Lanota – Music game with story

Author: Noxy Games Inc.

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Play the tunes and follow the rhythm, explore and revive the world. Unlock music of various genres, conquer specially designed boss-stages, and indulge in an artistic picture book!


2016 1st IMGA SEA “Excellence in Audio”
2017 Taipei Game Show Indie Game Award “Best Audio”
2017 13th IMGA Global Nominee
2017 Indie Prize Award in Casual Connect Asia “Best Mobile Game” Nominee


>> Innovative and Dynamic Rhythm Game

Not the rhythm game you used to know: we add unique animation to the plate you’ll be playing on. Dozens of fantastic music tracks and amazing boss-stage features, different charts and challenges; gentle or intense, beginners, advanced players and experts can all have their game!

>> Artistic and Refreshing Picture Book

“I trust that you, the one blessed by the gods of melody, can surely revive the former world order.”
“Tune” the chaotic energy back to harmony, and the world will gradually reveal. Explore places on the map, read a beautifully handcrafted picture book, and collect items on the way as souvenir!

** To share the result screen, Lanota needs your permission to access Photos/Media/Files. We won’t read your existing photos or files in the process.

>> Unlock Full Function and More Contents

The free-download version is a trial version.
Get full version (available as in-app purchase) to:
– Remove the progress limit to Main Story
– Skip the waiting time between tracks & go ad-free
– Unlock “retry” function
– Enjoy free trial for first track in each in-app purchase chapter

Full version and in-app purchase chapters are all one-time purchase items. If any problem occurred to your purchased items, please contact us.


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Update time: Jun 28, 2022
Current version: N/A
Require Android: N/A
Developer: Noxy Games Inc.
Price: Free
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Customer review


It's a cute rhythm game, honestly. But please, stop paywalling such random stuff! What is this waiting time?

Aidrian James B. Valena

I Like How There Is More Rhythmitic Action Than The Story

Ahmad Khibran Qasthry

Honestly this game is good and if you don't Believe me then hey try the game first... this game is Kinda free there is a buying sistem but i Personally didn't have any problem with it

Neng Sarmilah

best anime music type of game so far! love the music and the simple art♥️

FRITZEL not german

So far this is a textbook rhythm game: Great music, engaging gameplay, and an appealing asthetic. The only reason it's not a 5 is that I don't want to sausage ride here...I've only completed chapter 2 and still learning.

The realm of Chillfreeze

very song

yiu loktin

The hit sound effects does not sync up to the tap timing properly which ruins the experience quite a bit. Otherwise, would have been 5 stars.


This is just as fun a Cytus II. The artwork is a bit too low rez for me, and the semicircle does throw me off, but I'm used to Cytus II, and Deemo II. They are relatively flat. This game is just as awesome though. The music is top knotch, oh, before I forget, the story, with animations is better than Cytus II, and it's constant text with a few photos. This is a keeper for sure!

Ini Yangti

The harder song are pay walled but at least the notes and song are in sync (looking at you cytus 2)

Liuz Clifton

Bintang 1 ga ramah

Юна Мин

This is good!!!

Elizabeth White

Awesome game with a lot of content, and a must for rhythm game enthusiasts! Would appreciate if "Summer of beach" could be added to the next library selection pack.


Freaking awesome


I'm playing tutorial but the sound is worst it makes me headache. Can't stand listening to error sound anymore. I give up. And well i thought is a free games like other rhytm game but nah you need to buy to get the full version. I can't waste my money buy something random. My first time in a six years as a casual gamer, trying a lot of game and this game first impression is a worst song that give me a headache(more headache cause i'm using earphone), it's like listening to old broken radio.

Sakura san

Not bad 👍

Min-Ha Abdu-Ahit


SowChuen Tai

我不喜欢下载管理系统 你们的下载系统并不完善 甚至进度会倒退 最重要的事 我以前的章节所有歌曲分数全部归零 master难度也要重新解锁 神奇的是他的档案里的分数正常 而且的矿石数量显示正常 但就是歌曲选择都像是没玩过一样 矿石全部也要重新收集

Lina Aoki

Audio glitches (may be because of game engine), totally unable to play.

Ravi Singh

My first love is music but I don't know how to play any instruments, this game 💜💜💜 well done guys!!! So immersive. WOW. Never was I this happy after playing a game. WOW

Nmn ÓwÒ

I love it even tho I suck at the timing heh ^^ it's so fun >:D


This game is addictive and the story is awesome.

Jamie Mehzu

Beautiful, one of my favourite r games right now

Syuhada Bumi

Good game, has more kind of notes, but on my smartphone, the notes itself is too small for my big fingers. Recommended play this game on tab, not smartphones.


full version was worth it

Jonathan G.

The story is fun to play, great songs! If you are into rythm games or maybe you are trying to get into the genre, this is the perfect choice.


Some chapters are locked behind a goddamn paywall

Castor Castón

Great game

Thắng Nguyễn Ngọc

Good game :3


I personally love the function of the game and how different it is from all the other rhythm games I've played. It's very fun and innovative. HOWEVER, the game is super unfriendly to those who are f2p. It restricts almost 80% of the song catalog from you, it doesn't allow you to progress in the story, and it ends up limiting the enjoyment of the game. I wish it was like some other games where you can grind or do something to gain new songs similar to games like Lyrica for those who are f2p.


I. LOVE. LANOTA. Its an amazing game. I love the beat maps, the songs, and the fact you can play the story free!! There are ads sometimes, but thats because I play the free version. I just want all the game developers to know that I love this game, and that no matter how much hate you get, keep moving forward.


It's a good game. Except, I cannot really register with an account because it keeps saying that I am "offline" or have "unstable internet connection". Every other feature works just fine, even every other application in my phone that requires internet access works just fine. It's only a problem with this app. If this isn't fixed, I probably won't be playing this game in the long run, despite of how much I enjoy it right now.


Very good Rhythm game !


for some reason stops responding mid-game causing me to lose my starlight, cannot be retreived sick of this game

Lee Kheong

Beautiful music & colorful story~

Ethan Mickelson

Great game, i love it! Would give it 5 stars if it let be buy full game. Whenever i try buying it, it doesn't load. If that wasn't issue, would give it a 5*

[ Insert Username Here ]


Travis Young

Fantastic perfect crossroads or game and story

Princes Villalveto

I love it 😍 its so nice to play the music and the harmony ❤️ nice game 😍😍

C5 User

TBH, You should buy it!

Rona Reviano


Jessica Aguiniga

Beautiful game and mechanics. Thoroughly recommend.

Leyvi :D

Usually I'm not really into the story of games, much less rhythm game stories—but this one caught my interest and I really love the graphics and art. The gameplay is also quite different from other rhythm games, and the different difficulties make it even more fun to play. I'm very glad to have found this game!

Jayden jay



Please stop stop offering me dlcs every time I open the app.

Alan Chandler

It's a rather refreshing music based experience.

- Yoga Kristian・チラミス

Possibly the worst scoring system for rhythm games out there like cytus/2, fixed score but combo is playing part of the overall score? Then why the fk made it fixed scored system?


The rhythm game itself is seriously fun, throwing in some calming music and appealing visuals at that. It really gets better when you start playing harder difficulties. I just had to write a review about it.

Marlene Cabatingan

Lalalalalanota Lalalalalanota Lala-a-anota A music game that makes you SING!!!!!

M'Lady Ms.Lu, is a Lill Goddess

Ever since in my childhood when im 14 years old, i play this game,but that was few years ago, now ive grown 17 and now im come back to lanota with new updates and evrrything These favorite songs gave me my childhood back! I love this song so much

DJ Danderson

Pretty fun!

ali haythem

this is awsome

Irfan Ahmed





TBH the game needs to make the retry button free. And also WHY TF IS THIS FREE WHEN ITS PAID TO PLAY

Aljereau Dehan

needs an fps capper settings or graphics settings for low end phones because it sometimes lag on my phone


すごい sugoi


Cool game

takodachi #

The game froze time to time And it's not because my phone suck, it managed to be stable 60 fps most of the time


Really immersive especially for a rhythm game, the art is really cute and the music is great, they've also done collabs with a lot of other popular Japanese rhythm games. Side note, I was actually intimidated by the first "boss". Presentation is amazing.


Well, i downloaded the game and I'm trying to play the tutorial but it just says "Ready" i can't skip it or anything. I thought i was going to experience something amazing but i was wrong. If this is happening in the beginning of an game. Then i wasted my time and space.

luqman arif

overrated the songs aren't that good the game itself is not bad but its really overrated

jayvin chen

Excellent rhythm game, but again, you met up with the P2W wall. Most features can't be used without paying money. I suggest that this game has more features for the F2P community, yet needing some effort from the players to keep the game interesting.

Janiah Lim

So far my experience was great!! The story is amazing and the game itself is unique.

Aditto Raj

Very good game

Earl Christian Mateo

I can only say to this Rhythm Game, one of the Best Rhythm Game i've ever played even tho it isn't free to play. The only hard part is that top part, but that's okay. The harder the game is, the more Rhythm Gamer will install this game.

Ren Ren

I'm stuck on loading screen

Cool Jazzer96

I wish it was free. Update: Thank you.Update:I don't have any complaints now. And thank you for creating such an amazing game.

Catherine Gomez

Nice game but its a nightmare to load. Everytime i finish a song and it shows me the crystals, it stops. It just stops, and im stuck at that screen. I always have to exit my game and enter it so i can continue to play. its annoying as hell. Please fix this.

Anthony Seth Ebuña

one of my favourite music game


The audio is glitchy. Thats annoying for a rhythm game.

Damián Rufino Vega


Xian Fox

I love this game so much. However the size is too abundant. 1.5 gigabytes just to install it. Pleasr fix this as i have put money into this game that i no longer can install or update without deleting all of my apps. Please please fix this.

Grande Anate



This is good man i cant afford the full version of it but its really great. I wish this game will be more popular soon

Jerome Andrei Chavez

"account linking is cancelled" i cant even login my account anymore after i reinstalled the game. Even restarting the app couple of times won't allow me to login my google account to get my cloudsave.

Robin Greene

I bought the full version. I like to the fact u can slow down the speed at your pace. The art is beautiful. The story I'm not to far in the game so I'll give my last star once I read more.


Nice graphics and story. I still played it until now😂

A Google user

The game is good and very unique though I wish that the story quests would be made much faster as it takes too long before another chapter comes in.

Nguyen Le

Sounds good :))

Johnny Huynh

I absolutely love this game. I've noticed that the free song icon occasionally gets frozen and the "Draw Difficulty and play" button doesn't respond. Before watching an ad, the song doesn't preview its music and after the add, it has a nonresponsive play button.

gugu mdluli


Dan Sam

Amazing game, love how it was put together and has extra challenges to it, unlike other games of its type

Galang Ilham Kusuma


Wellentine Junior

It seemingly very laggy even though my space is 65GB or more since I have a 128GB phone I wanted to 5-star it but because on what I experienced,I could at least give it 2-stars unless this is fixed,I'm deleting it until I found some changes Sorry

Nisa Chelsea

Love this game but I should waiting for playing song i ever played

Jasmine H

I had a fun experience with this game


Awesome game, love the music. Story is good too. And among the top of the rhythm games on mobile.

Helen Vines

Its a lovely game and it was so worth my 2 dollars Still worth it

aammiirr hhaammzzaahh

This game is really² annoying but fun tho, I love playing this game the music is unbelievable especially with violin theme, Please add more violin songs.

Shine Devi



I really like this game I've been playing this for years now, but suddenly this new update is making my music buggy the menu sound is like a broken speaker. I hope that this will get fixed.

Deri pratama

Will buy all of content on this game...

JP Genova

The good in this game is that it has unique mechanics, and the song has varieties so you not get bored of too quickly. The only bad in this that the story has something missing, you can't download everything all at once in the starting screen as it just said that I don't have connection despite being right next to my wi-fi, and I wish you can customize the tuner. Other than that it's an overall good game.

Cedeño Jimenez Victor Hugo

Ya eh jugado juegos de ritmos pero está es una nueva experiencia por como la pantalla va girando

Kaito -kun

One of the best rhythm games for mobile. But currently deals with constant crashes upon entering the game.

Sam English

A very unique twist on the rhythm genre with having to tap around this circle as it dances across the screen.

Anastasiya Bennet

Wolves standing towards enemies is too difficult even on whisper/1. So I've uninstalled.

Animod game

its good but bouring!!!

Athilah Mahali

This game is amazing. You can listen to song while playing games.

Vyda Frisby

I used to play this game a ton when it was in the early development. I lost it when I had to switch phone, but I'm so glad I found it again! It is one of my favorite games of all time due to it's beautiful song, art style, and game style! I usually don't review apps, but this is one everyone should try.