Law Empire Tycoon – Idle Game Justice Simulator

Author: Codigames

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Law Empire Tycoon – Idle Game Justice Simulator – Lawyers, Judges, Criminals and Verdicts. Lead an elite law firm and win cases.

Detailed info

File size: 162M
Update time: August 12, 2021
Current version: 1.9.2
Require Android: 5.0 and up
Developer: Codigames
Price: Free
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Customer review

Arunava Kundu

It is very very very slow 🙂

Bonjar Basumatary


Arief Hidayat

I cant up+ my traffic 5

Josh Gibis

very glitchy

Kerati Wu

I love the game! Does it try to take your money? Yes! But can you succeed with solely watching marathon ads? Absolutely! It doesn't take much of your time and you still see the progress. I can just do the task, watch heapsome of ads to get money, then leave the game to go on with life. You can check in every couple of hours to do your tasks. The trial is also a great part, should do that more.

Abdul Rauf

I love this game it is amazing

Sean B

Dead game no updates or changes in almost 8 months you can complete all but one little challenge and thats all dont download a waste of time

Wanderson Costa

I like this kind of game (tycoon). Unfortunately is hard to find one wich keep you interested more than 1 week. After play for 3 or 4 days, you had evolved everything. Then you start play once a day. Because you don't have anything to do.

Kevin Jose

Th max vault size is 3.5 mn. But I need 3.8mn to upgrade coffee machine in traffic ticket office 5. Also the game basically ends with all upgrades done. Nothing new has been found in the app for many months now.

C.A. Marg

While you are building up the law office it's fun but once you have everything it gets boring. I had it for a few months and only got to play one episode but there were not any more. I deleted it after I had all the upgrades I could get in the game. One of the upgrades is unachievable because it costs more than the max the vault can hold.


Nothing to do.....I've done everything

Parth Asher

Everything was okay, till they wanted an upgrade that was impossible because it costs more than my vault can store. Meaning I can never complete the game. Beyond unfair.


Been MONTHS since new content. You get to the end of maxing out everything and can't do anything else. As its been months since anything actually new has been added, seems like they just bailed on this game. Had some potential, but probably going to uninstall due to no updates

Vương Tử

có cải tiến hơn Hospital tycoon

Sonya Dean

Interesting as my icon doesn't look like the Judge Judy one. I did purchase the Judge Judy skin cream. And it seems that everyone else in my phone has perhaps used Stacy Dean's spreadsheet she created for Surfrider so the information is forwarded to the next person. When Stacy Dean gave me the computer with the Surfrider accounts because the battery didn't work so the computer had to be plugged in constantly to operate. I did not pay one of the grants Jennifer Prince (Jennifer Lee Bookman)

crandak Crandall

it's fun

Declan Merifield

sexist mainly women Characters

Ioana Zarnica

I have finished upgrading everything except traffic office Nr 5 (unable to fully max it out because of the vault limit) and I still haven't received a special case. At this point it's pointless to play further. This kinda sucks

Father Freed

epic mah man

Tristan b

Awesome game but there is a glitch where some of your offices only give 500 dollars where it use to give me 4 000 and if i play on more offices start to earn 500, restarting game also doesnt work

Vinaykumar sajjan


Paramraj Sondhi

Way too slow game... Not worth it to play

dani 609

So dumb

Jo Rice

Always love Codigames, and though the game is super fun I have purchased the ad free bundle and it doesn't seem to have worked. Money is gone but still getting a load of ads and no bundle. Really appreciate some help on this


Not as per description, boring content sorry

Stephon Gabriel

I want to love the game but it's pretty boring at this point, I haven't done one case yet and I've only experienced 1 event in months of playing the game. I put this on for about 2 minutes everyday and click some buttons and that's about it....

Enoch Gallegos

Like this app 👌

Sean Loper

Needs dire a bugfix, the developers treat unpaid users as second hand citizens, for example if you start an ad and watch it for anytime at or above 15 seconds, then close the ad. The game reacts by treating it as if you never watched the ad in the first place.

Elijah Giddens


adekoya oluwasegun

I is very good .I just love 😍 it

vinu vinod

Worst much advertisement

farah caesar

I am already finish all task, all building, all case, and there is no other case so far. I cant make more money coz my vault is full. I stop play this game for 3 month, and hope there is another case when i play it again. But there is still no progress. Uninstall it...

Lars Kirsteen

Greedy, simple, stupid

Nathan Stewart

I like this game and most of the games from this developer, but this game won't allow me to double my money from offline earnings. This should definitely be fixed and it would probably get a better rating.

Joey Wardwell

It's good but it would be better if there was offline playing aloud and more multiplayer

Lachlan Kellogg

Codigames is truthfully the only app developer that makes tycoon games that I trust. You genuinely can play this game without being forced into spending money. THANK YOU AGAIN CODIGAMES!!! ALSO - try out prison empire by codi. it's also a blast.


Game was fun at the beginning but now upgrades take too long, so all you end up doing when logging in is just pick an upgrade to do then log out, there is nothing else to do in this game. Also I finished season 1 in one day, how long does it take to go into season 2?

Gauthier Delvaulx

Even their ad system doesn't work. The event is useless as is because without paying an absurd amount of money you won't earn anything.

Marcel Knuvelder

Very boring, nothing like the pics. Repetative and nothing to do with law.

Ciara Kelley

Not a lawyer game, boring. Uninstalled.

Isaac Matthews

Average, glad I didn't spend any money on it, I'm nearly finished lol

Beverly Draper

Traffic ticket need traffic upgrade $10050, vault you need traffic ticket 3................uninstall

anusha chandrasekaran

Archive room staff is very less but they are in high demand by the lawyers in the game. Too many archive documents requested at the same time. Not good. Give more space in the vault. Hospital tycoon has more vault space. Please fix this.

corey jarvis

Pay to win

Valdamien Daniels

Needs more content asap to play or i will have to delete the game for good. I love to play so please do better quickly. Thank you

Elizabeth Heafey

Love the game so far

Corey Chuck

Fun game... asks for rating in first hour of gameplay, but I do not regret giving 5 stars. Unique game idea with clean art that's easy on the eyes.


Game is a good time waster. I've got everything maxed out except traffic #5 as it cost 3.8 million and the max the vault will go is 3.5 is there going to be an update soon or has the dev team moved to another game?

Justine Go

Unable to complete this game as maximum safe storage is 350,000 and I have an upgrade of 380,000 which I'm unable to do as my saving don't go past the maximum amount

Drake Manfull

It's a fun twist on the overused tycoon genre. Kind of reliant on ads further on into the game, but otherwise great!

Shane Cutlip

Decent game except that you have to pay $13.99 just to finish the base game... Edit: I was told to go to the FAQ just to find out the solution was to wait for more content to come out. My last upgrade costs $3.89K and my vault can only hold $3.5K

William Davis

love it great game

Garvit Shrivastava

One of the update require more that 3.8M but the max limit of vault is 3.5M... I have upgraded all other stuff except one.

Mark Dragonite

A LOT OF BUGS...the lawyers who get fewer documents perks sometimes doesn't work and end up asking for the same quantity of documents than those who doesn't have the perk. Also there's a bug of "Connection Problem" after seeing and AD to get a reward in the shop.


Just started playing, and the courier's AI is really annoying. One of my client's has been sitting in their lawyer's office for 20 minutes because the courier keeps delivering documents to the closer lawyer instead of alternating offices.

haily Alvarez

it's a really good game

Thomas G

Boring. Take advice from the hotel tycoon games.

A Big Cat

Very fun. Simple slow rewarding game to waste time. The ads are optional (thanks devs) and will just give you a boost. No pay to play. I love this game.

Kevin Croom

Never pay anything on the app about a month of play and hit the wall of no more upgrades so no more reason to play

Kelby Mann

Just as every1 says, good game, no new content. Beat it in about a month. If you like throwing away money, buy the upgrades. I maxed every trait, and every office, in a month for free. The developers respond saying they are working on new content, but it never comes. Dont talk about it, be about it. Just deleted the game. I would've stuck w/ it if they had more come out in the past 4 months, what a shame... and (this is for the developers) please don't respond. No one believes you at this point.

Norman Harris

It was fun for a while, until the 1st season started, and then my phone messed up. After purchasing several items in game, I replaced my phone and could not restore purchases I made to progress the season. Moral of the story, don't but anything in this Gamez because anything happens, you are screwed.

Brighton Joel

I lost all my data

Charisse Cruzada

how can i upgrade to max may room if it require an amount of 3.8M yet the max vault capacity is only 3.5 🤔

Tiffany Melvin


Aaron Lefever

i this gamey it it it is is fun funHelllo am am am a a a boy and and I born with adhd and I get hold and grab by my undies waist band to help me stay foccas and and pay atttion and don't run to 🚘🚗 when coming and don't get lost it easy to grab and hold pull my undies because my undies all way show back of my pants 😊😊😊

randall wright

if your wanting to upgrade you will be forced to buy products.

Al Jamal Ahmad

The graphics is actually good. But in order to play this game, you will have to continuously be watching ads, I mean like non-stop watching. Or.. You guessed it: P2W. At the beginning it is all fun and great, but the massive amount of ads is ridiculously boring. There is in a button for ad watching in every single space in the game, literally. And eventually you will end up either deleting the game or abandoning it. 2 stars for the graphics only. The concept is repeated but in different terms.

william lyons

Was fun for a while, only 2 special cases in the whole play through and they make it impossible to 100% without spending real money so 3*

Charlie Bull

really good game

DVG Shushanth

Remove ads game mode is best but it is slow


pretty straight foward

kim mills

UPDATE: WHEN ARE YOU ADDING NEW EVENTS... UPGRADE VAULT..SOMETHING... AM BORED AND WANT TO DELETE GAME..I WILL WAIT A LITTLE LONGER... UPDATE: NEED NEW EVENTS.. ITS GETTING BORING Update: I completed the new police event... Was good... Keep up the good work Need more events... 10.5 m in vault only... Everything is upgraded... Cant spend money... Nothing to spend on...

Rick Koralik

Upgraded everything and everyone, did two trials and have maxed out the vault at 10.5 million, now what? This game needs more activities.

Videos Mideos

This game is pretty decent! Love it, I'd say go and install this game and have fun! Very enjoyable game.

Sylvester CHEZA

the game is fine

Darrell Da'Emperor Ceasar

love it

Alfred Schmidt

nice game to play, but can't upgrade my traffic ticket office coffee machine to level 12 as the amount is $3889730 and the vault only stored 350000 on max level 10. and now all my stuff is maxed to all level and can't upgrade any more stuff as all is max level. now the game is stupid as there is nothing to do anymore. please update the game to continue the game play.

Ayanna Hubbard

It didn't even let me load in the game.

ASL 4 Life

I feel like this app's stealing my identity after what the dev said. Uninstalling! Pay to win or get forced to watch a million video. Also, rush to release. Could have been so much better. EDIT: Developer responded with a condescending "we don't FORCE you to watch them." Well, no. But if I want to avoid spending 11.99 and then another 6.99 twice, I have to watch them. Cheapest Option? 4.99! Stupid developer got his review lowered from 2 stars to 1. Stop replying!

Chanel Boxx

so far cute, but no cases

Samantha Maestas

Rating changed from 5 stars to 1 star due to the following: Unable to update game or play previous version of game.

Paul Graff

Cannot finish the game, because in the end the vault cannot hold enough money to finish. Frustrating....

Morgan Eihm

It would be okay if not for the money fluctuating between what I should get per case down to 500, and upgrading the % for income does NOTHING to that number, so I am making a fraction of what I should per case completion. I want to complain about the 1 builder and research, but they do toss a fair amount of free coins your way you can speed it up without paying real money.

Judy Ming

its great

Kyle Grabowski

Please add more realistic options into this game make it more realistic I love it though I want more punishments

Sovereign Vurmond

Great game

Christian Forsythe

Good game to kill time.

Daniel Paul

I normally don't leave reviews. But the fact that I am able to fully upgrade everything except for one single upgrade on traffic office 5 without spending real money is infuriating.

Nikhil Oommen

Really enjoyed this game ,fun to play need to time the upgrades but other than that it's awesome .It would be awesome if leaderboard is introduced and have a multiplayer feature were we can compete with other player in cracking a case . I don't know go nuts i enjoyed it hope more content keeps comming up .

Vidaann Harkey

This is a boring game it's for not worth playing this game

Adam Rogers

The game is fine aside from the extreme limitations it puts on you with the long build/research times. My biggest issue is that you can't actually complete the game. The last upgrade on the 5th traffic ticket office costs more than the max bank level can hold (almost $3.9 million cost vs. $3.5 million bank limit)


love it

Steven Ward

I liked until the game. Why I give it low rating was because I couldn't expand building my law firm unless I made purchases for more builders. I'm addition, I can't expand the vault because I need to buy something.

Omar Karae El

I'm Perry Mason now.

john benskin

Its a decent game. Plenty of ads. Only 1 level though. Be nice to have different levels or once you get the law firm up and running. Be able to unlock law firms in other areas/cities to get them running as well like it tells you to do in the beginning. Each place has its own perks or whatever.

Osama Rae D'naro


neff jones

To long to upgrade

Fazekill 2020

Good game 🎮👏👍

Kaytlyn Cottom

ads for rewards don't work. I have to exit out of app and reenter and then I can only play maybe one ad for a reward before I have to exit out again

Andrea B

This game is fun, but it lacks content. All you can do is fully upgrade the default office space. There are also 2 "seasons" where you actually go to trial, but after you do those there aren't any more. There's even a blank part of the office you can't upgrade yet. This game is a year old, so it's weird that it offers so little to do.