League of Kingdoms – League of Kingdoms is the world’s first decentralized MMO strategy game.

Detailed info

File size: 49M
Update time: September 13, 2021
Current version: 1.61
Require Android: 5.0 and up
Price: Free
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Customer review

Mohsen Rahmani

My account banned cause of script using!!! I decide to join game discord channel to send ticket but #-join bot dosent work proprly! So i have no access to support and admin. Tried contact them from twitter and facebook but there is no way to send ticket there. As a player when you have a problem, you have no option to contact support!

Elgeen Harvey Bernardez

I can't connect metamask

Salar Salari

Hello Do not be tired, today my account was closed for 7 days due to using the script, but I did nothing. Can you follow up?

Kian Oxford

It's a nice game

Ramin Eshlaghi

Thegame is not mint the resources. It stays at packing part.


Best game to earn

nebras al masri

يعني ايش العبره من اللعبه؟؟ تنين يطير. وبس؟

f q


A Dad's world and daddy's girls

Great game that has a way of consuming hours from me in a blink of an eye. There's many upgrades and treasury advancements as well as research perks that will keep you busy if you're seeking to max out leveling up your kingdom to truly conquer. Choose your alliance wisely, good leadership will exponentially assist your gameplay. The Cons: Lag, lag, and more lag. At times it becomes virtually un playable. Seems the developers have made some progress though still in need of some help.

Andyj Hammond

Been banned for doing absolutely nothing I've played every day since installation then all of a sudden a 7 day ban..may aswell uninstall.

Kevin Higgins

I like the game but some bugs need fixing

Daniel Chanthaphonh

prepare for DST and get your wallets to explode!

Shahnawaz Shah

U banned me unfairly for using a script, which I never did. This has been happening with lots of legitimate players and you are not responding to any of our questions. J ask ppl here to contact u on discord but there are no devs on lok discord just a guy Philip who is a player/moderator himself and has no idea what is happening. I have never seen a dev team treat their players like this. Don't download, u will eventually face an issue and this team does not reply on email or on dc.

Gourab Kumar Behera

I hope it is best.

Sony Lohe

Interesting game


While playing the game, it closed by itself and when logging in, I got a warning that this account has been banned for 7 days for using an unauthorized script. but I didn't use any script. please give me back access to my account.

Gagal Diploma

Good game but bad dev...

kenneth bejemino

I only used GCASH as a mode of payment but why i am banned for using scripts?! Until when will this stupid bugs end?

Parsin Ghajari

Veri Veri godddddddd


Tried to play the 1 time but this game is completely broken. Waited 5 minutes animation loading and got only 70% 1/9 animation loading...

Viewpoint Optometry

It is a nice game, i feel enjoy playing, the only problem that I see don't fit, your system has analyzing problem, which causing my game play account to be barred for 7 days, due to mistakenly misjudge as using a script, while it is just a device change between a cellphone & a computer. I have send an email regarding this. Please check it for further action. Thank you.

Jervenson Agsalon

Banned for doing nothing, they just waste your time, effort and money

Jovito Ysulat

Developers dont know how to distinguish real players to bots. They suddenly banning players without any proper investigation


Got banned for no reason after playing constantly for 2 months waste of time and money... Stupid game with too many bugs

gamz Granja

fix your banned issue. after updating the game all i receive is a banned notice wherein i dont use script in playing. Your system sucks in searching the scripted players, it only banned the legit player.

erfan hajsheikhhosseini

منو بن کردن..نه تنها من خیلی هاا ..بعد میگن به خاطر بات اگه مشکلشون بات بیخود میکنن بازی میسازن

Surya Tyagi

Whenever I try to mint resources it just says u can mint in 8 hr which never comes

Hamed Skel

Laggy bad game

Yap Valeriano

Can you help me out? I forgot my password. When I clicked on Forgot Password you send me an email to reset however whenever I try to change password it always says "email mismatch".

Armzitatche Yosores

Very interesting game and to kill time..

Damar hasan

Security of this game.. No bot free play this game


Been band from playing for longer than I have had playing time and a community that is up in arms against the developers retention is bad wouldnt invest money at this time. The developers are handing out worthless baubles to try placate the multitude. Update Have played for a while not as bad as first feared don't expect to make money though.

Trader Gagal

Bot dibiarkan bermain, developer tidak tegas. Lag sepanjang war, kerugian pemain banyak, kita akan minta refund semua player. Dead game.

mohiedin ghasemzadeh

Not bad

Mehdi Babaei

Thank you for the best game in the world !!!

xuan son

The game play is okay, a copy from another game, but this is a bug lag of kingdom, and BOT of kingdom. Do not join if you dont have BOT, BOT everywhere, clan of BOT, BOT work 24/7, BOT farm everythings...a real player have not change to play cause all the top run BOT. I will change my star when someday the game dont have or at least less BOT.

Joseph Yeung

A simplified Rise of Kingdom thus far, with NFT/ Play to Earn concepts.

john michael luceriano

Need help! My two day old account banned because of multiple accounts issue even im not using other account please fix immediately.

Ahmad Moazami G

Best game ever

chloro 07

You game is good but unfortunately there is a lot of lags and error. Just like me, I experience problem in buying LOK packge and unfortunately I did not received the item. The payment was then decducted to my preferred mode of payment. I already submitted ticket to your discord, still no response. Please check my message. Also customer service reponse is so late.

samuel carter

Didn't get a chance to buy land can you still earn nft from just playing the game

Karnadhar Boro

Your account banned for using Multiple account . I dont have multiple account why banned my account. Unfair game

James Witscher

I got banned for 7 days for "having multiple accounts" I only have 1 account 😂 game laggy as hell, if you change apps you have to close this one and completely restart it bc its incapable of actually updating as it runs.

Bryan Cos

I can't be sure because it wouldn't even let me create an account

Andrea Solano

Most of the time the app is not opening or loading. I Wonder why?

Florian Ristea

Absolut tards in this team. "Blocked 7 days for multiple accounts". Are you f nuts? I have ONLY 1 ACCOUNT, edots

Sardy Yaori

Very bad game. I played for 17 hour or so because of the nft promotion and got banned for excessively multiple account. What a laugh. Got banned for not doing anything wrong. Brilliant. Uninstalled.

Nalin Patil

Lots of bug, even after unlocking 5 troop march.. It's still stuck on 4march.. Resources issue.. I notice this about blue crates.. Just now I got 7 crates through event and it still 3 in inventory... There is serious issue.. Missing resources show u after restarting the game but this blue crates and 4 march troop is permanent.. So many issues seriously why even launch a game with so many problems

allen gallego

I can't log in it's always crash

Aaron White

Glad I didn't spend real money. Can't even login anymore, app been crashing when I click login even after the last couple of updates. Decent while it lasted

Noah McGovern

Got off to great start, rapid levelling and getting plenty of speed boosts (for free) Got to level 14 in a week. Gameplay is meh, the battles come down to a numbers game most of the time, there is no battle strategy or tactics. Then I started raiding players for resources and subsequently found my account banned. There is no rule against raiding, its a feature of the game. I have been in contact for 5 weeks to get my account unbanned. Each time they tell me they're on it but nothing happens.

arvin nazarkhah

good game but have many bug...i lost troop dispatch queue for 5 days ..why team my account name's Alviiin continent 36 casle 24 ...alliance tag 66ir

Pepe MonkaS

Bugfest for 6 months or more LOL


Unable to choose metamask wallet using android. Any idea?


When using IOS Ipad Pro, LOK screen is inverted, cannot rotate properly

Kris Narvasa

It do lag, specially during first 5 mins of every hour.

firdaus adriansyah

An interesting game to test your patience to play, where every day you will find system bugs that make it delay, whether it's logging in the game or slowing down in commands when the game starts playing. Very good at testing patience. I judged that if this continued, I'm sure this game would be abandoned. hope it happens quickly. I'm really looking forward to it. ha ha ha

Kty Byun

Whenever i tap the game is loading and loading 😡

ses hat

Omg the lagg is so huge unbelievable. 15 years ago i was playing games with such lag. For a game with more then 1 year live this is just ridiculous


have a more bug & poor admins

Ümit Namlı

How the game is supposed the played is fine, the execution not so. Even a year after launch there are game breaking bugs. And it gets worse, the developers either ignore the issues completely or take their sweet time to fix them. Until the developers focus on fixing bugs rather than coming up with ways to get more money from players I'm giving it a 1 star. EDIT/UPDATE: 3 months later and unsurprisingly not much has changed. I would stay away from the game in its current state.

LimBuzz MixedYT

Why there's no metamask wallet connection available on mobile? & Please remove ImToken wallet thats scam wallet.

Sonu Khan pathan

How to open CVC

fakher ahmadi


Dragon Progressive

7SolInvictus7 C16 here. Great & enjoyable game. Always getting better.

alireza Silence



I am not able to mint resources even after level 20 metamask wallet disappeared and trust wallent is not working

Kabir Sing

Mobile player not selling resources this is big problem

Mostafa Yavari


Pranay Pande

Mystery points problem..not able add mystery points...

Jeremy Brown

Do not spend money on this game. I bought packs with ether it took my ether and gas fees and didnt give me anything. Sent in ticket on discord and 2 days still nothing. Went to discord forums to seek help and other have same issue with no resolve for weeks. Google play what are you doing letting this still be downloaded when they are robbing people!!!!

Rey De Jesus

Kindly fixed lags and bugs issue, then ill change my rating back to 5 stars.

Leroy Sprague

Won't let you login after creating account

Santosh Devi

Game too much

Dorji kurumpeto

Game's become laggier and laggier, day by day. And you can't mint your rss through the app. Getting tired of this game.

Mitrut Orlando

game doesn't even load up. when tapping logo, game crashes. what is this?

Jesus Noel

Mientras no pongan un sistema de denuncia de jugadores que griffean a los mas pequeños, el juego sera injugable.

Vittoriano Renò

editing my review after 3 months of playing. This game is a scam. You will never earn money, stay away and don't waste your time

sajjad hoseini


Piyush Kumar Pradhan

Too much bugs to fix but the developer team have not done any progress in game In last few months... It becoming worst with time

Purnendu Shukla

A lot of bugs due to which there are lot of collection , hospatility and war issues. Don't know why it lags , kindly fix , game has a lot of potential, hope it can become usefull to play What about that Draco update btw and how to Utilize it?

sattar mehrbakhsh

full of lag and bug

rozelyn joy mendoza

I was just wondering if you could fix lok because it didn't start and it is just dragons flying around in circles and a big red orange dragon flying on top with sharp scales

shaikh ajaz ahmad

I am having problem i mint resources stuck in paking it not showing in trust wallet for gass fee or for sale


It just won't load into the game.

Mojtaba haji aliakbar

I modified my 1 star rating to 2 star because the game lag got better. After last week announcement of banning bots, still bots taking all of the crystal mines. lvl30 bot with max Cav. Speed. No way for non bots to reach a crystal mine. Please take action.


Lage game bug bug bug

Khusboo Singh


John Dexter Capilitan

Stuck in log in. Wont load


Well i switch my phone from ios to android and i cant log in to the game anymore.

black clover

no credibility.. they can delete your account anytime with poor anti bot system

Franz Osmond Dimaya

This game is a scam. When you get good at it, your account will be banned. Waste of time and money. The pattern for progress and finding crystals are easy. When figured out, you just get banned. People, don't start this game. Your days and money will be wasted. When you are good at it, they will think you cheat so you will get banned or maybe that's just an excuse for this exam. Warning: do not start this game


nic3 game

javad mohammadi

Why there is not metamask wallet

Milan Ukani

Very good game Earn while playing

Mohamad Ali Ahmadi

Good 👍🏻❤️‍🔥

Gimley Lake

Its hard to log in and play the game

Brian Dickerson

Didn't laugh right

Roley Vincent Manansala

I got banned again stupid anti bot system, even real players are being targeted by your anti bot

Amir Sayari

آپدیت نذارید، شما ریدین با این آپدیت هاتون هر بار پدر آدم در میاد تا این بی صاحاب بالا بیاد 😐😐 پ ن : چه گوهی دارید می خورید که این برنامه انقدر سنگین و بیخود شده، حتی سر ورودش مشکل وجود داره ضمن اینکه انیمیشن جدیدی که برای ورود گذاشتید به شدت مزخرف و چرت و اعصاب خردکنه