Lightracer: Ignition

Author: Smartmelon Games

100K+ install


This is a game where you determine the fate of entire civilizations, whether they rise or fall.

The game’s premise is based on the “Big Rip” hypothesis, wherein all matter is slowly being torn apart by the expanding of the universe. The game tells the story of several civilizations’ struggling at the twilight of the universe.

You are the navigator of a high tech “ark,” leading your compatriots to escape annihilation by the big rip.

To accumulate the energy required for navigation, you must construct an orbital ring that will envelop an entire planet to consume the planet’s mass.

But not all planets are empty.

Will you devour the planets in your path or find coexistence with exotic civilizations? The choice is yours.

But remember, all choices will have a profound impact on the development of a civilization. Consider your choices carefully.

· You can receive ten free strangelet by paying for download.
· Upgrade technology to increase offline production.
· Allocate your energy between construction and upgrades to discover the most effective method for progress.
· Auto-Answer is enabled by default. Players who wish to explore the story and continue at their own pace can turn off this feature.
· Swipe left and right between screens and pay attention to the upper left corner of the interface, where your AI assistant has marked [Missions] for the navigator.
· Many concepts within the game are derived from existing scientific theories.

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File size: 0 MB
Update time: Jul 22, 2021
Current version: N/A
Require Android: N/A
Developer: Smartmelon Games
Price: Free
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Customer review

Railey Tuazon

Delete my old save because it make the game close

ORIGIN frenzy

Amazing,simply amazing The game itself is a simple clicker game but that's the only mundane thing about it I loved the story and choices, but my personal favourite thing about the game was the datalogs. Seeing how my actions impacted those around me from their perspective was so cool and I couldn't wait for the next datalog to appear I have a limit to how many words I can put but if there wasn't this would be an entire essay so I'll end with 10/10 game would love a second game in this style

Faris Almikdad

A dumb game of unexpected depth, with a surprisingly good story that throws fancy terms left, right, and center, all without making you doubt yours or the scripters' intelligence all too much, so read it.

Пархоц Андрій

A simple clicker game but with a nice addition of story/exploration elements.

Ariel Joseph Ponce

I rarely rate games but this one is an exemption. I love the story and graphics. I would love to see more. Great job

wilson khosasi

This ia A great game, it has alot of background story, that is very interesting for me. A very very good job on the game

Hayyan Asghar

Ads are required for the next chapter and takes all your in game currency, good story though

Wong Ke jian


Faruq Fathin

Great story, only in chapter 1 so far

Joanne Sollis

I was enjoying the game, but the forced ads have just killed it for me. Can't be arsed anymore.

Ericson Roan

Nice game

Faiz Hadi

If you find the ads annoying, you just have to do pro gamer move. I can't say it here

The Holy Empire of The Black Sea


Anirudh Harigopal

Can't play ad to progress to next level

Arrie Moll

So far it is quite cool

Trevize Daneel

ADS everywhere!


The forced adds completely ruined any good will i had about the game


Soo after chapter 3 there isn't anything to do? It doesn't let me progress and I've been there for half a week

Yuno Gasai

10/10 can't even play. It shows "Smart Melon" for a few seconds then boots me out.

Amy Cookson

Great potential utterly ruined by 30s ads every two minutes. The story is great, the gameplay a challenge but achievable, but in addition to offering ads for boosts (that you can decline), and as for speedups (that you can decline), there is a disruptive 30s and every few minutes that really disturbs gameplay. I ended up force closing and coming back later, but it was so frustrating I eventually just uninstalled. Very disappointing.

Maxim Nechaev

Incredible story. Simple interface and goal. And vast discovery.


Want to play? Watch an ad. Want to continue to level 2? Watch an ad.

Kyzer Lim

Very chill and cool sounding and lookin ui it feels nice and graphics are cool


This really made me think about civilization, honestly. I probably shouldn't have projected myself onto the natives, but I did, and maybe that hindered my future progress. I did symbiosis, and now I need to wait an hour. Great game, gave me a existencial moral crisis about pixels

Jonathan Lin

Always ads. Fk

R PLay

Great game


It's admittedly a fun game. The lore and writing is easy to follow and entertaining to read, and our decisions affect the game's ending.

Aisa Guarda

This game is ABSOLUTE PHENOMINAL. Firstly the lore, there is so much lore packed into a mobile game like there is too much. Nextly the graphics it was also phenominal but to acess it you have to go into the options menu. And there is one unique factor that separates it from the other games: It talks about the "big rip theory". The Gameplay is about you in spaceship in the year □□□□ and your mission is to get to the center of the universe. Simple and easy, Should reccomend, does include grinding

Mantas Drizgas

Visuals are nice, yet the game is too slow, you can get all the points and unlock everything and then they introduce a countdown clock to wait for the event.

Arthur Schall

Very good Story so far as chapter 1 Still habe to play all other chapters

itamar ayalon

Not even launch. Crash immediately

Lionel Sebastian


Extra Hostile

Pretty amazing, did the Genesis ending first time Amazing lore (still need to read all the logs) and world building and long lasting choices also I find it cute when they call to me, "My navigator!" With deep red basically doing " you're my little pog champ" at the end for a change Sometimes the game crashes seconds after you open the game, can happen twice in a row, not too big of a deal


The purpose giving the ads option for F2P but no ads available just as annoying as you've to pay to unlock certain features.

Sakepisit Maysamat

It would be better if less ads. But still a good game

Godofredo De Lara III

So far everything is fine, controls, graphics and everything, but at planet 4 this one mission is so energy expensive and the enemies keep destroying my defences which causes to lose income. I don't want the planet to just die but forming an alliance for ten million energy is just too expensive to even do. So im just stuck in this cycle of rebuilding and gettung destroyed. Please fix the cost.

Tiago Ferreira

The idea is not bad, the story is good so far, planet 1 run smoothly with not interruption, then the game asked for a review and I tapped skip, and oh boy, now planet 2 is bombarded by ads, as you play, you will get an ad every 2 min or less, it blocked me from seeing a planet getting devoured to the core, also you get asked all the time to watch an ad that gives you just 2 min of 4x energy generated. I prefer to just close the app and come back later. Reduce the gamebraking ads. They suck.


The game is really good i was actually hoping "they" would let me pass seens i didn't harvest any planet on the way to the center and btw if you're reading while before Playing take note of what all the other parts are saying it's all useful for your decision later when you're about decide whether to harvest or leave hope seens the things you decide on each planey will "probably decide the outcome of the ending(i only finished 1 ending which the big rip so i restart and tested what i did wrong)

Nate H

It was a fun game up until the interstellar war, I had a lot of fun choosing the fates of planets and seeing whether I'll regret my choice however when it came down to the war it just wasn't really fun anymore, I couldn't leave the app alone as I believed my defenses would break while I was offline and once I got to the dreadnought I found that all of my defenses were simply gone and I had no energy to replace them, at that point in the game I could only watch ads to give myself a boost. Sorry.

Pero Perić

An idle game with a story, should have better tags. Very pushy with the ads, it wastes no moment on asking you to watch one.

robert trebor

The game itself is okay for story mission. But the ads is annoying. It suddenly pop up in the middle of the game. Which destroying the fun. I always deleted such game that pop ads in the middle of the game. I still can understand ads for bonus boost or resources. Ads that pop up when playing the game without reason is annoying and destroying the game concept itself

Reksa Gamerss

Nicely done

The Experiencer

I do not commonly write reviews for games, but the experience this one gave me is too good to not let others know about it. It is a clicker game of course, but with a lot of plot and enjoyable interactions with several fateful decisions on your hands as other positive reviews has said before me. I wished it never ended, but it eventually did. I hope that others in my original place who find this game can get to experience its beautiful wonders.

Nicole Jake Galagala

Great game, especially if you like sci-fi lore type.

Dutch Seitshiro

I love this! Everything about it!

Stay At Home


Ilan levy

Too much adds

Adam Parker

Seems fun, but random ads after planet 1 make me want to uninstall it.

Firas Animation

This Game Is The Best


Forced ads. You need 4 clicks to close the ad. This is ridiculous.

Christian Autajay

Love the story, and I'm even more in love with the data logs; a war taking place in this planet, and your presence affecting their story is amazing. Must be regarded with high praise.

v x3woots v

Love trying to progress through a planet only to be unable to do that cause you cant fetch ads for planet switching but easily find an ad for energy

Rubén Aguirre Ramírez


Zharfan Nazmi

Kewl As Hek

Krasin Mihailov

Story is very good


A very cool game




Well made I like it

Iron Gecko

Ads ads ads every 10 seconds

Anton Shishkin

Quite unique, love the story.

teemo craft

The game at first seemed liked a space exploration game but as soon as i had all the upgrades it wanted me to pave for the next part of the game, or to watch an ad to continue, its a good concept but its horribale


Ease down on the forced ads.

Kreldin Foxclaw

Interesting idle clicker, with a great premise, but gets very pushy with the ads very quickly. By the time I made it to the 2nd planet, it was just putting unskippable ads in front of me every couple of minutes, without asking or offering a reward.

Ace Lizaverde

So underrated

Pork Estrogen

Idk if this is because I didn't buy the full game but, when I was about to jump to planet 4 it glitched me. I was on a planet which I assume is planet four since it doesn't have the rings, tho It says I need to arrive at Planet 4 and I was also in mode 2 btw, at first I thought it was just a text glitch and that I needed to SLOWLY AND PAINFULLY grind to max out all my stuff so I can start the real mission. and I did, and I was wrong.

Greg Wright

I thought it was gonna be an ordinary idle game but the story and animation captured my attention completely. I just completed my first planet. Hoping the second planet also have an interesting story as well.

Waldemar Thiel

Poor UI (navigation), not interesting idle progressive game. Forcing ADs to be able to progress (unlock new chapter)

Kevin Morgan

Great. Love the story so far.

Junaid Keraan

Hope I play the entire game for free



Johda Hegde

There is no point in harvesting if you can't take the energy with you

Stephen Hawton

The tutorial is invasive and prevents playing the game at all, specifically where it wants you to click missions but there is no missions button to press

Arya Jaeger

I loved this game the first time i played it, the storytelling is just magnificent

Jowanoofy Roblox

I recommend playing dis level up planet ring game the graphic is cool and the creator really did soend so many title message on dis game.

Xhin maranan

Good game but another problem the clouds save doesent work

Ryan Pye

Nice, casual idle game with lots of cool upgrades. Only gives 2 minute boosts though, for a whopping total of 48 minutes. Makes it feel barely worth watching the Ads for the boosts.

Sivakumaran Kurunathan

The game concept itself is interesting and fun to play. However, it is ruined by the micro transaction scams in it, along with an overwhelming amount of advertisment spams. Not worth playing.

gira k

I really like the game,nice story love it


Very good.

Emmanuel Tom

I love this game. It's the kind that you spend time playing and yet don't spend time playing. My only issue happens on the 6th planet. I was stuck on the second mission on it. Nothing else was happening. Had to restart the game from beginning. Maybe you could also put in a way to restart a particular stage/planet instead of all over. Thank you.

tea lord

It looks great so far and I see there are plenty of endings carry on the good work.

misterious stranger

Clicker game but ads give OP rewards,also alot of story and lore

David Williams

Game does not start


Alright. I felt I had to do a review after I got my first ending. I'm simply in love with this game. The technological waxing, the characters, humor, and the world, nay, the universe molds on your decisions. Amazing game, well worth your time, plenty of achievements and other things to do. We need more games like this on mobile devices, keep up the amazing work! Highly recommend checking it out if your into Idle Games with a solid story. With actually important decisions.

foxytv gaming

Good game but how do i get out of comms it bloking my screen


Amazing experience, extremely unique universe with a creative story

Senator Cato the Elder

Well made game, so much content in just 120 megabyte.

kyle inpoland

umm i love the game but theres a problem that cause me to be stuck at a planet umm what happen is when i was taking a bath i ask my sister what date is it now then she reply saying that its april 3 so i go to my settings and turn it to april 3 turns out she was just joking now my energy is -4bil can you help me fix that

József Horváth

Its only a demo, you need to buy the game after the tutorial. Butfor a demo that was great.

Jimmy Sauce

a very unique clicker type game. the atmosphere and general vibe feels very grandiose. i love the space battle sections. very fun to watch. the game is heavy on lore and reading which i dont mind but it can put some people off. very good game. ever onward developers.


Best clicker game I've ever played!! I recommend to try it, it gives you heavy feelings about the consequences of your decisions and a very interesting story line, 5stars


What to do in start???!

Marie Yap

nice game and a nice plot the fact that this is an idle game where it doesnt force you to watch ads is truly amazing

Kamini Muthoorah

Nice game

Brilliant User

It's just like any other clicker game. It has a simple interface and a simple goal: get to the center of the universe and restart it or jump to a new one (don't properly recall). I would've wrote this off as just another clicker if it weren't for the ship logs, star children, and command logs. The translation can be iffy and can have a few noticable typos, but I enjoy the stories I've heard so far and the dialogue surrounding them. I'm hooked, I'll be playing till I finish everything. 10/10

SCP-3812 [The Voice Behind Me]

Its a very great tycoon game with extreme graphics, i might even say console level graphics, i would recommend this to scifi-tycoon game lovers. But the thing that kinda disappoints me is the fact that you need to watch ads to move to another chapter. But its still very good and should be a lot more popular.

Secure Tmmcgroup

excellent game i love it i give it 10/5

Tex Richardson

I enjoyed playing the game, has a great concept. Would recommend.

Khalariel Melfaleon

Very Very Interesting! I can't believe this entire game was developed only by 4 people! Its like playing and eatching a scifi series!

Dee Jay Lecera

Excellent game, i like the story on how it goes and finished it and make it to white hole. ⭐⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ But sadly i get the big rip from restart and wondering how to get genesis instead.