Laser Beam 3D – drawing puzzle

Author: GOODROID,Inc.

1,000,000+ install


Laser Beam 3D – drawing puzzle – Draw and defeat the enemy!

Detailed info

File size: 76M
Update time: July 21, 2021
Current version: 1.1.2
Require Android: 5.0 and up
Developer: GOODROID,Inc.
Price: Free
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Customer review

Altaf Saheb

More ads than game. In 1 game there are 2 to 3 ads. If u play games for 30 mins then actually ur watching add for 15 to 20 mins in that game because the ads are minimum 15 second and each game can b as low as for 10 secs. Pathetic game. They r Adtube in disquise

Marjorie Bulao

Horse 🐴

Irene Mendillo

somany ads

Ahmad .9iqx

Too many ads

Bodie Edwards

Adds....way 2 many Don't waste your time Dissapointed and Uninstalling

Berukti Yohannes


Jesse Waite

Too many ads keep your game it's not worth a s***.

Boogie Samaniego

Good game Is GameStop hey I good

Sue R

Very boring. The same stages keep repeating, over & over, nothing new. And what's the coins for?? Also, WAY TOO MANY ADS! Actually, the ads are more interesting! This wins Most Boring Game of the Year! It doesn't even deserve that 1 star! Uninstalling.

Ghulam Raza


harish Ragavan

I am First player

Sujan Kharel


Rizwan Alam

guywhoIandisIisis. achah. ammi4d

Grant Wolfe

Couldn't get it to open

Alexander Springer

Way too many ads. Ad after every level. Got to level 3 and uninstalled.

Jay Hooey


Mostafa Kavosi

سلام من از این بازی خیییییییییییییلی خوشم اومد 5 🌟 کافی نیست هزار میلیارد کافی است

no one

a cash grabber

Lurch Logan

It's 1st person view, so I don't understand being able to unlock characters?... Because it's in 1st person view so nothing changes. Other than that, you're able to unlock different beam colors. Which is Ok but that's about it. Why not different enemies, locations, cement pieces etc. Collecting gold coins is pointless when you can unlock everything with rewards ads. Didn't care for it. Meh... 2/5

Ilia Omrani

ایلیا للقه بحبح

Crown Idahosa


Abdul Sami

It nice to have this game😍🤗😙😚😙😇😚🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗



Merlin Yoder

Good Lord what's with all the ads. You only need a third of the ads. I don't think this game is that expensive to make. And then if all the annoying ads ain't enough you have to watch more ads to get new props and upgrades. Goodness sakes alive.

Lavan Mobile


Saadaam Abdirahman


Anita Bryant

No rate apps only one star can't clear

Mk Ash

Really enjoyed the game

Petie Wheatstraw

Good game BUT... ...ADS..ADS..ADS.. DON'T BOTHER UNLESS YOU JUST LIKE TO WATCH ADS !!! 👎😵‍💫 You developers need to tone it down on the ADS or all your going to get are 1 ⭐ reviews and I gave you that one so I could post, in other words I take my one star ✨ back. I didn't play the game far 5 minutes and uninstalled. 👎😡🤥

Pete Morelli

To early to tell.

Tijn Wessels

Bad quality app and too many ads

Mike S

Far too many ads

Reynaldo Mangcucang


stephen barnes

Great Game

Tanjila Sayed

5masa 5 byurger

Muhammad Younis

Tookoooooooo much ads so boring

Imran Shakir


Malik Haseeb

I didn't like this

Moijuddin Ali


Chase Booth

I hate it

James-Mike Spindler- Bond

This app is horrible because you can't enjoy the game because after every scene there's a commercial. That commercial requires three or four clicks to get out of and at least a 30 second wait the commercial plays.

Raja Waleed


Qishwar Sultan

This is bad game

Holden Shepard

Plays an ad after every level. Spend more time watching ads than playing.

Gotimayum Shantikumari


Kiran Kiran


Umer Azeem

This very nice game but it have many adds and adds

Gary Wasylenko

Way too many ads. Nearly no game play without an ad in between... also needs variety... scenes repeat.

Najim Uddin

I like hot hams bd srk

میلاد صفری

این بازی عالیه حتماً نصب کنید

Zara Khan

Worst game ads ads and ads... and repeating levels only and it's not like how it seen in ad🙄

High sword

Game is good i love it

Abdullah Bhai


Crystal jade Manalo


Raju Shah

Very badddddddddd gameewewee

Sajida Rashid

I would give it a zero to much add like l am playing 1 percent and watching adds 99 percent don't waste your time playing and installing this game

Adeel Shah G

The most amazing game except for the ads have ruined it

Patricia Sumirah

Game terbaik

niser Baloch

Is very bad

Jesse Clover

Completely unplayable. Why are there so many games that just display a network error when you open them. If your game can't be played offline then delete it form the store.

Rizalde Deseo

I love this game

Sopner Prithibi

L's tums

Naveed Rajput

tooooooooooooo much ads with that much ads you can't play every second round has ads WTH how a child or person could play so I'll to remove it. I won't suggest others to download it otherwise game is fun.

Maryam khodadadi

سلام این بازی عالی است ومن خواهر زنعموم ان را نصب کردهبود من هم نصب کردم

Thomas McCarron

Tedious thanks to adverts. Play for five seconds, watch an advertisement for fifteen seconds. Play for five seconds, watch another advertisement for thirty seconds. No point in playing so I've uninstalled it.

A.B.I.Y nexus

Nice game

Khabsahib G

Vari Bad App

Blood Luffy


techno gamers

Amazing and good please download i love free fire laser beam 3D is loser free fire is best

Pink Rose

I give this game only star but I didn't download

mohammad dehban

Thanks vre good♥️🥺

Rhoan Mamasalanang

Omar Ddg Vv

Henok Mesfin


Faher Ali

too many ads and graphics of 1915 C.E. games.

Eman Mudesir

I hate this game it have many add

Hoshiyar Singh

This game is good and very amazing but you are saying that there is so many ads first open data and open game wait forb2 second and close data and then no ad come please try these trick and downdload this game it is good. 🤟🤟

Kobra Ja'farpour

عالی عالی عالی عالی

Sufyan Ahmed


Jahan Zaib

Very nice

Ch shoaib Chohan

Ch shoaib Rajpot chohan

Munwar munwar

Ubaid Raza

Kuda Man

Far too many ads to make it even remotely enjoyable


Very bad game not have fun only ad's ad's ad's

Walter Arcenal

At state 20 is hard i tried many plans i can only hit the one guy at the buttom Nerd! Fix this

Harry Dobbs

Bad just bad loads of ads

aynaz karmi


Clare Parker

it's good but it repeats the same levels

erik Gonzalez

Soo much ads



Georgina Barus

Its fun.....although Im just going to find one similar that doesnt have an add after every single level

Mike Papas

Very simple, all ads!

A Google user

An add after EVERY screen is total BS. I'll keep an eye out for your name on a game so I don't load one again.

Karim Taha

Ads every two seconds, and if you turn you internet off to prevent ads the game won't even run.

Matt S.

Data farming app

Ramesh Ramesh

ᴏɴᴇ ᴏɴ ᴏɴᴇ ʙʀᴀʙᴀʟᴀᴍ ᴀᴅs ᴀᴅs ᴀᴅs

Vikas Gowda

Very good to get the link below and capitalism

Alone Foji

U . Jo hi uuu to to yo yo yo uuyyt to touch timing hi ni no Jo Jo Jo hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi gy CT CT b by ni ni

Shazia Naveed jee


Rashid Ali

Nice Game

Mera kalam Meri Awaaz