Legend City

Author: TeamLOM

500,000+ install


Legend City – Choose to be civilian or politician?

Detailed info

File size: 49M
Update time: August 28, 2021
Current version: 1.0.7
Require Android: 4.1 and up
Developer: TeamLOM
Price: Free
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Customer review

Desmond Ofordire

This game looks like it will be very interesting.

Christian Fontanilla

Love the game, and also the secretary that i can recruit 😍😍 very cute

Shelton Oneirix

That's ZERO STARS - went to play today and it says game won't load bcz I didn't buy app . Buy this

Arvin Bismarck Cardona Nioda


Tony Benito

No action rewards are cheap

Dopey Bright

Good game.

Jojo Margarejo

I'm beginning to get frustrated with the way I gained power. I kept doing lots of up grade from pets to cars just so I can keep up with the other players, but no matter what I do my power remained idled while those who were previously just below me are now up and it is difficult for me now to catch up with them. I guess I'm done with this game.


Good game. Been playing for a while. Server 80 needs a merger bad before too many more quit


One of the best games I have played so far. Please read this because I have one suggestion. 1.For the presidential road, the one where it says day 1, day 2 ect. Can you guys switch the secretary every 7 days for a chance to get other secretaries. If you can do that, this game is an absolute 10/10. Pleas read this

Dejan Pisovski

The game is so cool.so nice game for me❤

Omid Aqa


Carlito Quijano


Julian Ross

come 2 butt head!!!

John Davis


Howard Marks

Its really good

Cassie Unayik

nerfs your account during maintenance

John Hethorn


Selene Kretzer

This game is toxic, if you are a lesbian you will be targeted by alt account and guys trying to 'fix you'. CS will do nothing about it. It is ripe for bullying and pretty sure the game is filled with sex predators and ID thieves and carfishers, and CS does nothing. It is a trap! Stay away!

Simion Branch


Arshan Malik

Game is cool and interesting

Robert Alvarado

Have been locked out of account for a week already with a few attempts at customer service with no help. Let's see if I can help now?

Tammie O

I played this for 3 months. Have it binded and went to install it on my new phone. Once it is downloaded. It says download failed to not purchasing the app. I am confused on this. Can I get some help

Cameron Castaneda

It's really fun but when I go to the beach and when I rub her back I do everything possible and it doesn't ducking work. And now to 1 stars because I uninstalled it and then I installed it again today and now I have to restart the whole thing over again.

Spring Hall

I totally get that this is one of those type of games where people are suppose to attack one another, but there is such thing as overkill & player abuse. I'm not impressed with the way the situation is being handled & most definitely would NOT recommend this game to my friends, however, the prices are good & the concept is okay. Some parts tend to be confusing, but I'm learning as I go through.

Felipe Jimenez

I love to play the game a lot

Prince Mac

I am rating now one star becuase whem i login from my new phone i again have to start from begining and i cant skip...what the hell is this...i waited alot for reloging from my own account

Cory Butler

Waste of time and money very fun game at first but very frustrating when items you pay for are not received and support doesn't reply I'm done with this game . Missing purchases not getting rewards from missions takes away battle chances you didn't use and no support help at all. Worse game I have ever played do not spend if you play .

Nobody Cares

I need to know how to contact customer service

Michael McGuinness

The creators of this game dont have a clue, to do maintenance and prevent access to the server, almost directly after a time specific event, when there is still another time specific event going, and time specific rewards to either claim or trade for is insane, not only do we lose the rewards for our hard graft over the event, but we lose the chance to cash in on our graft over the week too, a number of people have paid out to give them the ability to get those rewards, and now they can't.

rolanda firdaus

Good game

Conall Mandigo

Cool game


Nice game

Sheila Scott

This game's ruins relationship

Brett Kutil

Love it

Michael Gardner

I need this video game right now ok

John Elmore


Jacob Tyler Roach

Perfectly amazing

Joe Burg

Awsome but should have more chacters to choose from

Steve Gibbons


Mr. Worrell

Just too awful to list everything. Avoid