King’s Throne

Author: GOAT Games

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Role Playing


King’s Throne: Game of Lust is an empire simulation MMORPG where you rule a kingdom and experience the medieval royal life: exciting adventures, epic wars, irresistible romance, kingdom management and more than you could imagine! Play for free now, and immerse yourself in playing as a medieval king.

Key Features:
– Rule the Kingdom – Make good use of your resources to strengthen your kingdom. Always ready for expansion.
– Recruit Knights – Assemble legendary heroes along the journey and empower them to fight for you.
– Court Desirable Maidens – Encounter gorgeous ladies in town and forge your own love story.
– Raise a Dynasty – Nurture your children, arrange alliances through marriage, and eventually expand your influence.
– Undertake the Expedition – Crush the enemies on your way and foil their plots.
– Round Table – Unite other lords as an alliance and fight against other competitors together.
– Conquer the Server – Join PVP tournaments, unleash your strategy and prove your power.

Have you ever imagined being a King in the Middle Ages?
Would you like to romance the legendary ladies and establish your dynasty?
Download now, and enjoy the life of a King in medieval times.

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Detailed info

File size: 82M
Update time: September 4, 2020
Current version: 1.0.6
Require Android: 4.4 and up
Developer: GOAT Games
Price: Free
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Customer review

Louis Ambe

The game has the worst problem ever which is account switching. Even though my alternate account was clearly bound to a Google account,I couldn't log onto it because it keeps telling me the account doesn't exist,I like the game as well,what a letdown.

Thomas Peterson

Great experience, despite the obvious and called-for smutiness, the game is actually really good, and the campaign is surprisingly full.

Ulfric Llane

Is this game I used to play? All my progress all gone. Even I bind to Google account.

Jasmin Jade Arriola

I like the game so much, it is so nice, i recommend playing this game, it is a really good game

Miki Aikawa

Decent game

Muhammad Muslihuddin

Very good game,And i like it!!(^_^)

Jb Velasco


Francisco Cabrera

Addictive and very good artwork.

Ibrahim Yasin

Was fun in the start, they became greedy. Made all the extra content heavily pay to win. U can get by as an f2p playerz but what they've done is greedy and really stupid. If they set all the extra content at a reasonable price, more people will feel incentivised to spend money. If you put content within a player's reach, they will reach for it and are happy to do so. Otherwise, very few will spend on the game. To the devs, make this game more balance, and you will see your profits.

Ivor Wrench

This game is mostly pay to play and sadly with no concern for the players. Recently they did an update and many players were unable to login for days. I lost gems i had purchased and was unable to compete in comps i had spent money to compete in. On complaining they claim ignorance and give you a run around everytime. No refund for them gems missed. No compensation for their errors. Don't waste your time or money.

david anthony

Really nice, love the characters.

Ramon Adelio

Good app I think still need lots of update but for now it's already good

Mae Auditore

I had to download from outside of google play to get back into my account 🤣🤣🤣

Andrea Y. S. Escasa

Nice game, but players with the same score don't share the same ranking..

Jessica Heather

Small screen but good

Aniq Fitri

Not bad

Michael Magundayao


Stevenson Uy

giving positive reviews because the game gives you reward for doing so. lok

Max Teo

So far seems good for a simulation game. the draw rate for characters and gems required is super expensive though. GGWP on that. this game also requires a lot of attention because the countdown for getting your spoils is very short. so as an idle game, it might fall shot. other than that. i love the art and ladies in the game.

Huy Lê

It good

Owen Bear

This game is Amazing idk if there's a difference between this game and the other version of this game since my phone is not compatible

Joseph Gonzales

Nice Game!

Larry Sendon

It was a great game


This game is great, just like the Fable 3


Very nice

Nivrek Lozada

nice game

Bahkeri Hasan

This game are really cool and i got more knowledge about history

Taufik Tahir

Good graphic

Reese Bautista

Some rules are still shady for newcomers. Hoping for better tutorials. Or maybe I'm just too dumb to figure :)


So cool, ill be tuned for any updates soon on this amazing game

Lee Jia Ming

So so quite ordinary

Shafiqah Zauki

It's an okay game.

Man Named Gevastovie

Probably the most random app I had downloaded on playstore XD

Ramandha Rizky


Aisar Aqil

Nice art


It very nice game nice game play

Saiful Sari


Mark Manallo

Here just for the reward lmao

Mail Im

Fun actually

Jaybee Bunuan

This is a good game

Mike Lin

Nice game nice graphics. I love this game. I play everyday. Hope to have more continuous challenges and events. Also cross server challenges and events. Thank you. 😀👍

berjalan beriringan

xool games

fahmi daniel

Wonderful game and great game. It feels as you're the conquerer of the world.

Farrel Radithya Asyrofie



Good game


This game is great

Edward Tiu

This game is great and i hope a lot on update because it needs more


So good so far

Itsuki Shuun

Very nice gameplay and nice art too.

Austin Lai


Amirul Haqim

Woi lai ni schepaii lee lalaaa




Hmmmm cheese

shaan gurung

very good


I love this game but i think that the devs got lazy with the female counterpart because when i made an alt acc and i chose female the maiden can still have a baby even tho the gender that i use was female and i got confused on how they produced a child

Prince Ayop

Love it

Ethan Khor Vi Zun

It's a rlly cool game and I love it!

Josiah Tay JS


Ridwan Fareez

Very good game 👍

rona Dalagan

Its amazing the graphics is good i love it

Ian Gabriel Viniegas

Its a great game it has different characters and the voices are amazing it like your actually living in the old times as a kingg or queen

Dimarcus Kairu Pecson

I like it

Brainly Mindset

This a great game i like this 😎👍

Funny One


Marc Zavalla

Interesting game


The game is fun and you can play it while waiting for the bus or to pass time. It's quite addicting. I don't face any problems playing it. Good job 👍.

hoku jin

Really fin game i live it



Loyd Policarpio

This game is so addictive Verygood storyline Verygood graphics Beautiful maidens

Edison Deliso


anggie febrian siregar

Not bad

Stanley Ignatius

Good graphic

louismiguel manalaysay

Super good

Arguz199 Roblox

Its a fun game to play if you're bored so 5 stars from me

Katie Salvador

great game

Lilia Albino

This game is absolutely awesome and its very addictivee!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunlight PH

I love the game, but why you don't waste our own diamond can you please put another daily not buying top up a day like a simple we can get admin a diamond is hard to get the diamond can you please put a new update

Aristotle Mangulabnan

Good game still playing

wong zhao xian


Ge Uy

I feel good

Herhsey Ford

I hate this game now because i was not able to get to my original accout

Neil Mark Jardin


Patrick Choong

What happen to the shop for individual items, all gone?

Azuan Mokhtar

Can't login for 2 days now. What is happening??? On 22/9/2020: It's ok now. Thanks

Archer Tai

How come I choose to be a queen, but the partners are still women? Where are the sexy guys?

Ghimel Espinosa

The game is quite entertaining, but needs more improvement.

prince rock

The game is good but i suggest to add more options to ruler avatar or make it so that player able to customize their own ruler avatar because the current avatar is really suck

Choon Khee Liew

So far so good

athirah farhanah

Good games

Lucky T. Tinio


Russel Collado

i like the story but its almost a pay to win game

style real

It's a different game & Chill

Robert Nilooban

Nice game

Michael John Monte

Like it

Edmund Patdu

I really would like this game. But the reason for me downgrading my rating is the wonky combat system when attacking forts. How is it my forces which has 300k soldiers and 8k power be judged as Total Defeat against an enemy which only has 50k soldiers and 4k power?

Alif Deah

Dont be a money minded

Oli Sykes

Great game

Aldrin Olaño

very nice when i try

Jonathan Hugo

Snappy game

matthias ong

The game was fun and overall I like it except for the random maiden system as to why i hate it is because of the fact that out of the 10 maiden I have and I use the potion for me to have more chance of visiting random maiden but not all things goes as plan, for example I use potion for more than 20 visit but out of my 10 maiden it keep visiting the most useless maiden I have and is like 10 or more times while others only once or twice if not none so I really have the fact of that please fix it.