Kids vs Zombies: Brawl for Donuts

Author: Donut Lab

100,000+ install


Kids vs Zombies: Brawl for Donuts – Kill zombies, trap other players, brawl in PvP games. New battle royale!

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File size: 73M
Update time: September 13, 2021
Current version:
Require Android: 6.0 and up
Developer: Donut Lab
Price: Free
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Customer review

Zul Rafael

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS GAME SO SO SO MUCH I HAVENT FOUND A GAME THATS THIS GOOD SINCE LIKE FOREVER BUTTTT I do have some issues.. so whenever I play the game I sometimes get VERY laggy to the point that my phone just stops working I have no idea if it's my internet but if you could maybe try to make it stronger? Idk But i absolutely understand if you can't scripting games isn't easy But anywho this game is so fun and great I would love to play it everyday! #materialgirlDizLike

Mike123 Harb

Good games

Mohsen Imı

"everything's under control. return to the game!" this is the only thing i saw in this game

Joe krecklow

love this game

Amadeus Nickholas



so awesome, the best game I see✅

Brandy Miner

need to have better options for girls, and better outfits for all characters. other then that it is a good game.

Roshan Roshan

This a fun game love it. Pls get it on iOS to play. So that its be easy connect with iOS users too

Victoria McMullen

OH MY GOSH! I truly LOVE this game! WELL DONE! Amazing graffics - YES! Fun game play - YES! Few ads - YES! I haven't enjoyed a game like this in a long time! I really could go on and on! Everything seems to be in well balance. Except one thing, the character Dislike could be a little faster. I get annoyed with her lack of speed but the other charcters and all the epic graphics make it easy to overlook. I look forward to playing this game every time! GREAT JOB GUYS!

Alexis Martinez

Thanks, will give a 5 star after it's done

Melinda Fajatin

I love it

Kenia Hernandez

good game

CL Lee

Overall, this game is very fun to play. But I noticed a few things and hope you fix them. 1. Connection issue. Like others mentioned, I too get disconnected easily and that is really annoying. I do not have WiFi, and I play with mobile Internet. 2. Roxy character. Sometimes her melee attack doesn't work. I pressed the attack button but I saw that she didn't attack at all and then I got killed. 3. Pixy and Roxy cards drop rates too low. 4. Audio and music are low and soft.

Tracy Dunaway

Great Pvp game to pass the time and play casually. Graphics are extremely creative and great quality.

Rueben Hernandez

well we'll well

winter artista

An amazing game released recently, in-game aesthetics are really good. It is presented differently with calming yet thrilling combat experience,controls are smooth enough & game is quite understandable to anyone! There are 5 ads in this game per day, each ad will give you worthy reward, watching ad is your choice,they don't force it.A request to Devs:please don't let this game down at any cost, keep working on it always like you do, it have potential & mostly people will love this. 5 star✨️

Nadhem Bayouli

Original fun and cute in a punk way 🖤✨

mugi aulia

Great game, great graphic, unique concept.

Amir kvi


Sonkar Aditya

How to collect reward of championships 2022

Sahar Sh

cant open it.....i miss sleepy and my dizlike 😔😔

Rokhim Bathara

The is fun to play. But after the last update, it become too much ads. Time to uninstall.


I like the update, but there's still problems. Alot of times when I'm fighting you can't see the monsters. That's a big problem for me.please fix & I'll give 5 stars.

venom gamer

more updates

Julio Riverà


Mariane Bersabe

this is fun

Yoyo Rivera

I like the stuff

Rat Von d


Andrew Tjemerlang

I dont know im good or im just facing bots? Never lose since start play?

Lacan Yuno

Strangely addicting

Jeremy Lim

Love it!

Randy Galang


Jerre Castro

It's very fun it hasn't changed much since the Early Access but I wonder what other games they'll create in the future maybe we'll be even better than this one I have high hopes the company guys are really good job I recommend this but if you don't like competitive then I don't recommend it for you but if you really like competitive and challenges go for it they really worked hard on this you should really try it hopefully the create even better games than this one I have high hopes

jans muñoz

very fun game

Yasser Alghamdi

its just like brawl stars

Notrona Williams

Loving this game. Toooo cute GRAB ALLLL THE DOOOOONUTSS!! 🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩

Austin Hubbard

it is fun

Rod Jones

Developer is a thief

Yayan D.A


kel Vin

never have a chance to play. keep saying everything under control return to the game. since ur developer are super slow ti fix the issue, uninstall and will never install it again.

Ferry Menor

Very fun!!

fustangiu Dorian Pupincuristu

1star for freez in battle, really?

Symonh Astorias

I, love it


decent games

mr stoner YT

great game wish i could get my account back.. when i try to login with google the screen turns gray so now i have to start all over


Great game and interesting concept!

Russell Farrant

Great game but novelty wears off pretty quickly.

Josh Qwerty

wow, this game surprised me. Seems kinda childish but it's not . really fun

Gerson Morataya

Useless won't even come out the loading screen! Tried restarting it 3 times, restarted the phone and nothing!

SultanM Kaladagi

good one this game

Citrus Tyler

Trash can

Queenz Nunez

Nice Job Making it

Kenny Stumpmier

Grately underrated, tons of fun, I play match after match without realizing. Reminds me of call of duty black ops zombies dead ops arcade. Also sporting a cool and creative artstyle. No ads, I could go on and on. Very rare that I have few negative things to say about a phone app.

Daniel Slavkov

Great game, makes you balance between defence and offence

hanita hashim

very cool

Lead Derx



I enjoy this game so much hands down one of my favorite games easy to play and completely addicting. Few things I would change but from reading the comments below they are working on it so with that said I can't wait to see what's instore for this game I do truly love it 😀

Elena Cullen

Fun fun fun



John Carlo Celso

Donut trash so laggy stupid game😂

Rollout Robot

It's fun and very original! Loved the whimsy characters.There's a little bit of lag when a round starts up, and game freezes for a half of a second some time ago when I was starting out, but mostly its smooth playing now.

Nacer Dtr


André V.

Not so amusing, plus, obligatory tutorial for morons.

Faisal Al Jassas

good game i love it


It's sooo fun and entertaining👻💕🪐

Derek Buenaventura

It's laggy

Cherlonda Bell


Jomel Liwag

its fun and i enjoyed it very much


fun game

Tyty U know

This game has the potential to be a 5 star game but due to lag I am rating it a 2 star

Deddy Kartolo

collaborate with scooby doo or ghostbuster

ize bee

Great game

Tomacq Tech


Nana Rf

Addictive, goods are easy to get but rarely received any skin with it. I hope developer will not change what they have now, if want to change maybe add something new. New map,new skin or new character? I like dizlike so much cause her power doesn't hurt other player. I think sometimes it's hard to move, sometimes i play until my finger was dragged to the middle of my phone screen because the character moves slow and seems restricted. Hope the ios version come out soon, i want to play on my ipad.

HeavenNexT AngeL

Its ok but not ky type. Uninstalled

Sky Jin

cool games ni like it

Jodi Gunardi

Why always lags. It's no connectivity even I play with good wifi connection

Ayodele Paul

good game but lag a little


i downloaded this game before 1 or 2 years before this game name is kids vs zombies but now it's donut punks and it is more addictive than before


so much fun

dave robson

Great little time waster of a game. Was really enjoying the gameplay, graphics & overall feel of the game until the connection issues kicked in. Like so many other people have mentioned, the game freezes for you whilst everyone else carries on. So frustrating when you're leading with 10 secs to go, then you find out you've finished 4th. Makes the game virtually unplayable, which is a shame as it seems a good bit of fun.

Deceryl Fernandez



interesting game, waiting for more modes

Daniel Carlo Montallana

good game

Madelyn Somers

Really good game. You can fight zombies and get donuts. Change goals like 2vs2 or who gets 100 donuts. Worth the money for characters. Just one question when dose the unicorn girl come out?

arjhun aunzo11


Phil Mijares

So far. It's great.

Dyan Victorio

I can't even download it worse game ever

Alireza bashiri

Good game


Game is good. But it needs more maps

Arvin Joseph Rubin

great game

Bravo Minister Bravo


Menchie Mamador

nice game

shedrick villar

so cool and i was enjoyed

Stephen James

Game is pretty fun. Just a silly time killer. Follows the micro transactions trope a bit too much. Don't really have to spend to enjoy. No lag issues or net issues.

anna katherine ubando

Best game.

Setya Widyatmanto

Need option random Team fight.

Anomie -

So good mate i lobe it

rino saputra

fun to play

Herman Royce