Labyrinth Legend II

Author: シノビゲームズ

50K+ install


Labyrinth Legend II – The second installment of the pick-up-and-play hack-and-slash Action RPG! Make use of a variety of weapons and skills. Venture into randomly generated dungeons to save the world from the rule of demonkind!

◆Randomly Generated Dungeons
Dungeons are randomly generated, which means the layout changes every time you enter
Defeat the enemies lurking in the depths of the dungeon, obtain powerful equipment, and power-up your character!

◆Battle Mighty Bosses
Progress enough in the game and you will encounter bosses
Facing the overwhelming might of these bosses will be tough, but by leveling up and changing your gear you should be able to find the path to victory

And if you could master dodging, maybe you could defeat bosses without taking a single scratch…?
Study their attack patterns, then strike back with a powerful blow!

◆Variety of Mechanics and Enemies
Dungeons have their own unique mechanics and enemies lying in wait for players
Clearing these difficult dungeons will be no simple task, but by strengthening your character and enlisting the aid of helper NPCs you can set your sights on the lower levels and attain the rare treasures within!

◆Variety of Weapons and Skills
An array or equipment and skills can be found in-game
How well you can use them will depend on your own skill
Find equipment that you like and aim for victory with your own fighting style!

In addition, armor you equip will change your character’s appearance
Use your favorite equipment to customize your character!

◆A Pixel Art Fantasy World
The game world is depicted entirely through nostalgic pixel art
In this fantasy world overflowing with mysteries,
you’re sure to encounter many characterful NPCs and enemies


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Update time: Aug 26, 2022
Current version: N/A
Require Android: N/A
Developer: シノビゲームズ
Price: Free
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Customer review

dogehkiin dogeborn

Less fun than the first one and on top of that it's grindier and microtransactions are significantly more pushed

Dante Inferno

love it

Miaz Idah7

I have play the first labyrinth and when i hear about this II labyrinth i became shoke and download right away. I will post again after play some time of this game

Zack Whitehead

Not a bad game kinda slow but still fun my only problem is that you need to pay for classes I could understand if it was a good class like a death knight or something like that but having to pay for mage and rouge kinda dumb

Marietta Gongora


Jose Rene Hotiveros


wesam NAJJOM

Very bad, I'm sorry but season 1 was great but this season is very bad

John Henry

I like the first one better. The animation and style makes this one feel a little cheesy.

momo punchuuu


Jerrad Hudson

not bad

Emmanuel Luzara

The dodge is okay an the bow si new but what the hell happened in FPS bring back the old FPS I really like the 1 I wait to long you will see me in rate in labyrinth legend 1 bring back plsss

Stavros Manousakis




Abraham Sie

I honestly think the old one was had better graphics everything is cool but for me the graphics are horrible

Dominion Oloruntobo

Really Fun

Ace Jones

Decent but overall clunky experience

Yousuf Al Emadi

suprising good game

Legaspi, Raye Arth P.

likethis game although there's ads it's good


it's good

Celery Stick

A really good game

OP Infinity 3.2

I loved the first game and I grinded the heck out of it. I have super high expectations and it lived up to it. Really nice and nostalgic


can you plss add automatic save for sure my data is save

Iketo Reijuu


G.S Guren

Uhhhh this LLII become more better!!

Burezu Blaze

Forced Ads everytime you enter and exit the stages. And if you somehow didn't complete the ads (e.g internet connection), you will lose your progression.

Pwedie Lastener


khanh hung le

game is really really fun, but Luna(friend support) AI sometime just straigh up gone goofy and then head tank a bunch of elites enemy at once, thus dying, still i love this game :D

Minou Lamine

its not like the first game for sure at first it felt wierd but then i fell in love with the game but i have to say this bosses now dont require much skills anymore like the first game but hey im not finished with the game untill i defeat all the bosses i will give my honest review and opinion on bossing anyways 5stars for sure the devs really care about thier game so anything less then a 5 will fell not right <3

Barrick Fischer

Needs more improvement such as those weapons from the predecessor game. Skins will also do as part of cosmetics

Gamer Goat

The best my favourite game has a part 2 now letsssss gooooooo pls download play the best game yeesssssss thank you for making a part 2 thank you soooooo much❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Jean Carlo Aludino

Has some good QoL improvements, and I haven't seen all of what this have. Still better than the first one

Shumpy Topato

I love this game! The only thing I'd say is that I am unhappy with the variety in weapons. I wish you guys would make more swords and cool stuff to find.

Tyrushi Shimi

please fix the could save, it always show failed to read. I can't even interact with it.

Faci Boi

The games great,scripts look nice music is good but I can't close the adds so after a dungeon run an on exit have to close the app and lose the items an exp gained

Marc mabines

that's what I said "RPG" amazing and I like the way hero like


Down to 3 stars, the mushroom boss hitbox is way too big making it so hard to avoid and the potion shrines should restore all potions

Tanha Binte Tarik

Disappointed 😒. The first version was so amazing.. but this one is so not good. Graphics control all felt stupid. Sorry.

Blyne Luiz Escamilla

Great game but feels like the same experience, Graphics seems like a downgrade from the original but overall an amazing game if you like roguelikes.

Ayo Dele

I've not even installed it yet,and I'm giving it 5 stars because I remember playing part 1, please guys if by chance there's part 3, please make it ultra adventure filled,many maps to explore,even after the story ends,like free world discovery or something,and character customization if you could,I don't mind if you have to download new maps and stuffs,like new towns, people to meet, basically stuff you'd see in an Isekai manga lol,cheers for your freaking great work in part 1

Stacy The IQ God

This is so great labyright legend ll is amazing

Carl WL30

This is amazing Your game are improving..

Zukito Takeshi

Omg ive been waiting for this,i played the first one before and this give me a playable rpg i need right now.

Rudi Lamomt

Yes I love it so much The game is cool with 3d 👌🏼💙💙9/10

Nori Cardoso

This game is golden. The only thing missing is more interesting additions, the game is kind of too simple. You get better equipments, and go deeper into the dungeons, and that's it. There should be a system of quests, cities, and this kind of things. But the game itself is already great! I'll pray it a little more right now :)

Luis Christian Turmero

Game has nice graphics and seems to have given a unique twist to a classic game style. Only giving 2 stars because the game starts to slow my phone down until it crashes.

Mr X

The partial controller support, the lack of controller remapping options, and lack of content knocks the game down to 3 stars for me.

Jake Canlobo


Hari Mr Local

does this game have an ending?

Iskandar Aslar

The dodge is horrible the range attack always miss aim fix it

blue lightning

This game is better than the first one hoping another one their is a third part of this series

Daniel Chang

I like it

Muri Mizushima

I like "JRPG" so awesome gameplay~


Pretty nice game, will there be any more new content? I hope it doesn't end at Drew.

Jomarey D. Parreño

Yes!!!!!!!!! been waiting for this

Saika Chan

Finally theres another one



armor power

Why is there a 8 character limit on a name? You do know plenty of people have longer names then 8 characters right?

John Emmanuel Lomboy

Now add some multiplayer function

Soul Shinigami

Pretty cool game hope you updated it


final boss punch is too fast.

Kevin Laffond

a good one

Loi Anh

Mọi thứ đang rất tốt cho đến khi tôi đánh xong con boss cuối thì các màng chơi tiếp theo khi bị boss đánh chết thì phải đánh lại cả các tần rồi mới gặp lại con boss ,mấy người có nó nảng tới mức nào ko, các game rock like có cơ chế này nhưng màng chơi đồ đạc và các vật phẩm trong mỗi lần chơi là ngẫu nhiên nên không tạo ra sự nhàm chán còn các màng trong game của các ông thì:v



Semaj Van Amsterdam

You know its very rare you come across an actually amazing game,and this one ticks all the bosses AND its freeand best of all is how smooth this game runs,even the first one.hope you guys keep living up to that.


The game was too buggy for me like , it work normally at first but when you are fighting it starts to have a seizure

Parvez Malik

Well I am just downloading this game and I enjoyed the first vision of this game that's why I'm already giving this one 5 🌟

MEKI Meickei

Ooohhh yeeaaahhh

Theo SR

Too much grinding. Money & exp is hard. I was playing the first game & already fight few bosses in beginning hours of the game. But in this one, i'm still stuck at lv5 dungeons for hours. It so exhausting.

Gourav Roy

After years... finaly... the game games sequel is here

Ferwira Wira


Rener Bakod

Love the devs! They create continuation of the first one..

Miguel R Zarate

Great but no cloud save only restore cloud save how can i save my progress bruh

Tridip R. Hazarika

Solid hack-and-slash game with roguelite elements. I like it more than its prequel.


Naahhh.. bad game. I thought it's online mmorpg

thanos ks

Pretty good just like the previous one upto now except the fact that you cant dash mid animation. Also enchantments are kinda too small to matter.

maza radhe

Garbage game. Absolutely terrible.

satou kazuma

Yooo I love the soundtrack so much


The game is great but I have few suggestions The dash have a slight problem. There's a bit of delay. It's kind of annoying when I'm in battle, it doesn't go the way I wants to and can you just make the dash mechanic a button instead of what it is right now. You don't really have to imitate what you did from your past game.

your heart

Downgrade version of first game 😂 lol

Londor PaleShade



Ayy, I like the mechanic of dodging. Espically what you did with the water jumping system which gives you time to shoot arrows. And the graphics are good too. Good game, can't wait what else you'll add it!

Ferza Dasdawdad

good game

Lucky Vern Helar

Good game but the lag. Whenever I play it lags during my dungeon run. I am unable to move nor play properly. Please fix it.

Richie Brar

I absolutely love the first game and it made me get into this pixel rpg genre, and when I saw this game on my suggested I couldn't believe it. The first Game holds a special place in my heart and I hope this game is as good if not goes beyond my expectations of the first game.

Yousif Bouftain

I LOVED the game. I just defeated the berserker drew, but it seems there is nothing more to do... What to do next?

Guillermo Alonso

Love the game. 5 Stars


Cant close the ads, please fix it asap

Troy Lastimoza

Loved the original.loved this more.

Smile Roblox

A new journey awaits!!


This game is a real gem! Very satisfying on-screen controls. And the graphics have their own charm. Give it a try.

Mr Toxic

loved the first this one is pretty good too

Lawrence van Geest

very good game i recommend to play!

Aaroncharlz Alavaren

good game but the shield mecanic where? i dont see it the in this game it in the old game


Good game

Swamp Lord


Zed Zedmontage

thanks for this game ^_^

Angel Belichenov

Really fun so far

Git Gud

4 for now since i don't see male hair style yet 😐

Aiden Ndiweni

I liked it but where is it in the timeliness.Also I liked the old texture LL1 yah I also like the class system and pets

Chezter Angana