Knight’s Edge

Author: Lightfox Games, Inc.

100,000+ install


Knight’s Edge – Quick 3v3 Brawls for Glory!

Detailed info

File size: 161M
Update time: September 10, 2021
Current version: 1.9.401
Require Android: 5.0 and up
Developer: Lightfox Games, Inc.
Price: Free
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Customer review


I can't because I'm walked off by fake report or I unable to connect the game is broken or of big player been banned has escape the banished and he wanted to ban other players maybe I have to re-download the game if you log into a Google account Safeway is re-download

EMoneyDatruth ILT

Would love to see events get added

James Gordmen

freezes alot

Marcus Jackson

great game love it


Good game ruined by bad connection

pulznoriaki tsuda

Dapet team random kacau banget, damage kita tidak pernah masuk, developer hanya mentingin top up di game ini, sesekali pernah dah 100% win, tapi malah sick

Marklouie Luna

This game in my opinion is nice but i wish u could zoom in a little


Nothing but a lagging mess throughout matches even though there's no internet connection problem and every match is one-sided. Whether it's a win or a loss, the winning team is determined at the beginning of the match...this game is trash and that's a fact

David Godfrey

would recommend for casual play. would be nice if there was just more things to do then just battle.

Johnathan Cheng

Game compatibility says that this Game can be played with my Infinix Smart5... So i... Reinstalled the game... But when the loading screen reached 90%, instead of reaching 100% and be a playable game... It Force closed the game, and crashed my phone. The Game is Not Fixed, you just gave false compatibility info, just to get massive downloads...


very good

Im Galadriel

1. Matchmaking worst 2. Why the hell enemy player damage is so hurt? They can even wipe 3 of us. 3. Is the team real player or bot? Because they are so dumb and stupid. 4. Add detail explanation on rune stats


I started playing this game few months back. I enjoy it ever since. You don't have to log in every day to get somewhere, customisation is quite nice and makes you stand out. I enjoy the game so far

kyaw kyaw

so nice

Toyota Bucket

Bots!! Everyone you play with is a bot would be an amazing game if you didn't get paired with bots

Arcirius 22


Neil Bacs


AJ Calasin

Its great, but very pay to win

Red Scott

Really great game.

jeff Trevino

it's a really fun game with simple and smooth control mechanics and doesn't have internet issues or anything really fun

donamiche evans

great game fast pace

Andrew Gibbons

Not bad worth playing

epic thunder

Even after an update I still get matched with way over leveled players when I haven't uptiered any weapons for the first time. Fix the matchmaking and makes staves stronger.


cool man! I really enjoy playing the game. The controls are simple and the game events vary. hard to get bored

Josh Thompson

once you get a little further into the game the matchmaking sucks. other than that it's a fine waste of time.

Maith Olc

fun game, easy to play, easy to level up, definitely not pay to play or win. matches are quick and easy, yet fun and challenging at times. it's a great little time killer.

TDrop on da beat

great game. I spend all my time playing it lol

Joshua Stacy

Fun but glitchy. 1 star for now due to the lag.

John Rigling

Great fun game, addictive to play. Gets repetitive after a while needs different game modes or more map variation. Adding a way to quickly swap between runes and weapons would be beneficial.

Kevin Olivier

very fun and addicting!

Justine Fire wolf

The gameplay is great at first I really love the graphics, but the irritating issue here is the loading screen, every fight I've finished, the loading screen always takes minutes until it kinda restarted the game thinking that I lost connection with it, Idk if this is just the game it self but please fix it

Richard Sanders

The game is ok... Tons of bots...

David Boyarshinov

Pay to win game. At first it seems very fun at first but when I got to arena 3 ppl who were 5-10 lvls higher than me versed me. Get your wallet out and ready if u want to play this game.

dust sans

It's terrible I tried get passed the tutorial only for it to crash and I have to do the tutorial again plz fix the crushing issue and many more and this could be really good and could definitely be fun



Kevin Melton

I'm giving it a 1 star right now because the constant lag is killing me, literally in game. Its fun to play and I like how each game is different cause of the perks. It does seem like sometimes I get matched with teams that are better than mine due to their weapon levels and that should be changed. Like the game seams really pay to win. There are some stuff that could change to make the game better.

Maria Isabella

Pure frustration. Enemy weapons are 10 levels higher than mine and all my team members are bots. I can play for literal hours without winning once.

Joe Pearson

great time waster and fun to play

Mikael Sjöblom

So many bots... The pathing of your team mates clearly shows you are playing a single player game a lot of the time.


Legendary 🥵🥶🤨


awesome game haven't put it down for 2 hours now

Sean Bowe

fun but the match ups are mismatch sometimes

Jacqueline Karauwan

Need new games 😛 like... keep away

Logan Thomas

It's fun


t and char leveling system... can be difficult to keep track of ur char and where ur attacks are goin. really wish it had pve mode too...

Jesus Moreno

Kicks me out everytime I try to play, it'll work for a bit then kick me out.

Thomas Drey

The game play is entertaining enough, and the items are fun to collect and experiment with. But the multiplayer aspect of the game is a bug riddled joke. When you raid an enemy, the connectivity is molasses slow to the point where my hits look like they're healing the enemy. The progress bar on the right side glitches up and down by 10% increments, giving you no idea if you're TRULY winning or not. Good concept, but get some better servers.

Frank Morgan

This game is so full of cheaters its not even funny! How does a team that has two of their members only attacking us, and one guy to clear every stage by himself plus their boss in half the time it normally takes. How is it my HP is high but I get killed by my opponents in 3 hits? They did not lose a single hit point. They were the same level as us also. Hacker city!


simple and fun, game throws you right in from the start. but it's dumb proof and super enjoyable. 👌

Cpt Stewart Cannon


Mike P

so far so good I'll be back to let you know more

Eddy Cuzz

Cool but full of bots....


This game is not very good very slow paced progress. Getting gold only from chest but needing hundreds. The weapons in combat decent variety but same exact damage across the types regardless of elements. performance numbers bounce around between 20k damage points large difference early on. Overall this app is absent same stage same weapons slow upgrade process im removing app after a week

Mikel smith

fun so far I'll be back tho lol


I'm only giving this a one star due to it being extremely unbalanced, some players are so "pay to win" that they are overpowered to a point where you get one shot. It should go off of your equipments level making it more balanced and an even fight. Overall the gameplay was fun, liked that you get to customize your character to your own play style either it be with a sword, axe, bow or staff. Do hope they implement something into the game to help, until than uninstalled.

Ed Tekase

It's all bot, no live player, always match with noob bot.

Kyngston Gates

This game is awesome, but I think you should update how the nights look and there would be shields. You could use once in a while when you use it one b, I want to take any damage.would only be usable to be used when you use it attack.

Chris Brown

Has Potential, but not until changes are made. Currently.. when you que for a match, there's a VERY high chance 1-2 of your 3-man team will be made up of bots... Are they KE official bots? Or player ran bots? No clue. But what I do know.. is if you get 1 on your team... Especially 2.. you are guaranteed a loss. Curious why? They run through the portals to pvp the other team WAY too often... Equaling way less Damage on your team, and a loss for you. Don't spend a penny till this is fixed!

Star Light

Very Fun

Tanner Burnett

3v3 battle royal! can't go wrong

Caleb Stewart


Brandon Savoy

super fun and quick games


big fun smooth

Rainer Smith

This game is boring played with it for a few weeks not interested. Super boring 👎👎👎

Miles Carpenter

I do not recommend this game to anyone I don't think there's any monitors at all I caught several players cheating I've even done a match where the opposite team was on my side and I mean all three players that were on the other team was on the My Side attacking us while we were attacking our Target they went back to their side and not even a second later they're all three of them back on our side again therefore there was no way they can raise their percentage up and yet they won.

Mardy Razon

What The Hell happened? after the update it becamw insanely lag? My internet is all good bu I keep getting the red wifi signal! should have been 5 stars for me pls fix this!

minecraft boy

The game is very simple to understand but takes some time to master

Marsellus Wendy Halim Wijaya

The game is fun, but as I progress through the arenas, it's becoming more and more imbalanced with so many bots to fight against. Please balance out the bots. They are too powerful and imbalanced and making progress difficult. Also please adjust the trophy reward and loss. The trophy reward for winning a match is too small and the loss is too big, making advancing difficult.

Deno عدنان بن موسى Musa الشيخ

Greetings and good morning It's fun easy to play and I really enjoy playing it.

Gabriel Varo

Very unfair game some people just spend the money lots of lag and people are always unfair fight


fun game all tho it's has lots of lag

Linoleum Fleur

Gotta say, the game is great. I dislike the lack of report button, and the players still hinge on whether i keep the game over that, but overall the game feels great. Just sucks to hit a losing spell and not be able to upgrade your gear!

justin wood

a better archero

Brandon Lien

Fun game. Short and to the point. Can be improved with better matchmaking balance and adding a clan/chat system

Kevin Flowers

great idea for a game whether you enjoy pve or pop, interesting classes and abilities, combat feels great, great online connection with other players

matthew duncan

Very awesome game, as soon as I started playing I couldn't stop, I'm hoping there will be a lot more content like 5v5 or longer dungeons, the only thing I don't like is how you activate rolling, I would rather there be an option to make it its own button I don't know how many times I have tried to roll with the movement pad and it doesn't work.

Jeremiah Flax

Aside from greatly needing more content so there's a viable way to farm gold, very fun and the competition is the icing on top.

austin Varnado

good game

Andreas Almodovar

simple yet fun

Bubba Vannoy

Slows start, but picks up really fun

Steven Bowen

I like the ease of play controls and flow of game seems pretty smooth

Jan Gonzalez


johnathan lynch

great team based game. my advice to future players, add friends who enjoy this game too. playing with randoms won't get you too far

Scott Heineman

super cool little game


I spend a bit of money for costume and don't to lose my account. The registery won't let me have code. Please send!

Dark Destroyer

just a fun game if they removed the token system it would probably be better but it is such a fun game


actually having alot of fun with this. if you've played gambit from destiny then this is basically the same thing. my only gripe is getting stuck walking and your characters customization is not ever there. your character is stuck as a blue dude with the same face as everyone else which is a little wack. plus your armor does nothing for you except look cool which is fine but kinda leaves the game empty. if you decide to change it. you'll get a five star from me.

Jarlene Erika Casili


Jimmy Roo

It's a cool and simple game. The issue is there's no real way to get resources without spending money. It all comes to a dead hault.

Jason Surber

fun game so far let's see if there is a pay wall

Rhythmic Eli

this game is easy to play, fun to play, and focuses more on ease of access gameplay. I live this game


fun game

Imutate Gaming

Extremely fun game. F2P friendly, and worth the time I only have one issue. There's not a report option. I encountered someone I'm 99% sure was cheating, as the match ended in less than a minute, and he had 60k damage with the Frost staff. That really doesn't seem right, especially since he was able to solo all 3 of us. With a staff.

Thug Fights

vsey fun action pack game!!

Tyler Cobb

Ok, after trying it more than a day..... the match up is totally rigged. Makes you go against people who are higher level and walk all over you. I've lost all my trophies because of this. About to Uninstall. Kinda wasting my life right now.


actually pretty good

Calvin Li

I bought a massive weapons cache package and got charged twice for it.

Jacob Moeller

Yes! Just Yes

Andoni Rodriguez

Can't even begin to explain how bad this game is and I can't understand why it's rated so high. It's a 3 v 3 race to defeat the level boss. If your teammates don't help out, you lose. Most of the time you'll match against teams with higher gear than your team. The game shoot/hits for you, you just have to run around. Bow special needs more work. When you win, you get an option for a chest in exchange of watching an ad and the ad won't even load.

Elijah Aragon

I haven't had time to attempt to play with it crashing nonstop I wish I was able to play.