Law Empire Tycoon – Idle Game Justice Simulator

Author: Codigames

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Law Empire Tycoon – Idle Game Justice Simulator – Lawyers, Judges, Criminals and Verdicts. Lead an elite law firm and win cases.

Detailed info

File size: 162M
Update time: August 12, 2021
Current version: 1.9.2
Require Android: 5.0 and up
Developer: Codigames
Price: Free
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Customer review

Ervin Ervin

Civlle Court joustic DMV I'd SCC CCA fda FDIC master bath of America arm face ccas of apple CDL license for NY times Gaffney Cherokee county government for the Facebook group lawform meancol weathiest meancol right SSI

Cody Tillman

I have 100% nothing left to upgrade. Why is there no new content? What reason do I have to keep this game?




stuck on loading again.. the fk is this game?

Charlie Messenger



I have everything maxed out except the 5th traffic office. It's 3.8m to improve but the max vault limit is 3.5m so it's impossible to upgrade it since I'll never be able to store that much money. It also never allows me to double my money when you first open the app. My last 2 traffic offices never get any clients which is annoying. Other than that its a decent game.


Excellent Experiences.

alleyne (alleyne07)

Ive already upgraded everything. It looks like i have to pay in order to proceed to next parts. Hope let us just continue to play this game for free.

Eromosele Okoh

Nice game


I love this game! Best game made by Codi games so far in my experience!! Love everything about it, the animation, challenges, everything ♡ please make more games like this you guys are just truly amazing and your games make my day!!

Daniel Loja

I finished the game and there's no more you can do. No events, no reset, no new challenges. Now is a dead game.

audrey nacional

Omg 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱 this is the best app I've ever heard of 😅😱😱😱😱😱😱😱

Uswatun Hasanah Kadenun

I already maxed everything monthssss ago. And nothing new come up? If there's no information about what's new, I will uninstall this game and you just lose your loyal customer who willing to pay.

Joshua Dalisky

Themisssssasssaaassssaa Enjoy the coffee ipo --

Davina Cooks

Good Game To Relax Your Mind

Rashelle Murray

This game makes no sense. It's clear as mud. All the player does is tap to spend money, and wait forever to build anything OF COURSE time is shortened if you purchase tokens.

Eddie Place

Can't complete game 100%, because for the last upgrade you have to pay 4,5mln, while your max cash is 3,5mln..

Zachary Spitzer

I enjoyed the game until I realized I HAD to pay real money to increase my cash in the bank to purchase certain upgrades. Good game otherwise, very unfortunate design.

Wani Zainol

I love it lawyer Empire!!! ☺️👏

Pooria Orj

very good

Wise Guy

BEST lawyer game idle ever

John Shane

So i am done with the game. Not bad so far, So what next? is there going to be an upgrade? Or am i to uninstall? I will wait for a response from the developers of the game, if no response will uninstall after 3days thanks

Antu Nath

The game is good but it is a slow and lick the Phone

Ms. S. O'dell, JM

I not sure what the devs are working on since this game is maxing out in available progress. Unless you pay, you don't get cases that involve interaction-I've never seen courtroom, as in images; and literally every level-up takes a 3-8 hours to complete. The push for money (more builders) is way too desperate. So, I doubt I'll continue past maxing the people and offices. Because there is nothing else. Just nothing.

zack laughlin

It's something to do for a few minutes a day. You can beat it pretty quick (a month or 2) just casually playing. There's 1 upgrade that can't be done as it's above the max vault value.

Danny Mogashoa

the best tycoon game no ad's just play the way you want ☝️☝️👏

Steve Frederick

Too many ads to be enjoyable.

Pragya Gupta

No update game is stuck

kory eskridge

Fun to play but I went through it in about a week or so maybe two and now there is no update since May it says so I guess it's over.

Peter Berden

Too many ads

Mujiv Brandon Manuel

I just downloaded this game like seconds ago, and it's pretty good so far! I've enjoyed this game so far 😊

Glykeria Pietri

The 2nd season never comes. I regret paying money for this game. Very boring and ends too early.

Felipe Cleante

Poor game development, huge time to build things, pay to win

Brandon Boone

It's a fun game however half of the time you watch an add for a bonus it will have you watch the full add then the game will reset and you don't get the bonus. It's very irritating to opt in for an extra add and have that happen. I'll fix my rating when the bug disappears

CH Charan Rao

The game started off good but there is a lack of actual drive to continue. There was an event and it ended and nothing has come up since. I literally just had to spend every 5 hours opening the game to collect the passive money and it was no longer fun. The worst is I upgraded everything but 1 and I cannot because it is pay to win. This is really frustrating. We can only hold 3.5 mil in the bank and the upgrade costs 3.8 mil and to get more money storage we need to pay.

Leon Lenderman

Can't finish the last upgrade on traffic ticket without spending money to get a bigger vault

David Osborne

Others have made the same points about time gates and running out of upgrades, but it was the trial that ruined things for me. The choices of evidence to present make little sense when they're so similar, leading to a repetitive and frustrating guessing game, redoing the trial over and over.

nathan higgins

great game

parham fallah

So bad👎

Task Force 131

Good game but IA are not good designed. Fix the courier she only go to first room and the other rooms got nothing... If that get fix you will get 5 star .

Nikila Bhutia

This game is boring

Sri Sangeeth

Very boring game

mohlomi makgalemele


Sara Morales

Honestly it's a fun game but two things. The update in cases (as in case stories) take too long, so you have to wait like 3 weeks for a new case and once you've updated all the room to their max levels there is nothing else. Also I don't know if it's just my game but there is a bug where the last level is above the limit of your bank so there is no way to level it.

Samantha Gosse

Love the game Can you update your idle tv game it keeps crashing upon opening. And it's my favorite 😁

Random Propeller

Games Dead. No updates in almost 4 months

Amidu Bah

Great game

Rick Arnold

Very slow process, it would be a great game though.


Not recommended

Mira Licht


Laert Beshiri

Played the game, seems nice, but after 2 weeks of playing the game becomes really slow on moving forward as everything gets really expensive, and i dont understand the point of this, u build the entire empire easily and then what?? I upgrade smth it needs 4 5 hours, so i ended up playing the game only 30 seconds in a whole day. And also i dont understand the point of buying coins in this game? Hello!!

Ana Bee

Actually this is a good game. It's concept is really nice but after the first event (golden chess piece) there is no more event after that. This game didn't have an update for months now. Sad really

Jmorisn Gail Bayless

i like this game. i dont know much about the law and other stuff related to it. but this does help me learn more about it and who takes care of what haha i am enjoying the game so far.

Michael Christian

So what now? I am done, what now? The only upgrade left requires me to pay real money. Doesn't seem fair especially considering I had paid for some bonuses when I could but now I am not able to. At least your other games has you progress to a new location be it a prison, hotel, or TV station. Not with this game. So I ask again, what now?

Lindsey Maharidge

I've upgraded everything I can upgrade until I can have more space in My Vault. Trial court cases don't come as frequently as they should. I don't see the point in logging anymore until there's an update

Cool Ceaze

I love it

Ali G

Meh. Uninspired and annoying protagonist.

Yenny Setiawan

Can't wait for the next update!

Hikaru Chord

Cute little idle game. Almost full completed it, which brings me to my only complaint - the final upgrade in traffic office #5 costs more money than you are physically allowed to hold at one time. Incredibly frustrating that close to having everything unlocked. Fix that and this review jumps up to 5 stars!

Mc Kush


Elizabeth Heafey

Love the game so far except now that I have upgraded everything..there is one traffic ticket office I can't due to the cost being 3.8 million and the vault maxing out at 3.5

Sivaram Balaganesh

Worst App, my storage is maxed out but the update for traffic tickets is asking more coins over my coin storage

Joseph Arnold

Good game really like it, however it's been crashing every 3rd ad. I only watch them for the bonus and that's the only reason fir the two stars


I love it


game is very good 👍

Rod Jones

False advertisement. Gameplay is garbage to

Janelle Tanner

I love this game


Mai download kar raha hu to kyu nahi ho raha hai haaaa sale kutta log

Victor Marcial

It is not a good 😡😡😡

Kwok Hoe Lim

It's normal for these kind of games to slow down(require additional builders, or watch ads for money) after a period of time. But this game needed ads right from the start. The income is really low so you'll need to spam ads, every tiny upgrade requires research. Every upgrade takes a really long time.

Gabe Z

They make u click watch ad to earn money and the game is too slow. Classic lousy developer's way to earn profit for them

The PotatoAssassin32 (ThePotatoAssassin5)


Christian Minor

I love these game

Zach Heal

Haven't actually started yet cause the game screen is too big for my phone can't hit the x

Harshita singh

Very good game


game keeps freezing

Scarlett Sinclaire

The game got me hooked instantly, running the ads wasn't really an issue but i still paid to have them removed (not very cheap btw), but after you upgrade everything its just... Done. Its been a few months now and there doesn't seem to be an update coming so i havent really opened the game. Been waiting for an event but nothing of the sorts.. regret spending the money if im honest

Sivasankar Sathiyamoorthy

Very slow play. The game doesn't looks like what they show in the Playstore images.

Olivia Chukwu

I like the game BUT...... The max vault amount is 3,500,000 but in order to upgrade my 5th traffic ticket office to level 5(V) I need 3,889,730 make it make sense..... I gave one star because no one has yet to respond to this post 8/19/22

Sikandar Khan



Solid game but gets boring fast

Justin Myles

Only issue i have is i have upgraded everything. It said there was a new case i went in and there is nothing there. So nothing to do until new case

Adri ana

It is the most absurd game I have ever played in my life. A game in which you are watching advertisements in which they offer you to win real money playing other games, how ironic!!🙄

Cristian Eugen Tolontan

Expensive as an USS Gerald R Ford


Nice game, but too many adds.

Dustin Ceneviva

Add more content. This game is dead

Shane West

good so far just started playing


Not a lot to do, I think at this point I'm just curious on what all the offices look like when maxed out.

Hovannes Ohanian

The game is very detailed and enjoyable to play. It is also very helpful with what you need to do. I also love watching the place come together.

Evay Mcknight

Don't know what happened but it just started messing up. I got to level 290 ok season two of the trial with the cop accusing you of corruption then it just stops my progress. I'm so pissed off I spent real money to.

sriyannachu K

It's so good excellent

Shibu Raj

I like your all games but this is not a good game please upgrate it

Cotty J. Lukk

Cool app!

Espen Østrem

You need in-game purchase to complete all the building.


w game

Katie Bradshaw

Interesting game, but a lot of waiting. It feels like a lot of tycoon games have gone to the long waiting route lately to encourage people to spend money. I only got about 20min of playtime before having to wait 4hrs to do anything else unless I wanted to feed cash into the game to speed up time. If you don't mind waiting, it's not so bad, but it feels painfully slow very quickly into the game.

Eki Maulana

Stupid courier, there's a bug with courier

shayan kanone

To many downloads

Nawab Shahidsial

needs of improvement!


It is a fine game until the very last task. You have to pay in order to complete the game