Experience one touch arcade gaming at its finest.

Touch and hold to swing around the centre while avoiding the black shapes. Grab power ups and enjoy causing chaos while getting the highest score you can. Leap, live and have fun!

– Quick, intense non-stop action
– Exciting power ups to discover
– One touch portrait gaming for any situation
– Leaderboards and Achievements
– Stylized graphics and soundtrack

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File size: 0 MB
Update time: Apr 5, 2022
Current version: N/A
Require Android: N/A
Developer: Noodlecake
Price: Free
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Customer review

Angela Scott

I haven't quite figured it out yet, however I'm still working on it.


Fun but slightly repetitive


I enjoy the gameplay but the game constantly asks for permission to see, create, edit information on my Google drive. I feel like that is an invasion of my privacy. if this is changed I'll update my review.

rancid crawfish

It's so simple but it'll drive you crazy how hard it is

Stephanie Miller

Kind-of boring.

Muhamad Azerin Bin Yaacob

I dont like it..

Vineet Bihari Gupta

Forcing users to login to Google Play games is not a good experience. We don't care how good your game is it your only goal is to collect data

Taha Jawaid Chaudhry

Man this game is so simple and yet so much fun, all the while being frustratingly addictive. One thing though, I know its a free game and y'all gotta make money somehow, but there are some ads that once I press the close button, they stay stuck for 5-10 seconds. Otherwise a 5 star game/app.


You got to be kidding me. Modal popup insists on access to Google account. Dark pattern.

Zeal4 Zuriel

Amazing game

Bayo A

Leap On! Bot rating: Five Stars! This is one of the most simplistic and fun games I've ever played!

Shanmukhanand Khanke

Data seller company , it sells your data in dark web.

Jamie Bloomer

Been playing since 2021, however all progress lost and can't get Google play achievements to work

Mr. Mcgee

Ads with like 5 x buttons, one with a timer.


It keeps asking me to share my account even when I say no and in a game But the rest is good just fix that problem because it's very annoying 🤬😡😡😠💢

the meanice of video games

Really fun!!!!!! You can spend a while on it and barely any ads!! Also it's ofline !!

Paris Shrestha

The sounds are amazing. The visuals are great. Just sooo satisfying to play. Loved it. 😍

Ricardo Aranguren

Asks for too much personal info when connecting to Google play

kunal gunawat

Too many ads

Seamus Byrne


Amir Mahdi Pashaie


Sarath Shaji


Helphescared 2

Kinda boring ngl


Realy Fun

Manda lion19

Awful ads and doesn't stop asking for account access which is annoying. Gameplay gets boring very quickly.

abdulilaah yousuff

Faulty improvement in the updates.. glitches in the objects.. and why is it not an offline game !?

Geoffey Fajardo

Cant Play Because of constant loading

Craig Seman

Pretty average game, like the idea is kinda fresh and new but I found myself bored so fast. Not a game I want to come back to or has enough elements to keep you wanting to play.

Truth Shockwave

Absolutely amazing endless game. Super addicting! You really get a different experience every time you play. There a randomness that keeps it interesting but at the same time I take concentration and skill to get the highest score. Great job guys!

Samkit Jain

They added new Google Play Achievements with the latest update and it has resulted in sync problems. Achievements that have already been completed are not unlocking anymore.

Antony M

Forced ads


Tne best my games ❤


It's a fun game :)

Tejas Venki

Too many ads

Michael Shaw

One of the simplest most fun games I've ever played, cought my attention quickly and is a good challenge. Only issue is there are ads after every 2 games but they're skippable and if you're good enough you'll be playing each game for a few minutes anyway. Very very good game

Snowcone Guy

You need to give them permission for full data collection in order to access the game. This includes data like YOUR FULL NAME. You are not the customer to these devs, you are the product that's being sold to data collecting and marketing groups.

Theodore Tutor

Confusing and terrible game play. Last a few seconds then you die. Uninstalling

Gaurav Munjewar

Goddamit these ads


Is this game really offline? I have blocked internet access for this game after after installing but it wouldn't load.

Sean Hitchcock

Update deleted all my progress. Repeatedly being asked to log in to Google play again. Fix it please!

stop accessing my drive and steal my personal data I can't play without pressing allow

Mohammad bd

After the latest few updates the previous records are lost and while playing offline it shows the "connect to google play" pop-up whenever u pause the app and minimize it.

Nitesh Makkar

Can't log in with my Google Play account since the latest update. All progress was also erased because of this update.


Yo this game is still getting updated?! This is amazing :3

Asad Dhorajiwala

The game reset all my stats with the latest update....

Audra Fourman

I play every single day!!!❤️❤️

zach scales

Excellent game! Very fun and love the music.

Nathan Maloya

It's super amazing

Kiran S


Mehrab Hossain


Ali Mousavi


Alex Freeman

Good game ruined by incessant ads

Mudit Sen

Audio issue after you resume game or you close the ads.

JJ_Jupiter_ 789


Rudy Serrano

I love it. Im no gamer. I just like good games.

Corey Thornton

Fun, challenging game that helps pass the time.

Natasha Day

This is the Greatest mobile game EVER! It's a great idea for a game. Props to the creators! :-)

Selina Bunny

This game is really awesome when I played it it was amazing I just couldn't stop playing!

G.S. Saastamoinen

Can't figure out how to control the bouncy ball

Tripp Elliott

Hard game but so much fun , the development team really should put in safety platforms or maybe a way to earn shields that last longer than a few seconds. But all in all it's great!

Florence Otterton

Pls add accessories

Oshawott Speedruns

Goes hard


Fine game, annoying ads. That's easy challenging, really achieves that hard mix, highly addictive. Not worth paying for (and I would!) as it lacks refinement around the edges. For instance, I would pay for this if it had an "endless relaxing mode" where there's no score, no death you just jump around with some relaxing beats and power-ups. Or at least some +1 achievement like an extra life, extra power-ups, something to mix things up and make it easier/rewarding for the grind.

George Kinsley

So far love it! Simple, quick, good graphics. And than you got adding a remove ads option for a small donation!

Esme W Vimes

No ads? No waiting an hour after 5 tries? What is this strange concept of allowing me to have fun & enjoyment? This is a KEEPER. Bored? You can play for 1 min, but you'll be engrossed for 20. Fun & simple. If you're even slightly OCD-like me-you will find yourself gnashing your teeth when your bubbles bursts. Color, graphics, music & sounds effects all on point. Fun relaxing & addictive. If I'm waiting 30 min for another game to reset, this is my go-to. I love trying to beat my best score.


I really like the game pretty addicting. Only one suggestion. Could you just add skins to the ball. That's it.

Mk Ultra

Absolutely awesome!!

Tom Ashley

So fun It gets harder the more leaps you do

Joel Anderson

Its a cool game but seems the diffuculty should be stretched out more so the gameplay lasted a bit longer

Daniel Brienesse

Very good game, it rewards you for playing reserved, calm and taking your time but also rewards you if you go in guns blazing and aggressive. 10/10

Kevin Pawlowski

super fun


Fun game

My life vlogs

Good time pass game

Isa Shah

Fun. No problems, it's just pretty boring

Michal Zawadzki

The amount of ads is unbearable.

Brandon Board

I like this game. It's a simple concept that's surprisingly difficult to master. The art style is fun, and the music is...really great. I just wish there was a way to progress more. Maybe the ability to upgrade powerups, or unlock new bouncer characters with different abilities/attributes? It's just that the game can get really repetitive, and once you set a decently high score, it's REALLY difficult to get back to that level. So, you know, it's hard to feel like you're actually doing anything.

binki upchuck

!?!?! !?!?!

Mina Hanjari

Very Nice✌️

Iv ar


Suraj Desai

Good game Cherishes the mood Light hearted fun to play

Gomathi Gomathi

Super game. It is so nice. It is not like other games.

Josh Gill

I love this! Absolutely incredible. I will be checking out the creator's othe games😁

Brendan McGirr

Good game very fun not impossibly hard overall Great game

Jurassic Lilly

It's really fun and the graphics are awesome

Shlok Jha

Good game..

Derrick Wilson

Silly fun

Shayne Tianzon

I love it. It's so cute

Jericho Labay


Kathy Morton

Love this game!

Manish Rajpurohit

Very nice game


The best addictive and one hand playable, and music is soo good 5 out of 5 .go for it

Robert Markham

Ads aren't obnoxiously every five seconds or after every level. I can play for a while before getting an ad! Well done! Love the simplicity and desire to beat my top white line score.

Haris Varma

A great time killer. Can easily play single hand

Trina Emmenegger

Good game. It would be a 5 star game if you could move in both directions not just one.

Mac Easley

Too easy to be this addictive, this is nuts

Matt Baldwin

Awaome game all around



Shashank S

Best game ever....

Taku Tsomondo

Amazing game to pass the time and test your reflexes. ads which allows you to just Leap On! It does get challenging quite quickly so patience is key.

Euone Raile Dimla

It looks like a Online and Offline, Interested in peace.