Kids vs Zombies: Brawl for Donuts

Author: Donut Lab

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Kids vs Zombies: Brawl for Donuts – Kill zombies, trap other players, brawl in PvP games. New battle royale!

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File size: 73M
Update time: September 13, 2021
Current version:
Require Android: 6.0 and up
Developer: Donut Lab
Price: Free
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Customer review

RSG Oso Flawless

I wish it had more characters, more maps, more 2v2 game modes and map. It's a fun team game...EDIT WHAT HAPPEN TO 2V2 COLLEXION. That was whole reason I liked the Game. Me and Wife were lookin for 2v2 games. I'm taking my stars back

Jon Clark

OK I'm about to change to a 1 star 🌟 if we don't get new content, better rewards for 1st,2nd,3rd in tournament play and an ability to communicate with other players while playing the game there is no way to chat or invite to a team or a guild. The game has potential but I have unlocked everything and now it is stagnant as hell I was holding out that we would get some more content by now.

Emanuel Santana



graphic, the hero everything is so cute,,funny graphic, very fun game but the actual game rules is very challenging,,,

Muhammad Rizky Arika

good game with new concept, but the game become non-playable after 15 minutes of playing. Game become freeze, lag and fps drop after 15 minutes of playing. That's sucks, really need improvement.

Christopher Kittle


Odogg Akins

this is a great game keep up the good work

Brandi Ericksen

Keeps telling me loss connection, but i have not. Want to play this game, but getting frustrated. Going to uninstall and 1 star if not fixed in 6 days.

Daniel Pampola

addictive.. so much fun..

Suppasan Phanthong

I love this game

Wallace Burgos


Bradley OGoerk


Linia Elliott

it's so 😊 fun

Jannira Shakur

I downloaded the game I really wanted to play... but I can't even get to start it because it keeps telling me there's no connection when I have full service. Then when I attempt again it says oops try and and it shows a login button. I tried to log in I tried to uninstall it and re-download it and same thing... thats a bummer I really wanted to play

LeJiDuAm M

I love this game is has clubs and skins this is my favorite game i never played before i love donut punks because i love the animations of the characters good job donut punks and my favorite is all of the characters very good job donut punks! I love it

Lindz Newton

love it!

saba sdq

This is the best game I have ever played❤️. I only have this game. I just wish that the level of the player would be paid attention to and that we don't play with high level kids, it makes this game hard and uncouth.

M3 and Da Prince Jackson 3rd (Chipeo da prince)

very competitive and very Fun

Carolyn Rollins

love everything about it, graphics are super CUTE and highly enjoyable. Arcade competition shooter game mixed similar style to garbage pal kids. New favorite. Highly recommend. I would love to see more maps and options to buy things from the shop with my donuts .



Jordan Whittaker

good time waster

CJ Snedegar

I love the game. But there is one thing it's lacking and that's away to add from the game so you can play as friends.if we can add other players then I will give a 5 star.

CL Lee

I am a returned player. But I am giving 4 stars now because the connection issue I raised in June is still here and it really ruins the fun a lot. Hope the connection issue will get resolved soon.



Rowan Fryer

Look its cute...but i noticed somthing which made me a little upset...It seems to be a copy of brawl stars it looks just like brawl just saying tho..i don't really hate it but i don't really like it.

Marietta Brown

I downloaded this game today and it will not load for me!

mr sparrow

3 stars for now as it feels like I'm playing with bots and I have fibre optic Bb and still lagging on a newish phone that play Cod no problems so definitely needs Improvement I'll review it again in a few weeks

Catherine Gallagher

Love the game but awful lag after a level 10 and I keep disconnecting even tho I have a secure network.

Raj Kanojiya

In this update when i try to watch ads for rewards, after when ads is finished its showing ads not available error because of this error i don't receive any rewards. I humble request Please give us new update fast

Jeremy Barrett

Very easy to learn. Fun to play.

joseph Whitley

Hey you 😂😂😂😂

Sheikh Shahid

First and main highlight in this game the grafics are super good. And yes love the game a big thumbs up from my side great job

prakash kumar

will give 5 star but ad rewards not working. fix it.

chris welch

Good game

Juan Ayala

the best game ever

Josiah Dickman

Super fun and easy competitive game

Taytum Sans-Souci

Love the game!amazing graphics 🤩only problem im having is i keep getting disconnected yet im using uncapped wifi and tht im unable to see my friends when making a room match pls sort this out🥺

Bunnyrabbit Mondejar

Editing my review. It seems like your ads doesn't add to my rewards. it's been weeks now. Also when I'm on the lead for the Championship I don't get the rewards too. Please fix this. The game play is fun and addicting , I play everyday to compete in the championship to earn goodies and doughnuts. Would you please add a MVP player in the collection mode to see who ever made the team win. So like a points system so players can improve in their skills.

Chetu Chaudhary

It's a good game but advertisement don't work i watch advertisement for refil but after watching advertisement msg pop up say "no ad available" and i don't get reward for watching advertisement so it's big issue because I spend my time to watch anoing advertisement It's still no use after i updated game please fix the issue

Baby Twibaby

It's fine but last update you didn't include the DOUBLE REWARD VIDEO ADS 😓😓😓 please include this again What happens to pixy in donut pass she used to be there in donut pass June?????? and not now is not fair for new players and returning player???? What??? used to play this when it was kids vs zombies with costumes and more... Make characters costumes to unlock with donuts and donuts pass oh please 🙈🙉🙉🥺 🥺🥺 double rewards adssss please Ang green coins easy to get pleaseeeeee

Quaria Lodge


Alberto Carracedo Pozo

Esxlente ESE juego


Really amazing game ✨️keep going, please add friend feature & clan feature to game : )

Jazzmine Hammock

I love this game

Gilmar Armollas

fun game.. until the refill of donuts is not working.

Eva Beasley

It's a good game, love the graphics. But it says at times that the connection is bad. Please fix

Marianne Valdez

I can give 5 stars if only ads is working. No rewards given after I finished the ads.

Hertj Luna

Ads bug. Always "advertisement not available" after watching an ad. I wasting time watching. This happening for few weeks now. I just decided to post it here.

Darla Mccain

my favorite game of all time! it's worth checking out!

Meep Meep

Y'all must be paying folks for the "good reviews" The game was fun and all but it's causing my phone to freeze. Every single time I open and go into a game.

Anthony Jackson

Game would be funner with actual people I've loaded up games countlessly and have and the other players offer no competition

colleen botelho

Hello, the game is awesome but I can't see the zombies at all like they are invincible. Can you please fix that please and I will raise it to five because it's an awesome game thank you.

Romero George

Why can't my friends on galaxy 20 ultra play this? I have galaxy 10 plus.


I'ma download it but it looks funny and weird at the same time 😂😂

BakeWithJoy Joy

This game recommended by my daughter and we play together sometime. A bit sad recently cos I can't get all gift or reload my weapon after seen the advertisement. It's happened since I updated the game.... Hope it can fix asap. Tq

jel Garlitos

kill for donuts

Geo Bitez

what a descent game like the graphics

Ravi Kumar

Ad not available..why it happened again and again

Romaldo Rubio

Gross/weird copy of Brawl Stars

Rick Rider

love it

Gordan Markulj

"Pay to Win" Overall fun and great game with diffrent fighting style.Play it for few days then uninstall not worth 10 000 bucks

carl delrosario

from the time that i updated the version of this game, i am now always, always getting error for claiming gifts or missions when playing the ads. it says ad not available. the game is excellent over all but please fix the ads error.

Lewresley Smith


Mike P

Needs a male character available from beginning

XieXie ThankYou

Fun art style. simple. Not pay to win. fast. Fun.

Vivian Contreras

I really like this game I really like it. 🧒👍💚🤑😊😄😉

khong yung xuan

Very good game! And i never enjoyed that great game. I like to play with a partner, so we can have more fun! I recommended you to play with a partner.

Dinalyn Gloria

Masayang laruin at nakakawala stress😊

Eric Robinson

Awesome game. It is cute and it is fun. I love the quirky animations. Add more weapons to the arsenal whenever it's possible.

Mo Hodges

Dope game

Alexander Burgos

pretty nice game

Gynicia Gordon



cute fun little game


entertaining can play this game for hours

Mynor Anthony Palma

love the game

Eric O'Grady

I love this game, all the characters are so cute, and the most awesome thing is this game didn't drain my battery so fast like other game, keep up the good work

Aashiesh Naniwadeckar

loving it!!


Love this game 💋

Kakak Tok

Well.. this game party by rank.. im lv 3 rank 14 meet party that lv 13-14.. cant win even kill the monster.. then makes it lag :(

Aaron deVille


Gamer Guy

get it from mistplay

Anthony Maize

Too man hackers and too many commercials.

KhaLeD I.

very nice game

Behnice Tesiorna

i love this game!!!

Johnny Medrano

Very fun game but how do you play with friends ?

Shawn Jones (Defiance Order)

Tailored to the lowest common demoninator. Thus the highest rating on g play. Its just a small soccer field you kill things in

Shahin Najafi

Very goooooooood

Paola Valadez (Pao)

pretty entertaining so far

Crazy Gaming

what a game.... amazing smoothness and machanism of this game.

Pablo Escobar


Jeff Goulding

great game

Albert C

Epic Game

Jay Jay

After level 5 they make it hard to level up unless you pay and you're up against people who's already higher levels with a clear advantage over you, horrible game until this fixed.

Gerard Lombardi

what a blast

Manolita Andrei


indra bayu

If the only way to get donut is by using perk (there's no info ingame update) How about "stealer perk" they only waiting other people get donut by using killer or trap perk coz they get donut by killing or trap others While stealer perk cannot kill

Arash Ariaei

Internet disconnection is at the maximum quality in this game

Edward Guthy

Fun fun fun

Ry A

Good game but the online gameplay feels fake, you should auto prompt the person to make a username before emtering the game. Other users may think the online play is fake with unrealistic names such as Bready Bear and other seemily botted names. 4/10

Antonio r Melendez jr

very awesome