Knight’s Edge

Author: Lightfox Games, Inc.

100,000+ install


Knight’s Edge – Quick 3v3 Brawls for Glory!

Detailed info

File size: 161M
Update time: September 10, 2021
Current version: 1.9.401
Require Android: 5.0 and up
Developer: Lightfox Games, Inc.
Price: Free
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Customer review

Parthiv Kumar A

Bad game dont recommend it. It is impossible for you to win even in the early stages my teammates are all noobs or afk while the enemy has weapons not even in my arena...another annoying feature is the fact you can sabotage the enemy it's sooo annoying your doing your buisness and some random fool keeps chasing from the portal its freaking annoying...I hate this game will never play it again.

Chandra Aditia Nugraha

No reward for pre register user

Ben Talley

fantastic implementation of pve with a pvp twist

Ivan Levkin

This game is legitimately just a cash grab. After starting the game, I won twice and then could not win a single match 20 games in a row. The option to buy diamonds and then upgrade weapons makes the game unplayable. I genuinely suggest you don't even bother downloading it. It's just not worth the time.

Derek Plante

Great game keep up the good work. Keep adding features and more customization options and it'll stay an awesome game!😉


Very fun and underrated game

Johnson selvamani

nice but you should allow in tablet also right now i am playing this game in my phone the bad thing is this game is loading forever in tab or i pad pls fix this bug thanks


Not as I expected, I wanted more manual breathtaking fights than a automated basic attack seen in turtorial


Great game with huge potencial, really like it is simple and fun at the same time has a lot to dig into and like a said Huge huge potencial on the game to be amazing, so far the experience its been great, fun and non repetitive for being a game like this. Def deserves the 5 stars, no bugs nothing unfair and def a f2p game money is not an advantage, you can p2w as well but it will just hurry the process nothing more. lets hope the dev put love into their game am really hopping great things here.

xilef eimer

Fun and not boring


I tried to register my ID, when ever I go to Gmail get the code and go back into the game it reloads the game and I can't type in the code because it wants a new one..

NR Gaming

This game is one of the most fun to play But the graphics and the design make it 👎

Malone Dick





It's just bad

Marinela Th

Very good but i wish that the tribe event gets expende with 1 week

Mathys pro 21

very good game, looks like brawl stars and thanks to tribe gaming for showing me this game, love oj


Game pretty good. 2 stats for mm and problems with afk players. Recently I've got 2 afk teammates and I couldn't even exit the match

Madhuri Sammetla

Op game and the best game from me

Voluted Tripod


Samer Roblox

This is the best game

Quinn Symonds

really fun game. wish there were more modes.

Ali Madarati


Typical Gaming Yard.


Venugopal Manduri

i like lex and oj

Thiago Clauter

Wasted time and money with the battle pass this game, terrible as any P2W, you need to spend plenty of money to be good

Ugly Casanova

Archero with swords.


After 30 hours of gameplay, I'd say that this game is amazing. Sadly it have some issues, as every new game. It seems like sometimes you are playing with and against NPC's, the matchmaking level difference is pretty bad and unfair (I'm using 20 to 29 weapons and enemies are at 39 to 40 and even above 40 at times.) and lastly, the roll function should be a bit more refined, it's a bit hard to use at times and the cool down of it should be displayed somewhere. All that aside, this game is great!


Love it! My boyfriend and I love to play this on a passing time. I just want to know when the guild feature will come out.

Paola Maureen Darcera

It seems like they put bots in the game so you will spend more money to defeat your enemy. Yea naaa mate. Not gonna do this game. You developed it well very similar to archero but not good enough in terms of player retention. The matchmaking is ridiculous 🤣 dont waste your time and money in this game.

Paulo Joseph Limos

The game was cool but I suggest to add option that you can lock the movement button so that you can control your character better and for accurate positioning.

Barbra Windom

it's really fun and I hope you can update the game to make it more fun

John Sinos

awesome AWESOME awesome. coop slayer with pvp entanglement

hefin dennis

I did not like opponents coming to our side

Diego Arneiro

Game can be fun, but progress is slow and unbalanced. You can face teams with twice your power sometimes. They also make us play with/against bots, not always another player, and sometimes they just get stuck and you lose a game because of that..

Nate Baker

Trashhhhhhhhh. You go down more by losing from unbalanced teams than you do to win.

Thomas Daras

Pay-to-win, unbalanced matchmaking, and bots with braindead AI. Hard pass.

James Nash



Teams feel unbalanced most of the time and the auto targeting mechanism hurts the player more than it helps and you cant disable it. Shop prices and upgrade prices are insanely high encouraging a pay to win landscape


good game