Kinja Run

Author: Habby

500K+ install


A brave Ninja cat, running into a path full of monsters!
The world’s first runner and shoot-em-up! Run and dodge missiles!

– Run and Auto Battle
– No extra controls
– Easy to play, hard to master
– Roguelike Runner
– Shoot-em-up
– RPG Progression

Facebook:@Kinja Run

Detailed info

File size: 0 MB
Update time: Aug 9, 2022
Current version: N/A
Require Android: N/A
Developer: Habby
Price: Free
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Customer review

Rajiv Dangol

Love this game..

Karl andrew Yap


Jayro Cordova

Tge game is smooth there is sometimes bugs but it's not that visible thuo I hope it have a offline mode hehe

Patrick Kirkendoll

I love it

Juan C. Fredes C.

Muy buena dinámica, controles súper sensitivos

David Lienardy

There are some bugs like invisible projectiles and no reward after watch ads. The powerscaling is not good too, some skills is useless, some explanation on item is confusing, such as "enemy explodes if its burning" but I don't seeing any enemies exploding after burned. Another bug, coins on the map not calculated into total coin, not sure what function all those coins on map.

Kenan Wallace

Honestly a lot of fun. Keeps you on your toes with a mix of auto run platforming and bullet hell. Music is good for a mobile title and the art is quite endearing. Worth a shot when you need to take a break.

Jos Jillings


Tony Cirka

For now 5 stars. Fun game. Can be challenging. Lets see how it plays out.

Angel Alexander Rosario

Ite really amazing

Ivan Serafimovski

Quite addicting


I'm giving it a 3 because I've had issues when I get the revive perk and when I die and revive I just fall through the floor. Additionally some of the platforms don't even go at the same speed as they move with your character and he ends up just falling again

Peter Cho

The game is ok but the only thing I don't like is The Scroll Challenge. Every time you complete stage 20/20. The difficulty greatly increase on next time. DO NOT COMPLETE 20/20, just suicide on 19/20. You will regret it. The developer is not rewarding the good player but giving them penalty.

Benedictus Jullian

Fun game, even tho I m scared of falling. The crit rate increase from Soulmaw Pendant didn't work smh. Even though it's already mythic

anand kamthe

Edit- game lags when multiple attacks are played. Even on snapdragon 865. The issue was from the start and still hasn't been rectified. They just have reduced the number of times multi shot power appears.

nathaniel newland

Its good

Bonn Sotto

I'm enjoying it so far

Israr Ahmad



Awesome game tbh, but the bug keep appear, like when you revive after death mostly will fall to the death again, invisible bullet from the enemy, after watch the ads the rewards still cannot be claimed, after a game cannot back to lobby (blank, especially after the newest update). This game also don't have any event for free to play player, all of the events take your wallet. Please fix the bug and give more event so people find how good is this game then I will give you 5 stars.

tom storella

Love this game. It's fun, easy to play but challenging enough to keep you interested. Well done!


GAAS Games As A Service Online-Only games will eventually DIE when their server shutdown.

Wilson Espinosa

Love it from the beginning 🥰

Prince Sahar

Game is fun but game is so lagy

Ronald Reagan Salim

Ever since last update, 9 out of 10 times, the terrain can't keep up with the character's running speed, so i just keep falling. A month ago, this thing seldomly happens

Tonya Burke

I love it! It's fun and not riddled with ads. Only have to watch ads to get extra rewards. The levels are challenging but not horribly hard


I love it!

Bxn Hashira


kendrick ethan

Seru la

brandon kanachki

It's fun, but becomes pay to win at later stages and is all a cash grab

Gilberto Polanco

Good game

Rayan Fernandes

Very nice arcade game design, it's similar to arrow game

Raleak Simmons

I think this game have potential beer much more good

Aoky Kaito

This game is amazing i love it so much !

Rahemat Ali


Faux Lingod

On the 10th area so far and I must say, quite satisfying. Good mix of game mechanics I don't think I would've ever saw coming. Messing around with the movement a bit, the character like to catch up to where you touch on the screen, leading to some unintended movement, but it's not bad.

Md Parvez Hasan

Op the game is best the Temple Run


No way

Anthony Schaub

I would give this a 4 or 5 star but I've been shorted multiple times when viewing ads for bonuses. 9 out of 10 times after watching an ad I get a network connection error, regardless if I'm on data or wifi, and then don't get the bonus. Aside from that, it's an enjoyable game, fast paced and easy to play. Like most games, it's easy to get gems/coins at first but eventually grinds to halt, making it difficult to upgrade. However, that doesn't make the gameplay less fun, it just slows progression.

Kshin Hamilton

On the levels were you run on the red sliding land the character keeps out running the red land and giving automatic damage. Needs to be fixed or it's unplayable

Parameswar Behera

It's very nice game

mahi karmayal

Nice game .... But controls could be better

Anukul Kedia

Excellent job developers !

Mike Minniefield

Fun love it

Erin Conklin

I wish I could give this game 5 stars. It's fun. Unfortunately it is pay win and if you do the daily challenge it glitches on you killing you and costing a third of your energy.

Sharetta Avery

Awesome 😎

Slavisa Macanovic

Game has very unfair combination of projectile density and obscured view making it impossible to dodge. Your gear matters more than your skill, and guess which one they are actually selling. Good potential, but poor realization.

Hùng Nguyễn Mạnh


Michico Balagat

Very nice game 😁🥰

Boon Lek Tan

Could have been a way better game if developers actually bother understanding the game. Every single update nerfs free to play items, yet previous bugs arent even fixed. Play this game only if you are willing to dump thousands just to play the game normally, uninstalled.

Raunak Adhikari



Was excited to try dis game but after installing it kept freezing on the loading screen and saying retry even after uninstallin and reinstalling it

Nasiruddin Shah


Justin Divina

Very fun

Timothy Strunk

Very well designed. And it's very smooth with the controls. Very easy game to learn and you don't have to pay.

Roger Chong

Easy to play


Cool game so far


Good game



Rajib Meher


Orlando Sanchez

I am getting so tired of your ads glitching out and forcing me to restart the game.

Christi O

It's a pretty fun game but I've found myself paying for purple crystals. When I really can't afford to be doing that. And it feels very repetitive but still... it's better than a lot of other games.

Music by Charie

This game is great. Keep up the great work

Tanya Staples

Good 👍 game

draungko kowin


Brandon Lompon

Very addicting

Matthew Smith

This game is awesome 👌

ken michael de guia

having fun so far

Alex Tate

It's a fun game, but the ads you watch to get rewards don't work. You have to watch as many as 6 ads before you finally get the reward. Also the glitch during the Boss Fights where you revive and then just fall through the stage over and over until you die. Edit: It just keeps getting more bugs! Platforms don't move fast enough, screen freezing if you have the combo, twin, and pronged attack on, if you can get rewards from watching ads they aren't worth how many watches it takes. It's a mess.

KaLee's Vlogs

I just got this and I love it so much but since I just got it I hadn't seen any cause for concern. Since I'm new I can't give it 5 stars unless it keeps my attention.

Douglas Matturro

Fun game but if you watch an ad for something its about a 70/30 chance it won't work and make you watch another ad

Dustin Yves Gam

Excellent Game 😊


I really like this game i really do, personally i think it's an upgrade to Archero but why 1 star? Because of the random bugs that i encounter all the time black screen when i go see an ad or i get hit from thing... Or i suddenly drop down from the map i revive with an ad and i still get dropped under the map and i die... Also the daily challanges become harder and harder the more you win them... Which is kinda scummy.... Fix the game when you do i will put 5 stars and renew my review

Ja Ra

Super fun & challenging... Smooth gameplay

Kesraj Gukhool

The game is fun to play but for the daily challenges, when i select hard or nightmare, the character's speed is faster and when the road is making its way to the other end, the character falls down and I lose HP and finally lose the round. Also it does not shoot sometimes and I lose HP. Please fix this

Drakith GT

It looks like an infinite runner, but it's actually a bullet hell shooter. And a pretty good one at that.

Jaclyn K

Such a fun game!

Piong Jian Fung

First time into game, checking for update keep fail Bye…

halim nova

Oklah nice

almazrspro rspro

Good game

Chris Xu

Recommend. Must try out this game

Gaurav Kalia

Nice game

Trevor Yip

Best for killing time

Dara Ratanak


Hector Cuamba

A simple but adictictive game


It's amazing, and beautifully designed too ☺️

Chad Johnson

Good job guys I would been obsessed with this as a kid

Superior Dave

Cool game

Derrick Tariki



Great time killer. I'll play this for a week and then uninstall.

Jacey Mccreary

Horrid game

Obed David Perez Uri

It is fun...

ghalib dada

Great game


Game is filled with bugs and balance issues. Enemy attacks don't render so you get hit by invisible attacks, endless runner phase has several terrain bugs. Playing ads for rewards often doesn't work and you'll need to watch 3+ ads before it does. Sometimes you can't avoid any attacks because of the type + amount of enemies and range + speed they have, so you tank the damage/die. Scroll Trials aren't worth it for the difficulty and aren't fun, you get more scrolls from events/season rewards.

Varun Dadhich

Just installed and cleared till 10 th level... This is an amazing game

Dalton Collins


Louis Cevilla

I love this game!!!

Kali Jones

I want a 100% love this game

Julio Rivera, Jr.

Excellent experience. Able to play the game for an extended amount of time without being flooded with ads, and the creativity is off the roof. Amazing game.


And you might think I'm weak without a sword... But that is wrong.. If all of the king had their queens on the throne kontol

Brian Ford

The lack of forced ads is appreciated