Legendary Tales 2


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A dreadful prediction came to the oracle — the cataclysm is coming. The renegade witch is about to save the world or ruin it…

“Legendary Tales: Cataclysm” is an adventure game in the genre of Hidden Objects, with plenty of mini-games and puzzles, unforgettable characters and complicated quests.

A vision came to the oracle. A global catastrophe was about to happen and witches were to blame. After all the resurrection sarcophagi had been destroyed by the werewolf, the circle of witches was in a panic. They sent expeditions to look for new sarcophagi. They found something much more priceless, but they didn’t have a clue about how dangerous their find was…
One witch must stand against friends and enemies to save a peaceful existence. She will make her way using force and cunning to discover an unbelievable find that will forever change the world as she knows it.

Stop the impending cataclysm by revealing an unexpected secret
Play for unique characters to learn new stories of the Legendary Tales world
Explore the magic world and become an attentive collector
Enjoy stunning locations and beautiful soundtracks
Solve dozens of puzzles and test yourself in exciting mini-games

The game is optimized for tablets and phones!

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Update time: Dec 27, 2021
Current version: N/A
Require Android: N/A
Developer: FIVE-BN GAMES
Price: Free
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Customer review

Junita le Roux

Not able to load ads

Yash Nikalje

so good

david fearn

Brilliant game can play it over and over again

Deka Ali

Its easy to play and the best

Steve Oliver

When I try for a hint, I get no Ad available. I close out the game, go back in but no Ad. Why? I have Internet. I do like your games, but getting tired when there is mo Ad. Not the first time I've had this problem.

Karla Gwynn

Made it through the Main story and went to play the bonus chapter to discover I had to pay $2. I didn't find that too much to pay for a bonus chapter especially since the main story was free. The story was neat, the puzzles weren't too hard, and it kept me interested all the way through. If I had to complain about anything it would be the maddening hidden object scenes where things are hidden so well I had trouble finding them. But that's ok. I found all the things and had fun doing it :)

Karishma Colabawalla


Elizabeth Smith

Nice graphics, interesting story. Some of the puzzles take too long to solve. I almost quit without finishing as a result. First time I have felt this way since playing several of your games. Did ultimately buy bonus section. It comes with 30 hints. Nice! Still had to skip 2 puzzles though the free hints made it easy. I realise your company is located in Ukraine. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your country.


Never received in-app purchase

Cara Kunz

I love Five-BN Games!! I have played ALL of the Lost City games and now I have moved on to this series. I love the artwork, and the game play is challenging.

Shyam Pradhan

It's awesome

Martina Rajnović


Zena Princess

Keeps my interest. Great graphics and awesome storyline.

Harisa Guiapar

I like this games ever since . Every puzzle and the mysthery I enjoying. Good!!

Cajoy December

Im waiting for legendary 3 tales plss.

Owais Khan

Love this game!

Garry Wetmore

Great game. Great story line.

John Hofeldt

Awesome 👌.

Jenny Renowden

A brilliant game, very exciting. I was a bit disappointed to find you have to pay for the bonus game. I always look forward to new games when they come out. Update, I have just played it again.

Spartan MYST

after 1st game, very boring gameplay, dull talks, and same glitches about objects. if you click fast while passing scenes i guess, can't select objects, not responding clicks. have to in/out again scenes. 1st and 2nd games have this glitch.

Mi'kmaw Michelle

Love it!

Zephyrus Storm

Great story and very interesting puzzles!! Enjoyed it a lot!!

Andrew Chalklen

All the five BN games are well thought out and challenging. If you like puzzles this is great.

Duncan Loudon

Not bad

Bill Yanke

Good game to play when you are bored

Whitney Amason

I have played many of the games they are awesome it is the only game I found that will contend with my adhd lol

Varsha Kankanala

Enjoyed this game so much, I love the fact that you don't have to watch ads ever 1 minute. If yiu need hints, you can wish to watch advs for 20 secs. Love the storyline, detailing and graphics.

Shujah Nawaz

The story is messed-up; the soundtrack is low and repetitive, BUT an amazing game with the highest graphics I've ever seen for an interactive game. The characters lack depth though and I think the voice acting can be better!

Salah Bahamid

Great game

Jackie Farley

Like the puzzles and clues.

Maria Hotene

Cannot upload 🤔🤔🤔🤔

Jamie Walker

Very frustrating. I finished the main game, found all the hidden object and all the manuscript pages. Just to have to pay for the mini game. I'm sure there will be a rude comment from the makers of the game just like always. Rude emails and a very disrespectful manner. However I just wanted every one to be aware that if you wish to play the bonus chapter be prepared to have to pay even though the download is FREE. The ONLY bonus that you have to pay for out of all their games.

Rowdy Busch

Great game love all the others you make but why bonus chapter cost $$$ in all your other games are free???? Don't say it's the cost of being a free game rubbish all other free versions of all your games no cost of bonus chapter

Tamara Peterson

Giid game hard

Aleksandar Djordjevic

Bonus part is not free

mandy harrison


Shaun Andrews

Great graphics good puzzles to solve

Janene Imgrund

I've really had it with near impossible mini games and an over abundance of them. I'm tired of purchasing coins that do not follow me from one game to the next? Why do I lose something I purchased if I don't need them all? Uninstalling without finishing as I refuse to purchase any more coins than I already have.

siobhan monks

10 stars, brilliant. loved it, storyline, graphics and puzzles all excellent 👍👍👍👍great and a bit difficult

Jasmine El Shamy

Love it

Tom Robbo

Cool game

Michelle Townsend

Brilliant game, just disappointing that I have to pay to play the bonus level since I was informed that I had unlocked it.

Cindy Kirton

I love hidden adventure games but this one just didnt look realistic enough for me so I deleted it.

Graham Witcher

A really good game with some very challenging puzzles.


Some puzzles take too much time... i played most of the game but this game's puzzle is hard . I stopped playing

neel s.

Wrost mini game which is come in main game

Karen Elder

Engaging graphics and puzzles. Easy to get hooked and keep pushing your way through the game. Good range of puzzles as well.

Karuna Amma




Mandy Howard


Lori M

The puzzles in this game are very frustrating. Be prepared to buy coins or watch ads. Otherwise good graphics and storyline.

Brie Parker

Good variety of puzzles and I enjoyed to game overall... Sad that the bonus chapter costed for a broke person like myself, but I completely understand and it really is worth the money if you can afford it! Heck, this group makes some of the best games that I have played in my opinion (and they start becoming a bit less impossible as you play more of the games and start to understand the functions of some of the puzzles).

Jason Deverick

Best games in my opinion

William Webster

Still going

Jennifer Kirby

Fun game.

Leeanne Pilkington

Alot of challenging in game puzzles and thought needed. Good game for puzzle solvers.

Joanne Christofferson

Part 1 was the best game ever. The story line was good, the puzzles were challenging, there were NO ads popping up, and coins were a decent price. Thank you!!!!

Marie Milligan

Beautiful graphics

Jeannine Meunier

Love it.

Sahar Gholipour


Mohammed Hasan

Great game for free. Unbelievable that there are no ads. Intriguing storyline.

Amin Maadi


judy molzahn

Great game. Good graphics.

Rikki Warren

Five BN games are my favorite

Kenth Jave Cagas

Good game

Ar Phat


Josephine Blanco

Beautiful design!. No glitches. Enjoying this game!.

Mike Teka

I love this game 👌

Sarfaraj Tagare

Osm game.nice story. I like this story, graphics and puzzles

agus xaverius

I hope you can make more story for your fans.. Your story is the best.. :)

Osama Shukur

I love it .. a palyed it more thand one time . Just the mini puzzle of the masks cant get my head around it . I need to understand the idea of solving puzzles like this but it is just too hard

Frankie Williams

Quite tricky but am really enjoying the challenge

Rob Kelvey

Good game


Love this game, fab graphics, good story line and great challenges that gets you thinking !

Bernadette VanDeinse

I always love these games.

Keith Bentley

Puzzles too hard

Colette bramwell

Exciting enjoyed playing this game

Roderica Mccoy

Storyline and graphics are great

jacob chavez

What a great game

Dora Nagy

Just like the first game, it was really well done! Great graphics compared to that it is a free game, interesting puzzles and not all the same difficulty, some really made me think. But still, you can use hints for watching ads but no unnecessary ads during the game. It was just an amazing one. Thank you for making this! ^_^

Kevin Flint


Gene Aiello

Too many puzzles require ads to help complete

Theresa Grabowski

Wonderful game

Alisa Vernon

The mosaic puzzle with the witch hunters and the horse doesn't accept that my puzzle pieces are in their correct spaces.

shankey cool

Nice IQ game no add no money needed if u want hint then it will need 30 secs add to watch. More over game is lovely.u must try.

Rebecca Carlson

I'm partway through so will do a better review later but I love the game so far. Great storyline following on from the 1st game. Would definitely recommend playing the 1st Legendary Tales before playing this one. Excellent game!

Kamandag Ng pwet

.hard game but I finished all the chapters 🥰🥰am having fun.. nd think much😅😅 excellent I'll give 5 stars... This is the first game I've ever play in this kind of category 😅😅

Beverly Beverly Chaisson

I really enjoy this game. Some of the game puzzles are hard but I like them.

Sharon Behnken

great game, you do not know how it will end

wendy johnson

Love these games

Cindy Cho-Ngwa

Nice graphics and interesting story line. I really enjoyed the games and puzzles. Will definitely be downloading the other ones.

Stephen Mitchell

Pure magic and a little scary

Alan Agnew

Good game

Katie Lynne

Great game always a pleasure playing these games

Sarahjo Corder

I found the game very great the task or fantastic to do. The mini games are fun you just got to figure them out. But I would definitely recommend this game

Nemanja Gajic


farida gamil

How i can recover saved data .pls help me

jude moses

Good game

Singto Singto Singto ugh

Some of the puzzles frustrates me. Still, I love this game.

Sadaf Shafique

Too many mini games break the tempo