Kingdom Quest – Idle RPG

Author: StormX

100K+ install
Role Playing


■ Diverse and unique Heroes
Over 90 different Heroes with their own characteristics are waiting for you. Come experience the extravagant Skills and charming 2D Graphics.

■ A Classic 3×3 Field and Strategy
Easy to pick up, but hard to master with a wealth of diverse strategic options! Various Heroes meet in the 3×3 field to strategically battle each other. Scout the enemy and devise your plan to claim the throne.

■ Abundant Content and fun leveling up
Make your Heroes stronger by Evolution, Awakening, Enhancing Skills and Equipment. Take advantage of Goblins and Griffin, and even ride on an Airship to explore Ruins. The fun will never end as you become stronger.

■ Light and refreshing Gameplay
It only takes a second to enter the exciting world of Kingdom Quest! If you are sick and tired of tiring, boring gameplay, come experience this world that is light as a feather and more refreshing than an Oasis.

Detailed info

File size: 0 MB
Update time: May 26, 2022
Current version: N/A
Require Android: N/A
Developer: StormX
Price: Free
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Customer review

playoff P.

Always get updated but the guildwar is a mess.. You get Matchmaking base on guild level.. I suggest it should be base on guild ranking not lvl then I'll give this 5star.. Everything else except guildwar is good fo me


Games that require energy are the worst automatic one star. This energy system is like a bag of chips. Its half air and the rest is crushed garbage.

Julian Keogh

It is such a fun game

Sai Lone

Fantastic obout gameplay and storyline but sometimes wbuying items cause error and I was forced to restart the game . JUST fix this and I would also give you another star.

MoFo DaMuS


Lu Justine

Good game

Andrew Corso

It sucks I only had it for a day and I can't get started who makes a game they can't play anyway I mean come on

GB _wayneii


Gavriel Kevin

Nice game i am really enjoy play the game

Brandon McCluney

Not bad

Jacob Wweebble


Kyle Greenwood

I like the game alot, i just wish the rates were higher for the higher tier monsters

Md Nasir

Gjavducan njvisgc

Namal kumara Namal

Pinibh 5 Fbb Gjj Hjmvfgnbnfgbiff Hhcv

Dragon Messer

Itsxfun when your sick

Billy Bob


vincent amper


M Hossain

Played for a few days. Leveling up gets very difficult. You can't really play without watching ads, and even then it is very slow to level up. Gets boring fast.

Jean Cotillar


Alan Lim

Gd game

Francis Tabangcura

from 5 stars to 1 star.. internet connection on this game is very low... i always disconnected unlike any other online games even in low internet disconnection is not rampant.

jonathan pittman

Yes man

Brandon Hamilton


Bryan Keener

Love this game

kellen sanford

Ok so far

Effendy Endy

awsome this game

Corneillius Houkamau

Awesome experience keep improving guys 😎👍

Device Detective

Like a simpler and more manageable AFK Arena

Jeremy Foreman

Good game

Roldman Brix Lobitaña

🤩🤩🤩 noice



Sapan Rai


Jiro Castuciano


Ahkeat Yujo

I'm from server6. all I hope is only please this game may make me playable and enjoyable. long run is a must for sure in this game. f2p for life.

Syahiskandar Jiraiya


Aclilnel Cabrera

Its a good game

Michael Rogers

Good game

Dustin H


Oscar Hunn

It's ok

Romie Craig

So far so good, hard to tell at this stage. Fun! But still waiting on the pay to win aspect to come, so far it's been good.

Darrell DeGroote

Not a bad thing

Ari Sulaksana


Billy Pierce

Good so far

paing htet


Leemin June

I love it so many hero and player

Dattebayo Tv

Nice graphics balance and smooth game all the mechanics of the game are awesome and great it's like an idle heroes hoping for more updates and heroes

John Joseph Manuel P. Sagaran

Cool rpg

Nay Lin Ba Khet

One of the best rpg game.

Jechrist Letran

I can't log in Nice 👍 I just download for nothing


filthy energy based p2w

MD adom Mir

Here usual I thought you were gonna say t you are doing it here i u I the email I sent you the email I sent 👍👍👍👍😊😊😊😊😊😁😁 he is vd if out the door and I have a lot of time😁😁😁👍👍 for you to be home 😊😁😊😉😁😁😊😉😊😊 good morning I am 😊😴😊😴😘.

Om or

Nice games

Halrhar Ifigar

This wouldve been a 4* if warent for the unbalanced guild war feature. I know strong guilds mightve enjoyed this feature but for us who only won 3 times since it was introduced bec we kept being paired to the big dogs WE DIDNT ENJOYED being treated as dog treats for these whales. The beta sucks

Joseph Laverty

Great and a fun game always something to do.

Stuart burden

Very good all round excelled game

Lan Lâm Phương


sean bazaar

Just started, pretty solid so far.

Corey Mowery

Fun game

Killua14322 Killua14321


Peter Ibrahimi

Great game amazing

Phephile Mtetwa

Good game

Dan Shimetz

Too hard to achieve advance summons. Give more gems and rewards

Zack 0 0 0 4 9 YT

Good game (=^=)👌

karfas nikolinsa


Genara Masanegra

Nice gane

ralph holt

Good game so far! Plus this game hasn't stopped or froze, on me yet.

Roxana Kaveh


Vincent Cooper

Fun so far

BlackSoul Eternal

Quite fun so far, will see how it goes.

kardinal scale


Matthew Dawe

Good game

Teresa Jennings

Great game!

Pham Tung

Please reduce all unneeded animations. image you have to do the same steps day by day in the game for several months or years, it's very frustrated to wait for all the stupid animation.

Leroy Hill

Good game

A Google user

Fun game

Frost Wimbelton

No, just no. If you think "huh it's interesting" when you saw thier ads then no. Don't.

Deden Ferdiansyah

addict game

Andyan Prasiddha

No VIP the best game

cristopher baylon

Nice game.

Robert Townley



Very fun so far. All things work well and the game doesn't crash and disconnect.



Dustin Orren

Game is great so far don't really have anything bad to say about it

john nielson

A 👍🏻

michael sapetin

I like thes game

Thuong Nguyen

Love this game

Riaan Ells

Yes very great game

Kemio Jackson


Bob Sprague

Great game!

Kyaw Kyaw Htet Aung

GG graphics, gameplay and comfort to play

Alma Lendio

This game is so interesting Solid kaya bibigyan ko ng 5 star

Lee Mun How

So far it's entertaining

Thomas Sutton


Genly Ai

The game is good idle / turn based auto combat. There are a handful of different combat modes. Leveling and evolving your summoned characters seem straightforward. However, how they are positioned in the battlefield and the order that they use their special powers make a lot of difference on the combat outcome. You need to researcha bit on that to keep evolving. Also, the 2d (very much) cartoon-y gets old fast, imo.

Jeff Armstrong

This game has alot to it will take a while to learn

ник зап

its ok

Fahmi Hamdan

Good game

Jarred Hillsbery


Jesse Jay

Fun and very addicting

walter fischer

Heroes could be designed better dark and light heroes should be easy to get