Kitty Powers’ Speed Date

Author: Magic Notion Ltd.

100,000+ install


Kitty Powers’ Speed Date – High Speed Dating Simulator!

Detailed info

File size: 97M
Update time: January 22, 2021
Current version: 2.14
Require Android: 4.1 and up
Developer: Magic Notion Ltd.
Price: Free
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Customer review

Tomi FIN

Cheer 🥰 who already tried this application? Because of what there is such a trouble there are many bots, no real users at all? 😔 Dating app is so-so, as far as I caught, this is just a undone copy of the popular site likevirt 🔞 com, only likevirt has all profiles and users are real , a large selection of partners and also there is a great deal rewards 💝🔝. Just for the fun register, see the profiles, photos! If you tickle fancy keep liking it! 👍💪



Stephanie B

Tp Oo many forced ads

A Diablo

Everything is kawaii

Trisha Naedler

Too many adds

Saniya Garrison

It's fun especially with the character creating,also the option to see an add is very clever

Strahinja Nikolic

Ok not my tipe of game

Sebrina Choi

I play the game and i rank high but i never get the rewards

Charli is the Queen

I think this is game is amazing


It seems fun, but as fast as I press start training the game crashes. I have re installed it so many times but it keeps on crashing when I need to click start training

amor ,

This is actually pretty cool but I don't get how to send my character on dates

Melissa Savil

IVE BEEB LOOKING FOR THIS GAME FOREVER lol as a child I watch ihascupcake watching her play this game was amazing so I hope it reaches expectations!:)

Sinahi Godinez

Estaba jugando normal y de repente me sacó, me volví a meter y no me dejaba hacer nada porque según no tenía internet, la cerré y la volví a abrir (después de checar mi red) y seguía marcando el mismo problema, me fui a configuración y borre el storage y volví a la app y al momento de querer iniciar sesión me marca que no había ninguna cuenta con tal correo, la verdad un juego bueno pero con ese tipo de problemas se le quitan las ganas de jugar a uno.

Cassidy Rodriguez

please add the new clothes and facial features to love life

Matthew Semeniuk

Becomes unfair at high level play. It's never made clear how much of an impact different like levels make. How much better is purple than green? Green than yellow? Just lost a 148,000 point (2.5 million with best match) game because the person I chose who had all greens and more pinks than the rest was somehow fifth and even worse than people with oranges.

Jason Parrish

I love it

Destiny 100

How did I not already rate this game? I've loved it for a very long time now.

̈ zh-pxe ̈

Don't know why the reviews are so low. Pretty cool game ! ✩

Adrisha Saha

This game is awesome!!!!!I loved how they put advertisements in between to relax and also variety of characters too!Good job!Keep up with the good luck🥰😍🤩

Sarah Fox

Amazing just like all the others. Def my least fave of the 3 but its still a 5 star game XD


Im obsessed with this game because its like kitty powers match maker but free im happy for that because most can't afford the actual game

Shanique Douglas

good game

Lauren “via_m00n19”

Love this game

Gracie H

Mmh its ok Not my style but its alright if your a desperate person looking for something to do i got bored easily though

Teagan Rose

I ♡ this game! End of story :3

Sam Nunya

its good but its making me sad abwt me bieng sengl

Nick Blake

ruhs iu diuh

Unknown person

This game is really fun! I enjoy everything about it!


Pretty 👍

Stella onions

it is a cheap version of the original it is free but SOO boring. I just overall think it is not a good game and others may not agree but in my experiensce I just think that it isn't worth a slot in your device.

Coffee Kat

Fun but lacking.

Alexis Meaney

Very good app and overall pretty good graphics

Juana Gonzales

Its a really good game but some don't make sense when you are match making but that's ok

Jasmine Garcia

Addictive and fun. However, recent Fall Fest AND Client of the Day rewards never came in. Not the biggest deal but it's kind of a bummer.

•wårriør wølf•

It's good I just don't like a little later it wants some more like personal information but can you power speedate is very fun to use whenever you pretend to make dates for people that's fine

Hannah Dromgoole


Elizabeth Ann Johnson

I love this game its fun

Kat Meow 99

Its an average app not amazing but not bad

Lilly Rose

it was a fun game

phoebe l

Got boring

Chalupa Batman

I love this game, however it has become super glitchy recently. Nothing major, just some annoying, inconvenient things. But, this is easily one of my favorite games and will play with the bugs 🐛


i have had a creepy time playing this game!D: this girl with blackhair came in she looked like the other charactors but her eyes were red and looked realistic she said she wanted a demon boy and when it came up to pick every spot was blank then a deep voice shouted at e from inside the game"HURRY UP!" i was so scared i threw my laptop across the room luckily my floor is made of carpet and a voice from inside it said"pick it up and your job"i hope this never happens to you!D:


It's a fun game . Entertaining. A good time killer. Be careful if you enter the rainbow Festival . I had over 30 Stars was up to 12th Place. Then for some reason the festival vanished for a whole day it came back and it said I was not entered and I lost all of my stars . Including my position . not cool

Coco Rina

I love this app


It's an okay game, pretty enjoyable but after awhile it becomes boring

will ashe

😹this game is a joke to me

Tracer GayNoodle

I enjoy the app and have lots if fun, but everytime I have redownload it, not even 24 hours after owning it, the game denies me access to opening the app.

Leia Bowers

This isn't the actual game btw

Summer Schwanekamp

It wasn't like the ones I saw YouTubers play on PCs and I though it was huh oing to be like that and it is very confuseing

Isabel Fuentes

Great, fun reminds me of ihascupquake

Michele D.M

It is really fun! But its a shame that the other games cost money😭

Rihanna Silver

Overall, a decent time-killer. It's fast-paced and exciting, but the time for a new client to arrive should be reduced from 25 minutes. The game can be played more if there's less waiting involved. Plus, the ads are terrible.

Josephine Taylor McGowan

Kinda boring

Lucia Navarro Espada

No es divertido, lo siento

Eliott KronicLee

Gets repetitive very quickly

Lela Rose

It's cool and it's a good time passer.

hawks simp


Owen Charles

It's good I guess attest you can get this game and its supper fun

Dorge gh0st_y_

Love it! So much fun!

Vixen Fox Sneaky

I hope my avatar gets married

Leila Nies


Elli Xox

Its amazing and super fun! I enjoy playing this game a lot.

Emma Hicks

Don't like it

Kaia Sanchez

I liked it now mind your own business and run along

Mabel Yap

Very fun to play, though it gets a little boring and predictable at the end it is definetely worth a try to play this.


It was pretty good ngl gets REALLY boring after a while

Chloe Garner

Love it

nyaanyaa boi

this app is really fun. i use it when i am bored and have nothing to do or when i have alot of free time. this app is exactly like the paytoplay version. I just wanted to try some random games one day for a video and i found this.

Shane Crellin

Had a great expiance loved the gameplay and all i cant fine one thing wrong with it tbh... i hope u all enjoy it too x (mind my bad spelling)

Emma Watson

Won't even download goes to 100% than goes back to 0%

Crystina B

Its a decent game gets pritty boring tho


Fun but when I try to make a account they say check my internet connection. Nothing wrong with my internet connection...

Edon Major

Pretty fun! Not much to do though

Madison Kuharik

It takes way to long to download I waited 4 hour for it to install and I have amazing internet😒

sienna lennon

Love is all you nede

Taylor LeeAnn

Its a great game

Siren “WeabooTrash53” Song53

It depends on what your expecting. If you saw the YouTube playthroughs don't get your hopes up. It is far less interactive and far more repetitive. They took out the actual go on a one on one matchmaker date and switched it to speed dating. But if you just find this game it is a good way to take your mind off other things. Personally I got my hopes up and got bored very quickly. Not the game I thought it was gonna be.

Najely Cruz

I mean I hate it is terrible

Sofia Barrera

It wont even let me download the game despite all the storage i cleared to download it.

Stephanie Marie Houston



Seems really fun until it makes you build and that costs Pearl's which cost in game money, and the free way to get them needs the building for you to continue doing it. Overall not great it I need to spend money to play.

Ash the Golden Deer

Very niiiiiiice.


its very fun

Aubree Hatchett

Cant yoi make them free😭



Posi TVt (Monyauu)

The game is really fun! I've been playing it for couple of hours and it was doing well- until just now that is. I was speed dating and I had no more time, but I activated the date master thing; which made the game glitch. I was stuck in a frame where nothing was going on. All I could do was open up the options menu but that's it. I was doing so well too.. I had to restart the app which made me lose all the progress. The client, the game, the boosts- Please fix this :")

Mantis L

Fun, but confusing. I don't understand why my combo will end if I reject a character with a trait my client hates. Other than that, this game is really fun and addicting! I've really liked the Kitty Powers series ever since it came out, and I think this is a nice addition!

Lhola Doodles

I HATE this game. It just like a 99cet only version. wich I can give it 0 stars

andrea chase


Lances._. Load

I love this game!


This game is so fun and amazing

Robert Jenkins (` My Dads account `)

This game is horid every time i try to play the game,the screen just turns white andit kicks me out,AND its not my laptop bc my laptop works purectly fine so the problem is..The..GAME

ˇMrs Moonˇ


Draco's little sister

Pretty good game but when i press the cross when iam match making it ticks them instead

Sans Skeleton

Its so fun to play. I like how u can create your character. And i like how u can match people and see there % thing.

kamya gaming

Good but taken long to download


I love this game, but when I went to sign in I couldn't, I don't remember getting the game before nor remember signing up.


I'm sure everyone else is getting this issue when ever you press cross its says you pressed tick its really annoying and I suggest you fix that pls but the game is really fun 8/10 for a free game I didnt expect anything great but it's really good!! <: hope to see more of your games free

Adrian Pulsifer

finally,a free version!

Autumn Patton

I wish I could actually play, it gets halfway downloaded and then stops. I read another review where someone else is having the same issue. Please fix this!