

Mark Bylsma

Fun game, graphics are good.

Robin Clark

The fourth level is too hard

Kumar Naveen

Good game name nice concept i play this game i will upload this game my YouTube channel name is mazaop.

Aberro A

Quite cute platformer with some plot, which is somewhat rare for mobile games. Robot feels a bit clumsy and slow, though, but I could get used to it. It has some issues with difficulty on starting levels, but as I see it was recently patched. Looks live devs are actively working on it.

H. K.

Good game with nice graphics and audio, levels are challenging and it makes gameplay even more interesting

Sergei Zhukov

Nice offline 3d platformer with interesting mechanics and good graphics. Some levels may behard, require many attempts.