Kitty Cat Tycoon : make cat tree

Author: mafgames (Idle Games, Tycoon Games)

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Kitty Cat Tycoon : make cat tree – Make cat tree with kitten

Detailed info

File size: 96M
Update time: August 30, 2021
Current version: 1.0.19
Require Android: 5.0 and up
Developer: mafgames (Idle Games, Tycoon Games)
Price: Free
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Customer review

Ace Green


Ayaquil Caitlin Jaimee Belly

it's really cute and nice I love it!

Ookami Inuzuka

!!AD SIM.. the game becomes unplayable after just the 3rd factory because they want you to either watch ADs or spend money. I'm so sick of these kinds of mobile games and how greedy they are. Don't let the cute cats fool you. This is NOT a game. It's an AD simulator!!

Aisina UK

The game is cute. However the advert provider is terrible. I'm used to playing games with the "30 second ad to double reward" mechanic, but these adverts have no timer and can't be muted. A couple of times I had a pop up I couldn't skip unless I took an advert or used the freemium currency. Also the cat hot air balloon should be rarer its there all the time!

Myana Ember


Rosey Kat

Game is cute and has potential to be fun, but there are way too many ads. Just finished a quest? Watch an ad. Just got to the next shop? Watch an ad. Just opened a card pack? Watch an ad. I get that the company needs money to run their games but I spent more time watching ads then actually playing the game!

Sharifah Qistina


Tawon Ar

ภาพน่ารักดี เล่นได้เรื่อยๆ

Helen Parton

this game is good


wow cute cat

Ali_Cruz13 _

Listen, any game with cats I can get behind, and this one absolutely tickles my fancy.


cute and nice to pass the time


I can't say anything really cos it crashed before I could play.

Cohen Bandy-May

Is epic game definitely recommend :D



Lackle Tackle

Love the concept and the art, just played it for a few minutes and I am already in love with the game!

Lilia Gorpido

kitty kat

Christine Jade Atian


Zachary Pastor

adorable, addictive kitty tycoon. I have a lot of issues with this game, but overall i do enjoy it. One flaw that stands out, though, is the delivery trucks seem to be stealing money. They'll leave with 20.3n worth of goods, and when they come back i only recieve 10.8n. Where is half my money? No idea. Why is it gone? No idea.

Nick Carson

This game is cute and good for passing time! It might take time to level up or something but its worth using this to pass time.

Elaiza Jhozel Maisog

it's cool I guess

juicy_ playz


Annabelle Winter

The games takes so long to install this is really sad and disappointing if you can fix this I can play the game

Masen Miller



This would be more fun, if it wasn't so ad heavy. Almost every aspect of the game needs to have an ad played after a certain point. I got frustrated enough to delete the game since I was playing more ads than the actual game itself.


its really cute and fun

Dusty Kelsey

this is the best game ever

Justin Fox

It's a decent enough idle game, but the forced ads is a huge negative that cost you a lot of stars

Jaswitha Sakavarapu

it is very nice and very cute game



Jaquari Wilkerson

this game is so cute and adorable I love to make organic shop with a cat and stuff like you got to make like different furniture and with cats it's so adorable like tell me now you should download the game if you're really bored or something you can download it and listen to the the background sound it's so calming like I could literally put my headphones in turn this game on and literally just like fall asleep the background is like top here on music that you go to sleep

Nikola Errico

I liked the game at first. It's cute and the cats are cute but the ads are overwhelming and often times unavoidable. So i had pass after a day

Cory white



so cute

Graydon Severinsen

Seems fun so far. I have barely played it though and it already asked for my review so I'm not really too sure how fun the game is in the long-run

Lee Kai Yang

Damn cute

Sarah Oglesby

Updating my review. I took a month or two break. And I think some bugs were fixed and I just figured out how to make the game work around the quirks and bugs. I paid the $30 no ad fee. Idk if it was worth it, but it's the only reason I still play.

[funtime lolbit]

I love it and cats I love it and I just love it

zynlei rich salazar

cute, and fantastic, The animation is cool tho,idk what to say,,I'm just enjoying it ;v;

Hope Carter

I like it

Valerie Lawson

Just started the game. The art style isn't what's advertised, both in the store (here) and ads I've seen for this game. I'll play a bit more, but I'm disappointed that the art style is different.


It's very nice and cute But When I checked The girl other comment it said it freeze when everytime you play but Did u fix it because I just downloaded it,

Tea Devil

about 80% of the actions you take require viewing a 15-30 second ad to complete. it is more advertisement than game. it only gets two stars because it functions without crashing.


It's a very cute and fun game. But the ads trap you. Like the little "X" in the corner doesn't return you to the game. Which also means no ad bonuses. NEEDS to get fixed, please!

Allen Young

Translation to english could use a little polishing, but a cute game nonetheless

Misty Meme


sevas tra


Muffin Dog

it's very cute and easy to use. I also have not gotten any bugs yet

Bryan Armentrout


Mark Williams

I love idle, incremental, clicker games, and cats. If your game is going to have typos on the very first screens though, you better believe I'm uninstalling and giving it 1 star. So unprofessional.

Charlie Graves

There are too many ads and too little gameplay. Uninstalled in under an hour.

Nur Irdina Arisya Mohd Rizal

cute game💕

Rosalei Murphy

I didn't even play it

Patricia Hendrickson

its fun its cute i really like it

Bùi Tiến Duy

Cat is cute.It is fun 🤍

Millyssa Rinehart

love ittttttt, all the kittttitttieys!!!!

Lucy V

I would have given 5 stars but suddenly my game will no longer load So I can no longer play it at the moment.

Rylen Brown

best 10/10

The Arkadian

It's very good I love it

Bradley Horton

Maybe included what "Assign 1" means when trying to Automate a section.

Storm Estheim

cute kitties! 😻 i really love this game, knowing that i have lots of cats. but the only issue i have is, i can't save my progress as it always says "Failed to save data". I recently uninstalled the game due to "Failed to save data" issue, hoping i would fix it. But it got worse cuz when i loaded the game, it loaded my old game data which was at level 40 and only 2 of the event managers are unlocked. i feel depressed about it now.

Amanda Boykas

I love it so far the cats are adorable 😺👍

Casey Anders

love it addictive wish it was multi-player online tho would alot more fun and had daily challenges


I found it really fun but after a minute the screen would freeze and if have to restart the app

The Krazykatlady

very cute very fun 10/10 I love it

Anea Power

it's cute and I love cats

Benjamin Beatty

needs good tunes and faster cats

Nh A


G Burcham

Was good until last two updates. The main game play doesn't even show my tasks or progress at all anymore since the last two updates.

Abigail Leonora Kinantan

so cool

Biscuit Boii

cute. just started playing but it's cute

Emilie Renaldy

love it

Clickbait Cancer

Anyone know what game they stole the pictures on the store page from? It looks way more fun than this one

Erika Thornton

Adorable. It I enjoy it enough to get ad free I'll change it 5. Ads are just annoying

Gilberto Moctezuma

it's so fun! And it's cute! I hope you guys make another game like this!! A five star!

Dominic Wakeling

really fun. bonus point for cats

Satosen Hakiriou

It's fun enough as far as idle games go but the balance of making in automatic versus manual leans too heavily into the slow burn manual for my liking.

Mimi Ivanova

I love so much cats and I want to play a game for a cats.AND THAT IS THE PERFECT GAMEE

Jadzia Munday

Ad glitch. Will show an ad to get the extra rewards, but then after watching the full ad, it says "failed to load ads" and doesnt give the doubled rewards. Has been occurring rather frequently which makes it a bit annoying. Fun game otherwise.

Ahmad Syazwan


Linda Xim

this is an amazing game

Good Sized tv

I had an experience where ads didn't give me my reward even if I watched the ads, also there is ads where you can't exit the ads, it make me needed to restart the game after a couple of times

minghui koh

Good morning




can't play the game without getting an ads

Miriam Rutledge

It was okay for a while. Even with all the ads that often fail, it was enjoyable. Now the tasks don't update properly and it's very frustrating. I'll use all my gems in the shop for a "Get more managers" task and it will only count 2 or 3 out of 20....

Shadow of King


Phobia Hell Hotline (Phobii)

It's a ad farm. NOT EVEN MATCHING ITS OWN OCON AND GAME SCREENSHOTS. Can't do or barely progress without paying tons of money or watching ads. Hard to do much due to upgrading managers being expensive!!

Ben Santoyo

adorable cutest game in the world

Tiffany GonzalezG


Ridzuwan_ Gamers

best game ever

Kim Daryll Dela Cruz

nice game

Elaine Arcano

love it

Catharina Hendriks

It stops at the loading screen I mean com on! I am deleting it

Henry Podeyn

Chunky kittty!🐱🐈🐈🐱🐈🐱🐱🐱

Rangga Fellysia Hermawan

the game is very kawaii i like it!

Jennifer Buckley

if I could give it 2976 good ratings I would

Helena Goncales

This is a really cute game! I just thought it got too repetitive...

Steve Corriea

Cute and fun. A great little game to play.


Totes love it 😀