Last Ninja: Idle Adventure

Author: YAO GAME

500,000+ install
Role Playing


Last Ninja: Idle Adventure – Now it’s time to embark on the age of ninja!

Detailed info

File size: 4.3M
Update time: February 3, 2021
Current version: 2.0.6
Require Android: 5.0 and up
Developer: YAO GAME
Price: Free
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Customer review


Game is so good,No ads ,no lag I love this game this is best naruto game I ever played

Ena Espanola

Last ninja id

Boris Jonsan

Not to bath

Isneya Gurung

It's so amazing I love it so much

Ka'eo Himalaya

i can't even press start dude

дони дони

Четкая игра

Muhammar Hassan

Bahuh jowol n game ini

ashraff kamarudin


Leighanne M. Neztmari


Mihir Sookun

Amazing game🥰

sergio cazares

Wow nice game needs more character other then that the game is really fun



lone wolf

Lovely game

Jessica Martinez

It's a really good game

Gddlaneiaka Apollo

so sad

Hangchha Rai

Dont dowlod this game because you cant even open this game

milyn javier

Great game

Olis Rashiti

Its nice game.

Xavier Gilmore

Love it

Mohamad fairuz Mohamad faizal

good game

Jason Smith

Game is fun and easy to play but I rate it at 4 stars because they push payment so hard. Everytime I log in they push paying for sasuke or extra rewards. With slow internet these pop-ups are not helping the game load at all and even if internet was faster to have to say no everytime the game loads would still get old.

Kim Jung-hwan

Very good

Ninjaboy J

In my opinion

Stephen Tinson

Very fun and addictive.

Samantha Vallejo

It soon good 👍

Yahya Mh


Ryan Sooklalsingh

Great game lots of fun events

josuet gonzalez


Saptarshi Mondal


mr chill

Copied but yes

nasir sadiq

i dont like the game

FaZe_Babilon Azrif

Very addictive And fun

The Unknown


Kevin King

It's a fun game frfr to pass the time

Andy Masters

Way better than expected

Kim Jay Donceras

Nice game

gareth graham

Cool game

Alexander ace Deguzman

Cute ko

Jimmy Juwe


Brandon Flores


Nagicumbi Nanduhura

very good app

Stefan Nemanja Gajić


Nikoka Ivanovski


Veera Samy

I can't use codes

Niall Caldwell

It's amazing the effects are crazy awesome 👌

Larry De la cruz



love it

mhd anep


Hayden Guinn


Snow Johnson

Great game,however it lags changing from home to other things...maybe try to make it better because it takes alot to load

Talha Sadiq

Awesome game

Misaki Usui

Game setup is fun to play. And it's has lots of in game free content that's make player to stick up.

Oen Jeffers


johnny hernaez

Best game I can't wait to see madara

Temuujin Temka


John Denver Magadia

ah loding 😈


preety good game

Kingly Dreadvic

Excellent experience and job

Curly Fries

Good if you a fan of the anime

Ghafoor jrii Haque


andy daniel

Get this deal quickly, a two for one star special only $5.99

Li Ha Jin

I can't even open the game

clint mcgregor

Very fun

KitheSage el

Great time waster

hulu and netflix

its a ok game

not _Eydo

Very good game I love it

Nga king1256

I like

Tyreen Wright

Good game so far


This is a good game expecialy if you loke Naruto. For those saying its pay to win, yes to a point it is but how do you expect the people that run it keep running it? The game can get pricy but you cam also get good at the game and learn it. Its not a hard game either. I havnt been playimg that long and im top 100 on my server for pvp amd theres alot ofnpeople with paid ninjas that cant beat me. So all in all if you like Naruto youd like this game and no you dont have to pay to be good.

Jordan Yonkman

Great idle game and it's an anime I like watching

Mr Fir


Gamer dota2

i like

KING Leitch


Clash X4

Nice game

Yagami Hudson

Good game

Alias Acosta

This game is awesome!(I am not a bot)

Pot Head

Grate game

Phillip Luevano

Great game

miki miki

Pretty good game so far...

Jaylen Stuckey

Its cool

Tejas Dhongade


Sören Kintscher


Jamie Fagg

amazing game

Linkin Lowery

Awesome game dude

Steven Drosias

A cool naruto idle game

krptonian kid

Not bad it's little repetitive but I like it so far

rama dhoni


Lamiaa osman

I love Naruto

Leeroy Burrows

Is one good game of narto fans I recommend it to you

Vikram Jadon




Stephen Ocheido

this is not even a real game


Good, but slow. Might just be my internet tho.

Zackary Parker

Wow I love it

Dalton Justice

Super fun and easy to play, been a fan of naruto for years, and I like this game a lot

ajboy magpale

Greate game and its fun good work

It’s Umer


Terry Sparks

Good so far

Blood Demon

Am pawsome game

damian young

I've been having a lot of fun with this game so far, it doesn't seem to require any in app purchases to play, they only appear to be unnecessary bonuses. It's a little slow to respond at times, but otherwise it's great.