Last Hunter – Gear Collecting Defense

Author: Oblique Line

100,000+ install
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Last Hunter – Gear Collecting Defense – Become stronger by collecting gears and hold the endless horde of monsters back!

Detailed info

File size: 75M
Update time: September 10, 2021
Current version: 1.0.0570
Require Android: 4.4 and up
Developer: Oblique Line
Price: Free
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Customer review


Games pretty awesome. Lots of options of skill set to go for.


I love it

Leo Madero

I can't even play it, it just gives me an alert when I boot it and closes when I press ok, or what I assume to be ok because it is in chinese

Jackie Pro

I watch the Ads but, only after watching FULLY about 3 to 4 Ads, I then get my reward. I don't understand if this is for some reason how the game is set up or if it's a glitch. If it's a bug or glitch, I ask for it to be fixed because I do enjoy this game. This game is fun and that's why I don't mind showing support through Ads however, I shouldn't have this issue to watch multiple Ads for a reward.

KenZ Deprecated

Best 2021 Game Online (?) REWARD - Change Time of Device = Ban - I PAID TONS OF MONEY AND U BAN ME - THANKS SCAMMER

Ash Kla

Do away with the energy system.

Josehp Yuir C. Villafanai

[How To Play Last Hunter - Gear Collecting Defence] [Step 1: Instal game] [Step 2: Open game and Play game] [Step 3: Close game] Step 3.5: Chrashed Set4 p: EMAG LATSNINU [Step 5: repeat step 1]


The game is fun at first but as you get further along you realize there is a major lack of actual content, the energy system needs twerked so you can progress quicker, and there NEEDS to be some sort of on game wiki for items and affects. So many items say "buffs this skill or relic" but when I go looking for said buff on said skill or item I can't find it. The other thing that needs changed is endless mode need to actuay be endless levels not just you can challenge the level endlessly.

Nope Nope again

What the hell? I posted a 1 star review yesterday because my save file is no longer available regardless what I do and it's still unavailable and today I find the review gone and just a 5 star is posted. I'm flagging this game.

Unnamed Sandwich

do you have a wiki for this? loving this game! edit: can you please disable screen timeout? so we could play afk

Gabe Scherschun

It's not really fun


Fun but there is no idle feature

Rylee Cherrington

Doing a edit after having the game for 3 months. Still a 5 star game. Awesome strategies and tons of different possible builds. The customer service is super good with their responses. Possible ideas: add a arena mode to battle others, add a truly endless mode that skips by the 100s.

Mozar Manning

Cant progress pass Tutorial key reward claim, screens grey and can't click any thing can't Play more. Seems fun for the 2 times I was able to play Problem was fixed, I am currently enjoying the game.

Srijan Sanam

I got a key to open the chest and the tutorial takes me to the shop but everything is grayed out and I can't click anything else. I restarted and she says congratulations and gives me the key again and takes me into the shop and I'm stuck again.


Pretty good game, seems a little easy but it's a nice easy.

Gemini Arch

Spent a small bit of dosh to buy the "no ads" upgrade and the game is a blast. Very fun collection game


Cool pixel game, finding in it a lot of fun ! Just question , where we can track or find redeem coupon codes ?

Alexis torres

Very intertaning

Husnu Huseyin

So far besides the annoying tutorial the game seems fun however my issue is with the fact that unless you sign up or sign in with Google or Facebook some of the reward mechanisms are unavailable until you do. Why have a guest option at all then if you're going to prevent access to parts of your games features eg; your chest reward wether it be via trying to watch an ad or use the allocated tokens. It's a real shame you guys have decided to take that route, it simply shows greed.


Game is fantastic, everything gets better with time and this one will have my attention for a while to come... I can't wait to see what the future holds!! They didn't even HAVE to respond, they just fixed the issue! Wonderful customer support!!


Half your time is spent watching ads if you don't want to severely handicap yourself.

Max Dpt

Getting a LIAP ALERT when opening the game which closes it. Content is not written in English

Eric Lee

This game should be called "watch this ad to get this" you can literally play 10 mins of this game with 8 mins of the 10 mins playing ads... not the game...

Thomas Greaves

That first boss was nuts. I like it so far.

ken san

Dude the game crushed while watching add

Andy Febrico Bintoro

Interesting, the gameplay was a tower defense like defender, but it has energy. For this kind of game, the energy was annoying. Also need google play achievement.

nothing better

해보면 생각보다 재밌다 ㅎㅎ


The game is good i just let it run and I become super op i got a rank:special sword its insanely.Good try the game and review it its also fun because I like idle game but this one of the best idle games.

Neonscp 69

I had a fun time really distracting and addicting recommend 10/10

Justin Espericueta

Good time killer

Tristan Y.

The game requires the permission to look at my personal info. Uninstalled.

Dakota Morche

It's a Great game! Had a bit of an issue with one of my purchases but they helped me resolve it and gotten it taken care! Great developers and great game 5 stars!!!

A James

Fun time killer

Papa KnoxxX - Paladins Hard and Raw

This game doesn't want you to win. You'll learn this when the game force crashes and closes conveniently only after you've won the dungeon. My game is currently soft locked because I never got the results screen, forcing me to close. Upon reopening the app, not only did it make me do the last floor again, but with different items that AREN'T what I used to win. In fact, I can't win with any of the combinations, but after the change, this combination is now permanent until I lose. Screw you.

Kevin Wright

What a rip off after I put money into the game I decided to play on my tablet and then when I played on my phone it told me I cheated and stop letting me play beware don't switch device or it will ban you.

Agent Doritos

its a good game with not too many ads and has good gameplay

Treyvon Jones

Its a great game and i think some day i would do a speedrun on this because that was the most amazing defender game and it should get a 5 star rating.

Than Andy

Game isn't bad, I can see improvements on descriptions happening which is good but we really need a community. I don't know what some stuff does, the best way to invest my shards and which gears to keep or dismantle. Skills are very vague. For some reason one boss is immune to crits which makes him impossible to kill.

Gio Garcia

Love it


Loved the game till the new ad heavy way it has gone...

Marc B.

Would be an amazing game if it didn't constantly ask for you to watch an ad.

Lorenzo Torres

Softlock during the store tutorial. Impossible to progress. Just a dark screen as if there was dialogue happening. Nothing fixes it.

Josh McCormick

Ok game

Robie Stewart

Brilliant game

hunter lewis

It keeps freezing the crashing after loading an ad slows down when fighting the waves and its endless mode not take a break every twenty waves and lose all your stuff


Great game but NEEDS FIX! Please can you fix this issue. The game is really good and definitely has potential but thr game keeps crashing I can't get past the loading screen. This morning I was playing fine and now it's not working I even uninstalled.


Unable to play the game. Using samsung S20+ Ultra. Tried to uninstall and installing back. Also tried restarting my phone but the game just could not get through the loading screen after log in

Michael Pattison

I dont mind games with ads where you can choose to use it for extra rewards. You can only access the buying chests if you first watch an ad.


I do like this concept. I am not sure if this is still in beta or early access. You do lack of content and companions. You definitely need to add more companions than just the ones that you earn down the chapters. I love this game but I have no idea if this is still an early access or beta. But overall so far it has a very good concept continue to improve the game and you will go far.

Eric Ting Hung Seng

Hi, one of my relic is bugged, can help resolve?


Too much going on, to the point where I can't be bothered and don't really care learning about or upgrading anything.


Where did my 1st review go? It could have been worded better, but erasing it seems shady as heck. Going to have to drop a star for that. Endless is not endless, 20 waves lol. Then you have to do the next 20, but you have to grab powerups again. Why call it endless, there is a ranking mode, same exact thing almost. Why have 2 of the same thing almost, just varying name? I like the concept alot, but execution is average for me. Auto aim doesn't target mobs near your hero first, also fun.

Jordan Bowles

Wa a great enjoyed but for some reason it decided I cheated and wouldn't open anymore and said it deleted my acquired items. Shame very disappointed

JACOB Rathsmann

Pixel Meth!!!

Kent Pitcher

Will not launch on my Pixel 5

Brandon Roberts

Why does it need access to my Google drive not? Something is not right here.

Dai Nguyen

Love your game

Jacob Vassilew

Ill give 5 stars once i feel i played enough to fully judge the game... Just started literally one hour prior...

Daryl Jackson

Just beat the first boss so far so good

Joseph Massaro

Cool game but randomly accused me of cheating and locked me out.

Varley Kloehn

I don't like that they ask for access to your drive

Curtis Fennewald

Nice td/idle game. Good time passer

Foopy Master

I dunno what to say, imagine a good game, plus a good game, combined with another good game, to get this game... What else can I say?

Nikk Ongaro

If you don't sign in and give them all of your information they block a critical part of the game (opening the loot boxes for gear that they give you keys to open with) and there is no point in continuing. If I want to play as a guest you should accomodate that and respect that choice. Would give it 0/5 if I could

Caswyck McCloud

Was banned for cheating literally after finishing the tutorial.I was not cheating nor have cheats, Right after accepting the tutorial reward, game crashed and I was told i had been bannedfor cheating.

Gabriel Harmon

The app closes on the loading screen at the start. It's a really good game so I'll keep it installed till they fix the problem. Edit: the dev team is awesome! They responded to me by email and personally fixed my problem! If you haven't already downloaded this game do it already.

Michael Doan

Overall great little game. It needs some clearer instructions though. What is strike vs shrapnel vs sword? You'll have to mess around with the skills to understand which is which.

Justin Kilcrease

Really enjoying this game, seems like a lot of ways to make high end builds which i love diversity. Can't find a discord or reddit to discuss mechanics and builds tho.

Summer Harrison

Not sure of the point of this game. Literally just plays itself.

Joey Shelley

Doesn't let you sign in. Will change if you fox your issue. Edit: it sounds like you know why I'm having login issues. No other game does this to me. If you need to troubleshoot the issue with me personally than you don't care about the next guy who has the same problem. I don't want to play your buggy game

Eric Lewis

pretty stinkin good

David Marriott


Jack Smith

개발자 피드백이 빠르고 친절하다