King of Crusader Strongholds

Author: Vojtech Jesatko

50K+ install


Defend your kingdom, conquer new strongholds, lead a crusade, become a king! 👑 Unique mix of wave defense, strategy, idle game, and kingdom management – all created by a single developer (me) 🙂


You are a medieval knight, serving your king as a mercenary. Impressed by your victorious battles and leadership skills, the king offers you a chance of a lifetime – sail on a crusader ship to a new island and start a settlement there.

You will be in charge of both the settlement’s military and economy. Your goal is to build up the crusader settlement, profit from trade and farming, and then use the income to improve your army and defenses. Strong walls manned by archers and ballistas will help you withstand constant enemy attacks. To defend your settlement, you will need to train your army, upgrade equipment, and research new unit types.

Then, once your economy is up and running and your crusader army grows in size and power, it’s time to go on the offensive and start expanding your stronghold. Attack enemy outposts, conquer their walls, and turn them into a new source of income for your growing colony.

Welcome, future ⚔️ King of Crusader Strongholds! ⚔️ Your first task is to build up your small village on the coast of an unexplored island. Starting with just a simple wooden fence and a modest fort, you need to grow your defences and train your crusader soldiers to be able to defend yourself against endless waves of enemies.

To be able to withstand constant enemy attacks, you will have to:

• Train your soldiers from simple peasants to experienced warriors
• Build up defences and strenghten your stronghold’s walls
• Place skilled archers and terrifying ballistas on your walls
• Use your blacksmith to get better swords and armors
• Craft more powerful bows and sharper arrows
• Clash for survival against hordes of powerful enemies
• Defeat epic bosses who will try to destroy your village

As your power grows, you will soon have the opportunity to take the initiative from your enemies and go on the offensive. ⚔️ Start conquering small neighbouring outposts – take them, build up their economy, and start earning passive idle income even when offline! ⏳

Together with trading ships, skilled merchants, farmers, and profits from repelled enemies, you will soon be able to build up even better defences, expand your network of money-making outposts, earn more money farming valuable crops, and conquer and unite the whole island under your just rule.

King of Crusader Strongholds features:

• 70+ enemy unit types with unique stats and skills
• Boss levels with giant enemies
• 40+ enemy outposts to conquer and develop your economy
• Beautiful pixel art game map and characters
• Idle income and trade progress works even when you are offline
• Your own village, trading ship, merchants, blacksmith, farm
• Upgradable soldiers, knights, archers, and fast horsemen at your service
• Walls which can grow from simple wooden fence to a massive stone castle wall
• Archers who can be placed on your walls to improve passive defence
• Ballistas to boost your defensive efforts
• Merchants and trading ships as source of income
• Bank which automates collecting gold from your outpost colonies
• Skilled blacksmith to improve your gear, armor, swords, and sharper arrows
• …and more fun stuff being added with each future update!

About me

My name is Vojtech, I’m a solo game developer based in the Czech Republic and I created this game without any external funding – big thanks to everyone who provided valuable feedback and support! ❤️

New content is constantly being added to King of Crusader Strongholds to provide more depth and a smoother experience – please send me your feedback and suggestions so that I can improve the game even further and support its future development and new projects. Thank you for playing!

Detailed info

File size: 0 MB
Update time: Jul 9, 2022
Current version: N/A
Require Android: N/A
Developer: Vojtech Jesatko
Price: Free
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Customer review

SreeTec Australia

very interesting game

Caleb LegoMaster245866

Good fun game. Not to hard. Very small amount of work required. No grinding. I like the 8 bit design.

Wilson Gonzalez

very intuititive

nicholas schutt


Mohamad oussama chellihi

Great game ❤️

no stop it

super fun


Preety booring and awkward to play but if you're ACC is filled with cash then you can move forward...........

Ben West

pretty good, just don't like the ads

Chris DeTraglia

Just great

Dererk Chisolm

fading styles

SonofMars _FURIUS

So far so good.

Rudy Segura


Alex NewMoney

fun to play


too many forced ads 😑 game crashes constantly

loveking1500 loveking1500


Logan Vernon

Great game.

Christopher Walker

Great time waster would like to see more content tho

Rub in gaming

Game is pretty good it really gets you hooked also I like the simplicity



Robin Dreher

Unfinished. Pay structure is predatory for a game barely put together. I feel bad for anyone who bought the "castle builder pack" when that's not even a functional part of the game

Jamie Mattingly

very gud

Acapin Gaming

it's fun!!! seriously

Thomas Kirk

Cool game

john yowell

just the mindless time waster I was looking for today

migz migz

It keeps on restarting , all my progress are gone

Vladimir Sandoval

Beriberi good game I love it is the best of the best everyone should play it now like right now because I'm addicted to this game is the best of the best

Edward Mananquil

Decent game but found a bug where I take over a place and it says I haven't and I'll have to redo it. Ads aren't overwhelming like many games so that's plus.

Ammaar Mohammed Farooq

Really fun game, great concept. Good thing is that it has an ending, so the the fun factor does not not wear off by the time you finish the game.


ad are used well

Marissa Stevens

Simple but fun!

Ryan Morgan

it's kinda slow but. Thats a good thing considering the play style but the ads being to consistent is a little annoying.

vy4 bgw

Really fun


Please for the love of God tell me what the soundtrack is I must know. The soundtrack alone brings the game up to 5 stars.

casey tewhatu

Awesome game

Kelly Jackson

Great game, plenty of content and a minimal amount of bugs and glitches that I've encountered during my time playing.

Ranger Pettitt



very fun strategy game, ads are there but not incessant and no need to pay any real money of you're willing to be patient

Justice knight

good and entertaining

David Watson

fun to play

Sean Smith

Graphics basic, mechanics not too shabby.

Taylor Williams

Great game no need to watch adds to win. I played all the way though

Zach Patton

Basically an ad machine. Want 1/3 of an upgrade? 30 second ad. Want to have the game play itself for a while? Ad. Got rewards from a time investmemt? Boost them by 50% with this AD!!! Gameplay is about meaningful choices, but the only choice this game offers is whether you waste your time watching ads or not. Pass.


Dude copy pasted grow empire rome but made it vikings.

Devin Nelson

kudos on the solo development of this gem! keep up the good work!

Mark Rees

Great little game. Just one small problem, I can't enter a new name it says "No player ID."

Harrison Rich

Pretty well seems to be what it advertises. Progress could stand to be a little quicker though, but that's just how it looks starting out

Hanzel BG

One of The niceest game ive ever played keep the good game up 😁😁😁

Yung Envy

This is one of the worst games I've ever played in my entire life, and my standards are reeeeally low

Phillydoodle 420k

not bad, it's pretty addictive.

Memnoch The Devil


Trouble Cantu

amazing and fun little tower defense game

SixRelic Gaming

very cool

the toad channel

pretty fun, takes a little bit to get going, but fun overall

Gavin Roberts

great game

Kaspar Rischer


Clayton Conley

Good game. Not a ton of features, but beginning to like the simplicity to be honest. Single developer. Show some love :-)

Shadow Studios

Very nice and chill tower defense

mr. Snow

I really like this game. It's addictive and fun. All I ask is you make it alittle bit easier to get Gems and gold decrease the grinding aspect by like 5% and you got it. Also maybe add a few new characters. I understand your only one person and for that you have an amazing game man keep it up.

Thomas Johnson

good 👍

Biff Tannen

Good so far, though progression slows quickly and you're waiting on trade and farm timers to buy a single upgrade. There needs to be something else to do when you can't pass the current wave.

Realme Rny

i love it the game is good if you lose you still get money 5/5

Bartek Reinders

fun game. nothing special.

Seba Coss

The game is great but PLEASE fix the cavarly, they tend to miss contact with enemies, bug and be defenseless for that time, it's annoying specially invading since it can get the whole of the horses killed

Dennis Paul

make more options for soldiers

Cody Masters

fun little game, enjoyable game play. try it!

David Romero

fun game takes a while too uprade things but trading helps

Matt Neilly

Solid little game. Ads aren't crazy or anything so I got to actually enjoy it. Just enough of a challenge to keep pace but it's really not a hard game. Took me about a week to finish between going to work and what-not. If it doesn't get infested with ads as new content comes in I will definitely continue playing.


The game was great ,but the problem in the game are -swordsman are walking backwards -2x get slower if there are so many enemies (idk if it only happened to me) -when quickly surrendering a wave while the wall archers is attacking, the animation still continues -when attack or doing waves, sometimes i can't press the surrender button (idk if it only happened to me) -when attaching or doing waves, my, cavalry is glitching Thats all so far thank you <3 keep up a good work

austin culley

not a bad game, graphics are really nostalgic, seems recently thought out


Just started for only a few days and the game is already a fun way to pass time

Svenicus Maximus

More adverts than film 4, wouldn't recommend to many adds that force you to close game, auto battle only works while screen is on doesn't keep phone unlocked, good concept of wave defense terrible execution

Aidan boi


Andres Gonzalez

so far I love it nothing's wrong yet I'll tell you if there is something wrong

Lukis Courtright

I like man


Good Game, just a few ads, and they are only optional so 5 stars from me! Keep up the good work!


this is easy to play like to easy to play. maybe you can add more army and enemy. btw i found a bug when i pause the game the archer (enemy) didn't attack. maybe you can fix it 👍

bruh__.momento l

very good

Steven Murray

Great indie game so far, I get an error "that player ID doesn't exist" when trying to update my username. It also tells me my username (-1 apparently) is already in use. So far hasn't seemed to affect gameplay otherwise at least. Thanks

Lucas Ezequiel

too ad ridden

Andre Gillard

Old school gamers will know what I mean when I call this a very gamey game,It has those charming quirks,The execution of the old ms-dos style is perfect,it's simple but has enough depth to be interesting, very well balanced and no extra bloat,lots of strategic grinding,leveling up, building and farming to be done.

sigit w

What a masterpiece I love this game, but I think it will be more fun if we can control the army so we can do flank attack


good game simple limited ads

Yaohan Peter Utomo



to many adds and stuff but otherwise great game

Ronniejohn Masicampo

good game but the ads alot

Nash Vinuya

very good


Game is good but there should be a way to earn diamond without paying and without watching the ad part where u get coins and 1 diamond at once. My recommendation Is u can get ur army's to mine diamonds and earn a single diamond every 5 rounds or something. But overall the game is good. Keep on grinding!💪

danielle harris

I love it great work

nuclear_bomb_13 is my psn

great if you do this you can get 3 gems

Daxx Axx

pretty cool little game

Mae Abarc


Carson Leng

I think I like this game.

London Waller

good game


The game is cool, I'd like to see more features soon. But I can't seem to access ads. So that's why I'm giving a 4 star.



Nope Nope again

Forced adds for almost every wave is just rediculous...

ryan sawaya

Really love the game! Very enjoyable amd the graphics are really cute and I love it. Only annoying thing I found is that I spent gold to upgrade my colonies only to realize they dont give me gold in return when Im offline so obtaining gold is a bit hard. But other than this I absolutely love this game. Looking forward to more additions!

Rhys vanden Dungen

Fun game with lots to like about it! Only downside is the ads, but that is the nature of mobile games I suppose. Well done dev team

teddie john pamellon

good game

Kyle_plays_ BG

This game is the best