Lamar – Idle Vlogger

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Lamar – Idle Vlogger – Lamar got fed up with his poor life. He’s decided to create a blog & make money!

Customer review

Rymer Castro

Is cool if u don't want to think n run some time out of your day.... cool game

Hector Gonzalez

Gay asf

Ferdous Amiri



Very good

Rhedmon Abon

It's great but not better when i made in san Francisco the car,hotel,all of them is the same with different cloths Please fix it or i will rate 1 star edit: im now living a life but i tried your game like alot still the same

Christopher Oneal

Very fun easy

Kennedy Moody

Love this game

Sheena Dubois


Harley Mullarkey

Really fun 10/10 highly recommend downloading

Joeann Wells

Love it like YouTube

Peter Chmura


4kt 4kt

Great when bored

Wesley Hays

It's alright so far.

Nan Norfleet

The game is really great

Les Tyson Jr.

The game is great, easy to play and if you find a younger person with patients it's perfect for them. I myself love the game.

Cindy Fourie

For me its great and has good graphics

Tommie Wilder

Love the game

Natan Buta

Thw game is pretty good and its really nice how u can just hold anywhere and un will get cash and u will bot need auto clicker or keep on clicking it plus theres barley any ads witch is good

Oyu Tsoomo

Good game

Jeremiah Pressley

Is so fun you should try it

Dakota Londo


De'Arwin McGee

Best Idle game of 2022


Haven't been playing long, but I like the concept and it's funny. I'll update later if my opinion changes over time.


Just fun

Dean Crown

Great game

Hollow Kat

Decent game to pass the time if you like clicker tycoon games

Frank D III


Mike Smith

It is fun

David Reed

It's pretty cool

clifton perkins


Somnika Dayile

This game is so cool

Dee Johnson

It's dope it just need to get the lagging out

Cory Stewart

Fun way to spend extra time. Honestly, it has fun animations and the different unlocks are visually appealing, when you finally get them, they're satisfying. I only give 4 stars because I can't buy the game outright and get rid of the ads all together.

alex alex

Best game. But two problems. Too many AD. But it ok solution turn your internet off. And a new but it goes black screen when you watch some ads and get the reinstall it. Pls fix it but if you 5⭐

Ana Garcia

Bbbbbeeeeeesssssssssttttttr game

Jayden boy

I want to give it a 500 star

Skye Radikal


Christopher flowers

I'm might be 11 but the first time I've seen this game 🎮 I was like I need this I neeed this so u install and I was right ✅ 👌

Cameron Naaroa

Love it so fun

Jamil Prattis

Good game

Khiry Smith

It so cool I like this game 🎮

Tavis Thompson

So good

David Williams

I love this game so much

Christian Castor

Nice game

Delgardo Moses

The best thing ever

Arena boy

Good game 🎮 I love it ❤️

Zackary Bevan

It is a great game no adds and overall great game

Justin Humphries

Just reminds me of old story based games I used to play on addicting Games when I was a kid kind of relaxing

Jet Aodhan Grogan


Mando Mando

Good game

Josh Wilson

So much fun so quick and good

Tiffney Gordon




Theo and Ted Bourre Derose

Very fun definitely recommend

Topher Eddy

The best game ever keep ot up

Leif Harrington

Game sucks.

Rakesh Chaudary

Really nice

Sandra Fields

It is good but not that good

Dominic Morales

Great story lots of fun



Aliviay6g0gpgrnutuuguutuubuhuhuhuhib Elkins

Pretty good it's fun for a while but then you get bored

Xavier Ingram


joe joe


Truls Rylén


world game

So cool

Uma Koirala

Best vloging game

Aquaz arrow


Sam Junior


Glenn Marshall

I have a unpredictable bug and the game is good but I'm not putting 5 stars back until u fix the bug the big won't let me play

Gerlin Claude

Si on pouvait utiliser nos bien

XF Slate


Robbie McMaster


Yedhu Chandhu


Matthew McCambridge


alaa salman

Good game

Jane Wolf

I like the game so far 👍

Kenzie Nault

It's a good game

Upshaw king

I like this game, I think it's lots of fun

samuel gonzalez


Lil Kysian

I love it

Bmx King



Ima try it in real life....

Prabu J


Md. Saif Ali K

Such a waste of time

Daisy Velez

can some Red Gwyneth few End¹


It's a pretty cool game but takes foreverrrrrrrr to get money for clothes and etc...

jessy Karolay


Caylee Booker

So good 💯🔥🔥

Ranjeeta Mohanty


Billy Sheldrake

Nice cock

Laxmi Narasimha vip gameing

1 star 🌟 is waste for this game

Louise De Cordova

Love the game so addictive

Nikhil Patle

Worst game ever I played 🤢🤮 Don't install ti. Pura fadi game hai 😂🤮


I'm not the biggest fan of idle games but the stupid story makes this game much more fun. It would be a 5 star game if I could pay to skip all videos and ads and just be able to click for bonuses without watching a video for 30-40 seconds like a lot of other games do.




It's a good game

Haku Patel


Hypermax1 Hypermax1

I have not had an ad yet and I like gaining money unlike other people so perfect game for grinders

zafar shah


Hriata Ralte

Nice game