Knights Fight 2: New Blood

Author: Shori Games

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Knights Fight 2: New Blood – Welcome to Shorland, a medieval kingdom where the strongest warriors competing on the battleground. Start your way to glory and fame! Fight for honor, for wealth and for your life! No mercy to your enemies!
Take part in sword fighting duels against other players! Join Battle Seasons and reach the highest rank! Serve honestly to the King and become his first knight in story mode!

– Choose your equipment before you step on the battle arena
– Unlock, collect and upgrade tons of different weapons and armor
– Learn special attacks and tricks and set up your unique fighting style

– Try your skills in a bloody multiplayer action
– Cross your sword with other players in a fiercest duels
– Take part in weekly Battle Seasons with great prizes

– Journey through a storyline in classic medieval kingdom
– Fight against powerful lords, villains,robbers, murders and thieves
– Protect citizen and become the first knight of the kingdom
– Fight for your King!

– Fight vs other players in asynchronous multiplayer duels
– Take part in weekly PvP Battle Seasons with amazing prizes
– Prove your honor to the king in story mode challenges
– Complete daily tasks to earn rewards
– Customize your knight with tons of armor and weapon
– Discover new skills and special attacks
– Crush your enemies with spectacular hits
– Become the best of the best warrior in leaderboards
– Collect the treasures of King’s Arthur

– Customize your throne hall
– Choose or create your coat of arms
– Rule your lands

– Amazing 3D graphics and visual effects!
– Realistic animations immerse you in medieval swordfighting combat like never before!
– Various stunning locations and battlegrounds!

Download Knights Fight: New Blood right now for free and don’t miss the chance to show your valor in combat.

Welcome to the epic knights age! Be ready to step on the dangerous path to glory and wealth. Battle your way to the champions throne through thousands of enemies in singleplayer & multiplayer modes in this new free 3D game and become the legend of the knights!
Invite your friends and fight against them in online arena duels – settle arguments with them once and for all.
Forget about building castles, war games, racing and fantasy MMO. Here is the true hardcore fighting action in 3D. If you are looking for realistic medieval combat, this free game is for you. It features multiplayer pvp tournaments, furious knight duels for bets, deadly pve challenges and ruthless battles on the arena in an amazing and severe medieval ages, for free.
The Fight for the Champions’ crown has started!

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Update time: Aug 27, 2022
Current version: N/A
Require Android: N/A
Developer: Shori Games
Price: Free
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Customer review

Mac Dog

I got a bug or something it won't let me press stuff when I gotta do the armor tutorial but the fighting tutorial was awesome

Balazs Vardai (Balap)

This game is horrible it lags your device and it ruined things in this game was never made it would've made life alot easier I think it's the worst game in the world and made my personal life horrible And with my stuff it made me more far away from them

aj warren

dope af

Right In Two

Loved the original, love this one too. Would love it if it weren't pay to win...

Davis Allred (Daizbid)

All my progress just disappeared. I spent money on this game. I was level 25. Everything I had is suddenly gone and I can find no way to get it back. The game is fun. Very buggy with horrible online matchmaking and balancing, but fun. However, I cannot recommend it in the slightest with an issue as huge as this. It's one thing to lose game progress, it's another to lose the things I spent actual money on. That's borderline theft.

Joe Pimp

Really cool strategic Knight fighting game with intoative controls that keeps it fun.

Isaac Rapson

The game was fine until I finally got to a certain AI bot in the campaign. I've been working on him for at least 4 weeks and any amount of damage I do he always wins in three swings. So make thr AI easier and then I will play again.

Gabriel Martin

Amazing game

Fairuz Luqman

Make it so we can customize our button layout. Having a big phone with big hands made it hard for me to press any button without missing.

Stone Horne

The movement could be slicker and loot system could be stronger

Jonathon Sneeringer

Really fun

Cole Sit

Fun but little hard and can't load in the game

Paul Wray

Looks great just started an its playable

Greg Wagner

This game is hella' sick

Nicholas Watts

Awsome game love it

Kyle Davis

I've spent some money on the game and won one competition and now I can't log in at all to play it keeps saying server error so now that I've spent money I can't play this sucks please fix the issue

Gregory Azevedo

Game worked without issues till 3weeks in. Now full of network errors, code 500. Sent a message to there I.T dept. to have it repaired but no response or attempt to fix this game that keeps freezing. So time to Uninstall this game that I liked and spent money on. Bummer. Don't waste your time...

Anthony Tanevski

Pretty good but there's a couple things that are pretty finicky, for example if someone parrys your special attack (which is a random chance if they get to or not) then you can't parry them back, except sometimes enemies can parry it on me or block it, when parries are usually not blockable. The other thing is sometimes the game will get into a loop of giving you like 0.05 seconds to react to a special attack so no matter how fast you are you still eat the damage. Knights Fight II.

Kenny Todd

I like it, more Viking skins please lol

Jason Brown

Game doesn't work. It doesn't load properly.

Michael Whitney

Great game seems like your player tends to get tired a lot more easily than the computer one though sometimes.


Absolutely beautiful game especially since I'm a midevil nerd. This game is everything I love in the palm of my hands I really hope the creator keeps the game alive.


Pvp is good but the pve is just terribly balanced.

J C. Magana

Its ok

jake gipson

Best battle game to date, well done!

Irakli Geleishvili

PVP is completely FAKED!!! You play always against BOTS!!! 100% SURE! Developers are lying to us. In no case there was a humanlike behavior. Every opponent shares the same weaknesses. This is the main reason for one star. Later the game switched to Pay For Win mode. I play quiet good, but the opponents have much better eqipment and unrealisticly strong skills. I get no any valuable equipment to oppose if I'll won't make in-app purchases.

Mr. K

eat me taint

Rory Nolan

Great game concept but the buttons and indications are inaccurate. I will execute what the command says and still fail, I press the attack button to parry but nothing will happen. Attacks often land before any indicator pops up. When I use special moves my opponent reacts instantly and always parry's, you give the highlight to parry their action but never allows me to, also when my time slows down for my skill my enemy attacks at regular speed

Fornite XD

Not bad

Partha Mutsuddy

Server not available. Try again later. 🙂

Darren Lindeman

genuinely 5/5

Anthony Cararini

Game is meh, not a lot of interesting mechanics. Story is cringe, microtransactioms everywhere. $12 a month for the subscription???? The main reason for the one star though id the fact the "pvp" duels are just more AI duels. You can prove this by turning off your wifi and data.

Carlos Molina

Buen juego mala optimización

Paulius Macenas

Best game


Terrible, didnt save my account wth is google play games for if u can't save ur progression, my phone died week ago finally got new one same model as before and all my other games perfect fine but this one a big Sock it to ya! Y'all are horrible requesting refund on all items purchased! dont buy things ongoing investigation on their lack of response to Google Users it's been months and no response new phone had for 3 months now so it's been awhile idc 2.99 or the 24.52 I spent I wan my moneyback

Patrick Phillips

Has potential but cannot buy anything says something error and sometimes won'tet you use the video watch icon but other than that love the armor and weapons could use more cooler looking ones tho and need to add more to gameay and guild etc

Joshua Iriarte

Fun game

rahman fire

Good graphics not perfect just good

Tom Corralejo


Steve light3

It's good game just wish the dodge button Register more often when I click it

Kotelyn Redman

Very fun but same old very money driven gameplay you won't advance very much unless you spend money

Brian Traxler


Deotha Hollis

It's good but devs need to respond to issues reported like right now the event board freezes halting progress also after lord Valarie fight what's next nothing new on the campaign is appearing

Mike Hicks

Absolute garbage. Every time you exit the game you lose all progress. This would be especially painful if you had spent money. Speaking of which, it's a hard core money grab. Free play is possible, but difficult. Considering that you lose progress, it's not worth the effort.



Namikaze Hakimi

I read the reviews of others before playing this game n they have fix the bugs n problem in the game, i really enjoy this game even though I'm just a newbie. But it really is a pay-to-win type of game to get the best armour n weapons.

Dara Bard




Alex Armstrong

Good game

Hyacinth Dehere

its a vey nice game though you can do like a big war battle in the game

Koby Curtiss

Rip off of For Honor. How this is legal, i may never know..

Brody Buchholz


Hamim M S

Not friendly for newbies. Cant even make it to lord grabbing dev

Arben Selmani

It loads only 60% and then you wait for hours and nothing

Ahmad Hidayat

Love it. Nice work dev

Damien Maggard

It was a fun game untill i opened it and i ha lost all my progress


The Fitnessgramm Pacer Test is a multistage aerobic capacity test that progressively gets more difficult as it continues.

Lim Jun Jie Sebastian

This game is great but the loading not smooth and lost my event tickets after special event Bugged! Shori should fix mine or I will never recommend anyone!

juney hussain


Arief J



Overall I loved the game. It's feels real, actions feels fluid, cenamatic and there is always tension and fear while I was playing which I liked a lot. I choose to uninstall the game for only one reason. The Joystick ! It's doesn't move according to my finger does. It misses to often, it's not fluid and it doesen't wants to respond. So I felt frustrated. When some other games doen't even have any joystic like PES and other football game, why it's like this? Bring a new update and FIX THIS !


Like the challenge, equipment is slow coming but still easy to get for non pay to win player

Triston Lopez

Good game


3.3 GB needed for update ? Screw you

JJ Beauchamp

Personally I enjoy the challenge this game offers, if you wanna play competitively you might have to spend money 🤷🏽‍♂️

Farras08 1989

New event does not work on my phone. After defeating an enemy, the game freezes and does not progress the event.

jeff mollett

It's a fun and great game. Only problem, I keep loosing my data for it. Whole account with high level stuff, poof gone. Pretty annoying

Mister Xtreme

Once again developers please fix the game I can't play if it won't let me.


Fun. Would recommend. I really love the controls for fighting.

Migy Prieto

It's competition is 100 the graphic 100 the glitches 80 is because it doesn't kick me out of the match or the game that's only why it's really intense if you love to win and hate to lose this is the game that might break your phone in half

Kyler Petronek


Gabriel Gonzalez

Tournament of Robbin is bugged after Big John is defeated your game does not advance to next fight. I've spent 20+ tickets and have sent an email about this bug with follow up or reply. Will you please fix this? - Really Nothing?

that.1 .player

Very good game

David Nix


souls 3839

The game is fun but it's such a pain to play, the story mod is good but not the best, the main thing you'll be doing is the duels but if you play that for long enough and are good at it gives you other people that are much stronger than you, and this game does require skill but it's a pay to win. And at the end of the day it's a good game but i wouldn't really recommend it to anyone that i know

Adam Major

Just started. If you like for honor is a simple version of that.

Callum Curran

It seemed like a great game I enjoyed the fell of genre and started out getting used to everything it was an experience, but like many games on the game store it fells like it has a problem with mechanics when it comes to fighting unfair problems that arise.

Wyatt Clayton

I love the game but it would be 100 times better if there weren't abilities and power levels

Arthur Mayor

After every battle would freeze and both knights would just be standing there, waste of my 10 dollars honestly if the game is unplayable.

Nick Maurer

Awesome game!!!

Lorrie Self

You shad try di game out Hthrhhrhdhfjdudjrurhrhrbejjrjdjrjrjrjrjrjhrrjrjjrjrjrrjj3j3jejejehrhrurururjtjjtjtjjhfuejrjdidueurhdhduududhdudududyddhhdjrhdhrhdhdhhehdhdndhhdhfhridjdjdijfjfirjrjrrjfjdjrurhrheuejjejeueueurjjrjdjdjdjdjdhdhhdjduduurururiieuruururhruuryrudyrjjeuehejejrydhsijshdhshsueujdjdjdjtjrjrjrjr 88ijfifididjdjdidjfjfjfjjrjrjbu3nr8je8ebrujsiaisijajsjwusjjsjegfuhdhdjrjgruejeyururuturuhruhryegheyygdhjrj4ifiri8dir8riiridjdi but it took 3 hours to down lode Eyjejrjdjdididhd

Bryan Griffith Jr

It very much like for honor and it is fun

Jay Crew

Great game


I love old fighting game but can you make more graphics

Alexxander Hansson (Know Good Media)

Super sick. Best fighting game on mobile yet.

Todd Minner

Great game idea.. Responce time to block not very good its kinda choppy and the NPC gets to attack without interuption... Or even to avoid and attack delayed movement .. Still a little tweeking and all should be cool

Tristan Snaith

Very fun hard gameplay anazing graphics

erik steele

Where did my saved profile disappear to? Months worth of progress gone i am pissed!!! If this is fixed i will return it to a 5 ⭐ rating.

Okuhle James

Is not an offline game you need to have data to play. I don't know why it says offline.


Its valid

Alex Scott

Solid game, no forced ads, good level of progression.

Charlie Auditore

Worst game.

Tyler Phillips

So far fun


Easier to learn than I first thought. Glad I hung in there and kept hacking away. You'll do well if you're familiar with For Honor. Reminds me of a simplified version of that combat system. Grinding silver can be a pain, but once you unlock the castle and get some daily income rolling in, it's not so bad. Easy to learn, difficult to master, impossible to put down. Great job Shori team! 👏


Can't log on server will not allow log in

John Vanharn

Fu game

Seth Jones



Fr the game is so buggy and I lost a bunch of event tickets twice because when I tried to use them the game freezes sometime or kicks me out of the event or something else

Troy Rodney

Not working

money max

I love this game and this game's animations are really so cool and for my mobile no glitch no bug people say this game has glitch but glitch is in not in this game glitch on they mobiles