Knots – Line Puzzle Game

Author: Inspired Square FZE

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Knots – Line Puzzle Game – Connect same color dots with pipe. Simple, addictive & brain puzzle Game to play

Detailed info

File size: 73M
Update time: August 16, 2021
Current version: 2.6.7
Require Android: 5.0 and up
Developer: Inspired Square FZE
Price: Free
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Customer review

Yolande Powell

The game is wonderful, ads inbetween games are okay, but the ad breaks while playing the game, is off putting.

Francesco Gulino

This game will work your mind

Jeff Hayes

Different! Kind of challenging

None Such

Love it

lalitha kumar


Maureen Callanan

Fun, mind games, challenging


Lots of fun u

Kulanand Chaudhary


Keith Cartwright

Keeps you thinking when you get a spare moment!

Valerie MacDonald

Love it apart from too many ads.

David SH


Lloyd Penberthy

A great game

Donna Fryman

Great game..

Dean A

Very clever game!

Angela Artus

Interesting and different from the usual "new version of the same game" Like it

emmanuel tucker

Trying connect the line but it won't let me. I'm getting rid of the game

rania mourad

I love it

Edwina Viar

Love it so far it's been a great game. We will see more after playing for a while. Just started and enjoying very much so far. Will update this llater.

chandrima kundu

Enjoying it a lottt

William Godbeer

Makes you use your brain, excellent.

Kerry Birrell

Cool game brain training

Claire Ferdi

Makes you think!



Anja Bradley


Natalie Marwaha

Good game lots of ads

Mark Stucky

Good puzzles to figure out.

Prabha Shetty

Timepassing using ಮೈಂಡ್.


Too many ads particularly annoying are the ones that pop up halfway through a game. Will now unistall the game for this reason

Brian M

This is a relaxing game on how to resolve line puzzles.

Sue Conway

Works well

Sue Blake

The game is good. Can be a challenge for some people.

Craigh Anderson

Enjoyable and easy

Camilla Flint

Very fun brain puzzle. Too many adds.

Martin Lilley

Far to many adds in a game that takes concentration to get pop up during the game spoils the game at least wait to the end of each level

Christine Williamson

Love this game I found it earlier today, and I cannot stop playing it.

Jonathan Henson

This is,for me so far, a very nice game, it gets your brain into gear. Very fiendish.

John Allen

An excellent puzzle

Liza Grech

Annoyed by the constant interpretation of adds, while in the middle of game😡

ron lauinger

Too many damn ads. Deleted



Jonathan Silverberg

Enjoyable game with manageable amounts of adverts in between

Star Hayden

Way too many ads.....each ad break contains like 5 ads. Uninstalling.

Juana Cardenas

Gets boring after few games

Imran Ashraf

Best ever game for relaxation and mind sharpness.

Diane Hibbert

Bit of fun

Virginia Bennett

Fun puzzles. Tough but manageable

Jane Turner

Up to about level 100 it was great but now adverts interrupt games befor ot was between games which is acceptble but after just to goes mote adverts

Rafal Kepa

fun and funky

Cathy Spagnuolo

Great game!

Jose Ruelas

Challenging, yet fun.

Joyce Trujillo

It's alot of fun

Holly M

I love the game, it makes me think!

Sandra Rodriguez Ploor

Very Entertaining

Steve Storzer

Challenging and fun, but too many ads. Long, boring ads.

Adesina Adesanya

It's an excitingly tasking game, strengthening imaginative manoeuvres at every play level. So interesting

Bhagyesh Joshi


Sandra Tinsley

So far so good.

Brightstar Sung

Nice game

Shirley Webb

Pretty easy. Like pipe games & dot games.

Jayden Free

Hard to control to many ads🤬

Mark V

5 stars if you pay $3.99 for No Ads. The are very intrusive and time consuming. I played over 100 puzzles before giving in--too Stubborn. It is so worth 4 bucks if you like these types of puzzles.

Stuart Baldwin

Frustrating. Fun game, challenging, would be a 4+ but the commercial interruptions during game play really make this game unenjoyable.

Terri Anderson

I'm in the beta program, but never got an email to get the beta yet to start testing. Terri A

Deneb Cygnus


valerie wreford

Challenging you have to think outside the box. I like it!


Lots of fun

Joanne Fournier

I enjoy playing

Lydia Plain

Addictive. 🖤

Ani Barker

Love this, too many ads but they're quite short

Christy Manley


Evelyn Galler

Challenging but I get there in the end

Abdul Mazid Ansrai Ansari


Aaron Beck

Games cooo

Fabian Tse


Scott simpson

Way to many ads. The game can be relaxing but with so many ads you hardly get to play.

Jerry Dwyer

United Nations ad bugged,can't exit. Have to restart game.

Mary White

Challenging, but it makes you want to be better.

Wm. L. S

I hate that you have commercial brakes during the games. I can understand between games, but during is very annoying.

Karen Hampton


Donna T

There are lots of different ways to play.

Shabra Dowson

Interesting and yet do-able

Sylvia Okonkwo


Hilary O'Keife

Good fun

Seema Sahoo

Failure of Internet

Peter Conroy

Fantastic game


This game is nothing else but platform for ads.

Chandrika Patel

It's not connecting to network data or mobile data to get updated games

Andrew Shissler


jason singleton

Fun hard challenging and perfect for me 👍

Lena Wynne Katherine Emery

Love the colours and likable patterns

Sylvia Moore

Love this game...mind challenging...

Farouk Soukarieh


wendy shean

I like that it changes up a bit. It keeps it from getting tedious. They seem to have fixed the interuption in the middle of a game for ads. I don't mind the ads that are in between.

Debra Saari

It's a challenge each level should be more challenging!

Reyansh Bhavirisetty

Excellent game ever . Only the thing is about ads . Even after a hint there is ad . That's what I gave the rating as 4 stars . But It's a game of knowledge and joining a picture . As Gold is also added , I felt that this game is perfect. But it is hard

Uneeb Raja

Haroon Raja

Turd Pickler

Ads constantly interrupting puzzles are ridiculous. I don't mind them being between puzzles but during puzzles can really mess you up when you're trying to solve something.

Andrew Johnson

I like the game and can put up with the adverts because they were not after every level. I understand that you can do adverts but why does it have to take 3 pages to skip them. I have been playing it for a few days but today is delete days, I can put up with the odd advert after a few levels but I can't stand developers who stick adverts in half way through a level. I know I can buy the game or watch the odd advert but this is pure greed and forces me to another game.

Gerry Upper

Lots of fun and action

saghi kiumarsi