Legend of Pandonia

Author: pandosoftware,inc

10,000+ install
Role Playing


Legend of Pandonia – Fantasy 3D RPG Adventure

Detailed info

File size: 880M
Update time: January 12, 2022
Current version: 1.0.301
Require Android: 5.0 and up
Developer: pandosoftware,inc
Price: Free
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Customer review

kenshin18 himora

ive been trying to withdraw for almost a month! but it always get failed! this game is a scam na a P2E.

potpot acor

Nice games very addictive

Norberto Pulido

Good to use

Fadli Mukhlis

very hard to WD

Elmer Nayre

I don't think this game can give some money by playing and collecting Pando/MPando but I enjoy playing this type of game and also disappoint about the Dispatch because after killed all enemies what I received is not a legend equipment it always an epic equipment. Please fixed that issue so that I enjoy more to play this game.

Rieza Harry

Tidak bisa WD

LlJj Enriquez

I really love the game but unfortunately can't do any witdrawal, if the devs fix this issue sure thing the game will be much more enjoyable

Mark Anthony Zabala


Made Lanang

Well the ive been playing this from the start, never open it again for around 1,5 month because i never be able withdraw the coin,, all the free to earn you promised is scam i think. Well really wasting my time for more than 2 month play since the opening,, i have around 7000 coin, and its useless :D. But thanks to you i learn that i will stop wasting my time in stupid scam game LOL.

percival gulle

nice game

Anthony Vhincent Sotto

It's hard to withdraw

TaTam TamS

Scam minimum 1k withdrawal... U will never earn at this game... Scammmmmmmm

Noresh Hajong


I Dewa Putu Angga Septian

Hard to withdraw, well i give up


Tbh I haven't played this yet but there's mostly 5 stars so I trust

Polly Celestino

Awesome game

arrold hindap

so cute game legit money 5 star great full 😍😍😍

Ednes Agustin

Until they fix the withdrawal issue don't try this game it's a scam.

Brandan Freeman

The developer fixed a lot of the issues I previously had with this game. I am sure that the game isn't perfect, but it is really good for the type of game I am looking for. I give it 4 stars for having amazing artwork and really unique characters. While I can't give it 5 out of 5 because of generic gear set bonus and mostly for not being able to actively take total control of a character and then switch quickly to any of the other characters. Otherwise, it's a nice game for autoplay experience.

Hikari Mido

Game is good .. nice gameplay About its play 2 earn its impossible to withraw.its just self proclaimed play to earn game. To many bots,in jus .001ms price pool is empty.. Costumer support of this game is really really bad. They didnt do anything about the issue about withrawal.devs love bots. maybe they owned the bots for income. 2 birds in one stone..they are just telling that they are play to earn game. But honestly. No..

Paul christian Llorente

Nice Game and you can earn token to convert in to real cash 😁 love it

Mohamad Azlan

Fun playing with friend

fail Gaming

Always asking for update even though there's no available update

Eljhon Sastre

I hate the way to withdraw the mpando coin, please change the witdrawal procedure, and I change my rating.

Meloys tv

Can't play.always say needs to update but I'm already updated.pls fix it.ty

Andro Ruedas

Nice game

joni hendri wibowo

I like the gameplay but i'm very dissapoint on withdraw system maybe u need revision with new rules, likes player need min 200/250K power for wd for 5K pando and above, its just my opinion, thanks

Kenjie Almariego

Please fix the withdrawal system

paw paw

love it game

Alberto Bulawit

As of now i like the game and i enjoy the game,.but it's hard to earn money for this game,.i hope they can make another way to earn pando coin,.thanks you.,

Karen Cristy sabillo


Leopoldo Sunga

I dont know what update is all about. I cant continue the game. Because I cant enter

Lean Zata

Very entertaining

Regie Ibarra

Great game

blayred Cajegas

The best game ever

dad of1

This is the heaviest p2w game ive ever seen and makes raid look f2p. This company should be utterly ashamed of themselves. The game isnt even anything special. Just typical cookie cutter gacha cash grab.

rolando angeles

Nice nft game

Jerome Aguilan

Still getting to know the mechanics of the game. Looks technical but I look forward to understanding it and enjoying it more

Sphike Jhames

Nice game

Arif Syaefudin

sir.. please update limits withdrawl mpando.. maybe you can use KYC for all players. iam sorry about rate. iam very hard to contact admins.