Land of Empires: Immortal

Author: Nuverse

1,000,000+ install


The demons are attacking!
The war between the forces of light and darkness has raged on for a millennium and spilled over into the mortal realms.
The demons have returned to wreak havoc on humanity. Cities had been falling with numerous lives eking out a living. The land is in desperate need of a savior.
It’s your time to shine. Lead the survivors, forge them into an army, defeat the demons, reclaim lost lands, rebuild fallen cities, and restore the glory of humanity.

⚔️ Light will not shrink. The heroes shall reunite!⚔️
・ Summoned by gods, the legendary warriors have returned to fight the demons. You have a chance to recruit these fearless heroes. Fight along their side and create the mightiest armies of legends! Your power shall tip the scales in the battle to determine the fate of humanity!

⚔️ Storm the lands with titans and giants!⚔️
・ They were the mightiest gifts from the gods and hailed from eons past! You can now incubate, train, and equip monstrous titans and giants as your secret weapons. These behemoths shall help you expand your lands and take part in rallies and battles! Your enemy’s citadels shall quake before you in terror!
・ Field infantry, archers, and cavalry! Array them in various formations and realize the true potential of your strategic genius! Every battle is fought on a real-time basis with cinematic scenes designed to embolden the participants! Turn the merciless battlefield into your own playground!

⚔️ Explore a broader overworld!⚔️
・ Dispatch your troops and destroy every demonic lair and base! Rescue refugees and unearth mighty loot! Legendary treasures are hidden within the depths of foggy mountains, forests, and lakes. Search the lost lands to earn tons of resources, relics, and equipment to bolster your cities and troops! Expand, grow, and explore! The cycle never ends!

⚔️ Manage and become a lord of slumber cities!⚔️
・ As a lord of a city, you must manage internal affairs, build up your citadel, develop farms and trade, and forge a slumber city! Decorate your cities with tons of building decor! Research techs and lay down codices! Your leadership shall forge prosperous cities and mighty alliances!

⚔️ Alliances, socialization, and team efforts!⚔️
・ You won’t be fighting alone! Form alliances with other mighty lords. Rally against demons, retake lost territories and conquer the throne. Take part in various socialization modes! Join fellow allies in epic rally battles to reforge human civilization and seize final victory!


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Detailed info

File size: 94M
Update time: April 29, 2022
Current version: 0.1.6
Require Android: 4.4 and up
Developer: Nuverse
Price: Free
1 votes

Customer review

steve webb

Good so far

Lyrra Jesse

This game is the most fun one I ever played, I think you deserve more downloads. The story line is super interesting, and it's just a good way to pass the time.

andro ics

So far interesting. I expect it should not be p2w ahead.

Michael Poulsen

After all the server issues and glitches in the last battle of the lost shrine, and the absolutely disgusting attitude from customer service, I am changing my rating of this game to 1 star. I would not recommend this game to anyone! If you decide to play this game, DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY, it is not worth it - go completely free to play...

Tanith Poulsen

Poor service from developers! Buggy as hell during a battle, only compensating the big spenders (which wasnt even that much to begin with) and dont bother responding to mails of those who report bugs. Not worth spending money on or even downloading. Shame on you! If i could give zero stars, i would. You gonna lose a lot of customers with this kinda attitude.

steve hysell

It's starting out good. Nice story line. Graphics are good. Battles are great. It just seems a little slow. Hopefully picks up when i start exploring and attacking other lands.

Davied Shay

Love it

Martin Wolfe

Great game

Joseph Gamache


ceramah agama

Nice games ever

Shahida Saba

Good game

Petrus Aprianto

go for it. u will never regret it

Reza Roy

Busuk.. kentut banyak kuat2..

Doc Farooq

There is problem with game login besides that the gameplay is nice

Leonardo Dolenc

Is not the game advertised

Elmarie Lourens

Good game. Fun.

Buena Victoria J. Bantigue


Khan Davud

This game awfully

Karl Severin

So far it's a fast easy clicker.

Saif saju

Good One for time Pass

jesus medina

Great game

Moses Xavier

This game is excellent and not a money pit!

Tracey Graham

Fun open world game, easy to get the concept worked out.

T&N Airconditioning and Refrigeration

nices game keep it up

Leby Robelo

Love the graphics

Ga La

Failed to connect

Tanish Prince

Overall ok. But it's very pathetic experience after using 50 Epic stone they give only 1 legendary hero . . Very pathetic .

Lester Marquez

Bug on battle of the shrine cannot teleport, not just me, same as my co member of the alliance cannot teleport too, please, it's a good event, they said chat last night it is an idiotic event because we cannot go out on the safezone, others can not enter the battle of the shrine and got disappointed they logged out immediatly

Philip Knarr

Like it

Jack Mead's


Jacques van der Westhuizen



Outstanding in all aspects.

Neetish Pradhan

Very buggy. The customer service will never admit to or fix bugs. Had the worst experience in an alliance team-battle today (even though we won), where all our players, and all the enemy players kept lagging and disconnecting, and not being able to see each-other. Don't trust this game for a stable or fair gaming experience.

Giani Marian Dobre

goog game

Jonathan 101

Still early days but looks like a very nice game. You can easy spend 12 hours a day on this game. 😁👍

mohamed Bahamdane

pay to win game.... use real money to finish ur build instead of wait long time u can use finish your soldier train that take long time in 1 sec just pay money

Pauline Clark

Bit confusing but good

Nicola Wright

Brilliant game never played this type of game and graphics are amazing

Johnson Yeboah

Awesome game

martin sheerin

Fantastic games. Has a mini game to rescue survivors and you can keep up with p2w players if you put the time into the game


Good game

Joe Smith

There are a lot of issues with the events. Some are so buggy that they are unplayable, with some players unable to enter the event or teleport if they do get in. Also cost to migrate to a different server can cost up to 400 USD and take 10 weeks to buy all the migration tickets. Servers are losing players very fast and becoming empty.

Vikas Hassan


shahbaz shamim

There are a lot of bugs in this game,i got stuck in lost shrine event, can't even teleport,i don't recommend anyone to install this game.


I need to change my review , lots of bugs ,no reply from developers, no bugs is fixed on time and if you missed the event and rewards due to bugs and their mistake then they don't give that rewards .

Kobus Smit

Really nice to play

Fowler Zahoor

good game!

Thomas Woodgate

Terrible, events bug but leave one team capable, all money money money f2p being pushed out of the game devs greedy as all are

Tony DAlessio

Fun and different

nitesh patil

Hey game is not getting started

Krixl Duke

To get 5 star review I need to be able to edit my building location on mobile. When I click to move the building the screen shouldn't scroll around. Basic coding

Eliza Ferreira

Fun game, graphics are good and it moves at a pace so far, enjoying it.

raymond yocor

ahhh i love it


Multi servers, there is a high change you might end up playing alone, don't waste your time here. Uninstalled

Tsvetan Iliev

Very nice game



Mithali Borkar

Game play

Edward Magallanes


Rina Smit

Love everything about this game


Ok so why 2 stars. Its of course a pay to win, but most games are these days. Its a business. You cant rate a game low for this as its the nature of the game. So the I've rated this lower than the others is cause twice now, I've worked hard in events to achieve the top prize. Only to find you need to be of a certain level to actually claim it. This was NOT clearly advertised. 7 days. 90 tasks. Big picture of the reward. The way I found this out was being told after I tried to claim it. Not fair.

Sethuraman Sethuraman

S.mukesh Raj Super game

yasser ahmed


November Dreams

I'm loving this game. It feels like a combination of mobile legends and rise of kingdom. Deserves a 5 star! After a month of playing I will give it a 3 stars because of the following reasons. 1. The game lags ALOT and its hard to understand the game. 2. You cannot cannot change the direction of your troops once it's out of your city. 3. You cannot duel with other Lords troops only city attack 😞😓

dream11 predictions and earnings


Bernard Jake

I haven't spent any money so far

Santos Balani

Currently worth 5 stars

Ram singh


ko myo

Zaw Htwe

Fairuz Shahzeref

Its a nice game.. i enjoy it 😁

Deep Kumar

This game is a fun...

Jon Curt Beting

It's very decent, so far it's not pay to win. I hope there's a kingdom merge as our kingdom is slowly dying.

Adel Malim

Not able to enter game since 3 days now, Really was loving this game, but since past 3 days I've not been able to open it, it gets stuck on the loading "Nuverse" screen, someone please help me.

Jyotindrasinh Raol

Uptill now quiet intriguing, and keeps you attached , slow but gives so many stuff to compete with the whales , i just loved it .

Robert Whitesell

Awesome 👌

Sachin Gupta

Game is full of glintches, lost my dragon after the event , disbanded my alliance, playing events at your own risk. Developer should go to school and learn progamming again, before making such games

Tony Schab

Guys, you added Sacred Training. You show what you need to get the formation, you buy items needed to get, then you change things up where you need another item that would cost 100.00 bucks? You guys are going to make everyone run from this game. Don't let greed show and keep us around.

Roth Balu


casey loni

since the last update, i cant log in the game, its just say, an error occured while logging in to the server.


The translation is convoluted. Like the fantasy setting. Don't like these kinds of idle clash type games. It's such a cash drain

Ailet # 4 Emprese

I miss playing this kind of game ❤︎


Every time it showing not connected to server

Desiree Stoltzfus

I love it nothing wrong AMAZING (👁️👄👁️)✨🤌

Thomas Burns

Extremely P2W one alliance will always end up taking over a whole server because they spent more and they will get to choose which other alliance's can grow

Howard Pinkus

Seems quite good so far.

Hasnain Haider

The game isn't opening any more...

Tommy Zabrinas

Fun game, well put together, not a money pit

Samarpit Sharma


Rapolas Rimeika

Just another one those

Shahin Chilwan

It is interesting I enjoy it

Berger Hamza

Overall, it is not bad

Daniel Smith

Enjoy the game apart from it keeps kicking me out after about 10 minutes of play, it gets very annoying.

August Moises Vargas

Nice game and high potential game 10/10 👍 edit: the best of the best.

Jalandoni Almuete


Faseeh Fsh

Awesome and funtastic game. I like it.

Garry Gaming

The previous issue is not solve. Then my issue is come up, why always error occurred when loggin? Is it because rate 3? How can i rate 5 if that thing keep show up. I even buy the pact. And i cant login in mu account

Blink and Army For life

The gamevis the best It's much better than other games and give us Daily quest it’s a fun game.

Menoo Menoo26

Nice game❤️ please add arabic in it

Barr Montalbo

The initial experience was interesting

sunil visnoe

Game not working last 2 days not open my game

Martin Teixeira

Worth my continued investment of time