Life of Mellow

Author: MondayOFF

100,000+ install


Life of Mellow – Make a mellow village 🙂

Detailed info

File size: 70M
Update time: November 24, 2021
Current version: 0.48
Require Android: 7.0 and up
Developer: MondayOFF
Price: Free
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Customer review

Mina Moghadam

It's a bad bad bad game! You should never install it

Mr Kavin

The buliers and woker are not auto Evertime we toche

Jordan Hocking

Pretty fun definitely enjoying the game only issue I have is that all my people are stuck walking on the right side of my screen and won't do jobs I set for them


But there is a bug in finishing the jobs

_ TheFFLord _

Its a good concept but its full of bug and you need to be very rich to play this game please fix the bugs like standing stuck when building and just walking around not doing their job. please make the church and tailor free this is my request so please do it please please please. And if you can please bring tutorial but its not necessary but if you bring it will be helpful.and thats all i hope you accept my request.

Suhail Mahomed

Haven't gotten far but here's my review anyways 1) ver AoE without the combat. Nice to just build an economy (of sorts) so great and gun I that aspect 2) the builder need to be constantly unassigned and reassigned to get anything done. Very frustrating when your focus goes to one character only 3) there is no in-game tutorial. A small tutorial kode instead of trying to pus YT views would be much better

آراد مجاز

خیلی بازی گوهیه اصلا خوب نیست ناراحت نشین این یه ستاره هم دادم که نظر بدم خیلی عن بدرد لای جرز دیوار هم نمیخوره

John Elezar Balenia

bugs alert: those mellows that are assigned to build and/or stationed in buildings won't do their jobs i need to re-assign them again and again so that they will move, it's hard to play at this point because they can't finish a building without supervision

Cookie Sparks

This game has a lot of potential but would be a lot better if you could tell the mellows what to do in order to not die. The only thing you can do is watch. Do not recommend.

Marlon guiang

NICE GAME. BUT STILL NEED LOT OF UPDATE. I answered your other survey through the form. I have suggestions there.

Eduardo Rojo

Good game with a lot of potential, but still requires some details, for example when you have a character in construction or crafting you must constantly place and remove the character so that he can perform his action.

Dhaval Makawana

Game Content Is good but following things Want to change in game 1.enable all building options which is only build after buy memberships etc 2. When by mistake stone, wood extra material will be 0 and no any equipment for collecting remain so some other options to collect resources without any equipment possible (with out axe, pickaxe etc.) 3 when no 1/2 point below I say that effact popularity of the game because when this 1or 2 number situation occure player will be uninstall the game.

Karlo Samson

This game's suck! Please fix all the bugs in the game

kevin febriano

Earlier my mellow can work by themself.. But currently i should re assigned them manually. Its not eficience and causing problem to my crafting and building and its take time. Need developer to check is it bugs or this is game play you want to serve

Jomari Christian Manguino

good game mellow eat so much and work so little thats kinda sad

Rainie VA

Honestly its fun and I was able to make a small village kind of work, but without the payed dlc, you cant keep the mellows happy which makes it more challenging than it needs to be. Otherwise, i wish there were more games with this kind of consept and went even further to have the village become more advanced.

lurking heart gaming

Great potential for the game, unfortunately some of the characters get stuck and make them useless, a function to move them back to start would be a great idea to implement, would also like a world reset option for when you want to retry the world and do it differently

Esteban Time

You're game bugged though i had enough materials but the builder will not get item from the tent even though it has the resources needed to build i had to assign the agaib and again and when building and placing where to put it my frames all of a sudden dropped i dont know why though so pls fix you're game

Josephine Newman

It won't finish building anything

mohsin ali

The mellows are not working properly i always have to assign and unassigned them to work properly its not automated.. Even the craft men does not work once assigned

Damien Thompson

The builders are broken

Dani B

My builders refuse to build anything. My storage is loaded with supplies yet when I tap the buildings, they show I don't have any. Could be fun if it actually worked.

Loverry NJ

This is a great game,the only problem is it getting lag the more I play it,and there is no quick tutorial for beginners

Zbutter 123

No tutorial without watching ads and evey button on screen does nothing unless you pay for it poor game design

Marco Krauss

buggy as hell but full of ads

Ruben Vlok


nazri binjohri

Emily (one of the mellows) was mending the crafshop. But suddenly she had to GIVE BIRTH and she never returns to the craftshop to make more tools!! Other stupid mellows who had no sense of duty (cause they had no tools) DOES NOTHING.I tried to kill Emily or hire other mellows, but her name is still there in the CRAFTSHOP DELIVERING RESOURSE till winter came! Everyone died in winter cause they had no basket or bows to collect food. WHY DOES YOUR TOOLS GET EASILY WASTED!? Why CANT I FIRE EMILY?

badri naim

builder, woodcutter and craftsman keep stopping do the next task/order after done the first one


Some minor bugs but overall a nice game

pug playz


Ankur Sharma

Awsome game best game ever

Gaming With Doge

I wish there was a way to get an axe when you didn't have wood or a stone axe because that is really annoying also a lot of building you have to buy to build but besides that I think it is a decent game.

Deian Xander G. Bascos

I love this game I hope there's a lot of good update

Jason Donner

Needs some fixes.... several tasks have to manually reset to keep them working on started tasks.

Evan McGinnis

Great survival/town builder. A few bugs but the games still being developed but otherwise great game.

Gabrielle Angeles

Good game but stupid Mellows (the people in the game)

Patel Niketa

So best game

Alleo Jan Lijayan

Even with enough resources mellows dont build

Chris Veal

Game is awese and looks great. However I have an issue with my builders. They go and collect resources once then don't return so I need to cancel them and set their role as builder again

tarntip ngampol

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