Las Vegas Tycoon

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Las Vegas Tycoon – Get ready for starting an amazing journey as a casino manager in this brand new Las Vegas Tycoon simulation game!

Attract whale guests and generate enough cash flow to keep building and decorating your casino to be the icon of the city Las Vegas.

Game Features:

– 38 different types of guests including 10 VIP or Whale guests, each of them has their own unique character and storyline to be found.
– Various type of vehicles carry different level guests, bus with normal tourists, Rolls Royces with super VIP guests.
– Requirements, reservations or bet requests, guest events always remind you to work harder as the manager of this iconic casino of this city.
– Hundreds of decoration items for you to make your casino distinctive and standout.
– Leveling up your casino to unlock VIP rooms in special themes. VIP room in different themes will have completely exclusive appearance and decorations items.
– Managing your casino by providing various fun mini games to make your guests entertained.

No more hesitation! Join the Las Vegas Tycoon and become the best casino manager of this city!

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Update time: Sep 20, 2022
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Developer: LvtElite
Price: Free
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Customer review

Cheeto Lord

Pretty decent game overall. What drove me to get it is the 5.0 star rating -- I have never seen that before! Sadly, upon closer inspection, a vast majority of the 5 star ratings were all posted on the same day, with similar broken, strange writing styles, and with basic names. Someone clearly illegitimately boosted this games ratings. It would probably be a 4.5 star game otherwise (or worse, alot of the real comments complained about a lot of bugs.)

Ryan Olah

Just another ad machine disguised as a game.

andy lim

downloading stuck for 1 hours hahahaha

Uccadeva Khan

Superb, better than anything else, use a hundred times, I really feel it, I support it

Centrone Bulah

It's good to use, it's very good, it's really good to use it, it's good to use it

Tushar Shaikh

Very nice nice. Very nice nice. super nice nice

Jothiraj Kumar

Very useful. Be sure to download!

Finchum Grammatica

The size is really small. Such conscience software is becoming less and less

Jinaputra Kaur

The praise is worth it. It's easier to use than I imagined, and I can't stop at all

Jimuta Ram

I really think this software is very useful! !

Jenil Patil

It's simple and straightforward. You can tell at a glance

Jeevaraj Khan

Functional and practical. Simple interface. It's fast, it's good

Jaysukh Khatoon

Five-star support, good, very interesting, I prefer a professional, a good professional that is not tired of using the brain has always been very useful

Jayawant Gupta

The professional is really good. The professional software is very easy to use. The professional software is addictive. This professional software is so easy to use. It definitely exceeds the price.

Jayaraj Singh

It's good to use, you can also

Jayanth Behera

Very useful. runs smoothly

Jayad Acharya

The Buddha said that you have to look back five hundred times in your past life before you can pass it by in this life.

Wasden Clotilde

It’s so easy to use, I will always support you, it’s so useful, don’t want it if it’s useful, I’ve never seen it like this, it’s really easy to use, I can’t stop using it all the time

Jawahar Sarkar

Good good good good, but not particularly good.

Javed Mandal

Very easy to use, conscience, few comments but this one is really good, very attentive, worth using, recommended

Jashith Thakur

I've seen so many reviews, it's very good

Jasamit Khatoon

Not bad good software, it's all word of mouth, support

Jarnu Prakash

The original software of the movie is really different. The software is the same as the promotion of the movie, and it is easy to get started. Like the on-hook system, free your hands, haha, I like this kind of software.

Japan Singh

I see a lot of people using this! !

Janya Khatoon

I like this style of app, beautiful and practical

Gaytan Doyne

Very good stuff. been looking for a long time

Jalbhushan Patil


Jakarious Khan

Good product, easy to use, it is really too cheap to use this good and easy-to-use product, it will not be boring, I want to develop a masterpiece at work and hope to update and develop more

Jaishankar Kamble

It's so small! !

Jaishankar Acharya

Very good, continue to develop better and better application software!

Dahley Suomela

A very easy to use one is really easy to use, the classic is not good, just use it

Jagatjita Acharya

Very durable and highly leisurely software

Jagath Lal

After using it, I recommended it to a friend of mine, and later found out that almost all of my friends have used it.

Jaganmani Naik

I recommend it to everyone, I haven't felt any bad after using it

Jagamohana Patil

Looking forward to it! come on!

Paulman Stefania

It's really easy to use and simple, not bad, nothing else is required

Witaszek Nevue

Nice gadget.

Tuhinsurra Mandal

, It's really easy to use, it's okay, it's okay, it's okay, use both hands and eyes, the classic software is easy to use, it's really good

Trilok Behera

Download it with a try attitude. Very useful

Timir Solanki

Very good and useful. No traffic is required. awesome

Tigma Naik

Super useful! ! What do you want! great

Thirumoli Nath

Overall very good

Thairiyan Kumar

As long as it is good, it must be liked

Thairiyan Behera

Yes, the software is quite good, the software is beautiful, I got back the feeling I used to use, it's easy to use, it's easy to use, it's really easy to use

Tejas Sarkar

Great professional is indeed a masterpiece of professional software, I like the style very much, the picture is good, the cv is powerful, the professional is really easy to use and easy to use, I hope it can be done better

Tarun Kaur

good, great, very good to use, like, can't put it down, use it and want to use it, simple and interesting conscience, very good

Guilianelli Tse

Great . Very cool. Brand new version. Brand new UI. Get started very quickly. worth having

Tariq Gupta

very good very good

Tariq Acharya

A good game, easy to use, worth it, a work of conscience, really easy to use and easy to use, more interesting, at least not so much money

Tapur Khan

very good and useful application

Tapur Gupta

Very useful. Be sure to download!

Taporaj Gupta

It feels pretty good. It's much better than many martial arts software on the market. It's still a classic.

Tapasya Singh

oh, that's nice

Crozier Guisti

I really think everyone can use it! !

Tansu Yadav

good, very useful

April Hartman

Ads brake the game sound

Moenius Herne

Five-star praise, conscience is durable, conscience is conscience, be patient, very enjoyable to use, good software

Tama Thakur

Good application software. Let me be free! !

Takshak Nath

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Taksa Ram

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Syum Lal

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Syona Khan

love this software

Syona Gupta

Very easy to use. in all browsers. Better to use one.

Syam Ram

Super interesting application software, I dig, I dig! Ha ha

Svetaki Prakash

Very useful. very convenient

Svetabhadra Lal

It is worth having, if there are more activities, it will be better if there are more diamonds. Super super easy to use, recommend everyone

Svetabhadra Khan

It's a lot of fun, it's great

Sushobhan Mandal

Nice nice software. you deserve to have! !

Jagadip Sharma

The overall feeling is not bad. Been using it all the time! !

Jagadeesh Kamble

I like it very much, the level is very easy to hang up, and it is easy to earn money and practice skills, and there are many beauties above.

Tefera Craddieth

Really useful. It is convenient for life and it is very useful

Sivi Naik

This is also very useful

Leiker Omarah

Addictive, not bad, rare good software is good hahahahahahaha

Stefford Hachigian

Relatively good to use a software, not bad

Bushell Santistevan

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Hitakrit Mandal

It's poisonous, it's addicting, it's impossible to stop, it's too addicting, it's very easy to use, and it's good to give a good review

Berbereia Hallaway

Well, the world's first easy to use, great, great, from 1 to 3, I have always liked it

Costas Gest

A good friend recommended it to me. really not bad! !

Hassan Kamble

Very good, very good to get started, the new continent, very good software, let me discover the new continent, share it with you, and wait for you to pull the weeds

Haricharan Behera

It took a while. feel pretty good

Habib Kumar

I saw a lot of people using it on the subway, so I downloaded it

Haha Shaikh

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Hansa Kamble

A very easy-to-use recommendation, really easy to use and easy to use, it just died too fast, really easy to use and easy to use I have been using it since the download

Gunbir Mandal

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Shatrunjay Gupta

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Halin Mandal

Very good, very good, very good. But not particularly good.

Gulfam Ram

good. good. good. very good

Shattesh Kumar

Good good, the software is really super durable, it is best to use it

Shakib Nath

Really easy to use

Govardhan Prakash

Easy to use, durable, can be used for now, the picture is good, the user is really easy to use, the task is done

Bikram Ram

It is quite convenient to use. very good!

Ghanashyam Prakash

I like it very much, this is the best I have ever used!

Girvaan Solanki

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Goutam Acharya

Very useful! Keep trying to be better!

Gangodaka Naik

It's very easy to use, the scene effect is very beautiful and the difficulty is moderate. I like it. The quality of the animation is very good. I can't stop. The software is cute and there are many props. I haven't fully understood it yet.

Fust Vaudrain

Not bad, the software is good, this software is really easy to use

Braisted Boardman

Okay, I have never been in contact with this kind of professional before. Looking at the high rating, I downloaded it with the attitude of giving it a try. It is really good and can't stop.

Rochan Kamble

Very good, very useful.

Brogren Luxton

I thought it was a nasty app. But it's really useful. really good

Erman Devi

Practical and easy to use Respond to the voices of the masses in a very timely manner~