Kawaii Mansion: Adorable Hidden Objects Game

Author: Imba

500,000+ install


Kawaii Mansion: Adorable Hidden Objects Game – Emerge in an adorable storyline with fun puzzles & design your dream mansion!

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File size: 157M
Update time: August 19, 2021
Current version: 0.2.9
Require Android: 5.0 and up
Developer: Imba
Price: Free
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Customer review

Airis Syamimi

The game is very good, it's cute😍😍 but if there is a Malay language it will be better😅😅.

pratibha lall

Loved it! It is an amazing game to pass time!

Daniellah Alyson

This game's design is so adorable. The storyline is great, and the minigames get difficult as it progress. I like that it doesn't demand too many stars, but I'm only at chapter 2 so we'll see.

soulmate -_-

The game is ok but it's about a week and after few times of playing offline, now I can't play online anymore=[

Haley Welsh

I really love this game! I'm giving it a 5 star but one complaint I have it that sometimes when I watch an add it'll kick me off the game and when I go back onto the app the current level I was on is gone and I have to start over. But it's only happen a handful of times so far. It was a bit disappointing but not a big deal. I still really enjoy the game.

ßlue Ångel

This game is really fun and quite relaxing to play.

Laura McNeill

So far the game is really fun and super cute!

Szimonetta K.

It's a really adorable and enjoyable game, however I wouldn't recommend it for cellphone players, the graphic is too small to actually have a view at things before the timer starts, and also if the developers could already fix the character motions on screen, like poor Noah can't even read a book properly, haha, the poor guy. It would be really a good thing. Otherwise, I really enjoy playing with this game, but the energy runs out too fast, you know, like 60 in my opinion is too low.

Prince Coffee Lazybunny

Liked the visuals, barely made it through the first area. Just wish the timer for it was optional if you only wanted to play it casually.

Red indah

Not much preference

Moth Friedman

It's to difficult after awhile

chelle ツ

kicked me out when i opened the game. i reinstalled but they same thing happened again

Erick Muskita



it's cute but glitches alot and the piggy bank said it cost 9999$ instead of the 3$ it normally is in other games😂 like anyone would really pay that for 3000coins 🤦

M Kos

I like the game itself but I have to open and close the game 3-4 times to get it to actually open and not crash.

Maria Snow

For my first experience it's a great game.

Naomi Lee

Asides from bugs, I'm addicted to it. Stopped because no responses regarding my lost decorations. Might come back in the future


it's great. helps me calm down

hanh nguyen

Simple gameplay. Very relaxing. Love it!

Sarah Pollock

Game froze once and then would not load properly again. Uninstall and reinstall to resolve. :(

Dot Clod

Very cute game but some levels are too difficult

Lusius Christo Pranata

It's too difficult with a short time sometimes,but so far I enjoy this game.

Priyanshi Solanki

This is very cute and satisfying game.... But where is the update after chapter 13 ??

Hải Ly Trần Đỗ

Game hay lắm nha m.n ^^)

Ann Bambula

Long story short, 20 seconds is not enough time to find 10-20 items which forces you to watch ads or pay. I did not say the timer needed to be removed because that would defeat the purpose of the game and after pointing this out they're now saying in a 'nice' way that I suck at their game 😂 Bye, I'm done. Y'all are super childish for all of this lmao.

Christine Joy

Very nicr graphics i hope for more energies

Zari Khanomi.74

بازی جالبی برا ایرانیا نیس همش نوشتار انگلیسی داره باید انگلیسیت خیلی خوب باشه بتونی بازیش کنی و البته حوصله سر بره

Meg pip

Addictive in a good way, simple and easy to play for people looking for a way to kill time

Annisa Ayuningtias

The game is very cute and great, but I just bought something and then the game crashed. When I reopen the game, the mansion is gone and now the game is unplayable. Uninstalling and reinstalling doesn't work. What happened? 😭

Muffin Head

This is such a cute game, I love it. The design details and everything is just perfect 🌹 Even from the start the game seems easy and after that it becomes a little hard and annoying still, this game makes me feel calm yeah, cause of the music. 🌿 I can't believe the creator of this game or developer of this game such a creative creators 😚🌹 Aye, your game always make my day you know

Carrie Bellah

I have had so many problems with this game. It crashes, sometimes it glitches, it takes forever to load. I love this game when it works.


I love this game so much, it's so cute character,and the miniature are so cute too😍but I hope you added many colors well I don't mind actually cuz I love green😅🤣,this game it's so relax your brain too, the mini game was so fun🥰but sometimes it's so hard🥲There still have a bug here (the glass, plate , books, water place) I hope you fix the bug soon😆, I will give you 5 star if u fix the bug and I will support this game because I love this game 🥳💗✨

Mayu Ak

I love this game, so addictive.... Looks like an easy game, but this has some pretty challenging scenarios

Nora Yoo

When will chapter 14 (and more) come out? I finished chapter 13 already and I want more :(

Iman Nazifa

the design are very pretty and the game is good too some are hard but overall its pretty easy to play

Peyton Darden

Explain. Why I'm attracted to little game characters. That are ten times my friggin age

Maria Crezzelle Tandoy

I try to download it but it says unity engine is initializing and when I try to open it I can't see the mansion it glitches. I can only see it's garden please fix it 🙃☺️

Nanasheep Ch.

Actually, the game is very nice, and the puzzle hurt my brain (it's compliment). But sometimes, when I open the game it's always error and force closed, or the image didn't loaded... I hope it will be fixed.


Like the game & graphics,but so difficult to get stars,used up very fast,a small talk,a decoration,a small furniture can cost at least 5-7stars.The worst things now is,they said I had completed this patch and can't earn any star,only coins,I can't get any more star to complete the renovation for the mansion.Recently they get greedy,hv to watch 2 ads for extra time,but after watching 1st one,2nd one don't load,I hv no choice but to end the game.Feels cheated.

rosi kamal

i love it .. soo cute and epic😍😍

Diana McRoberts

It keeps glitching out and when i load the game the building and people arent there so i changed my review, i like the game but these issues are making it bad.

Mean Mean

The game is so interesting and fun. However in chapter 6 onward, the mission may take too many stars. For example, it may take 6 stars to install only a small chair. Therefore it would be great if the game provided more energy or took fewer stars to complete the high-level tasks.

Breanna Manning

It's a best game I have on my phone

Hina Mazher

Gane is good but there are lots of bug and glitches.and the game stucks when we play it doesn't go back neither forth. Try to fix it soon

Almera Juriz Raffah

I think theres bugs so please update it i really want the controls to be easy ;-;, and...the description said its offline BUT sometimes when i play without internet i cannot play it will only loads when my data is on but overall its cute!!STILL please fix it :(((

Lydia Utter

love this! so far I haven't had to pay to move forward, and recognizing the pieces from kawaii home design makes me smile.

Rosemarie Joy Romen

It's fun and amazing;>

Melissa Busatto


Ameko Shishikijo

I've been absolutely delighted by this game. The levels are gorgeous and wonderfully full. I adore how many variations of hiding spots there are, and the different types of levels. The story is adorable and the options for decorating are fun. If I had to complain about anything, the translation of some of the word prompts can be a bit confusing if you've never seen the item or heard it called by that name...and some things are plural that shouldn't be... But it's a minor inconvenience tbh

Rikiya Sorato

I was really getting into it and having fun with the game... But then, I just couldn't get past the introdution to the find the difference level and thus, couldn't continue playing

Kayleigh Michelle

This is hands down the best play-to-renovate game in the app store! The storyline is cute as are the characters. You get a great source of hints if you need them. You don't need to spend money to play like other games once the levels get harder. I love everything about this game!!

Karina Aguilar

Cute and fun but.. Sincerely it's quite annoying that if one gets the wrong answer or miss clicks the screen 10 seconds are reduced, it would be at least fair to get 5 seconds extra for each found item since the time to look for stuff is already quite short by itself. I don't mind the 60 of energy but taking 10 of energy for each is quite annoying as well since you don't get as much done and as the game progresses the more stars it asks for decorating. Great game but unfair

Alice Harper

It's a great game when it wants to work. I'll play it a few times an then get out for about an hour or two an when I come back it's glitched an I can only see the front doorstep the garden an house are all gone.

Danielle Beck

I love it so far. It's got some glitches but that will work out. It's super cute.

mikuu chan

aaaa this is so cutee to play ghahaha


Cute furniture, relaxing game

Kittikat Takesabreak

Game worked for the first three minutes, but now it doesn't work. After loading it, the graphics are incomplete; when I click on the notebook for the tasks, it doesn't show any tasks and I can't get into the hidden objects part of the game. It's like all of a sudden I only get to look at the screen.

soso yahia

I was only able to play the opening, whenever I try to open a scene I can't tap anything anymore, I tried restarted the game several times but it doesn't work, I'm not able to play the game anymore.

St. Zlkh

Its fun, but kinda hard to see with how the objects color almost the same with the room stage. Also the timed side quest where we need to find numbers are really really hard to do. And.. Please update the new chapter soon 😂 I was confused why its said my star already max, i only realized then there is no more new chapter to play 🤣 Overall its fun, well except that finding number timed side quest 😶

Aubry Marie

This game is so much fun! As a kid I was obsessed with eye spy like games and home design games and this is just that all in one! The kawaii vibes are such a plus too! So adorable!!! Would like if you could switch the furniture if I changed my mind but other than that I'm enjoying myself 🥰

Iris' sensei'

The game in some levels begin to be glitchy

Syrah Bodino

so cute

Milagros Hinson

Didn't care for being timed in Hidden Object games. Wanted a leisure game.

Dixie Horton

I love that you have to find hidden objects! And the story is great

Joanna Poznanska

I am really enjoying this little game. It's very cute, i love the dialogue options and the characters I've unlocked so far. I would love to give this game 5 stars but as of now (May '22) I'm having some slight issues with the app at times. I open the app and there's sometimes a Unity (if i remember correctly) error to load the game, so I need to close it and open it again a few times. Other than that, there's some minor issues, but the game is very enjoyable

Ka Mc8

So cute 🥰

Fathimath Abdul Gadir


Buu Trinh

The graphic is really cute, but some stages are difficult. The timer runs out fast, you don't even get bonus time when you find objects quickly, you will get punish for each time you pick the wrong one though. 10 stamina per try is a bit overkill. There is no replay option after you fail a stage, you have to go back to the mansion and tap play again which is tedious. If you want to change your design, you either have to watch an ad or pay coins, while other games let you change it for free.


The style is adorable, the options are good and it's a cool idea for the challenge puzzle things! 😄 Although, the animations glitch a lot =^

Karen Nunez

I love this game so much. Its one of the best games i've ever played. I love how you can play and then decorate your house and all the options are so cute. And its not super difficult. My only complaint is that the coin prices to decorate your lawn are way too high for the amount of coins you give us when we play the game. Its going to take me forever to decorate the lawn if at all. If you could lower down the coin amount that would be amazing.

My Name is Yumi 2004

the game looks very cute and fun but it's extremely glitchy. it was working at first but then it wouldn't register my tapping on any button or point on the screen and when I tried to restart it the entire mansion was just gone. not to mention that when I tried to restart it again, it said something about an error with the unity engine and it closed again.


I really love this game. I like how relaxing and aesthetically pleasing it is. I do wish there was more stamina or more ways to get stamina like mini games or puzzles or something but other than that I really like this game!

Cik Dylaa

This game is super kawaii 😍 Im enjoying to play this game <3

Corona Black

It's cute but it really itritates how much it glitches or unopened that to point I just have to uninstall it

Come On Fhqwhgads

Well, at least you're still updating one of these games. It was sad to see that Kawaii Home & Kawaii Puzzle haven't been updated in 6-12 months. Not sure why Kawaii Home is on OneSoft's channel when it's clearly your game, even has Imba in developer contact.

lakmini perera

A really good game!! I love it and I enjoy it very much!! I recommend this game to everyone!!

Azuro Pixie

Cute game, challenging puzzles

It gets worst

This is how I relax, cute set up and calm atmosphere

Jessica Jansink

500 words

Crystal Clare

It's cute, enjoyed it for a while. But the energy to play is too high, you can only play six times. It's even wasted when you can't clear a level because countdown timer is too fast. Even if you can clear up a level quick, you only get meager coins. Also the stars needed to do tasks are too much. 4 stars for cleaning a floor? 😂

Laura S.

Won't load. Stays at 0%

Anna Larsen

The game is cute but sadly had to stop playing as the 1:30 minute timer in every level stresses me out. I wish it was without a timer to give time to enjoy and take in all the little details.


Latest update, the game not responding after touch play button.

angelina cretencio

cute ❤️


This game stop working

Chaotic Lawful

This seems like a very cute game, and I would love to be able to actually play it and experience what other reviewers did, but i cannot. I have around 11 gigabytes free of storage on my phone, yet I still do not have enough to download the extra recourses the game needs. It won't even let me in to start the download, just gives me a pop-up I can't do anything with.

Herradura Lalaine Borja

I uninstalled this game tonight, I hope when this game gets better and has good update I'm hoping that i could play it again

Jhy Pagcaliwagan

Its a good and tempting game yet so many bugs in the first time I play this game. I can't click the touchscreen so please fix this. I want to play this game. Thank you ❤

Nourma Putri

The game is good but i agree with Shiro neko


it's a good game but it's laggy

Yarí Marcano

This game is very fun and exciting !! I love the rooms , the decor , etc.It really is something very interesting. I also have other games like this one and their also very nice and exquisite!

Miyuki Aoyama

So gooood!!!! I totally love this game! I super love the designs! They are all so cuuuute! 😍😍😍 I hope for more rooms though. I hope they can add more, especially the designs. Thank you for creating this game. God bless! 😊💕

Coolestbadgirl 12

Worst worst and worst app😡 The gaming and concept is really superb, but it takes a lot of time to open/load d game and in between of the play the game gets exited. What's d use of good gaming concept, when while playing it doesn't operate properly.


It's a really sweet game, it's been a few days since I started playing with this but I really like the style and designs of the furnitures!!


I'd love to play it but when I start the game it tells me I don't have enough storage space when I still have 20 GB free storage on my phone

Anurag Gajbhiye

I oc you

sama al qamhawi

Its an awesome game and I love the characters

10-Charity Claire Eunice Guzman

It's really fun, a great way to pass time!!

Ray Jean Tibok

There were a few bugs here and there with the characters idle animation, some subtle contrasts of objects and the surroundings in the hidden object gameplay and the colour palettes for the furniture could use some work too. Very cute and calming game!


★★⚪⚪⚪ I told you stop giving me Big Axel