Kotodama Diary: weird words for comical creatures

Author: Polaris-x Inc.

100,000+ install


Kotodama Diary: weird words for comical creatures – What happens if you feed the word “insomnia” to a cute little critter?

Detailed info

File size: 124M
Update time: August 25, 2021
Current version: 3.6.2
Require Android: 5.0 and up
Developer: Polaris-x Inc.
Price: Free
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Customer review

Mari Bobadilla

it very CUTE i wish they where real

Stephanie Stevenson

I love this app everybody should download it!!!!

Emilio Solis

amazing! not even kidding I suffer from massive depression and these cute little guys gave me positive affirmations and there cute faces brighten up my day♡ so to the developer of this app, thank you for giving me something to look forward to every single day♡ you deserve all of my blessings♡ ik this is just a game and all but damn dose it help


I'm in love with the game! It's healing and heartwarming at the same time. Thank you for this masterpiece.


great game

brinn b

This game is so cute and fun! Love it!

Cindy Chen

cute fun and very interesting concept. ads frequency are acceptable in my opinion.

rai pereira

Its cute


Love the game the issue is that the ads cover the gameplay. I cant access the main menu bc of it

The pokemon fan forever

Yes! I love the kotodummies, it helps me relax when I'm stressed and I like collecting the kotodummies for my collection of kotodummiesヽ(*´∀`)ノ. So I would recommend this app if you like collecting cute and relatable things! (≡^∇^≡)

The_Behind_The_Slaughter :3

this game is so fun even if it's the same thing over and over again I still love it🌸

You ask me

I have no words..... It's just amazing...


I love this, I'd pay to have that ad at the bottom removed too.

fallen angel


Rose Ochoa

If you like Tamagotchi but always enjoyed the surprise of seeing what the little critter will grow up into much more than the feeding and cleaning part, then you'll really enjoy this. It's a simple idle clicker with Tamagotchi-style characters, many to collect, and a fun sense of humor.

l3aby gl0w


Skypai Unknown

I absolutely adore this and its so easy to level up the creature also upfront tells you theres ads and warns you when an ad is about to happen usually free aps crams so much ads it's hard to play the game so with this is a nice sight plus you can pay to have no ads but it's not intrusive

Alysha Smyth

Ever since I found Ben Sprout, My life has been complete.

lol I can't keep an oc

Only game I willingly watch ads for. Super cute. Would rate higher if I could.


this game is amazing I played for hours in car trips and don't even realize it. would recommend

Hannah Amaya Lee

very fun!!

Jessica Coville

so cute ;_;

Herm i


Aileen Fang

Really enjoyable gameplay and cute animation style

Sara Cholula

I luv this game so much. It's so addictive and it is so cute.

Stella Deviline

Qt af lol

Akaylah Poole


meek mill

im in love


it kinda has lots of ads but it's good

Jacob Young

Good game very adore.

Frailyn Yuremy

100% recommend! The game is super easy, cute and simple. I love to play it when I'm bored, or just want to see some cuteness. Sometimes it gives you ads, but rarely! Should play if you like to collect cute and funny things. 🥰

Whitney Noble

The writing is phenomenal, I've laughed out loud already. Still new in the game. The art style and the characters you can make are so quirky and cute. Totes my new fav game.


I think it's REALLLY cute! When i saw the talk update i updated it STRAIGHT away i enjoy it alot!

Storm Brinks

Highly addictive. I really love this game. More charm than Animal Crossing, and definitely more satisfying. Thank u for making it 💓

Jastillana, Lorrin Jhaye M.

"it's so cute, i'm gonna die"




love the kotodamas, theyre all so different

Stitch Puppeteer

So fun and cute! there are a few ads but they are short and the dev even apologized for them, which was nice of them. it's easy to play, creative, and soo original! I love it so much ❤️

Lora Coggins

The amount of ads is annoying, but other than that a solid game.

Just A Simple Nobody

super duper cute!

Aaa Bunn

It's a very cute and relaxing game, I enjoy it alot. I would like some rugs though my floor feels bare. There was just one bug I found, after I watched the ad the game wouldn't load and I'd have to exit the game then enter again.

Lisa Butler

Inventive! Comical! Indulgent! Heartfelt! Insatiable!

Koemi A.

This game is so cute! it has a great balance of play and reward, and I like the time features(less rewards with longer play time).


such a cute game ! ! !


The warning from the start made me rethink but the ad breaks have not been bad, everything is just kinda on the nose on the "buy stuff" part. Congratulations on reaching your anniversary and I wish to make more kotodamas for my collection.

Yong En


Sam Cakes

very cute!

Riza Mae Bagaipo

𝙸,𝚛𝚎𝚊𝚕𝚕𝚢 𝚕𝚘𝚟𝚎 𝚝𝚑𝚎 𝚐𝚊𝚖𝚎

ph0s13 ph0.ph0s3

I gave my kotodummy depression. I love it

Devhine San Luis

Hello creator, I love this game and it's really relaxing Please make an update 🙏 and thanks for making this!! Bye o(•^v^•)o


Cute I liked it enough to see if they made other games If they had a clothing line, I'd buy clothes (if I had the monies)

Serenity Douglas

I actually think this game is really cute and fun to play! There is ads but I'm my opinion the game makes it worth it. I love decorating the little room and giving my characters accessories ♥️ the only problem I have with it is that everything is sorta expensive for what it is. That's all!

Xavier Smith

Thought it was great but the ads are right over the buttons so you can't press most of them. It'd a cute game and looked fun but you can't play it at all with ads. Sent a message to support still deleting it tho stupid game

Austin Hiscock


victoria sletten

it's a cute game, but the ads are annoying

Sinead Yea

Very cool and fun 😎

mayonaise pickle

so good,, this game is the most wholesome thing I've ever experienced.


not only a cute little game, but its not quite so pushy with its ads as other games are, + you can get by just fine without using real-world funds!

Tiana G

i love the dialog. its so funny!! i haven't gotten bored ever since i downloaded it. its so addicting. the ads aren't too bad, and they even let you know beforehand when they will happen. i can tell this is gonna be my new favorite time waster app

Michael scott


Zeta Lawson

very fun to make cute little creatures and decorating your room 100/10 :)



Casey Stillman

it is cute and fun.

I don't even know anymore

So cute and really simple! It's well worth the download

Breana Jaretsky

This is really cute and helps with my anxiety. :)


junji ito reference

A TurtleWatchingTv

So cute! :D

Janice Lee


Amber Stock

This game is great kotodama


It was fun until I realized...it's pay to play (Not really it's just very hard to progress without paying) thus I removed the game. If you're a patient person with alot of time to kill it's great, otherwise just annoying and a great way to stress you out =/


too many ads but I like the game. wish there were more combinations for characters without passwords.

Kayda 532

This is one of my favorite apps I have EVER installed and that's saying slot because I have downloaded many many apps over the span of at least four or five phones. It's very cute and it's very easy to play

Nutscroll Gaming

Forced ads

Chacon Family

Really fun to play and it keeps me busy

Danielle Jones

Absolutely adorable. went ahead and bought the no ads package, not because the ads were annoying (because they are far from), but because I wanted to show support to the dev's. Job well done 👏👍👌

Kyrie Is the devil

adorable and addictive

Bethany Her

Love it man.

Vincent Waldele

very fun and simple! love the art style

moss hunt

This game is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! It warns you at first that there will be some ads, and there's really not that many! The mechanics are very nice, and the characters are so cute! I definitely recommend this game if you like pastel cute things!

Alexa Felise C. Yang

Please make this offline

Alien Slimer

THE BEST GAME ON THE ENTIRE PLANET!?? MMM Barely any ads and when there is, they tell you. You can get diamonds & coins from watching ads if you want. You can go to other people's rooms and decorate your own with coins/diamonds and can get likes if people like your room The Kotodummies are so cute and there are so many that you can get! 12/10

Trash Raccoon

this game is so cute! easy to pass the time with :)

Sue A.

The bottom banner ads cover the menu text of the UI. I downloaded this because it said "no ads with playpass" but that's not true.

Tammy Tran


Pandoraz Baux

too cute

Callie Prothro

This game is very charming and fun. I love the sound design and the music, and all the little characters are so fun and look so adorable. It's just a very nice chill game.


cute but the ads are huge and covering the bottom screen so i cant even click on the shop

Kamila Kinayoman

Cute game! Would recommend to anyone, cute art, and adorable creatures! Overall 10/10 for me! I think it's so underrated too! If you have time try it! (◍•ᴗ•◍)✧*。


Such a cute game, makes me feel happy inside :)


very cute ✨

Snowdin Spirit

Very cute game that plays super nicely. One issue is that it has crashed so bad that it's caused my whole phone to restart before.



Tears of Cyanide

Cute game especially if you like ads. You can't go far in events without watching ads. Kotodummies only drop one event item a time, & ads drop 50-80 event items per watch. Given that the event achievements are 1000 event items apart and steadily growing larger the obvious choice to go forward in events is ads.

Sandra Flores

This game is adorable! I love everytuing about this! At first I thought that aging up a koto-dummy would taks a while but it was pretty fast! I definitely recomend this game!

xisun xisun

i wish there was a way to see my unlocked passwords

Beep Central

YAAASSS!!!!!!! 😻🤌😗👿😒🤟🙄✌️😍😡😭🥺😘🤌🤌😰🐝😔😰✌️✌️😭👿🤨🥰😤🤌😒😒😣🐈🥺😘🙄🐝🤨😒🥰😙💪😻🐈🥺🤬🤬🤟😗😒😒🥰👿👿😤😤🤌🤌😍😼😼😣😘🥲😡😔😎😎💪💪😈😩😻☺️😚☺️🤗🥰😙‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️

Kale Zuki

I wish it would generate the newer words more often after getting new words so we can use them on the young kotodama faster / easier and right away instead of having to use tickets to cycle through words hoping to we find what we want. Very few complaints. Lovely game.


omg it's so cute and fun and charming and low stakes

Grace Ryan

so cute and fun

Face Glue

Very cute! Big fan of the game and recently redownloaded it.