Kingdom of Heroes :Tactics war

Author: NEOWIZ

500,000+ install
Role Playing


â–¶Legit Turn-based RPG!!â—€
Turn-based tactical battle on a hexagon battlefield!
Engage in thrilling strategy with your Heroes’ every turn!
Begin your journey in a fantasy world to unite the Lorasian continent beside powerful Heroes.

â–¶Various Heroes portrayed in a beautifully illustrated world of fantasyâ—€
Form your best party by creating various Hero line-ups with Heroes of specialized skills.
Identical Heroes can perform differently depending on Rune composition.
Combine Heroes to summon even more powerful Heroes.

â–¶Test your strategy in various modesâ—€

● Test the limits of your Heroes! : Tower of Arrogance

● Acquire the best Runes for your Heroes! : Rune Dungeon

● Dominate your opponents with your very own Hero line-up : Arena

● Awaken the hidden powers of your Heroes : Awakening Valley

● Collect Hero Pieces to summon Heroes : Rift Dungeon

● Join a Guild and participate in Guild Raids to fight daily bosses and triumph in Guild Wars with comrades

● Defeat the all powerful conquistador from a different realm : Alter Realm

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Detailed info

File size: 94M
Update time: August 24, 2021
Current version: 2.10.000
Require Android: 5.0 and up
Developer: NEOWIZ
Price: Free
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Customer review

First Happy

Game not responsive at time some net issues but still playable,lvl 50 plus collected lot's of crystal by playing main quest to summon with drop rate up or Heroic ten times summon well no 5 star's yet only 5 star's that I have are the one they given me at the start plus I saved a lot of Spirit they ask u to select 3 five star and 4 four star hero so when u use this summon the one u select are to be appeared first only thing I been getting is 3 star's since I started playing, it's time waste 🗑

Rene Cabunilas

I'm stuck in no connection even tho I have a good internet smh waste if time in this game


I can't enter the game, it keeps saying error code and just crash

Iverson Cabbigat

Slow UI

Goodrich Ibas

The 100 free summons is gone as well as the 2 dark/light summons also the free 20 artifacts free summons there is no way you can catch up with old players.. uninstalling.

Nicholas Kotze

Beautiful character illustrations, decent storyline but very difficult to level heroes to max due to scarcity of relevant resources. Pay to win and eventually becomes pay to play. Disappointing.

Neeloy Biswas

update: Getting very less amount of 6* runes from 11F Fafnir now a days. Is this a way for forcing to buy them?!! Please keep the probabilty well. And also need vamp runes.. The new runes are useless in 99% cases... This game is not at all a money leeching one. You don't need to pay a penny, only have to play properly to complete the achievements....

Ann Alone


Ludovick Almanon

A nice game, but laggy on my phone so if the lag don't go off, I can't give it a full 5 star.

Samuel Ho


deo castillo

Summoner's war 2.0, highly addictive 👌!!

Hero Lee


mazae gamers

My previous review was deleted, gameplay wise is good, but the unnecessary long time loading between scene/windows is what bugs me out

Xander Whiteford

It keeps kicking me out


I concor with many previous comments. The UI is unresponsive. The gameplay is mediocre at best. Heavily balanced towards p2w. And to top it up, heats up my device even on the lowest graphics setting. Which is mind blowing considering I play other games much more demanding (5v5 moba for example) and I don't get the same heating issues. All in all, 1* is a generous rating.

Xanel Corpuz


yanius afandi

I love it, but suddenly cannot login this morning.

Jericho Soria

The game is still good but Devs, hope you bring a good content for us. Like, events and rewards, collabs and many more. It feels like the game is dead, only a few players still exist to play. This game needs your attention, many players still love playing this game so don't let this game die itself alone. If you announce a event or collab this might bring again the past players who've abandoned this game. Hope you considered my feedback so the joy of the players are the most satisfying reward.

Cryst Marces

Fps for mid phone is bad. Keep staggering when loading

Zach Taylor


Justin Knipe

Looks like a childs game. The cards look nice but the gameplag looks silly. Similar you comic drawing. With Pow Poof and Bam. AI interface is slow and bulky looking. And reward system is convoluted with missions such has first time change a rune, first time aquiring a rune, first time summoning. No sense of achivements. Your all a winner. Probably catering to children. Dont know how you make money though.

Greg Anthony Saloga_ol

It just crashes everytime I run the game, please fix this, it's a great game but it just crashes

joshua medeiros

Fun so far in the beginning but would like to get more chances of getting a free 5 start character alot earlier in the game

Ban Chendang


Rj Raven Lariosa

Game is good but please optimize the game it is very laggy/delay especially collecting rewards.


This game will die anyways

Tears In Heaven

Lol error downloading resources, this game is DEAD

Dwi Nugroho



i start over now and then to try out different combos and heroes.


The combat is fun and quite strategic, and the character design is great.

Grace Gilbert

So first off the story is completely uninspired and generic. The "main character" is infuriatingly self-righteous and uninteresting. The UI is confusing and for some reason it takes forever for anything to load - I hate having to press 3 buttons to confirm something and exit out of it. The character models feel clunky and boring when compared to their art and there is surprisingly little content for a game that's like 2 years old. Despite all that, I don't hate it. The art is pretty nice 🤷


I came back to the game after a long break, but was quickly reminded of why I left. Everything in the game is still really taxing... bad energy system, have to login multiple times a day, annoying unit space limit, dupe system that feels bad, rune rng + unequip cost. The interesting strategic gameplay (which I did like) feels diluted behind auto farming. Also, I checked their Facebook for update info and maybe they quit major updates? They haven't added new characters or story in a while.

Tobie Barger

I like the game it could be so much better if there wasn't so much lagging .

Khue Pham

good game.

Bogart Barya

P2E server when? Brave Nine have one now hope KoH follows

Mark York

I started playing at launch, honestly gained all the heroes. Was happy with character updates; content updates, and general dev involvement. Things changed, updates were minimal, events recycled, no new characters since Rashid. If new characters released; I'll come back, but until then- my time can be wasted elsewhere.

Just Tentacle passing by

Love the artworks

Gerardo Calderon

The game us fun but its slow paced and getting gems to summon take forever...its not a bad game.

Ganon Snake

Well things keep going down hill no player to even recruit to a guild all lvl 3 no names plese take note and fix your search

RenChon Nyampasu


PRUDON Carlo Jr. M.

Very addicting. It's my first day and I've played the whole day.

Mikhael Anthony

the complexity tho , but ya , tactic RPG , missed this kind , lol , but , hey , during attack , why the character "dragged" or "moved" ? i mean is , the distance of attack , like , when I tried to attack on hex 7 , when try to attack it dragged to hex 5 , like , why player unable to decide the spot before attack ( for ranged ) , as for melee , well , guess no proby prob seems

Cass Gryphon

Love the art style. It reminds me of Tony DiTerlizzi's Planescape work. Having slow down issues though. Not sure if its my system or perhaps there's a memory leak issue with the game.

Thunder Star

Do a collab.It might bring life to this game.

Quang Lam

No new heroes, hidden strength or anything relevant. Been months and it's like they don't care to add or update anything in the game anymore, just refreshing events and packs

Dimitar Aleksandrov

Love the game the only thing i would change is the drop rate up events to last around 2-3 days not 7 . It just takes too long to even get the chance to get the hero you want. If you consider changing it i would be greatful!

Hadi Ali Gohar

Fun ,,,,,


so uninteresting and annoying. and they dont even ban cheaters

Giorno Giovanna

kinda dead game.. but fun

Jercovious Garner

Different types of characters and skills! I like the way that the player isn't forced to use Auther.

Nastya Hasey

My negative review got deleted. Anyway, the game takes too much effort to get little to no rewards. Also every button takes at least 5 seconds to work and it gets exhausting after a while.


Very good, Definitely going to spend countless oh hours in this game.

Teetach Seedad

You need to rework the game UI. It's not even smooth... I would love this game if it smooth. I'm gonna leave it again... I was suggested to rework that since a year ago. But still the same. This game is not enjoyable if it not smooth!!

Muhammad Reza

Not recommended



Raymond Faulk


Jefrey Rizado

can you make the U.I. Interface in this game a lot faster, it takes time to switch between going to each content. So slow even pressing bottons 1 press is not enough u need about 3 press to function. I hate this game now, so slow pace its make me irritable when rushing hours. It takes time. The connection is so-so not well connected. Can u make it faster the loading, interface, connection, press botton, make it more faster please. If not i will not play the game anymore. Not recommended.

William W

Game lags then chrashs on the start up screen

Kavita Rathod

Best game

Gema Maulana

Losing interest since amon got nerfed. 4* hero got nerfed? An affordable character got nerfed? Crazy!

Kenneth Wilson

It a fun game

Cho Nwe

Not even moving from login phase

Danryan Magnetico

Nice game

Joshua Riffel

Love the challenge

Dudes Sebastian

F2p friendly


I like the i will give this five star

Possibly A. Turtle

Terribly made. It logs me into and out of my Google account every 10 seconds. Every button push has a 2 second lag time, even on lowest settings. Also, this game does something I absolutely hate: It collapses the keyboard while typing forcing me to tap on it up to 8 times and hope it reopens for every 1-4 letters I type. 40 minutes was all I can take because it has bugs that I haven't seen in at least 5 years. I'm not surprised this game isn't very successful. My review may be harsh, but honest.

Ryo Seran

Hard to believe that this one came out from neowiz. Especially when you try to compare with brave 9. Newcomer bonus just below standard, acquisition of gems for summons too low and event feature just....bland.

Baal Shogun


Gerald Tadia

nice and great game!!!!

Laurente Jonabell

Good gems

siegfried de la cruz

Uninstalling. Too much effort needed just to give you trash.


Kinda p2w but it's not like I'm not having fun without paying. Haven't got stuck on anything for too long, lots of content to play different types of battles

Andžejs Trofimovičš

love art

Mohammad Roiyan Saputra

I think what's missing is the option to insta clear/skip contents, makes it so that each day you have a max of 20-50 insta clear/skip. This also helps with leveling up the heroes easier.

Thu Trang Nguyễn

The game is so good and interesting Need to update to expand rune storage bag to 2000 Added the ability to rename a guild Add more attributes to the same hero (for example, a hero with all 5 types: Water, fire. nature, light, dark and the environment of this hero all have different properties after awakening). Add Vietnamese languge need more in-game ads to maintain and develop this game long term.

Axel dwayne Ibanez

This game is just so fun to play its for free to play players

CJ The Ripper

Great game the Characters are very cool there are so many events that will help you progress definitely a 5star but the only problem is that the summons are so unfair I hope you can increase the percentage of getting a 5 star heroes but overall it's a great game definitely worth playing😁🇵🇭

Eric Sewell


Haikal Kejap ade kejap x de

Conquer stage need to fix

Kitsune Fire Fox

Edit : Drawing Hero is kind bad...I spend 3 pull(900 gems) Just to get 3 star only it must be joking right... No it worst, not event guarantee pull at all. I fill like 0.000% to get the 5 stars 🤦🏻🤦🏻🤦🏻

Dan Ryder

Great game they have fixed most the issues I had a while back good steady content and great rewards system. Most games are very play to win this one however is not the first year was was f2p I spend because I want to not because I have to in order to compete. Great job guys . Only gripe I have is light alter realm but other then that recommend this to anyone out there.

SeanGabriel Porras

Very slow paced. If you want to try different team comps then this game is not for you however if you like building heroes and progressing on your own pace then this could be the game for you. Acquiring resources is hard especially diamonds and summoning heroes is also hard. You need to know which 3 and 4 stars you could use or else you'll waste uour resources.

Nguyen Phuoc Thanh

Good for now.

Adaar Basra

It's pretty fun so far, decent graphics simple combat on the surface but gets more intricate as you get more characters. Story is ok I guess doesn't really draw me in as much as I'd like but otherwise good game worth a try.

Eric Oglesby

I've been playing since launch. I great hero collector with a lot of characters and game modes. A lot of the three star heroes are usable which makes it free to play friendly.

James Garro

Honestly, the game hasn't been bad so far. Kinda surprised how easily it is to find replay-ability in this.

Vanderlei Dias

I saw a review about the game and was give it a try. But to My surprise I can't even pass the loading screen. I got a DC/game crashing after I downloaded 995mb. PS: I don't have any problem with the phone cuz is New. I can't rate it 5* if I can't even Play 😘

Michael Albertson

👍 Great characters and game play is straight forward

Mark Rafael

Nice game, good story, but can you please provide coupon codes for beginners like me?

720 Bando


René Bača

Nice graphics and many thinks to do :-D

John Wilhelm Ongchua

My review: Good game and storyline Not Pay to win type of game for adventure gameplay. Quite generous for in game Coins. (i myself save up to 1Million coins in just a day) but the crystals could have a tune up for a bit, Like earning a minimum of 5 and maximum of 20/30 Crystals for faster Gacha Summons. All in all 10/10 Story, 9/10 Arena PVP, 7/10 Summons(Rate of acquiring 5 stars hero and Crystal earning. 10/10 Diverse functions like Awakening, Runes, etc Hope i can stick to this game for years

Bolo Rossi

Cool characters

xavier chiong 鍾俊傑

Not bad

Wee Leong Lee


Kway Trio

The game is laggy, when equpping runes. I experience problems in changing runes. The characters are great, taking in the interest of the players by using myth characters like Beowulf/ apollon. I think its better if the game would apply the idea of using terrain as an advantage? Somehow similar Fantasy War Tactics R, but it has its own uniqueness just improve the terrain and game design. The idea of equpping runes is similar to summoners war and Im so done with runes.

Matthew Manalo

I just want to play the game but it's always getting stuck at loading screen and it suddenly going to exit all by itself. I hope you fix it.

David Thompson

Dude, I wanted to play this game so bad, but the rates are abysmal and I just don't think I can. Highly discourages rerolling (only 3 pulls for about a 10 minute process) but I multi-boxed and gave it some effort anyway.. 4 boxes and 20 tries.. that's 240 pulls and I've landed a small handful of 4* and don't even know what a 5* looks like yet. Whale game only.

Anthony Sacramento

Not good