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Educational games for kids kindergarten are the most popular way to study nowadays and our memory games will help them in their preschool education. Welcome, to our funny games world with our Toddler Car Games.
Kids cars is a fun educational app for early preschool age that will help you in learning vehicle names and sounds. Start your kindergarten learning with us. Game requires no internet connection and can be played everywhere. So let’s start the journey to the world of vehicles with our Cars for boys.

Main features:
1) Children will learn rescue vehicles, farming equipment, construction vehicles and military transport.
2) 15 vehicles for learning:
● Emergency situations – an ambulance, a fire engine, a police cars for boys, a rescue helicopter, a lifeboat;
● Working machines – a crane, an excavator, a tractor, a roller for laying asphalt, a harvester;
● Military equipment – tank, armored personnel carrier, bomber, warship.
3) Little ones will hear sounds of different transport.
4) Learning transport is available in English, Spanish, Russian and some other languages. The app is voiced by native speakers with perfect pronunciation and clear diction.
5) The app develops perseverance, attentiveness, logical thinking, imagination, curiosity, and trains fine motor skills.
6) Very bright and at the same time clear and intuitive interface, great graphics and realistic sounds. So even little boys and girls will deal with the toddler car games easily and play it with a lot of fun and interest.
7) 5 mini puzzles to fix the knowledge.
Thank you for choosing our game for your child. Your opinions and comments are valuable for us, so don’t hesitate to leave reviews.Educational games for kids kindergarten are the most popular way to study for boys and girls nowadays and our memory games will help them in their preschool education.

Learning different types of vehicles, their parts and sounds. Make puzzles, wash cars, distinguish types of transport.

Kids learn different types of transport: special equipment, building machinery, rescue vehicles, water and air transport, military equipment and agricultural equipment. There are seven exciting tasks which both boys and girls find entertaining. Make puzzles out of car parts, repair equipment, wash vehicles, refuel cars at a gas station and define the type of equipment.

Let’s start.
The first task includes connecting the car with its shadow. The kid moves the image of the vehicle into the appropriate outline to get a whole picture.

Repair time is for the second task! The kid should put missing parts back into the transport unit. The entertaining repair process teaches littles care and attention. There are a helicopter, a lifeboat, a police cars, an excavator, a fire engine, a tractor, an asphalt paver and other transport for repairing.

Educational game about transport and vehicles for toddlers is a perfect assistant in learning vehicles around us. This app is great for kids in kindergarten as well as for preschoolers. Play and Learn with us.

Detailed info

File size: 30M
Update time: 17-thg 7-20
Current version: 0.6.15
Require Android: 4.1 and up
Developer: GoKids!
Price: Free
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Matjea Martha

It is user friendly for my son just love it🤩

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Why does this app keep closing it says unfortnately the app has stopped working every 2 minutes and just shuts off its so frustrating

Naye Gomez

hate it

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I love it

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Rest sarvagya

ZEINAB games


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too many ads. lame

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I love diss

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good game

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ടി ഊഫ് ഫ്ജഗ്ജ്‌ഫ്‌ബ്ഞ്ഹ്ഹ് ബിജെജെപിഞ്ഞ്ജ്റബ്ഭബംൻബഞ്ഗുഫഹ്ഫ്ജഫ്ജഗ് കുഫ്യ്ക്യഹ്ഹ്ഫ് വഗ്മ്പ്മ്മവവ്ബഹ്റഗ്ഗ്യത്ജിവ്വ്വ്ച് ഗജ്ഘഹ് ഗൽ

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Nice game But this game needs one more game😋😋

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Aman Aman Aman Aman Aman

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Excellent, engaging and educational game. Definitely worth spending a bit to support the team and avoid adverts.

Ramprasad Ghaghre

Truck wala game

Lilly Ngobese

Great app

Lindsay Lee

Every minute there is ad again...

Charlene Pienaar

My child loves your games, but gets upset that he cannot choose the vehicle to build. You need to add arrows so he can choose the puzzle he wants to build or play with.

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Annie Mae Castro

Love it

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Great game dor kids

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Hi just

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Going ok

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AYiN6🎂$ ■>|<♡.

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2. ,,,1234600000

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How can dO it?

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stops working

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Excessive adds way to many uninstalling.