Like A Dino!

Author: Hyun-joong Kim

1,000,000+ install


Like A Dino! – Musical game

Detailed info

File size: 35M
Update time: May 24, 2021
Current version: 2.0.0
Require Android: 5.0 and up
Developer: Hyun-joong Kim
Price: Free
4 votes

Customer review

Rowan Metreyeon

I love dinosaurs and this is adorable, love it

Penny Merz

I like rlthis game barely. Any ads its very creative a game for kids too i like the charators and the will you marry me yes scripts very creative!

Timothy Yap

Adorable. Cured my depression.


I love this app!! Its really hard to rage quit owo. I love the songs 💖

Chris Olguin

The best thing ever it soooo fun i recamend it

Ash Smith

It is beautiful

Teagen Wilko

I love this game souch it's really cute and fun

Rebeki C

i like it so much much 👍👍

Thomas Turner

Simple and fun

Rasmus Malmberg

Hell yeah dude

Tiffany Xian

Adorable game, relaxing and positive.


It's such a cute game, and the music is so cute😊

Miles Metzler

It is really cute and wholesome! Makes my brain happy.

brenda matekohi


rabi tee

Awesome 👍

Zuleika Tan

I love the game it takes of stress, plus if you play this you will not be bored.😊😍 awesome!!


I love it

Thaneswar Das

chiki li kitik



sam min

i looooovee it make me wanna dance

i like something :P

funi dino

Syahla Fatia Zahra

this game is soo cutee and fun too 🥺💖 i lose my giggles when play it thanks for you who create this game 🥺🥺❤️

Gabriela Flores

It's cute 😍

sydney lackey

so wholesome

tiya mohamed

I love this game it's super relexing and I love the fact that it doesn't say failed or fail its amazing app and the best part is that there are no ads and I love that because the ads are annoying and whoever made this just know it's amazing app and they also give u other dino for free so u have 2 dinos one green and other pink AND I really appreciate it and anyway that's what I say for this app! Byee!


This is a fun game! I highly recommend to play it when you have nothing to do

Samira Mohamed

This is a amazing app. It covers the full screen and its just a chill app not a kind of app where you have to get the best stuff or you will feel broke irl and the game. Its just a mice musical game no ads that tell you the opposite of the game rather its just a nice, child-friendly game. 5 staes from me :))))


Me and my gf are playing this game and we both love it (/^-^)

Marion Benedicto



this is so cool i love it!!

Robert Tyson

This game is super fun and awesome just an amazing idea I recommend this game

Sean Nathaniel Lim

Is cool because I want to help you make it the best game ever played and I subscribe to you :)))))))))))))))))))))))) And my name is Sean:)))))))))))))))nice to see you my friend saw that game and it is cool:))))))))))))and I saw the mail u post not gonna lie:))))))))))))))))))

Manuela Carganilla

Fun and entertaining.

Jolieanne Alvarez

It's really good 😇

Yan Diamante

Fun game!

Teaching -How to draw

I like it l followed you in tik tok

Artistically Ava

This is so derpy 🐒🙃

Hanilyn Pesay

It's fun to play

el woozi

Its the best game if you are bored. Fun and relaxing. No ads and uts easy not complicated.

Channsey Lagera

So cute❤️❤️