Jurassic Merge

Author: Delicious Potatoes

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The evil devil has brought you to the Jurassic era, where you have to grow into the strongest warrior to defeat the devil!
You control a large army of hunters and dinosaurs, and you need to continuously synthesize and evolve them into the most powerful soldiers!
There is no strongest warrior, only the strongest formation.
You have to line up some of your troops and build your own strongest army!
There are more than 100 levels, each level is a new challenge!

At every step of this challenge, there will be a monster of increasing power waiting for you.
What should you do next?
Remember, if you don’t merge them fast enough, your enemies will beat you in the final round of combat. are you ready?

How to play?
~ Merge your armies to increase your power.
~ Every soldier is your precious combat power.
~ Planned adjustment of warrior positions.
~ Try to evolve earlier than your enemies.

See who is the real Jurassic evolution master!

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Update time: May 25, 2022
Current version: N/A
Require Android: N/A
Developer: Delicious Potatoes
Price: Free
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Mea Freeman

This game is lowkey trash- :|