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Labo Tank is a game for kids that can stimulate their imagination and creativity. It is an amazing tank building, driving, and racing app for children. It provides a virtual sandbox where children can freely build and play with brick tanks.

In Labo Tank, children can build all kinds of pocket tanks & Military vehicles/cars/trucks by putting together pieces of colorful bricks like a puzzle. They can select from classical templates. Optionally, they can create entirely new designs using various brick styles and tank parts. Once a tank has been built, they can go on the levels and play tank games, and fight monsters and defend their town.

1. 2 design modes: template mode and free mode.
2. 50+ classical tank star templates in template mode, including King Tiger Tank, T-34 Tank, KV2 Tank, Sherman Tank, Panther Tank, Mouse Tank, Cromwell Tank, No. 4 Tank, Pershing Tank
3. various brick styles, tank parts with 10 colors.
4. classical tank wheels, gun barrel, and a large number of stickers.
5. Amazing levels, built-in a variety of mini-games.
6. Share tanks with other players and browse or download tanks created by others online.

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– Summary
Tank games and military car games. Labo Brick Tank is a digital tank game,tank simulator for kids. This is an excellent preschool game. In the app You can freely build pocket tank stars,armored cars/steel vehicles from templates. You can drive tanks on the road and play games. To be a hero and defeat the monsters & protect your city,town and hill. This game is suitable for boys & girls over 5 years old.

Detailed info

File size: 0 MB
Update time: Jul 15, 2022
Current version: N/A
Require Android: N/A
Developer: Labo Lado Co., Ltd.
Price: Free
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Customer review

Heindricht Bornman

It's not that bad

Sandri Aryaguna


Angelica Sadora

Labo Tank: Build & Play...

Micah Alexander

good games

Archana Tripathi very funny


oliver alva

Opu Oooooooooo

Agaf Riadi

Add Indonesia flag

Karina Rosiak

Very fun and good

Anita Patel

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Sheila Manalastas

Bro i like this because i'm a kid who likes this game as kids


Is this made for pre teens? Or teens?

Sabrina Harun

Cool 😎

Huỳnh Minh Trí 4/2

It's fun even tho I have to pay to get more stuff but I don't mind it cuz I can make tank how I like it:) overall it is a good game for kids Also the game is just cool so I like it also really funny:D

Fritz Hernandez


Rajasree Sarkar

Kids game

JorenceKiel Bognalon

Hey your game is nice but Can you at least please add a saving system and pvp mode and like you can use your tanks to fight each other please? I really wanted these Options if no its Okay i just want it to be added in the game

the arlert

I don't care if this is a children's game. Atleast I can make rather accurate real-life models!

Mohan Chakraborty

Fe+de G driver DJ DJ they kg td5te4tuget

Ah Htoo

i cant git it

Joan Marie Borja

Hi I'm Ely I like it but it's still available for a chat with you tomorrow at the same time you want to go ahead with it bye

francisco w zurita

I made a pibby one

Heera Lal

Netik lal

Carmina Agoncillo

Bi cas you can bild tank

Gabriel Akhter

Thank u

Peter Ian Andre Pasion

This game was so fun 10/10 i make a 3 heads and 2 wheels i won like 10× have fun in this game

Radeya AL Ayyubi

This a good game

Lun Ja



It's so fun


i like the game but why the othre body is not free and theres a bug

Caleb Rebong

No no yes

Roziah Abdul Rahim

The best

Rodrigo Saplaco

Rodrigo DB Saplaco Jr.

Turda jerry

This game is 999 rate 🤡🤡

Diamond Armor KB-44 Play Store 3.0

Hello This Message is Labo Lado Co Ltd and There's Problem and How we Open any Parts Tanks or Jeep How Do you you do Should i do don't know how to open

Tri Puji

u need to buy new parts!?!? >:(

Sarina Amirhassan

Sou Good

Donn Liza

please free all

Judith Lugo

This game is fun! It all I have to say

Muhammad Ali

This game is very good and very nice

Richard Robert

But ...why

brenda y7uu mulgrew

I love war

Abdul Allah

This is best game but full version please remove full version

Cringe gaming

Overall the game is good but there are some problems The parts selections are limited, like the turrets, hulls, and chassis, it would be better if the selection of free parts were increased and that wouldnt be a problem for me (and possibly others) i do have some suggestions, you could use Chariots Of War as music, its pretty good and probably kids would like it, i hope you would could make the game better

Treesa Pappachan

I love this app

Siren Andy

So fun

Kenzie Arya Andara

we need more free parts we need more maps ill rate 5 stars

Zeeshan Ghallu

Good luck game is


So, for a child's game it has a ton of customization, Many other tank games that are for older people lack this customization.. My one question is.. how much more childish does a tank game have to be, children aren't playing tank games to see red glowly dragons and super customizable tanks. Overall the games fun but it just feels weird to have this uplifting music while I'm blasting a monstrous pacman that would give children nightmares. It was fun, and different I'll give it that.

Rain Hawell Eulalio

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Umme Habiba Fariha

very good game

Wyatt lute

I like it but at least make 10 turrets and all the cannons free and the tracks 10 free ok. Yea but i want to build a sherman tank with proper tracks.

Jharyll Villafuerte

Can I play plss it won't lett me

fejay cabangbang

I would give that 5 stars

Nicole Bob

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Can all the things be free bc I don't have any money so please

stephen sanderson

It's very good but can you make it so we can size heads and make everything free and I'm a big fan so please do what I said



Andrew Tabagan

Audrain Drew G. Tabagandkskfjsjfjjsfjdjfjejjfejfjfknfndjgndngkdkfnjgjrgkfkgkfkt .nb .bngjccuirftutyftuffjjujfgjfyuxgjdjdrjfjfjfbfnfjfbfjdbfjdngdjfkx26910jgchgchkyugguyukggkykmyyjfgynjkykhjnggxgjjkcjncjkfjmcfkdjfjrjgjrjgngjgrjgjfjgjfjgjfjgjfjgjfjtnrnntrntnfktktktktktkgkgkttffkgkkdfkfkrntnfirirjfnrjxkfncirifdjfkekgbrjgjrntjrtkrkrkgjrkek

Alexander james Tenerife

A kids game

Ngopartz Daw


md shamsad alam

This game was exellent Pleas unlock all maps pleazzz

Xian Gabriel San juan

The game itself is fun 5 stars yeah. I would like to see a battleship version of it the update gives me vibes

tama hey tama

Good game

Sergio De la cruz

If i was a dad i would tell my kids to install this game for creativity and to tell my kids the history of each tank,but the reason i give 4/5 is that i have to pay to have more tanks.

Jonathan Silva

1 rate need paying

Naseema 123

Why are no coins allowed to buy things we should give real mone

Abby Tan

I love this game because I can build tsnks and I love tanks 😍 Thank for the awesome game 5 star

babbi bisen


Leela Tomar


Richard Tan

Yeah I did play this game and it needs a lot of money to play lol

Mark Noelle A. Sambrano

This is te best game ever in my life!!!!

Allan Crisologo

Hello this is a message to labo lado the game is great but you have to pay for everything to have fun i mean why can we not put mortars that many we only can put 3 mortars on the tank i mean can we make our own car tanks like give us some free moving tires or a couple moving tires we only have 3 tank moving things i mean why cant we have 3 moving tires you really need to do that And i think the game is pay to win or its just pay to win

Angelina Malaba

I want his game so nice

Alice Lindsey

I love you The last one I sent you the other day but I have been working on the same for the last three weeks

Rubi Sharma

Very good tank game.

danilyn casio

This app is cool but please make the parts free because I'm downloading a mod but it's no use but please make the parts free I'm still 8 I'm giving it a 5 star

gaming with me XD

Do u really think people will buy stuff in this game? Almost all the parts u need to pay u guys are greedy! I do not recommend downloading these.


I like the game it's great please don't remove the app again please 🥺

aayan aayan

so good I like the army update

John paolo Jemina

Good game 🎮

Enzo Louis Junio

thanks im 9

XianMoises Sanchez

Preety good app sence i love tank games i wish you can add more realism to it i love it.