Kung Fu Fight Arena: Karate King Fighting Games

Author: Falcon Gamerz

1,000,000+ install


Kung Fu Fight Arena: Karate King Fighting Games – Knock out your rivals in kung fu arena & win martial arts karate games.

Detailed info

File size: 96M
Update time: June 24, 2021
Current version: 22
Require Android: 5.0 and up
Developer: Falcon Gamerz
Price: Free
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Customer review

steve clarke

Far to many ads ,spoils the "not that great " game play buttons just don't feel responsive enough, all in all a poor effort for games in this genre 👎💤

Randy Garnado


Shaikh Jeess

Believer song is very good

James Williams

Can u add more female fighters and some fireball throwing please?

vijay harshadray jani

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Saroj Devi

Grafics are very low.

3D Games

App keeps crashing before gameplay

Anthony Anderson

Awesome Game!!!!

chiranjib pal


Ernest Misedzi

It is very alsome I can even play when I am back

KaliCharan Singh


Saviour Christopher

I like the game

Muhmmad Ahmad

Good game but ads

teresia nduta

cool but make it more interesting

Redem Husay

Huhhu that hapy

Mukesh Kumar


Asus Sanbe

I don't like this game because I download it Then I open she is notcomportable

Doeun Bun

it was so good

Jessel Bernaldo


narendra Sharma


Abdullah Khan


Ram Roop


sameer soomro

Problm are


So. Amazing



Gobinda Patra

Very nice games

George Sarmiento

Is cool

Marvin jay Anserong

Hmm like din one

Ashok Kumar bareth Ashok Kumar bareth


Manthan Temkar

I like

Nana Quaku

Nice game

Sriyani Gnanarathne


Rose Sunday

So coll

Moqeet Sulehri

Very god Game

Esther Wanjiro

This app can't install

Jenny Bautista


Dilawer Bhatti


Sk Firoj

Sabnam khatun

Shagun mishra

very nice and very good game

james jones

Not bad

Bijoy Sangma

Lejejehf ugh out chugging hugh

Marty Walston

Great 👍 game, game, Nuff said

Sajjad Press

one game ples 😥

Karthik annam

This game is very bad because I am playing this game very seriously then why are you giving some ads if you want more money photo TV channel they gives so much of money if you want entertainment to the children why are you giving advertisement please I am requesting you go to sum any channel thank you so many advertisement you have so much money please don't disturb the game we are playing very concentration you are giving so many ads very very bad thing if game also very bad someone give 4-star

Farhan tv

So boring game dont download it

Rakhi Kushwaha

This very interesting game

Putra Qalis


Ramila Patel

Nice👍👍👍👍 to the world is the most important thing to do it all over again but I haven't seen it to be in your life

Pramod Kumar

No more levels

shine gealon

I like this game

Husein Amisi


N.s Creation

Many ads

Donald r Donald. Donald

This is a good application that I never use it

Alhassasn Abubakri

Thank you , keep it up.

Hein Thant Zaw

Good 🎮🎮🎮

Sanjeev Kumar Singh

Good 👍👍

Jay Prakash


samuel offie Yawson


Chetan Mukhiya

Good game

Shiva Singh


Salman Sandhu

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Faran Ali

Gig Ui

Thatz Faraz


Sarvesh Kumar


Suresh J.

S.j.ci bi raj

Yogendra Uike

Hero And Kk

motseki maloke

Nice and cool

Tayeb Hamidi


Strong Man


Aamir Siddiqui


Ranjana Karki

pro game

Deshraj Singh


Md Ishmahil

OutstrEtched to.

Akash Tiwari

Good game, normal graphics and good moves and charactes should be more and there should be more power like wind and fire throwing in air. Please add these in your next update with new and thrilling moves and please also add new places for fighting and ninja shadow ability also for more thrill otherwise the game is good.

Rudra Bharti

Very bad

Aj mark Mantec

It's not good game for any person

Kami Khanji


Kabir Hira

Very good Game good game good


I give one star because the game is many ads

Md,rahat Mall

राहत मल्ला

Kumar A

Kutta game

Sonu Tiwari


Bisma Ali

Kung Fu fighter in a game very interesting and wonderfully game amazing and fantastic game I like it very much

Dipanwita Sain

Outstanding game. Wonderful. Well done the developers of this game. Best fighting game ever I have played in my Life. No complain regarding this game. I bet that If you play this, you will really enjoy this game a lot. I have literally played many games like this, but this is the best one. 👍👍👍

kwarteng yaw

kunfu fight is nice game to me and that is all i have to say also is good app too

Shahzad Khan


Christopher James Gogue

What's the best out of all the kung fu martial art games

chiku misal


Roblyne Owino

Fine game interms of graphics and resolutions I like it

Muhammad Rameez


Flame Hearts

This dam thing didnt work.I installed it and it just crashed the first time I opened it. I hate games that crush on me for the first time😡😠😠In the play store, this game put my hopes up floating like a beatiful balloon😊then it popped it😞😟have you any Idea what that feels like"YOU GUYS NEED TO BE DESTROYED" 😆😂just kidding, but still,🙁🙁you need to work on that!!! Please

Mamun Shaikh

Good hehh FB uh2 TN KY

shanel Bautista

Hindi ko mahal si job poy poy choupapi monyanyo🆗🤟

raju wagh


Ali Izadi Sefiddashty

Really good

Will Hardee

Good fighting game graphics could use some work but all in all still good game

George Ayebah

It is a good game the graphics are so real

Aslam Khan

Zeeshan Malik

Benjamin Chukwudozie


Ravinder Singh