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KingGodCastle – Use the heroes and to protect the castle from the various invading enemies!

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File size: 106M
Update time: September 9, 2021
Current version: 1.2.4
Require Android: 4.4 and up
Price: Free
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I love it

Sky Dryad

Need more Cain skins. Preferably empire red or demon blade variants.

Antonio Huang

Gameplay is mediocre, rates of getting new heroes is abysmal. Only saving grace is the artwork.

Chris Kendeigh

Fun the first few days, loot is as expected the 10% GOD scrolls dont yield new heros that often, even if you "buy 4" , as of 6/26 i was forced to uninstall due to bugs and lost matches and loot, have been stuck on"pending" for redownload for hours, will re-review 7-2 and see if anything changes.


i like the concept

chris kelly

Love it

Joshua Ray


Gary Redwood

Awesome 👌

Mohnd Aldaly

Good game but stupid servers there is 2 days maint every 3 days

Nathan Roy

Pretty fun decently balanced not pay to play unless you want new characters really fast but it kind of reminds me of final fantasy tactics in a way


4 star for now because i notice the hero that u get from begining didn't have the cool stuff the new hero getting for example aramis is just basically normal attack but using magic as damage and shelda skill just a shield but the new hero getting the cool stuff like damage and absorb,damage and shield or something basically if u dont get the new hero well u have a disadvantage i hope the hero that player got in the begining got as much buff as the new hero thats just my opinion thanks.

Kaleb Lard

God damn addictive

Raffi Kurtach

Really easy to understand and still insanely fun


Good game however make offline plis

Jason Kitching

Best so far I've seen and tested many games before..well done.

Dalton Caudill

This was my favorite mobile game. FIX the crashing & me not making progress or getting my rewards. Until then, there's no point in playing. THIS GAME IS BROKEN & wastes your time.

Phillip Brooks

Fun, could use some auto / quality of life improvements.


Ads everywhere Core functionality like buying gear from trader, refreshing stores and getting some stuff from store forces you to put your phone down for 30s and no way to turn it off permanently. Can only turn off if u bought the battlepass and it's only for the duration of the battlepass. Scummy af.

Carl Randall

"This account already exists." I'm 100% the name torbog6 is not taken. I can put gibberish and it still won't accept anything

Audrey Fisher

Awesome gem of a strategy game! Very easy to be f2p

Henry Ng Lap Hei

Great game very fun

Shakeim Peoples

Like the game but I haven't gotten a new character to play in my first week of playing. Very slow progress in this game.

Zadron Xion

It's one of those scammy games that become impossible to play unless you buy the in game purchases.


Great game.

Caryll Custer

Fun to play, has enough of a reward cycle that even after a few months I'm still unlocking stuff almost every day, for free. Nothing really locked behind a paywall if you're willing to grind. Ads are optional, nothing that interjects itself. Devs are pretty active, see updates pretty regularly, new characters being added, etc. Maxing out all characters will probably require cash investment, hence 4 stars. I wish there was just a "paid for the game" version.

Howie Carpender



Amazing the gacha system is set so that you will always be set to get more characters, the progression is difficult but never unfair. Amazing game.

Dan Baker

Nice game

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Good one!

Mike Clarkii

Love it, great game. The only complaint i have is that the goblin gold is a waste of time it feels. Everything else is spectacular.

Snowman snowflake

Nice fun and new

علی رضوانی



Godly game is all i can say

Attack Rabbit

Great game, lots of different tactics you can use dues to combinations of heroes, altars and relics. Difficulty ramps up pretty severely but there's always something to do yo make progress. Unlocking heroes was slow but over the month I've been playing I earned enough gems to buy 4 or 5 heroes I daily shop and have had a couple drop from chests and now only have 9 or so left to collect.

Ghostgamer 16boy


Skeleber Humasody

Very fun game

Brody Owens

Like the game I thought they were stupid whit the unlocked character s but no they need more

Sharkey Gible

A Great game but it is very hard to collect new chracters as they drop low but still a good game

Feraldi Fauzan

Nice game but the progress pacing is too slow. Also pls add endless mode without any energy and rewards, would be decently fun.

Poland Punzalan

Cant even create an account.

Ron Bon

I've been looking for a game like this for a while, this game is definitely worth the play. It's challenging, fun, and most of all, unique. Getting materials is easy, just requires patience, and there is other content to go through if you're ever stuck on the main chapters. I haven't personally received any of the bugs/problems that other users have complained about here. My only complaint is that this games community is too small, we need more players :3

Dao Ming Si

Separate the item effects to another new items that can add complexity to the game, and its more fun to play. I ENCOUNTER BUG THAT DAILY REWARDS DONT RECIEVE IN MY ACCOUNT! JUSTICE FOR MY 1 MONTH HARD WORK!!!

Kristoff Bayona

Anima yuck

Jared Leyba


James Fisher

Very fun. I only uninstalled cause I needed space back for round two

James Robbins

I love this game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Game was okay, played it for the better part of a day. I love that you can pick what heroes to invest in, but do not like the whole energy system to get materials or gold to do so. The fights are over quickly. The game heats up my phone worse than any other game I have played before, so it probably needs some optimization of some kind. Can't imagine what resources it's using, everything is 2D pixel fights. Overall: Pros: simple, user choices Cons: battery use, energy system 3/5


Honestly, a great game. I really enjoy the mechanics and gameplay. But it drains 26% of my battery for just 30 minutes of playtime. So I'm out.

Dlcfrenzy Hahah

Hi its a great game the design is the one that i want because ikinda addict to the 2d pixel games idownload it recently i have one major problem everytime i watch ads for items the ads is not playing or its stuck in hour so please fix this i will gave you 5 star after the fix thankyou!


Hope you like halting all progress at elf invasion. Let me buy king evan skin and ill 5 star.

Choowong Kow

Hidden gem

Friday Adley

Please get rid of the needless warning sign under the flag when there's one left. It's a massive eye sore.


Overall Good game but for scroll i think you shouldn't reset it daily. The game still need many improvement such as UI and UX, It's very hard to know where to check news or my daily check You need to have good combination of heroes and there's no SR or SSR like other game you can obtain all characters random. Very challenging dungeon, i have struggle a lot to finish.

RareFounder rblx

Very additive game

DrakoT OverG

This is a great game and I would even say a hidden gem, only if you understand the mechanics. Heroes are very balanced now than before and the developers read player suggestions. However, as a long time player (almost a year now), it does have periods where it starts to become stale after you're replaying the same content over and over. Although this is pretty common in grindy, hero simulator games. The good news is its F2P. Its only Pay to Progress, as PvP has no incentives to climb high.


I'm pleasantly surprised as to how well this game plays, it's not hyper intrusive with monetization and if anything it's properly designed to be boosting you should you choose to, otherwise you can play the game normally without any need for boosts and gain the gold, gems, even characters along with XP lv's at a steady enough pace to make you willing to play more when your energy regenerates, there's quite a great deal I can compliment the game on. In the end, great game 5 star earned 👍

A Swisher

Tutorial takes ages. Just let me play the game!

Jesse M.

I'd leave 5 stars but the way the equipment system is set up is slightly frustrating. Overall though a very enjoyable experience and I'd highly recommend.

Ethan Burke

Hello dear creators of King God Castle I have recently had a Bug in the game that only happens at my home which after any battle ending (die till no durability, beating chapter) that may have been fixed or not yet but this is the best game I've ever had keep up. (Updated: Yes it has stopped but I'm not liking the wraith queen she scares my units a bit to fast for me, not asking for change but letting some people know they may have some trouble there.)

brother km

Stamina. Stage based. Low-effort. Gatcha. Nothing to add.

ty rant

Kinda nice but kinda boring, and a battery hog.

Ryan G

Very fun and repayable

Daniel Farrell

you guys need to figure out character balance

Nikolas Ioakimidis

Very very nice game all around, the only negative is it's PvP but that's expected since the game is balanced around PvE, we are lucky to even have PvP.

Seth Guy

Overall a fun game and would love to continue but after updating and trying Uninstalling/ reinstalling, I encountered a bug that gave me negative crystal amounts and won't let me do anything.

jo2 bede05

Please add Free mode for this game

LORD 2022

Fun for week then get repetitive

Haykam Imama

Great work on the game!. I Love the gameplay, the artwork, the mechanics, but sadly there is no costumer support.

Hà Nguyễn Trung Đức 9a2

i cant join

Ian Gu

Imo one of the best strategy mobile games out there. There are virtually no ads, and the gameplay is intresting. One great point is that progression in this game feels fair. You don't need to spend a cent on this game to progress far. The devs are also great, there are constantly new and intresting content, events and the such. It instantly got me hooked when I first played it. The mechanics are also easy to grasp and are simple to understand. Overall, 10/10. Great Game.

Matthew Stuart-Edwards

Fun gameplay but heats up my phone more than Diablo Immortal. For such a simple game there's no need for that and it just shows the game engine isn't optimized.

ave susilo

Good game

F. Shaw

Good auto game. Repetitive but yet fun


The loading screen don't have the The random bar of loading It's like other games And tell them and fix The glitch Just like roblox

Francisco Hernández

Great Strategy game! So Fun!

David Prayitno

We cannot see the skin of the characters in the front, makes it not worthy to buy the skin.

Sin lust


Tahmid Nur

Beautiful pixel art, nice gameplay/mechanics, grinding not too annoying. Need to add some interesting events, not the same usual ones.

Tyler Case

Surprisingly fair and fun

Eimantas Karalius

Good game that doesn't force ads or micro transactions worth a play

nicholas page

Great game it's a nice auto battler that is quite ftp friendly for anyone without much extra funds to spend

Ryan Schmutz

Big fun.

Creze Oleman


christopher teal

Game is pretty alright up until slime invasion, then wraith invasion. Slimes doable with the righest amount of luck and setup, wraith is just unbalanced garbage, especially at challenge phase 10, since the boss can hit the entire map for high damage, stunlock, and push away by multiple chunks at a time, making it IMPOSSIBLE to kill her without being maxed level in characters, which the game does not provide enough farmability to reach that early without wasting weeks to months on it.

Feedar San

bruh update lost save progress i even more than $20

zflame beat


alex evtimov

Simply lovely.

Keegan Bailey

It's a very good mobile game. The main gameplay loop is quite solid. I say this having beaten up to Chapter 10 currently.

Ariel Hope Rosey heaven

Everytime I use a diamond to revive it doesn't work at all but instead it takes my diamonds away. Also whenever I watch ads to refill the stamina, it also doesn't refill like it suppose to. I watched 3 ads (3 times the charm) still doesn't work. The testers really need to get on top of their stuff in finding the bugs or else people don't want to play a game full of them.

purple asasin pg3d

Best game ever just needs to be more complicated which will probably happen in 20 something updates and I am ready to wait but yea it's a really really good game its super underrated deserves more support and I recommend it entirely

Tiffany Cho

Fun game. Non-intrusive ads. A lot of strategy to work out available +some luck required. It's more grindy if you don't have a good strategy/setup. There are meta picks and setups which the discord community helps. Only provides character descriptions, but otherwise no story, which goes to show how much I enjoy the gameplay and mechanics-- it stands by itself to be fun.

David Shepard

Progression is tied almost entirely on purchases. New units are extremely rare. PvE mmissions are pretty much the same thing with very little variation. PvP is interesting but Whales dominate. No option to make a one time payment to remove ads. Ranking up units requires gold virtually no exp is given from missions.

Fish Lord

A great merging, auto battler, strategy game. The app opening/loading time quite fast, making it perfect when you don't have a lot of time but want to play something fun real quick-like. The units unique, and well balanced. The grid battle system along with the semi-random unit summon system, adds a spark of randomization to each round. The game can kind of feel dry for content and can be repetitive.

Kresna Adi Putra

I realy enjoy and love playing this kind of game, best of luck!

James Erskine

Play at your own pace it's never a race, even resume you're game later if you're a midnight player

Maximillion Budano

I've been playing every day for a couple of months. I like this game, and I'm not typically fond of hero collectors. Progressing feels intricate and authentic, and it doesn't feel pay to win. There's some fun RPG elements involved that mix a tactical type of game with what feels like a MOBA experience. Thanks for this experience! Edit: I'm disappointed in realizing that buying the battle pass only removes ads for the duration of the pass. There doesn't seem to be any other way to remove ads.

Cave Life

Best game I've ever played. Like ever nothing can compare to this. Well not better than dragon ball games or rust but this is the best mobile game ever.

Andreas Nathanael

Good gameplay, really addictive, but its just too grindy man, the rewards are so underwhelming.

Lorena opan

Very fun

Pocharapong Suankaew

Very free to play!