Little Journeys

Author: Simdin

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Little Journeys – Little Trips allows you to experience a wonderful blend of satisfying challenge and enjoyable serenity at the same time. Test your skill in controlling an unusual aircraft and feel the freedom of flying.
Dozens of small islands float in the sky. All are different, each has its own atmosphere, and each is a beloved homeland for its people. These people, like everyone else, have to move from one place to another. After all, everyone does their own thing, right? No one can help them on their little journeys better than you.
You have a plane, a small steam powered plane and you are the best pilot ever (or soon ☺). Take passengers with you, take off into the sky and transport them wherever they want. Fly over mountains, run through narrow canyons and compete with unpredictable winds. Feel like a bird, fly fast and high, but touch the ground with the softness of a feather. After all, the safety of grateful travelers is key!
Accept the challenge of piloting a rudder, a high-inertia aircraft with an exquisite design. With a simple two-finger touch control, you can take little people with you. You slide between forests and mountains, through deserts and seas, fighting against difficult terrain, winds, animals and time pressure. Each mission will surprise you with a beautiful and unique map, hand-drawn and created from scratch.
As the adventure progresses, new customizations and abilities will appear, including rewards, perks, and new planes with different skins (colors). It will keep you hooked until the last exciting mission.
Feel the sky, control the explosion and keep your passengers safe!
▪ the challenge of controlling an explosion
▪ Zen joy and fun!
▪ rewards and achievements
▪ aircraft customizations (skins and add-ons)
▪ very simple but challenging two-finger touch control
▪ beautiful graphics, different environments
▪ each level and mission of a smoothly designed game
4. atmospheric music ▪ integration of games from Google Play
▪ Controller support
▪ play for free, without excessive ads (we really want you to enjoy playing!)
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File size: 142 MB
Update time: 2023-02-10T17:45:37.000Z
Current version: 1.19
Require Android: 5.0
Developer: Simdin
Price: $Free
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