L.O.L. Surprise! Beauty Salon

Author: Hippo Kids Games

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L.O.L. Surprise! Beauty Salon
Welcome to the beauty salon of L.O.L. Surprise OMG (Outrageous Millennial Girls)! Every girl adores changing her appearance and becoming even more beautiful. Interesting educational game invites every little princess to the world of beauty with favorite L.O.L. Surprise dolls!

Toddlers are going to visit a real dollhouse, with adventures on every floor. First floor is a real beauty factory. Masters have already been waiting for you so hurry up! They will take care of your nails in our manicure salon. There are a lot of various nail shapes, colors of nail polish, patterns and bases. Show us your art skills!

We also have the best hair salon in the city, where you can do any haircut or dye your hair in any color. The limit is only your imagination. You can do anything with your hair, e.g. new haircut, new hairstyle or you can even dye hair.

What do you think about makeup? Our professional cosmetologist with the help of useful face masks and magical creams could turn little ladies into real princesses. Turn your LOL Surprise! doll into the most beautiful girl on Earth with various eye shadows, lipsticks and bright eye lashes.

This free new game also has a dressup game, sewing game and accessory game. Any girl could find anything here that makes girls happy, starting from bags, dresses, hats, glasses and up to shoes.

L.O.L. Surprise! OMG beauty salon is not just a game about hair salon and manicure studio. These are only the first level. Complete easy quest, gather points and find a key, which opens a door to a real world of entertainment and mini games. Cook smoothies, salads, juices and other healthy food at a kids cafe. It will help you to restore the energy and entertain yourself in a playing room. And believe me, you’ll get stuck there! Because we have Tetris, air hockey, pinball and a lot of other games.

All L.O.L. Surprise! dolls are fit because they love sport. Jump, run, roll the pedals of an exercise bike and do various exercises with dumbbells. You can even swim in the swimming pool in this game! Everybody loves to have fun with water, don’t they? Our L.O.L. Surprise! salon also has a tanning bed, jacuzzi and sauna.

– easy game control even for small girls
– tasks to develop art skills and imagination
– popular L.O.L. Surprise! dolls
– a lot of mini games and tasks for everybody

Beauty salon, hair salon and dressup games are the most popular games among girls. Educational games for kids will help you to find your own kids talents! We tend to develop apps that help to improve imagination and art skills. Let’s have fun together!

Detailed info

File size: 140M
Update time: April 29, 2022
Current version: 1.1.2
Require Android: 5.1 and up
Developer: Hippo Kids Games
Price: Free
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Jovan Henderson


Sadie Halmasy

This. Game has everything and I love this game it's the best

Jamila Basit

I love it so much 1000000/10 iloe it misks

jim kribs

I don't let me go on it

Jaliyah Allen

I love it so much and I want to be in the game

andrea gabcova

I like this game is kind of nice and I love it

Timothy Lim

Love it

mix Hobkirk

I love lol

Chris Stensrud

My daughter likes the app, problem is when the screen goes black 90 seconds after the app opens. Would not recommend this app until bugs are fixed.



Evie Hopson

It's soooooo fun



Judan Miah


Angel Leigha

Journey Zokia smart

Helina Prempeh

Brin it soome fav fashoin

Johndel De leon

Im loving with this game omg period Slay

Jessica Godwin

So fun to play with you're the best game ever

Kinzy Amr 2F

I love this game but everything is gems not really everything but it made me happy when I was so bored I love this game it is the best amazing game ever 💕 ❤️ 💓 💙 💗

sara rafi

Good 👍😊

Joy Lusige


cing no

I made it a four because It. Kinda like glitches

kyu kyu


Halli Kalka

? qq9

Greg Trinidad


michael thrwat

Good luck in this new game

Soma Mallick

I like this game

Keisha Malcolm

L.O.L. Surprise! Beautiful game Is Pretty! 🍑 😍

aylin aylin


Sawmi Jinhlawng


Bob Hill

I like it it's It has a bunch of ads other wise I like it

Eugene Stubbs


Tingyin Konyak

This is a very interesting and fun game i liked it but it has only one problem that the adds use to come so much that i get bored sometimes. 😃so i gave it only 3 stars

Camile Kirk




Steve B.


B Carson

Changing clothes

Hamid Kassim

👍🙂 nice I love it so much ❤️🥰



Sylvia Duncan


Ahmad Hachem

Im happy so much 😋🍨

Fatma Bab

🤩 Wow

Mariee Bonita

I like ittttttttt

Rut Cookie


Olivia Wallace

OMG this is so fun I saw a YouTuber play this game and it looks very fun so I decided to play it and I do not wish that I have a download this app because it was so fun

Falecity Troup

Best game!!!!!!

Alexa Mares

We can get a different different characters in a lot of characters

Sharon Billhimer

its fun i guess

Naomi Mbirimujo

This game is so cool i love LOL games get more games please 😅😀😪🤭👏



Amaris Mutandwa

I like Dress up


This app is so awesome 👌

debbie mcgreskin

This is really fun but there's a lot of adds

D Singh

I love this game and I love. LOL.I like it instead of doing nothing you should try this is so fun and cute and I am a big fan of LOL


If the world was great I would be very happy.



axebell Builds

AMAZING I am so impressed .

Sadaf Khan

This is good game and why don't have bed living 😑😑😑

Azalia lizaine Rodriguez

Because it's beautiful.

bernardo pajayat

I liak it

Giovanna Hernandez

Giovanna. Hernández

Rizwana Faiz

The best game ever played it 👍👍👍👍👍

Melani Brewis


anima gurung

thank you, it's for someone to record actions, thank you for giving me the screen, yes, it is my favorite it's like the same job Brock addiction statement new here welcome

Norleen osama

I love it 😀

Swastika Mitra

good game

Extremely Delicious


maryam salman

Um it have to much ads

Jurnee Mathis

it's soooooo fun and cute the dolls are too and I love the game!

Karma AlNahlawy


Stephanie Trotter

I Love IT

màĺebo malebo

Guys cheer me on cause it is my first time.

Rochel Bliss


Key Holmes

It's a fun game

gir chicken

The best game ever

Aaron Staley

Just try it it is so fun and it's for free

shyla john

I love this game but it's always have ads

albert bernales


Muhle Matumba

So good

David Gonzalez

A hfg ya 92nd 31st

Vahid Khushal


Caitlin Husband

Wow! What a great game! ❤️❤️

Carley Davies

This is amazing game I love it

Emma Beahan

OMG this app is great.U should get &use this app

jr Asrisiti

AYSHA 👰🏻‍♀️🤵🏻‍♂️

Erich faith Facultad

Such a nice game But can u do it like toca boca? It will be great


Very good 🥰🥳

Timothy mesah

The lol surprise is very Awsome and fun and thank you for making the game ❤❤❤

Tola Omosola

Awesome I love it

Nora Ball

Best game ever

Elaine Farrugia

So leggy that I can't move or anything

Pamela Ballecer

I love this game because my favorite doll is LOL surprise thank youf or creating this game

mahzad hoseini


Three Amigos

𝕀 𝕝𝕠𝕧𝕖 𝕝𝕠𝕝

Squid A

I don't like games required Vip and full version. It's kinda boring and I can't buy anything cuz my tablet.


She its so beuteful

Frank Hayes (Frank)

I'm Lyla and it good

Sammy Dominguez

It's so cool I like it

Anuar Mat


A Google user

It's really fun by the adds. .. Less ads please.

Mary Meadows

Harmony 5 Avck Jaaliya King 6